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Behind Big Brother hits the internet airwaves with our podcast show. Hosts Tim and David are back to discuss the 2014 season.

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BBBA Podcast – Day 36

3 June 2008

Juicy, sexy show for you today. Including:

– Replace Kyle with Mike
– Why feed Dixie more?
– Intruder party time
– Bad news for evictions
– Nobbi sucks… really
– The house is turning gay
– Poor Travis… again.
– No more packages
– Subtitles and Big Mouth go crazy and topless
– New nominations = :-(

BBBA Podcast – Day 34

31 May 2008

We’re back, don’t ask! In this fantastic episode:

– We return
– Eviction business
– Virginal business
– Bianca and Brigette – argh!
– The two sides of Ben
– Travis’ self esteem issues
– The big box blowout
– Dixie sure is “out there”
– Too many housemates, will Rima fit?
– Return of the Gretel curse
– Will the series last?

BBBA Podcast – Day 18 (late and unedited!)

Yes this is the BBBA Podcast episode that never made it to air on time. We are sorry, don’t hate us! Still great listening so if you’re up for more vid and vibes action check this one out.

We will have more podcast updates from now on – we promise!!!


BBBA Podcast – The Bodie Interview

24 May 2008

Dave, TiGS & ASHiE from on COVE Radio interview Bodie from BB07.

Bodie talks to us about life in the house, life with Bree, that infamous incident and his new promotions venture; Secret Society Melbourne.

The Jamie Interview

17 May 2008

Dave, TiGS & ASHiE from on COVE Radio interview Jamie from BB07.

Jamie opens up about what his BB experience was like, his thoughts on the current housemates this year and his current projects in the TV world.

BBBA Podcast – Day 8

6 May 2008

We’re finally back for more podcast goodness! In our return episode for the 2008 season:

– Do we really think so?
– All about the launch
– Official website talk
– Rima’s blowout leg
– Racism, Australia, Racism!
– The BB host expiry date
– Booing Corey
– Bits and pieces
– The real deal with Travis’ voice

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Thomas & Susannah Interview

4 May 2008

Dave, TiGS & ASHiE from on COVE Radio interview Susannah and Thomas from BB07.

They open up about what the BB experience is like, cheating in the BB house and their thoughts on the current housemates.

BBBA Podcast – Pre-Season 2008

27 April 2008

The very first podcast for BB08! A detailed look at all the rumours prior to the season starting.

BBBA Podcast – Finale Weekend – Sunday

1 August 2007

So we didn’t get around to do a three parter, but here’s our finale show episode! Stay tuned for our very last episode for the year later in the week!

BBBA Podcast – Finale Weekend – Friday

27 July 2007

We’re brining you a three parter over the finale weekend, with talk about the last appalling week of Big Brother, who we want to win and latest discussion from the forums, enjoy!

BBBA Podcast – Peter Abbott Interview

24 July 2007

Peter Abbott joins Dave & TiGS for a wide ranging interview where we discuss the following:

– How Big Brother was born in Australia
– The audition process in the early years
– Things that didn’t quite go to plan!
– Each of the three series that Peter produced
– Peter’s favourite memories
– And the inevitable questions that you want answered

Note: This is a large file and a long interview (55 minutes)

BBBA Podcast – Day 84 – Scream!

14 July 2007

A new episode! This time:

– Fitzy has a fit
– Some fat radio idiot goes into the house
– Rules in the house and product placement
– Some one didn’t think the FNL rules through
– Finale night and who (Travis) will win
– A thought for next year’s season

Note: At approximately 14 minutes there is some static – our microphone stuffed up and there’s nothing we can do about it, sorry! It only lasts for ~30 seconds.

BBBA Podcast – Day 74 – The donkey has rabies

4 July 2007

Oh dear, the donkey has gone off the deep end. In this episode:

– Gretel and cocaine in the water
– Jamie annoying to watch
– Big appendage Billy
– Michelle and Aleisha scratch each other’s eyes out
– SMS vote to scam you
– Zach … hahaha … nominates
– Who do we miss?
– Jamie’s wacky paid presentation adventure
– Letters from fans all over the world

BBBA Podcast – Day 64 – Bring on the dodgyness!

25 June 2007

Lots of dodgy things happening on and off Big Brother these last few days. In this episode:

– Things looking up
– New police task, the same cop on the block
– Andrew’s dodgyness
– Big Brother’s dodgy housemate selection – again!
– Andrew’s sudden naughtyness
– Vid’s Mexican heritage is offended, is FNL racist?
– The other slut, I mean stuff
– An important interlude!
– Another Zoran whinge
– Your Letters

BBBA Podcast – Day 59 – Mid Season Slump

19 June 2007

It’s the mid season slump podcast! This one is probably our worst episode yet, but you be the judge! This was also vid’s first time using the console software so the sound quality and editing in some parts is a little dicey!

No episode description for this one, we ramble in and out of segments all throughout.

Enjoy if you can!

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