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Behind Big Brother hits the internet airwaves with our podcast show. Hosts Tim and David are back to discuss the 2014 season.

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BBBA Podcast – Day 51 – Sheepfest

11 June 2007

Long time no podcast. On today’s episode:

– Laura and her camwhoring ways
– Who is the new Emma?
– The housemates are all sheep
– The ice room is coooool badoomtish
– Emma is nice
– Joel’s crazy dancing
– Billy sucks
– The new intruders…. MEH.
– Too much cock in the house
– The other stuff?
– Special extra features!

BBBA Podcast – Day 41 – A surprise eviction

1 June 2007

In this yummy edition of BBBA podcasts:

– Jamie and Rebecca’s relationship
– Gretel’s pants
– Big Brother bashers – click here to read Andrew Bank’s awful “commentary” piece and comment on it yourself.
– A surprise eviction special
– Who sexed in the house?
– Shoutout to Bron
– Voicemails

Thanks to Matt Green for the eviction promo music!

BBBA Podcast – Day 39 – Chatting with Tim Brunero

30 May 2007

We have a good ol’ Big Brother banter with former housemate Tim Brunero, including chat on Emma and her Dad, Gretel pants, and the demise of BB: Uncut.

You can check out Tim’s very own Oh Brother podcast by clicking here.

BBBA Podcast – Day 34 – Important Issues!

25 May 2007

Important issues in this podcast:

– The intruder special and lame “alerts”
– Podcasting community update
– Emma’s father etc.
– Great voicemails!

This episode’s artwork from Scribe. Apologies to kareem who’s album art did not show up in the last episode. Here it is:


BBBA Podcast – Day 31 – Worst Episode Ever!

22 May 2007

First we discuss the utterly bizarre kicking out of Hayley from the show, then thing spiral off topic with all sorts of rants and chit chat happening along the way.

This episode’s album art kindly donated by kareem.

Also we snapped these loverly photos while podcasting for you to enjoy:

Podcast 1Podcast 2

BBBA Podcast – Day 24 – Part 2

15 May 2007

THIS IS PART 2!!! Listen to Part 1 first please. In this half we’re talking:

– Rundown of the housemates part 1
– How to talk to gay housemates
– The Hughesy & Kate rant
– The rest of your voicemails

BBBA Podcast – Day 24 – Part 1

We’re bringing you another stinky fresh episode of BBBA podcasts. In 2 parts! And in this episode we’re talking:

– Bitching about official website and lil sis – she actually called us!
– Gretel’s fling with Bodie
– Rundown of the housemates part 1
– vid has a rant on the HMs
– Everyone saying “I’m not going to change”

BBBA Podcast – Day 19 – Golden Housemate

10 May 2007

Discussion of the Golden Housemate entry, first impressions of the new housemate Nick and lots of bitching about Gretel.

Behind Big Brother – Season 7 Day 17

8 May 2007

Episode over Skype! Expect many more like this because we are lazy lol. In this episode:

– Who’s up for nomination? We hate them all
– New eviction setup
– Gretel cuts sick
– Gretel’s new love interest
– Lil Sis rides it
– Stupid nomination reasons

Behind Big Brother – Season 7 Day 13

4 May 2007

In this fantastic episode:

– Nomination talk
– Who is gay in the house… not that its a big deal!
– Premium is crap
– Lil sis sucks
– Kate’s drama
– iTunes ooh la la
– Bodie’s a spaz

Behind Big Brother – Season 7 Day 5

26 April 2007

We’re back for another round. In this episode:

– Launch night streaming
– First thoughts on house and HMs
– Gretel’s face on widescreen
– Official website problems
– Hardcore Porno!!!
– Lil sis is leik soooo stupid
– Pooing in the white room
– Your voicemails!

Behind Big Brother – Season 7 Episode 2

17 April 2007

Re-encoded episode 2 with much better audio quality.

From episode 2: We’re back to coincide with the launch of BBBA. On today’s show:
– Our new site sucks
– Gretel’s donkey shenanigans on Rove
– Season rumours
– Official website stuff
– vibes got turkey slapped

Behind Big Brother – Season 7 Episode 1

6 March 2007

Welcome back to BBBA podcasts! In our first episode for the year:

– Preseason news
– vid attends auditions
– Housemate sightings
– Turkey slapping parents
– Other TV we’ve been watching

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