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Pre-launch news wrap up

Big Brother 2012 eyeBig Brother launches this weekend! Here’s a wrap up of recent bits-and-pieces you need to know before the premiere:

  • Housemates will enter over three nights throughout the first week, so we won’t meet all of them within the short 90 minute launch episode.
  • Promos ‘revealing’ potential housemates have been screening on Channel Nine, however we’ve learnt most of the people shown are paid actors or models. There’s a good chance all of the people in the ads have been paid to be there.
  • And speaking of housemates, the rumour that rugby player Greg Bird would be entering the house has been debunked. Although making it through to the second round of auditions, he’s back on the field next week.
  • Some broken promises: The “nightly adult show” that Peter Wiltshire from Channel Nine said would screen on GO! channel is not happening (at least not in the first two weeks of the season).
  • There will be no Friday Night Live.
  • Holden has signed on as a major sponsor which means it’s quite likely the winner (and possibly the finalists) will receive a new car as well as prize money. Check out our comprehensive and revealing twitter interview with their public relations department :-)

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