Day 52 Uplate

We join the house in the square bedroom tonight, which looks very empty, only Kim lying down on the bed. Mike joins us, and tells us that Kim has been ‘stirring the pot’ a bit, and says that everyone is asleep. He retracts his statement a minute later, when we cross to Vincent and Saxon outside doing then new task – the fishing task, in the pool.

Silence when we join the two boys. Vincent soon breaks that silence, and says he might make some french toast tomorrow. Saxon almost interrupts, exclaiming “You know what sucks. Jo wrote the most amazing message in my book, and my note to her sucked.” Vincent says that he will have plently of time to make it up on the outside. Back to the french toast, Saxon says he hates it, saying it’s too soft. Saxon says that he misses cereal in the morning, his Uni lentil burgers, and dinner made by his mother at her discretion, not BB’s discretion!

“Whatever you do, one hand on the rod”, Vincent says to Sax, who replies with “Yep, got it.” Sax asks how often he sees his parents, and he says he tries to see them once a week, and says it’s not often enough, but it’s all the time he gets. He tries to go by every weekend. When he was small, it would be a Sunday evening tradition to have dinner at his grandparents, a huge family gathering. Every Sunday night his grandmother would tell Vincent off! Vincent’s grandmother is only about 60, and Saxon says that his mother must be young, and must have been young when his grandmother had his mother. They are lying down, look ready to fall asleep, which is allowed, as long as their sinkers don’t touch the side of the pool, and as long as one hand is on the rod the whole time.

Sax asks if he will get a motorbike again. Vincent says yeh, and Sax asks which model. Vincent says he knows which one he wants. Sax asks if he will have the dosh, and Vincent says yeh, but it wouldn’t be a wise move. They start talking about the bike, very boring stuff if you ask me. Sax says he is looking forward to building his house, but says he will only use his mates and their family plumbers, electricians etc, because he has trust issues. They go on and discuss their homes, and they realise that their house models are very similar. Vincent says he started in his working field small, just doing houses and small projects, but now does whatever he does for high rise apartments, and even gymnasiums.

They are talking about the Australian F1 Grand Prix now, presumely from this year. Sax says that McClaren had two of the places. Sax says that Ralph (Schu) is a great up and comer. They both agree that the best driver ever was Senna. They start talking about an Indycar movie which they think rocks. Quickly move onto other movies, including Showgirls, and Face/Off. Vincent says he would like to buy an old bluestone church, and convert it into a home. Sax says it would be too cold, but Vincent says ‘not if you do it right.’ We get a few of the classic Sax line ‘dude, dude’ after that, for no reason I can think of.

Back to Mike now, who rubbish’s the conversation! He welcomes Perth viewers, which is a bit strange. He says that Reggie is the timekeeper, and sleeping in the kitchen so they can yell out. However, Sax and Vincent have suggested they might be able to do the task all night. Anyway, back to the pool. Sax is discussing an old girl he used to like in high school, where they just held hands and stuff like that. He used to talk to her twice a week, and when she came and moved into the area, he broke up with his current girlfriend to be with her. It didn’t last long, but Sax says it was good he broke up with his other girl, because he cared about this other girl so much. Comm break.

First brain teaser of the night. Mike runs through it for us. He introduces Jessica from BB2, whose first question is “Do I win $1000 too!” They start talking about the similar task they did last year, and they past that one. Jess says it was her favourite task. Jamie has walked outside to join the guys, but they don’t give the audio because they are talking to Jess. Jess thinks that Vincent & Kim wil be evicted this week. Jess says that Marty is good! She says she is going too the farm this weekend. Mike says that it looks like Vincent has his hand of his rod (yes, sounds funny, I know!), but we have no vision of course….Jess says she is doing a bit of radio with Nova 100 in Melbourne. Convo ends at about this time.

Back to the house, where Reggie and Jamie are having a conversation in the kitchen. Jamie is wide awake, so she is going to head back to the bedrooms, and Jamie is going to take over in the kitchen! Back to Sax and his girls, this one at Uni. He says he tends to go straight into one relationship to the next. He keeps talking about ‘Pickatu’, I dunno if thats her name, or codename, but it is his ‘current’ girlfriend. Comm break.

More trivia, as Mike gives the clue this time round. He goes onto reading out a few forum messages. Back to the boys at the pool, where Saxon says “I wanna sort out what I want to do with myself too.” Vincent asks if he is going to continue doing photography. Sax says it’s too much work. He says something about an economics degree, than says he would love to be a Cinematographor, or work in Radio or Television. Vincent says he would love to do that do, but perhaps it’s a bit beyond him. Sax says he would love to be a pro sportsmen, but again, he’s probably too old already. Pat comes out because he thinks he is next. Sax says they are doing an all nighter, thats why they sent Reggie to bed. They decide that Pat should sleep in the kitchen ‘just in case’, but they suggest that changeover will be around sunrise. Vincent asks Pat to get a pillow from the square house couch. Jamie is out there as well, as Vincent and Sax say they are determined to make it to sunrise. Jamie says that if Pat is coming out, then he will go back to bed. Comm break.

Back to the trivia, where Karen from Queensland wins the cash. Mike says that Daniel is 37% on the popularity polls tonight, but he fails to realise that they are reset at midnight each night.

Into the kitchen, where Jamie and Kim are talking. Pat is also settling down, ready to get some sleep in the kitchen. Kim says that some nights she gets really bad arthritis, tonight being one of those occassions. She says to Jamie that she doesn’t take anything for it though. Pat says it’s 1am, which is almost spot on. Jamie says that the guys time is well and truly up out doing the task. Pat has a coffee, Kim says he shouldn’t because he’ll never get to sleep. Pat says he doesn’t want to sleep. Pat says that when they guys finish, he’ll go and grab Reggie, and they’ll do the next leg. Jamie says that if Pat doesn’t get to sleep until the guys finish at 6am or so though, he should grab Reggie and Jamie to do the leg. Kim volunteers, but has already done it with Reggie, so they can’t do it again. On that note, Jamie decides to go back to the house to read a book until he gets sleepy. Comm break.

Back with Mikey, who gives a clue for the second brain teaser, then runs through the eviction phone numbers, before we again cross back to the action. Just as we come back, Kim is walking back to the house, and Vincent yells “Goodnight” to her. They seem to be going through the alphabet, trying to think of Celebrities beginning with each letter.

Back inside, on the round house couch, are Jamie and Kim having a chat. Kim says that Sunday is going to be soo f*****. Jamie says that he is looking forward to it. Jamie says they have had a good innings, they have been in here longer than Irena, and as long as Carlo. Jamie says that he has exceeded expectations by simply getting into the house. Comm break.

Mike comes back on, and as usual, he gives the clue again for the second teaser, before we go back to the chat between Kim and Jamie. Jamie says that Kim holds herself very well. He says she is very confident with herself. kim wonders how they are both being portrayed in the house on the television. Kim worries because she swears a lot, they won’t show her having many conversations, and just show her lying down, away from the group. Jamie says that he sees Kim and Saxon are like his brother and sister, play fighting with each other a bit, but then he says on TV it might come across that they are having a full argument. Jamie says he finds it strange that the relationships made in this house are soo real. He says on the outside, he was thinking that it wasn’t that real, that some people were perhaps being a bit fake, but now he sees that there are true friendships in this house that will last a lifetime. Comm break, which includes the Uncut ad, saying that we’ll see all the action from last weeks birthday party.

Frank from Sydney wins the other $1000, after only ringing once tonight. He goes on to have a bit of a conversation with Frank, before we finally get back to check out the action. Again, back to Kim and Jamie. Kim is telling a story about an ex boyfriend of hers, or maybe her current, not really paying attention. Interesting to note that she swears every sentence though. Jamie says his friends made him scared coming into the house – he wasn’t treating it as a huge deal, but all his friends kept talking about it, so then he had to make it a big deal.

Cut back to the task boys, and Vincent and Sax are still playing the game. I undertand it now! They are stil doing celebrites, but the first letter of the surname, is the starting letter for the next celeb. These guys must be so bored,they’ve been playing it for a good 30-40 minutes. Saxon is stuck on the letter V for a long while, Vincent keeps giving him the get out option saying he has two for him to take. Comm break.

Not much left of Up Late tonight as we head back to the house for the final time. Back to the boys and their damn game again. They bring up a good point, wondering what Prince Williams last name is. They have no idea, and neither do I. Vincent is convinced that the Lois Lane from Lois & Clark is called “Terri Thatcher” in real life. Hatcher I think you’ll find Vincent! Saxon gets stuck on H, but before he pops out an answer, Vincent says “Harry Donohue”, from the talk show. It’s Phil for god sake! Saxon says he’s never heard of him, and says that it’s ‘gay’ anyway, so he’s not using it. He finally says “Huey Lewis.” Jamie comes out there, and can’t believe they are still playing the game. He suggests that Kim and him can take over if they want. Nothing comes from Sax and Vincent. Back to the game, they metion the “Dylan” guy from “Celeb”, as Sax refers to him. Vincent says “Spencer Tracy”, to which Saxon says “See, your just gay now!”. At 2:09am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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