Promo shots from the new house

Woah. Promo photos from the Big Brother house in newspapers today show a house that is very, very different in design from the typical BB Australia house of seasons long ago. Welcome to a house based on the past, present and future.

We’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but the kitchen is past, backyard area is present, and the bathroom, bedroom + bathroom + living room is future.

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The kitchen area:
Kitchen area

The Kitchen Area 2


BB Bathroom

BB Bathroom

Sonia poses outside:

In this first photo, we suspect that whatever is behind the white rectangular ‘arch’ has been photoshopped out. It’s likely this will be the entryway to the main house.

Outdoor area blanked

Sonia outside

Outdoor area

BB Sonia spa

BB backyard no Sonia

The bedroom:
The Bedroom

The house with fake ‘test’ housemates:
House with fake housemates

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