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Evening all, and welcome to another week of Up Late. Day 51 in the BB House, with the nominations actually live just 3-4 hours ago, together with BB telling them all they were nominated, we should hopefully have a few housemates up and about with a bit of a buzz running through them.

Into the house we go, and lot of people in the round bedroom. Kim says she can’t believe everyone has to get dressed up on Sunday night, and Reggie says “it’s exciting.” At this point, Mike comes on and interrupts, runs through the $2000 trivia, and then tells us that Joanne’s swimwear is up to $3500. He tells us that Saxon is going to pash everyone in the front row, then move onto Gretel if evicted come Sunday. LOL, If Kim gets evicted with Vincent, she suggests it will be the most boring night of her life. Back to the bedroom, Pat and Saxon have apparently decided to sleep outside. Reggie is debating whether she should join them. Kim asks if he really is going to sleep out there, Pat replying by asking Kim where he was born. He says that if he was born in Scotland, he can handle a cold Queensland night. He gives Reggie a weird look, then the lights go out. They all laugh, but it wasn’t that funny. Maybe I missed something. Reggie says he is going to go to bed, after Chrissie makes mention it must be late, judging by BB turning the lights out. Saxon comes back into the room, in the middle of brushing his teeth. Reggie says goodnight to everyone. Reggie squeals in the next room, all the round house laugh, but we have no idea what went on. Kim departs to read in bed also. A lot of yelling from the square bedroom, especially from Reggie and Saxon. Kim joins in their play fight as well. Saxon says “Right thats it. Your nominated!” They end their fight, and Sax kisses Reg goodnight. Kim starts singing “Say My Name”, so we rejoin the round bedroom. Vincent earlier departed the bedroom to do his teeth, but said he would return before he went to bed. Saxon has joined Chrissie, and Saxon says that ‘soon is too long to wait’, referring to seeing Joanne. He says that the morning after the final evicton, the three of them will go to breakfast by themselves. Chrissie is looking forward to just talking outside to Sax and Jo together.

Chrissie says that she might be there on Sunday. Sax suddenly says he wants to go if she will be there, he asks Chrissie, but she says she will go when the public want her to go. They mention that Pat reckons he is gone. Both Chrissie and Saxon say that Pat won’t go. Jamie pipes in saying he will be going. Sax says that last night was the start of the downhill run for him, it gets worse from here on in. Sax says that he wants to go on Rove to go to Melbourne, or Bert. He says that Jo would have been beside Gretel tonight when she spoke to them, however, she wasn’t at the time. Sax says that he wants to speak to Jo before his party Sunday night if he gets evicted, cause he says he won’t be living a normal life until BB ends.

Sax says he can’t wait to see his Mum, and his ‘kinda’ girlfriend. He says he would have hurt her so much on this show. He says that one night Jo and he said some things they probably shouldn’t have said, but at the end of the day, it’s such a different environment in the house. They are talking about Vincent, and how he is a good listener but not a great talker, and Sax asks what he is! LOL. They say goodnight to Vincent as he comes in to say goodbye. Mike comes back on, saying that Pat earlier said he wanted to read a book, to not attract attention. Back in Chrissy’s Corner, where Chrissie, Dan, Sax and Pat are talking, they are reliving Jo moments, how she used to get right up in front of other people’s faces, especially during sing-songs in the spa. Dan says he couldn’t sleep last night because he just felt it was soo wrong her being evicted. Sax hated the fact that she knew she would be evicted on Sunday, as soon as nominations were announced. They have found something else of Jo’s, and they says they already have a few things that she forgot, and so they talk about taking them back to the diary room. Chrissie suggests they give the gold box used for nominations today as well.

Over to Kim and Reggie, talking about how weird it’ll be on Sunday. Sax comes over and says they found her eyeliner or something, and Sax says he’ll write Cheers on it. Reggie says they won’t give it back if you write on it. Reggie asks Vincent what he is reading, he says he is reading Saxon’s book. Reggie asks if he has read it before now, he says no. Reg asks him if he always sits like that to read when she is asleep, and he says Yes. Saxon walks out the Square bedroom door, leaving the door open, Reggie exclaiming to herself “Why Saxon, it’s not hard to shut a door.” Kim gets up and closes it for her, seeing she was only sitting on Reggie’s bed. Comm break.

Mike comes back on, goes through the first brain teaser, before we return to the house. Before he does, he tells us that BB said No to Sax and Pat sleeping outside, because it’s going to be a lockdown overnight to set up the task. Also, BB has also realised that Vincent had a pen, which he gave to Saxon to write a note, or “Cheers”, and BB has confiscated that during the comm break. Anyway, back in the house, Kim has joined Chrissie’s Corner, but Sax looks like he never came back after visiting the DR. Dan says that in here, it’s best to think that your loved ones are having a great time with the company of another person (ie getting some sex). It makes you feel great that your bf or gf are off bonking other. I don’t get it, but they are all laughing. Sax wonders what the task will be, Pat says it will probably pure physical related. Sax says he wants Gretel to come in. Comm break.

Back again, Mike goes through teaser, gives a hint this time, before he tells us that BB has changed his mind, and let Pat sleep outside if he wants to. Kim is sitting on Chrissie’s bed, but Chrissie seems to be kicking her. Kim asks her to stop it. If I was Chrissie I’d say just get off my bloody bed. Saxon wonders whether they will be ushered into the diary room in groups of 4, or whether Gretel will cross to the group as a whole. Kim says they will all be on the couch, and Gretel will say “It’s time to go…”. Pat says “It’s time to go Pat and Kim”. Chrissie remind Dan of his look while Chrissie was opening up the box earlier. They laugh. They are discussing who actually votes for BB. They say it’s the 16-18 people who do, while grown ups might watch, but never actually ring (True I would imagine.) Pat says he would not be offended if voted out, because of the age group voting. They are all saying that Pat is an eligible bachelor, and thus they won’t vote him out. He doesn’t agree, as they cut to a comm break.

Again back with Trivia dude, who has Amy on the line to win $1000. Game Two is commenced. Back in the house, Kim says “It’s time to go Baby Hands.” Chrissie says that she hopes Kim gets a bit more time. Saxon says he wouldn’t mind leaving anymore, he would like to stay, but he won’t be shattered anymore. He says he is too close to people now, and losing people is doing his head in every week. He again states that last night was really bad for him. He says he hasn’t cried as much as last night since his dad came home from Germany or something like that. Kim gives Sax and Pat high fives. She decides to head to bed, and as they do, Sax and Pat decide to venture outside to sleep. They have already set it up, and as they get under the sheets over the table, Sax exclaims “It’s just like camping!”. Pat says “Just go to sleep Son.” Sax says that Pat will get hot, saying the other night he had to take his jumper off because he was so hot.

Trivia dude gives us a clue for the second brain teaser, then goes onto promote all the stuff that is up for auction at ebay before we return to the campsite. Thye are talking about school, and how long it took each to get home via the bus. Sax said he was always home by 4, and Pat says he was too. They discuss their uniform, Pat had to have shirt and tie always. He says there was nothing worse than wating for the bus in the winter mornings. Kim comes out into the living room, to find blankets, and Saxon asks her what she wants. He tells her there is some inside the room near Pat’s bed, and she says thanks, and goes back into the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Sax asks him how far away Kate lives. A few beeps, and a few seconds later, we are ushered back to the round bedroom. The greatest joke of the day was apparently when Kim asked someone what the time was, knowing it was 2pm, and the person saying 2pm. Dan makes mention of this joke again, and says that it is good that they are laughing at less funny things all the time. They say that Claire wrote stuff on the side of her bed, saying “Leave it random”. Chrissie says that one of the best lines they heard Kim say was when they would occassionally hear screams from some of the dreamworld rides. She would say “Why do they scream. Thats just scary”. Oh dear, the funny jokes just aren’t funny to us outsiders! Comm break. A lot of SMS ads this show, because it would probably be too hard to go through everyone’s phone numbers individually, so a bigger emphasis will surely be given to the SMS number this week, because it’s the same for everyone. Speaking on the individual phone numbers, we get an ad just saying “Ring this number to vote out….”, then saying the same for the next person. Never actually saying the phone number. Fair enough.

Probably not quite time for the second brain teaser to be given away just yet, time for more money for BB to make yet. A clue is given however. Back to the square house, where Vincent has just finished doing some push ups, and has now settled into bed. Silence in the square bedroom. Silence in the round bedroom too, but Jamie is reading a book with his light on. Mike cuts in to yell “Wake up People!!” He tells his Zoo metaphore again, saying it’s just a human zoo in the BB house. He goes through all 8 of the phone numbers for eviction. Outside with Pat and Sax, all is quiet too. Comm break.

Brain teaser time, Sherry wins the $1000 this time. I’m sure he’ll drag out the conversation for this person, seeing everyone’s asleep. Still talking to her, I’m not paying any attention though. Sherry wants Patrick out of the house. Comm break straight away which was weird.

Back to the house, and the silence. Love the serentity of the place. Mike rejoins us, and starts talking to Nathan. No idea who he is. His favourite was Jo. A doorbell comes over the tv for no particular reason. He believes that Kim will go, but no idea who else will go. Not that interesting that Daniel dude, so Mike says goodbye to him. LOL, Mike says they’ll be back after the break, but Dreamworld says goodnight. Strange stuff, wonder if he’ll mention his little stuff up on Up Late tonight. We’ll see.

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