Day 24

9.22am – Most of the housemates are contemplating how they’re losing in the inter-house challenge with (fictitious) House 2. However, the scoreboard is showing House 2 has three points, when the housemates believe it should only show two points. They didn’t think the cake challenge yesterday was for a point. Ray especially, who thinks it’s Big Brother’s mistake. He changes the House 2 score back to two points.

Last night Bradley came to the diary room to apologise on behalf of the house for last night’s cake fight, which he did not like one bit. He thinks the way the other housemates acted was disgraceful. Now Angie is telling the others she did not accept Bradley’s attitude towards it. She believes he is an adult and should have dealt with it maturely rather than running to Big Brother. Estelle respects that Bradley stood on his own and said what was on his mind.

Later the housemates are asked to pair up for the Captains Quarters challenge. Outside they find mats where they must stand on. Each pair must rest a foam love heart inbetween their mouths for as long as possible. Michael and Josh are out first at 3 minutes 35 seconds. Then Stacey and Benjamin and almost immediately after Zoe and Angie. Finally Layla and Sarah at 5 minutes, Estelle and Bradley 26 seconds later, leaving Ray and George the winners.

12.02pm – Ray and George are going to the Captains Quarters. Later they toast to the win over dinner, with some typical blokey chats. They talk about the girls and George says Layla would be the best chick – Sarah is way too positive for him.

The rest of the house is making a song for Layla because she makes oats for everyone in the morning. “Oats a-la Layla”.

Meanwhile in the Captains Quarters Ray is complaining that no one sings for Ray who scrubs the dishes. “I spend more time scrubbing dishes than Layla does cooking food”.

Meanwhile in the main house bedroom the girls are talking about how they plain-out hate Ray. Zoe has slowly noticed the aggression Ray shows, the girls agree. Angie says the first thing Ray said to her was “you look like my ex-girlfriend so this is going to be weird” and it’s gone downhill from there. Every time Zoe looks at Ray now she has a surge of thinking “why are you here!?” Stacey can’t look his eyes. They feel sorry for him because they think he’s oblivious.

Outside the two 30-somethings, Ben and Sarah are chatting. Ben says that doing the laundry is therapeutic because he can’t hear everyone else and all the “aahs” and “errs” and “likes” in the conversations: “have you ever noticed that with these people? Have you noticed how much Angie says ‘like’? Sarah agrees.

Cut to footage of Angie talking about her and Josh and saying like like like like like.

Angie then has a long conversation about her and Josh and it’s very incoherent. The legist is “we’re having a good time and it’s nothing serious and can everyone please stop making it out to be something it’s not”.

Zoe comes to the diary room and explains she just wanted to come have a chat. She thought she was confident and gets along with everyone in the house but there’s a feeling in her stomach making her feel uneasy. “There’s no one in that group who I can sit down and talk to, it’s hard”. She starts crying.

1.27pm – Ben comes to the diary room. He’s feeling very strained about being head of household in the inter-house challenge and wants more evidence that House 2 actually exists. Big Brother says there is enough evidence already, and there are many more points to be grabbed and Ben should rally his troops around him.

The next challenge is a boot scooting / line dancing competition. The HMs are watching a video on how to dance. Sarah is very excitable “we’re gonna kill it!”. They have two hours to learn the moves and Ben must select a choreographer. If no one has choreography skills he’s going with Zoe because she’s from the country. She volunteers anyway. Turns out she’s line danced before.

Bradley is having huge problems dancing to a beat, he dancing terribly. Josh bangs a beat and he slowly gets into a groove. Later outside the housemates are practicing when Sarah pulls Estelle aside and reminds her to not to get discouraged. Layla is mentoring Bradley. Sarah takes control at one point to mentor Zoe. For showtime, the housemates have all been given country costumes. House 1 dances first – Michael has straw in his mouth to complete the look. The strongest dancers are at the front and do fairly well. There’s stragglers at the back. They all cheer when they finish.

5.54pm – Results time. House 1 have won. Later, George and Ray are in the Captains Quarters spa and George is discussing how it feels like he’s in a couple with Layla now. Unknown to the two guys, Layla can hear them through the walls. She motions Stacey to come join her and the put their ears up to the wall in the outside toilet. George continues, saying the first thing he’ll do when he gets out of the Big Brother house is phone a girl he’s had an on-and-off relationship with. He’s previously told Layla he’s single. George then says he wants to have a family with this girl.

Layla wonders why George would be kissing her on national television all the while wanting to have kids with this other woman. She doesn’t want to be a “stepping stone”. The girls realise they don’t want to listen any further.

Later George is lighting some candles in the bedroom and Ray says “you know how I know you’re gay, because you like those candles and you like the smell of them”

8.35pm – The housemates are asked to write a letter to (fictional) House 2. The end result is:

Dear House Two,

It’s really exciting to have this opportunity to write to you. Congratulations on your two wins. We like to relate our lives to the Rhianna song “We found love in a hopeless place” and we really feel this has been a great chance to meet amazing people in an extraordinary environment. We hope your experience has been as fulfilling as ours. Best of luck in the next round of up and coming challenges. Looking forward to having a drink with you at the end of this. More than just 1. Smiley face.

Love and lols. Love,
House One.

PS. We hope Gretta and Tyson’s relationship is blossoming.

Layla runs to the bathroom because she felt people kept her out of the task. “She’s a beautician, she’s not clever – thats what they presume”.

Layla has come to the diary room to vent to Big Brother. She’s so used to people listening to her but it’s not happening in the house and she can’t take it anymore. Layla is crying.

Bradley is being asked to do the dishes. Four people nominated him this week for being lazy around the house. Bradley resists at first but eventually gives in.

Later on, the housemates are shown footage from House 2. It’s three guys sitting around talking about this girl one of them is really into. The second guy then talks about how he’s glad he’s sharing a bed with some hot girl. There’s a token gay guy in the mix as well. After the footage, Michael points out that the boys in the house had a similar conversation – which is the hottest girl. Bradley makes a point of saying Josh thought Estelle was the hottest (not Angie).

Josh: Yeah… thanks bro.

Ben: Bradley you’re like the rat in Charlotte’s web except that we wish you died.

Bradley doesn’t look impressed.

10.21pm – The letter from (fictional) House 2 has arrived. Ben reads it:

Thanks for the cake, it tasted good! We were lucky to win that one. We watched your episode and we reckon you are funnier, but we are hotter. Also, your house is bigger. Hope Big Bro lets us move into it once we smash you at the challenges. LOL. The challenges are stressful but they have brought us together as a group. Best of luck. See you at the after party? If you exist.

The housemates are offended: “they are so not hotter”. They agree the boys aren’t hotter and Gretta has been on a diet since 2002 – her personality diet.

Ben suggest they all give their clothes up and only wear underwear in exchange to see a full episode of footage from House 2.

Ben: Bradley you can keep wearing your clothes because your body is hideous!

In the diary room Ben proposes this to Big Brother. BB replies that he will consider the request.

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