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Day 52

17 June 2003

Posted by Tim

7:10am – Patrick and Saxon slept on the porch last night, but this morning it is one of the coldest mornings since they entered the house. The cold has forced them inside.

Later in the morning, Regina welcomes Patrick and Kim to the kitchen, who comments it’s great to see a smile in the morning. In the bedroom Saxon asks Vincent what he thinks of the upcoming eviction. Patrick things it will be an indicator of “whats going on” while Saxon adds it will be very hard on the people who have only been in the house two weeks.

Patrick lets Regina know that Saxon is worried people think there was something going on between him and Jo. Regina says it sure looked like it… Patrick agrees. They both agree that only they will know for sure… Patrick adds “and two million other people”. They giggle. Regina says obviously there was a strong attraction and if she didn’t have partners they would have got it on. Patrick jokes him and Regina should have got it on long ago. Regina asks why that hasn’t happened yet – Patrick reminds her she is married. They laugh. “The only thing is the wedding ring”.

Most of the housemates are lying in the sun, while Kim and Saxon play-box by the pool. Saxon chases after Kim with water while she screams. She holds her microphone up to try and get him to stop, but he pours it down her back. Saxon screams “musclemania”. Kim asks what “musclemania” is – and Saxon offers a demonstration. He warms himself up with some stretches, then flexes all the muscles in his chest while grunting. Kim says “he’s such a hulk!”. Chrissie comments that Girlfriend and Dolly will be waiting for him when he comes out. “Saxon, it’s even a heart-throb’s name isn’t it?”

Regina and Daniel are in the kitchen, discussing food. They hope they will pass next week’s task because they have been living on staples for the last two weeks.

2:41pm – The weekly task has been issued. Housemates must sit at the pool and fish. They must go for 2 hour, 2 person shifts without letting their fishing float touch the sides of the pool or leave the water. Daniel and Patrick are first.

3:47pm – It’s been one hour into the first shift and the boys are getting very bored. The sun has set over the Big Brother walls and the temperature is dropping. Daniel can feel the cold on his arms.

4:32pm – It’s already quite dark in the Big Brother backyard. Daniel and Patrick whistle with some birds.

5:57pm – The boys are well and truely bored, even though their shift has finished (they do not have a clock). Patrick comments it must be hard for people doing this from 4.00am. Vincent adds that there is no satisfaction in the task either because they don’t actually catch any fish. They all start singing “take a walk on the wild side”.

6:13pm – Regina and Kim are on their fishing shift. They comment they should have bet 100% on this week’s task. Jaime says it’s funny Regina is all in fishing gear, but is wearing shiny lip gloss. Back in the kitchen Patrick and Chrissie say 100% isn’t such a good idea: come 4am it will be very hard.

6:41pm – The girls are by the pool, and discuss Jo. Chrissie is fine because she didn’t spend that much time with her, however Saxon isn’t coping at all. Meanwhile Saxon is inside reading a book. Regina discusses her observations on how Saxon latched onto friends in the square house and ended up with Jo – now he doesn’t have anyone to bond with. “He’s so sensitive”. Kim says “he takes things to heart too much”. Patrick joins the girls and asks how the girls are – their bums are aching.

Chrissie goes into the house and asks Saxon how he’s going. He doesn’t know what he’s feeling he’s just going to ride it out and have fun. It’s not to do with Jo being away it’s to do with being away from his family – he is still only 19 and he’s finding it hard in the house because there is that difference in age.

Regina and Kim discuss Sunday

Regina: It’s going to be exciting

Kim: No matter what happens, I just want to say it was an honour to meet you

Regina: Bullshit

Kim: Nah

They laugh

Regina: I can’t deal with you!

Kim: Yeah it’s been an honour and I’ve just been greatful to spend this time with you. If it wasn’t for you I don’t think I would have stayed in here because I can’t relate to anyone.

Regina: That’s nice. I’m glad you came in. I’m glad there was a person like you (who) came in.

10.16pm – Shift is changing over.. one of the floats comes very close to the edge and Chrissie pulls it aside. The people on fishing shifts must wear appropriate dress. The current shift is Vincent and Saxon. Vincent jokes, asking “do you come to this fishing swimming pool often?”. Saxon replies “This is my first time here I hear the fishing here sucks”. Regina has set up a bed for herself in the kitchen so she is nearby when the shift changes over. Daniel wants to go to bed – Vincent and Saxon assure him they can stay there until morning. They start commenting on the fish jumping in the pool.

Kim comes into the kitchen and lies down next to Regina, and Reg lets her know she wants to actually sleep because of her shift later. Kim tells her the boys said they will go until sunrise. Regina says in which case she will just go to bed then. Kim doesn’t think they will last. Regina doesn’t care as long as they sit there and shutup.

But the boys aren’t. Saxon keeps singing “here’s Daniel” while Daniel stands at the side of the pool and does strange body actions.

Regina: Shutup Saxon

Regina: I can’t sleep

Kim: Neither can I

Regina: He just can’t be quiet that boy. He can’t whisper. He’s got no whispering thing in his voice. He can’t whisper. Yeah in his voice box.

Outside Saxon asks Vincent if he has any regrets. Vincent says he has let down his guard a couple of times. Saxon wonders why he thinks that is a regret – he sees that as letting people in. Vincent asks Saxon the same question. Saxon says one of his is caring about certain people so much in the house. Saxon can’t interact with people who have their guard up. Vincent says he only opens up to special people – that’s the way he is. Saxon asks if thats always been or because he’s been hurt in the past. Vincent says probably the latter.

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