BBBA Podcast 2012 – Episode 6, Day 23

We’re back! In this episode:

– Charne-who?
– Recap of the past two evictions
– Is Ryan a jerk?
– Sonia is working it with Surly
– BB Confidential is a train wreck
– We rate the housemates!
– Ryan’s IQ sucking osmosis
– What are Ray’s life choices?
– Zoe’s chariot galloping into the sun
– YES/NO is a YES
– Flying Twisters and flashbacks
– A Lil Bash of Lil Sis
– Will we go back to BB of yesteryear?
– Eviction prediction
– Final thoughts on Bradley

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BBBA Podcast 2012 – Episode 5, Day 9

This week:

– The getting to know you phase
– What’s happening under those doonas?
– The boys do pushups, the girls swoon
– Sonia’s home shopping hosting
– Our housemate loves and hates
– The BB power couple
– Music in the daily show – yay or ney?
– Go green! Recycle all of your weekly tasks
– Selected Big Brother tweets
– The luxury bathroom
– Lotto nominations
– BB Confidential predictions

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BBBA Podcast – Episode 4 – The launch!

Tim and David share their thoughts LIVE during the broadcast of the Big Brother 2012 launch show.

Mostly we talk about Sonia’s crazy pants, then discuss the housemates and refreshed show.

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BBBA Podcast 2012 – Episode 3

– Slip up Tim and David
– Big Brother launch – the three night spread
– BB playing BB on the crowd
– Facebook voting
– Big Brother Confidential Insider Entertainment Tonight
– Sonia’s busy schedule and missing shows
– No live stream!
– Housemate promos
– The Sonia pita wrap Twister
– Will it be so popular?
– This week’s featured beverage
– Off topics returns!

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BBBA Podcast 2012 – Episode 2

In this edition:

– The drugs are located elsewhere
– Maximum shuff point
– Sonia’s satanic message
– Cunny talk
– Launch night body cavity searches
– Why no live?
– As seen on the official Big Brother Facebook
– Housemate lockdown
– Fame whore complex
– Big Brother’s cycles

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BBBA Podcast 2012 – Episode 1

Welcome back to podcasts from Behind Big Brother! In our return episode:

– Big Brother’s revival
– The show moves to social media
– Sonia Kruger’s Ballarat rave
– No shuffling!
– Mystery plans
– No games!
– No adults only!
– Little Sister from Sutherland Shire
– Our weekly episode beverage

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