Secrets theme has returned

And everyone housemate will have one, according to new promos

Update: Sure enough, a few hours after this article was published the official Big Brother Facebook page has updated their cover image to include the “every housemate has a secret” promo. We may have rushed them along :-)

Remember when the new BB series was titled “Big Brother: Secrets”, but was then mysteriously renamed?

Our sources have revealed the latest round of Big Brother promos airing this weekend will explain that “every housemate has a secret”.

The promos features various extras from the shuffle ads making a ‘shush’ motion at the camera. A voicoever then asks “can they keep their secret?”

The ads have only just started airing at this point as housemates go into lockdown today.

It’s highly likely the ‘secrets’ theme is based on Secret Story, one of the French versions of Big Brother. In that show each housemate has to conceal a secret with all others trying to discover it. If a secret is guessed correctly, the person wins the other housemate’s prize money. Each secret is worth around €10,000.

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