Day 9

The weekly task continues. Ray and Ryan are on the bike. Ryan is rapping (really badly) – he can’t even rhyme. Ray is making jokes and it’s clear Ryan doesn’t understand. Benjamin and Angie are cooking bread while Josh and Estelle talk about how cold it is. They’re wondering whether Big Brother will give them hot water this morning. Ryan, Stacey and Ray go to the Diary Room and tell Big Brother they are running out of food. He’s not interested.

Layla is talking to Surly the fish in the bathroom when she’s called to the Diary Room with Estelle and Charne (they’re all nominated this week). To lift spirits, Big Brother has decided that the three girls should host the family dinner tonight. They need to cook and provide the entertaining conversation topics to discuss over dinner.

Angie and Benjamin are chatting by themselves in the kitchen. Angie is telling him she thinks that Estelle purposely puts her down when they’re in conversation and she doesn’t like. Benjamin is giving his opinion when Estelle walks in – he badly tries to cover up and leaves the kitchen in embarassment. Estelle say she hopes there is controversy at the family dinner tonight because she wants to see everyone’s “true colours”. Angie says she hopes it doesn’t get too heated and people become uncomfortable, but Estelle says she does want it to get heated.

In the bathroom, Angie is telling Benjamin, Layla and Stacey about what Estelle just said. Layla perks up when she hears that Estelle wants confrontation (“to me that means minimal life experience – and that’s not nice!”) and storms out of the bathroom to go to the Diary Room. In the Diary Room, she starts crying and says she’s worried about the family dinner tonight. “This might be my last week in the house and I don’t want to sit at a dinner table and argue with someone because they want confrontation.”

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Josh and Michael are on the bike. Michael says that the “big mystery” for him is Estelle. “We’ve either met the real her and she’s now playing the game, or she was playing the game and now we’ve met the real her.” By the pool, Estelle asks Angie “are you scared of opinionated conversation?” Angie says that if she doesn’t know enough about a topic she’s not going to try and be involved.

In the bedroom, Benjamin and Estelle are talking about Angie. Benjamin is telling her that they are both a little bit insecure and they are fighting for two different things – Angie sees a hierarchy and Estelle sees independence. “Sometimes it’s really good to become friends with the enemy,” he says. Back on the bike, Big Brother fires the water cannon on Josh and Michael… twice.

George is trying to figure out which female housemate’s secret is that they were a champion weightlifter. He has an arm wrestle with Zoe and loses. Ryan has convinced himself that Estelle’s secret is that she’s part of a royal family and he’s trying to get more information out of her by asking her about her diamonds and jewellery. Back in the kitchen, Zoe is arm wrestling Layla and Bradley is versing Angie. Bradley wins.

Sarah is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother that she needs to go and talk to Angie about her aggressiveness, but doesn’t think the time is right.

Later in the evening, Benjamin comes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother that he broke one of the microphones in the backyard when he was spinning around the pole it is attached to. “You will be dealt with accordingly,” says Big Brother.

Angie and Sarah are talking on the couch. Angie says she feels like the Big Brother house is like school and that the housemates are getting clique. Sarah says that as a 30 year old she doesn’t see this as school at all but more like a holiday, and doesn’t want Angie to look back on her time and think that she wasn’t a nice to everyone as she should have been.

Big Brother has given Charne, Layla and Estelle additional food for the dinner party tonight. Layla has burnt her finger. In the Diary Room, Angie is crying. She says that she felt negative towards Estelle at the start of the day because they go about things different ways. She then says that she wants the housemates – particularly Sarah – to give her a break and stop giving her advice.

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All the housemates are eating the feast the girls have cooked. Layla’s topic is Australian culture vs. English culture. Benjamin asks her if she would be rather have a child in England or Australia and she says Australia. Michael’s topic is “the event that has defined your lives”. George says that his was when he received his apprenticeship. Angie’s is that she moved out of home when she was 15 and realised that life wasn’t all bad. Charne’s is when her father passed away when she was very young. She says that she has never really dealt with it and that’s why she is so closed off from other people.

In the lounge, the conversation has moved to what everyone would change about themselves. Estelle says that she would like to be able to open up to people more and become a little bit less independent. Bradley says that he wishes he could fix his stutter. He says that the small things like ordering pizza or going through the drivethru are the most terrible.

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Benjamin has been sent to the Naughty Corner. He has to lick potato chips and put them in bowls based on what flavour they are: chicken, sour cream and chives and salt and vinegar. After a while he started crunching the chips and throwing them in the air while the housemates laugh on. “Big Brother, my lips are really salty. And the air conditioner makes my eyes hurt. And not being able to talk to everyone else is bad for the soul.” Eventually, Big Brother lets him out of Naughty Corner.

The male housemates have been called to the Man Cave to discuss the girl’s secrets. They’ve decided that Charne is the one with OCD. They think that Sarah is definitely not the nude protester.

Back in the lounge room, the girls are talking about the problems they have with others in the house. Zoe says that her pet hate is when Angie speaks over other people and that she does it all the time. Estelle agrees and that she feels that she has to compete to speak and that the courtesy isn’t there when she does get a chance – particularly from Angie. “This really, really hurts me,” says Angie. She says that everyone has been attacking her today and it’s upset her. Sarah is saying that the clique with the other girls in the house is making her feel really uncomfortable.

The male housemates have been watching the girls arguing on the TV in the Man Cave. When they’re asked to leave, they hover by the door to try and catch the conversation. Sarah asks the girls who knew about Charne being upset last night; only Estelle raises her hand. “If that was me, and only two people in this room knew that I was upset, I would be devastated.” Angie says “Honestly, I don’t think that I am that much of a cunt to be sitting here and copping it.” She gets up and leaves.

The boys reenter the lounge to find the girls in tears. Layla is at the backyard bathroom talking to Angie, who has locked herself in. Layla says that Angie hasn’t done anything wrong and that some people cause conflict because of their own insecurities. Later, in the Diary Room, Layla tells Big Brother that the house is stressful at the moment.

Angie is getting ready for bed, telling Benjamin that she thinks Sarah is a bitch. Meanwhile, Sarah is in the Diary Room and says she feels really terrible – not about what she said or how she said it, but that maybe she shouldn’t have said it at all. Stacey has joined Angie and Benjamin in the bedroom for the bitch session. Sarah says that Angie needs to listen and learn from other people and she’s not doing it at the moment. “Not every problem is yours to fix,” says Big Brother.

Stacey has taken on the role of party planner for Ryan’s birthday this weekend. She wants Ryan Gossling or Craig David to come.

Michael sums up the day’s dramas in the bedroom. “I feel guilty now and I don’t know how to deal with the whole nomination process. It’s where wars start and I just don’t want that. Hopefully I can figure out how to solve it amicably. Or maybe with tears and sweat so it looks good.”

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