Day 53

6:03am – Regina and Patrick are on shift for the fishing task. Daniel has slept under the kitchen table as part of the shifts. He gets up and starts making a tea for Regina. Regina and Patrick comment on how slow he is at making tea. Chrissie is up now and walks out to talk to the others. They discuss the task and Patrick says that Saxon is having trouble with the task because he can’t sit in the same place for two hours. Patrick and Regina have agreed to have a warm spa before catching some sleep once their fishing shift finishes. Daniel goes to check the temperature of the spa but it’s way too hot: 40 degrees. They complain that Saxon sets the thermostat too high.

10:03am – Patrick is insisting that they only use one chick to have a roast dinner tonight, even though there are eight people to feed. Chrissie (who is now fishing) says she’s not going to try and argue with him. She says she will just cook lots of vegtables to fill the gap – because Saxon can eat an entire chicken on his own. She asks Regina to weigh the chicken – Reg confirms that it’s 2.5kg, which they thing will be hardly enough. Daniel says he doesn’t know if it’s Patrick’s day to be alpha male or not, but he doesn’t want to argue with him either.

In the bedroom Saxon asks Chrissie if she thinks they will fail the task. Chrissie says “yeah I reckon”.

12:03pm – The fishing task continues. The housemates can’t have the same partner twice in this task and must follow a very strict set of rules. Regina is telling Vincent that she’s a very boring fishing partner but Vincent says he’s no better. Vincent pulls the float out of the water which is against the rules and will result in the housemates losing points on the task. In the bedroom Saxon plays around with Kim by pulling pillows she is lying on out from beneath her. Saxon is annoyed about having only one chicken split eight ways to eat for dinner tonight.

Regina is called to the diary room. Big Brother tells her to remind the other housemates about the rules of the task, as they are very close to failing it. They must be holding the rod with one hand at all times and must not let the float leave the water or touch the sides of the pool.

2:21pm – Kim knocks off her hat and screams because she thinks there is a spider on the back of her neck. This is against the rules – they must have their hats on at all times. Saxon starts letting out a lame squeeky laugh. Regina emerges from the diary room to remind them of the rules, including the one they just broke. Saxon is convinced that they have failed the task. Pat sits down and asks Saxon if he knows how to use a thermostat. He asks if it will take a shorter amount of time to heat up the spa if you put it on 40 degrees rather than 37 degrees. Saxon says at 40 degrees the spa will heat up faster. Pat points out that he’s wrong. Saxon starts making excuses saying he’s not the one setting the temperature so high – it’s Vincent. Pat says he will talk to Vincent about it today… Patrick is definately the alpha male today.

4:21pm – Chrissie is preparing some dinner with Jamie as they debate the chicken. Jamie thinks that one chicken will be enough. They both go outside and talk to Patrick saying “we can do two chickens if we like”. Patrick says he doesn’t really mind. Big Brother announces that the store room is open so Kim and Chrissie go to see what they have to work with for dinner. In the store room, Kim complains that it’s not fair they have so little supplies.

The housemates are awaiting the task results. Big Brother eventually tells them they passed, and had a reward for them in the store room. The reward is lots of fish for dinner and five bottles of Wine. Saxon is whinging again because he’s still on his week long alcohol ban. Kim and Chrissie want to get into the wine straight away. Regina counts the bottles.

6:32pm – Chrissie realises that a bottle of wine is missing. Regina suggests that Saxon and Vincent have hidden the wine bottle to drink when their alcohol ban ends. Kim thinks she will get in trouble for asking them becuase she’ll sound like an alcoholic. In the bedroom Saxon swears he didn’t take it when asked – but he bets Vincent hid it. Chrissie suggests that maybe they left it in the store room. Later in the kitchen Patrick says it doesn’t matter if Saxon took it – which sparks Saxon into a whole string of defenses.

Kim is determined to find the wine bottle, and starts searching the cupboards in the living room. Jamie goes into the diary room and asks Big Brother if he can open the store room for them to double check it. Big Brother tells him that it would serve no purpose to open up the store room. Just to clarify, Jamie gets BB to repeat the message. Big Brother says “there would be no point to opening up the store room”. Jamie gets the message and leaves. In the kitchen Saxon keeps defending himself. Vincent starts doing the same as accusations start flying across the room.

7:21pm – They are still looking for the wine. The housemates start discussing who was carrying the wine from the store room. Daniel goes into the bedroom and pulls the wine bottle from the drawer under his bed. He puts the bottle on the small coffee table in the living room without the other housemates seeing, and goes back into the kitchen. Patrick is saying that they will probably not see the wine again. As they eat, Kim says the only thing that would complete the dinner would be another bottle of wine. Daniel tells the others that maybe the culprit should just anonymously return the bottle to the coffee table in the living room.

Eventually Vincent spots the wine bottle all the way in the living room so the housemates automatically accuse him, saying it’s “admission of guilt”. Kim goes to investigate and confirms that it’s actually the missing wine bottle. It’s not long before they all realise that Daniel was the one who took the bottle. Regina is saying “Dan of all people!”.

10:14pm – Daniel is putting water into an empty wine bottle as one final joke. Outside Saxon and Patrick start talking about Jo (oh boy). Saxon whimpers on about how he was really sad when he saw Jo leaving through the house entrance. He says he “cried like a baby”. Meanwhile in the bedroom Daniel puts the wine bottle full of water next to Kim’s bed. Saxon is asking about whether you’d go looking for Jo if she didn’t turn up to your eviction. He then goes on to call Tim (Jo’s boyfriend) a dick head if he didn’t turn up for her eviction. Patrick says he is worried about how Jo was portrayed in the house. Daniel comes out to the spa and tells the boys what his joke is, to see Kim’s reaction to the wine bottle.

11:01pm – It seems Daniel has told everyone his joke because most of the housemates are sitting in the bedroom waiting and watching for Kim’s reaction to the bottle. When Kim walks up to the bed she notices the bottle, sniffs it and works out the joke immediately. She says “nice joke Daniel”. Jamie laughs saying the whole joke was an anticlimax.

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