Here’s how voting will work

Don't be friends with the nominee

Facebook voting

Facebook votingOur sources have revealed that in addition to the regular 1900 phone and text lines, this year the public can vote to save housemates via Facebook.

We’ve already seen Facebook voting was in the making, but here’s some extra info:

  • You can only vote to save via Facebook once per 24 hour period (then hop on the text lines and start giving them your money!).
  • If you are friends with a housemate on Facebook you will be barred from voting to save them via the Facebook app. So if you’re thinking of starting up a save campaign – defriend your buddy right now!
  • Voting will close at 4pm on eviction day so auditors can verify the votes.

And here’s the juiciest part of the news: if a housemate who forms part of a couple is evicted, they must stay in ‘lockdown’ until the other partner is evicted.

Big Brother UK introduced paid Facebook voting in 2011 but last week had to permanently abandon it because the system couldn’t handle the traffic and flopped. UK Channel 5 announced Facebook voting would not return.

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