BBBA Podcast – Day 62

In this day 62 episode we provide thought provoking discussion and insights into the last week of Big Brother. Topics include:

– Our tribue to our favourite housemate ever, Nobbi
– vid’s new favourite is Bridgitte due to her inspirational qualities
– “Under the radar” and “playing the game” make a come-back
– What’s so bad about voting strategically?
– The housemates are very horny due and need some release
– The ins and outs of Cherry’s butt crack
– Ben & Bianca need to slide ontop of each other already
– Grey Nomads!
– Alice… who?
– Rory breaks the stereotype and uses the word “cliche”
– Is Travis playing the game or does he have serious issues?
– The winner of Big Brother 2008 is… we dunno.
– We travel into the future and grab some audio from new housemate Pamela
– Well done with the tasks, Big Brother
– The series is winding up… nooo!

Off topics:

– Bitchy YouTube video blogs… blargh.
– Online stalkers
– vid rambles about old media
– Find vibes a new phone!
– Name our off-topic podcast show and win… maybe.


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BBBA Podcast – Day 55

In this overdue episode:

– This week has been good
– This Sunday’s eviction – bye bye Nobbi!
– More Nobbi bitching
– Pseudo relationships are back
– Tim’s three favourite quotes from this week
– Cherry & Bridgitte, Ben & Bianca
– Nobbi’s awful haircut
– Terri isn’t racist
– Mike Goldman is back…
– and so is old BB!
– and much more, including off topic! We discuss “You’ll love Coles” and ANZ ATM’s.

Note: vid apologises for being so quiet in this episode.

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BBBA Podcast – Day 41

Lots of Nobbi bashing in this episode so if you’re a Nobbi fan might be best for you to tune out on this one! In the day 41 episode:

– Fantastic task this week
– Lots and lots of Nobbi bashing
– Travis being taken advantage of
– Intruders… eh.
– Constant matchmaking might get a bit tedious
– Random bits and pieces

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BBBA Podcast – Day 36

Juicy, sexy show for you today. Including:

– Replace Kyle with Mike
– Why feed Dixie more?
– Intruder party time
– Bad news for evictions
– Nobbi sucks… really
– The house is turning gay
– Poor Travis… again.
– No more packages
– Subtitles and Big Mouth go crazy and topless
– New nominations = :-(

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BBBA Podcast – Day 34

We’re back, don’t ask! In this fantastic episode:

– We return
– Eviction business
– Virginal business
– Bianca and Brigette – argh!
– The two sides of Ben
– Travis’ self esteem issues
– The big box blowout
– Dixie sure is “out there”
– Too many housemates, will Rima fit?
– Return of the Gretel curse
– Will the series last?

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BBBA Podcast – Day 18 (late and unedited!)

Yes this is the BBBA Podcast episode that never made it to air on time. We are sorry, don’t hate us! Still great listening so if you’re up for more vid and vibes action check this one out.

We will have more podcast updates from now on – we promise!!!


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