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Day 54

19 June 2003

Posted by Tim

10:06am – Today is Saxon’s turn to be the alpha male of the house. He is up in the kitchen and tells Regina he’s feeling a bit sick. Regina asks if he had too much wine. Saxon says “think about it Reggie, I didn’t drink wine”. She laughs at the missing wine bottle from yesterday. She and Patrick determine it’s sickness from lack of wine.

Vincent has been given a personal dilemma task: he must convince Kim to let him give her a massage and facial without her finding out it’s a task.

Meanwhile Saxon is yelling about how he hasn’t been putting much effort into his sleep. Patrick says he shouldn’t be smiling, but Saxon assures him that alpha males don’t have to be angry all the time they just have to put their point across… in this case loudly. He screams at Patrick not to talk, because Patrick is only a beta male, and Saxon is the alpha. Jaime walks in and Regina stumbles over his name, Jaime jokingly says “great three weeks later and you still can’t remember my name”.

Last night Vincent was massaging Regina on her bed with Daniel behind them. Regina thought she was being massaged by Daniel and when she turned over and saw it was Vincent, burst out into laughter. Now she’s afraid she upset Vincent, and is discussing it with Chrissie by the pool. Chrissie says he understands because he likes that whole “sexy man of mystery thing”. Chrissie found it hilarious because she was watching last night and knew Regina didn’t know it was Vincent:

Chrissie: You see Dan doing it is like me doing it, but when Vincent does it… it’s different. It’s sexier or something. It’s more forbidden.

Vincent is shaving in the bathroom. Jaime has now joined the girls outside and explains how he saw the massage last night. Chrissie jokes that Regina and Vincent’s relationship suddenly jumped out unknown to her. They start joking about a wedding ring. Daniel joins in: “it was getting too much work so I had to outsource”.

Regina goes inside to make her bed, and is joined by Vincent who has finished shaving. She asks him if he had a good sleep, he did. There is a looong awkward silence.

2:05pm – Vincent has been given creams and lotions for Kim’s massage. Meanwhile Kim is outside discussing evictions with Regina, who thought Chrissie would have been more upset about Jo leaving last Sunday. Kim thinks maybe Chrissie is playing the game after all.

Chrissie meanwhile is in the pool and asks Saxon if he is looking forward to leaving the house. He is, but doesn’t want to keep on with behaviour which advertises that fact. He’s just going to ride it out and have fun along the way.

Regina and Kim both come to the conclusion they don’t have the brainpower to come up with a strategy to win.

Eviction talk is continuing all throughout the BB compound. Saxon queries Daniel, who says he has prepared so many times to leave and hasn’t been evicted. At this moment in time he doesn’t really want to go.

2:59pm – Vincent has little time left to make his move on Kim. He’s in the kitchen and jokes with Regina whether he should be “going like this” (he starts massaging her shoulders). They both laugh. Vincent then proposes he “do something different” and give a Kim a massage since he has “all these products who were given to me for free”. Regina jokes that Vincent is going to rub her down. Kim doesn’t sound all that keen but says she will do it. Vincent leaves to prepare.

Kim: How embarrassing, I don’t want him touching me.

Regina: Nah let him go

Kim: You make sure you watch.

Vincent has set up outside the bathroom. Meanwhile Saxon and Daniel are enjoying a spa. Kim lies down on the makeshift massage table Vincent has created and asks if she should take off her top. Saxon says “no, leave everything on, it’s not one of those things”. Regina laughs.

Kim: I haven’t had a massage in so long. So I don’t think it would matter what anyone did it would still be beautiful.

3:24pm – The massage is continuing. They have moved on to massaging Kim’s face. She’s never had one before. Regina watches on from the bedroom. While massaging Vincent says that since Kim is always giving other people in the house things he wanted to give something back.

3:41pm – The facial is complete. Kim says it was great and walks into the bedroom. Regina is laughing to herself. Kim walks outside and tells the others what Vincent did for her. Saxon calls Vincent to come and serenate him. Vincent immediately goes to the diary room and asks Big Brother if BB will reveal “the true nature of the purpose of the facial” to the other housemates and whether the prize will be awarded. BB will get back to him, and for now he must keep it a secret.

10:25pm – The girls are in the bedroom whispering. Kim is worried about her partner and what he will think about Vincent massaging her. Before she entered the house her partner told her he didn’t want anyone touching her. Regina adds her husband Adrian said that too but you can’t avoid it.. it’s only innocent stuff.

Chrissie: It’s not like you and Vincent are going to get it on.

Kim: No fucking way.

In the kitchen the boys are having a discussion of their own. Jaime says it’s been interesting watching the development of Kimmy since she entered the house. She was quiet at first, then went excessive and tried to impress, and now she’s relaxed. They all like the girl she is now.

Chrissie is telling Kim what happened last night with Vincent massaging Regina. She cracks up laughing. Regina adds that she was saying “oh Dan thats so nice” while Vincent was massaging her.

The boys seem to have run out of things to say because they are sitting in the kitchen in silence.

Kim tells the girls that Vincent’s facial massage was shit. She also says she was really embarrassed. Chrissie says it sounds mean because Vincent is really trying to open up compared to what he used to be like.

Jaime is explaining to Vincent in the kitchen that everything is so sensitive and “touchy feely” in the house – you don’t want to upset anyone. Vincent says its because all your senses are amplified in the house, because they don’t have any distractions.

Chrissie thinks Jaime is a great guy, but feels he only wants to bond by gossiping, which is something Chrissie doesn’t want to do. Kim really liked him but now can’t handle him. Chrissie still likes him.

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