Day 6 Uplate

10:18pm: Straight into the house tonight. Housemates have just been told something from Big Brother, and now fill into the storeroom to collect a bit of alcohol. Perfect timing. Bree is also on Uplate, as we cut back to the studio. Talk about Gaelan winning the Friday Night Games, and picking runner up Katie to go into the rewards room with him. Logan David will also be on the show a little later. Finally get back to the house 5 minutes later. Housemates are gathered around the kitchen. Lots and lots of talking, no hope of actually hearing a conversation. Someone mentioned that they should get dressed, and Karen says she already is dressed, she doesn’t need to change into something better. John and Katie are speculating what the fourth suprise is this year. Katie jokes it’s a prostitute, and that she’ll be forced to just shut her eyes while Gaelan has her fun. Cut away to the bedroom, Michael is telling Camilla that he will let her know if she pisses him off. He says that everything is fine. Mike cuts in! Comm break.

10:31pm: Back to Mike and Bree. He explains that Gaelan will open 1 of 3 boxes in about half an hour, where he’ll win a Thailand holiday, a banquet tomorrow night, or a bow tie. Thats the fourth prize for winning FNL. Lots of housemates in the kitchen having a drink. They are having a debate about the alcohol already, and David offers his up for someone else. They all do the cheers and clinks with the glasses. Jamie wants to go and sit outside. Anna complains that they don’t even get 3 beers each as they take seats outside. Cut to the rewards room. Gaelan says he wants to leave this place a mess, then says that they should keep it clean. Back to the kitchen, Michael is complaining about people cheating during FNL tonight. Dino and Michael continue to wash and dry the dishes while everyone else seems to be outside. Gaelan and Katie come over to the house, and one of the guys tell them to piss off! Michael says ‘the attitudes of some people’ referring to Camilla. Gaelan says that was so fun, referring to FNL. Mike cuts in, comm break.

10:44pm: John is talking to Camilla. He says he wants to go over to Perth, and he wants to go to Sydney because he hasn’t been there since he was young. He also says that he wants to spend some real time on the Gold Coast. He says he in fact wants to go everywhere in Australia, referring to Darwin. 9 housemates sitting outside around the table. After what seems like 2 minutes, we’re taken to an Uplate update. Comm break. *Oh this show is soooooooooo worth watching*

10:57pm: Into the kitchen now. Housemates seem to have moved inside. Krystal is talking to Gaelan asking him why he isn’t watching dvds or something. Gaelan says he wants to be out here. Krystal says that she said he’d be back within 5 minutes after going in there. She says it’s good that he wants to be out here. The girls seem to be very happy for Katie though. Camilla says she knows that she was rude yesterday, but she didn’t mean to be. Mike cuts in and talks to David, one half of the Logan brothers. They have just come back from the north pole. Back to the girls finally, to which Anna has joined Krystal and Camilla. Camilla asks Anna what one word she would use to describe herself, she says ‘real.’ Camilla says she didn’t really judge Anna correctly when they first met. She thought that she was stuck up. Anna says she’s from Frankston, she’s just a normal girl. Comm break.

11:10pm: Welcome back to the worst uplate in history. Seen perhaps 10 minutes of footage so far tonight. Housemates seem to be mostly back outside now. Elise is talking about her childhood years. Claire says that her mum is now her best friend now she’s older. Cut to kitchen where Krystal and Camilla are talking. Camilla says she needs a wee. Michael is inbetween Krystal and Anna on the steps near the diary room. Krystal says she would’ve been in the rewards room if Michael had won. Anna thinks she would’ve been. They ask Michael, and he seems to suggest Krystal, but we cut to outside. Big Brother soon calls Gaelan to the diary room. Anna asks Gaelan to tell him his knee is sore. We go into the diary room, a rare uplate event. BB tells him he forgot his trophy. Big Brother tells him upon his return to the rewards room he’ll find three boxes. He may choose only one box. Each contains a prize. BB tells him to go back to the rewards room with Katie. He doesn’t tell the house everything, grabbing Katie to go back in there for ‘a sec.’ Once inside, he says he has to read the letter out. Big Brother stops him and says that he told him to wait for BB’s instructions. They get a drink while they wait. Gaelan says that Dino filled him in before telling him that it was very depressing before they came back to the house proper. Comm break.

11:23pm: Back to the rewards room we travel. Gaelan is wondering whether to read it or wait. BB helps him by telling him to read it out loud now. He reads out the 3 prizes, the holiday, the banquet, or the bow tie. He chooses box number 3. BB tells him to open it up. It’s the bow tie! Gaelan says it’s a lovely present, and he’s most appreciative. Katie says it’s broken! Gaelan says he didn’t expect it anyway. BB interrupts again. He tells him he can keep the bow tie, and that he can now check the other two boxes. BB is really playing the director here, telling him to open the boxes and remove the contents. Gaelan says ‘so close, but yet so far!’ Katie wonders where his wine is, and Gaelan tells her that she is drinking it. BB comes over again, saying that he should not touch the boxes again. Cut to the studio until the comm break.

11:36pm: Back in the studio, they cut to a clip package of the Logan’s trip to the north pole. Get into the house 6 minutes into this segment. He explains about the 3 boxes. They say they could hear Big Brother out in the backyard. Krystal wonders if there will be any romance in the rewards room, saying she thought it was only 24hrs long, but it’s actually 48. Gaelan says he only picked Katie because she got second place. He says he couldn’t have picked anyone which reminds him more of his sister, so there definately won’t be anything happening. Michael asks Gaelan if he’s got a secret. Gaelan says that Michael has all these theories about nothing, and they all laugh. Krystal tells Michael he’s paranoid. Gaelan says the only thing he kept was the dancing thing, but he told BB in auditions etc. Michael says that he thinks there is a mole, but Krystal calls him out and says that she thinks Michael is if anyone. Michael says that he’s bored, and if he was at home, he reads or writes, but here he can’t do anything but think. Krystal says that there is so much that people miss in this house, conversations etc. Comm break.

11:49pm: Uplate Top 8 is up straight from the break. Finally head to the house. Dino, Tilli and Krystal are talking in the backyard. Tilli says that with FNL you need to be tactical in your choosing of housemates. Michael comes over and wants to talk tactics for next week, but Dino says he doesn’t want tactics, he just wants fun. Dino says if he won, he would take the person who came second. He says if he picked a girl they would think that he wanted a root, and thats not what he wants people to think. Krystal and Michael both say they wouldn’t take the runner up, they would take someone of the opposite sex. Krystal also adds that she wouldn’t have sex in there because it’s national TV. Michael says he would take Dino if he took a guy, and Krystal if he took a girl. Dino says he would’ve taken Gaelan over Michael because Gaelan is so well liked in this place, and people would think that they are segragating from the group if he took Michael. Dino says he would take Tilli if he picked a girl. Michael says they should split up next week so they have a good chance. Mike cuts back in. At 11:57pm, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 5 Uplate

Tonight we open with a clip of Michael talking to Gaelan about Mike Goldman, and whether BB would like it if Michael requested to talk to Goldman. Gaelan has no idea who Mike Goldman is, and Michael had to spell it out for him.

11.37pm – Elise is chatting with Anna, Jaime and Katie in the bathroom. Elise has been crying because she feels she hasn’t been connecting with the other housemates. Katie and Jaime have been frontal spooning in bed, according to Mike. Mike also lets us know that they both have incurred $25 000 in fines each.

Mike shows us a computer image of if Krystal and Michael had a baby, from a task used earlier today – its hideous!

Mike then shows us a baby Bree had a while ago – its a joke of course – its naked and has the face of Ryan Fitzgerald (tee hee).

11.30pm – Housemates are now comforting Elise explaining how they are trying to fit into the house. Karen and Jaime agree that they are acting different in the house than they would outside. Tilli has joined them now to check if Elise is ok. Anna gives Katie a kiss on the cheek for some reaosn or another.

11.33pm – The housemates continue to comfort Elise, now Tilli is explaining changes in personalities in the house, and lets Elise know that the other housemates can understand too because they are in the same position. Tilli feels alienated from her life out there – she feels like she is missing out on stuff. Jaime doesn’t miss his outside life at the moment. Tilli is bothered by the fact she doesn’t know what she’s missing. Elise seems to be cheering up now – sortof. Tilli and Jaime brush their teeth really fast.. they race each other.

Elise tells Katie she’s not usually the kind caring type, she’s usually the one bashing the boys. Katie says it will come out when its the most comfortable, and she shouldn’t force it. Elise finds it strange because she’s usually the same as Katie. Katie has a horrible day today – they had to clean all day. For some reason everyone loves Tilli’s navy thongs, and she doesn’t know why. Jaime explains his wardrobe and what goes with what thongs.

In the bedroom Dino is saying to Anna that the gym in the big brother house is terrible – the boys are struggling with it. “It could have been better”.

Dino: “And the wallpaper here is shocking… at least we’ve got a pole though”

Anna tries to get Dino to dance on the pole. Dino farts and talk turns to sardines and tuna.

11.43pm – We’re back from the commercial break and Bree Amber is in the studio with Mike. She will be back for FNL and doesn’t explain much except that there will be a studio audience this time (?!).

11.46pm – Tilli is standing on the stripping pole. She is spinning around and giving Krystal fashion tips. Tilli’s pants fall down a little and she goes “ooh hi!”. Karen tells Tilli to be careful on the pole – very mother like. Karen comes over to Tilli and they quietly bitch about Camilla going over the top today about the cleaning. Krystal feels bad for being short tempered with Anna but they both agree that she can be instantly annoying. They both sit on the pole saddle and have a D&M. There is mutual appreciation for Dino caring about them. He told Tilli earlier that he feels he can just come to her about anything. They both love how Michael comes and gives them a hug and kisses.

Karen is talking about hippie things with Jaime. She talks about how she planned to buy a convie van when she was 16. Jaime hasn’t even thought about leaving home yet. He only has 96 cents in his bank account. He recalls an embarrasing moment when he had to withdraw his last $9 from a teller because he didn’t have enough to withdraw from an ATM. A bunch of them are now on the bed gossiping about Camilla. Apparently earlier she had an argument with a male housemate about sardines.

11.59pm – Jaime and Karen are searching for her lost photos. Mike tells us that John and Karen have been punished by Big Brother and must remain standing all night. Dino goes around the bedroom to accept donations for things to sleep on since he no longer has a matress. He goes and takes things from beds anway without asking the owners. Katie shows Gaelan and Tilli photos of her loved ones… then her thongs. Tilli says she Katie has large feet. Woah David has a new hairstyle and its really gay!

12.06am – David and Tilli pash! Camilla looks a little concerned. Mike Goldman says “does that mean Tilli’s a man!?”. The reason for the kiss was Tilli was worried her breath smelt like sardines, so David tested it out with a kiss. David likes kissing guys with a little bit of growth. Tilli has now moved into the bathroom with Camilla and apologises for kissing David because she knows they have a strong relationship.

12.10am – The kiss is still big news, a group of them discuss it outside the bathroom. Michael, Ashley and Karen took Tilli outside and accused her of creating drama. Tilli says its no big deal. The topic quickly moves to John, who accidentally broke all the eggs just earlier. They are worried about John – he was very worried and shaking.

12.17am – A bunch of housemates in the hammoch. Krystal says Anna is not geniune, and adds that its good Camilla had no problem with Tilli kissing David. Tilli says to let go about it but Krystal just doesn’t want to start any conflict. Michael agrees that Anna is bad news and they agree to do their best to stare through it. Bitching moves to Camilla too – apparently Krystal had a little confrontation with her earlier about the eggs. Tilli thinks that Camilla will be annoyed now because Tilli has now “crossed into her turf”. Tilli just wants to say to her “he’s not all yours, but I will not try to cross your relationship barrier”.

Tilli says he has a really big mouth, and Karen jokes a big cock. They ask Tilli to rate the kiss – its not her best kiss. Tilli and Karen like the little break during a pash and then goes back into it. “Coincidentally” thats what Michael does (ahuh). A bug suddenly flies into Karen’s hair and she screams – Tilli and Michael burst out laughing. Tilli talks about her partner on the outside – doesn’t sound like technically her partner just yet but she has strong feelings for him.

12.35am – Karen has given one of the boys a quick haircut. Katie yells out for Big Brother to let her sit down.

12.43am – Tilli wants to go into the diary room and chat to Big Brother. Michael encourages her but says BB doesn’t usually ask questions. Tilli says her dad has prostate cancer (uplate beeps are way too late). Gaelan’s dad died of cancer and told Tilli she could come and talk to him anytime about it – Tilli really apreciated the gesture.

12.52am – To kill time John and Karena are standing around the stripping pole. Some one yells out that Karen is a natural stripper. Her daughter Krystal says her moves are pretty good! ewww. Karen is drawing a crowd to the stippers pole from her dancing. John gets Karen to do the “stripper look” where they glance at the guy while slipping around, then glancing back again. John seems to be getting excited about it. Meanwhile Krystal and Michael are lying together on bed having a D&M.

Mike comes on in a box holding up a bunch of $20 notes saying “I support the single mother’s club!”. LOL.

Krystal says to Michael she wants her personality to come out in the house more, and to gain a role. Michael says he’s not the outrageous one in the house and you don’t have to have a specific role. He adds that David seems to have pulled away from Michael a bit in the house, and he’s been pulled away – now that he’s come out of the cloest the girls have been more drawn to him.

Krystal: “I’d be careful if I were you, Karen”.

1.05am – John and Gaelan are talking about NZ rugby player Jonah Lomu. Apparently he has the largest car stereo system in New Zeland. They start talking about Maoris and its bleep out (racist jokes). Katie starts talking to John about his behaviors and John seems really distant like he’s nervous talking to her.

More bitching! Now Krystal is bitching about Camilla to Michael and Dino. Earlier Camilla was whinging to Michael about cleaning up some sardines – housemates are only allowed to clean one thing in the house per day and Michael wouldn’t have been allowed to by Big Brother. Michael relays this story to Dino. Michael said to Camilla to mind her own business for a change because she keeps intruding on other people. Michael told her to drop it. Karen is annoyed the lights are still on.

1.19am – Krystal tells Karen to do another pole dance… ewww. She asks Dino what he does in Melbourne. Dino doesn’t really club much lately because of school. His 24 year old brother is very introverted and only goes to Bosnian places. Krystal says its weird some people in families are complete opposites. Dino goes to “doof doof” (ahuh) clubs and house clubs. Michael goes to school 3 days a week and the other days he’s working sandblasting at a restraunt. Krystal in normal life thinks “fuck there aren’t enough hours in the day” but in the BB house time goes so slowly.

1.31am – Karen has washed her hair and is wondering around as she is not allowed to sit down yet. Big Brother turns off the lights. Dino jumps on Karen’s bed and farts – much to her disgust. Michael is chatting with John in the kitchen, saying they want to see some intriguing things. Michael tried to ask Dino if there was a mole in the house. Katie joins them and says she thought there was. Newsflash: Michael is missing his hat.

“This is Big Brother. Karen, continue standing.”

John is getting annoyed. He squats for a while. John and Michael talk about how they sometimes have uni classes until 7pm. Karen wonders if they would be fined if John stood against the wall and they did a knife throwing game.

1.42am – John and Karen are just strolling around the backyard. John comments that this weather is warm for him since he’s from Melbourne. Karen says its cold and jogs around. They set up a game of cricket with Michael. Karen is batting with a rolled up deck chair mat. The ball is a rubber duck. She hits the ball and John catches her out. They continue the game for a while.

Later there is brief footage of Katie telling Jaime in bed that he’s a really good person. At 1.52am Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 4 Uplate

11:14pm: Claire is talking to Dave & Krystal. It would seem that Dave has come out of the closet tonight. Claire says she had a feeling. They say the way he came out was very good. It seems as if Claire was at an audition with Dave or something, because she says she thought he was out then, thus her confusion when they met in the house. He says it’s all done now, and that everyone will know tomorrow. Krystal basically tells him to not worry about what other people think. Dave says Krystal is a 10, then adds that she is gorgeous, saying “I’m gay, but I’m not blind!” Dave gets up and says he’s going for a walk. He goes out into the backyard. No one else is there. He swears under his breath as he walks out there, finally sitting near the hottub. He seems to be trying very hard to hold back some tears. Karen comes over and tells him not to cry because then she’ll start crying. Dave tells Karen that he hopes his parents find out via his sister, and not through people telling them (they don’t get BB, or don’t have a TV). Karen tells him everything will be fine, and that the truth will set him free. She tells him that in 6 months time he’ll be so glad he did it. Comm break.

11:29pm: Lots of people in the bedroom. Camilla changes her top. She comes out of the bedroom and stops to talk to Anna and Michael, who are on stools in the kitchen. Camilla tells Anna to let it all out if she is ever frustrated. Both Michael and Anna say that she does. Cut back to the outside crew, which has grown. He says he likes both males and females, but would now never have sex with females again because they’ll get hurt, and also that somewhere along the line he believes you have to choose one or the other. Jamie says that so much is made of people’s sexuality, when in the grand scheme of things is really not that big of a thing in people’s lives. Tilli tells Dave that Dino said that he was ever to come out, he would use the exact speech that Dave gave tonight. They all start to get up and head back inside. Anna is talking to Michael and Krystal. She seems alive tonight Anna, which is a great thing. Anna says that she thought Michael would be the gay one. Krystal tells Anna that she is so gorgeous. Cut to Dave who has now made his way to the bedroom and is chatting to the other guys. They talk about the limited beer supply they are getting. Katie joins them and start talking about her boots she got as a present from a friend. Comm break.

11:45pm: In the kitchen, Michael and Krystal are still cuddling on the beanbag. John and Anna are talking to them. John offers Anna some porridge, and she eats some, and John says “I didn’t want you to have it all, Olivier”. Very funny! Cut to Camilla and Dave in the bedroom. Dave says she’ll really get to know the real him now. He syas she’ll come to realise he’s a bit of a slut. Camilla says that if it had been any longer she would’ve not been friends with him. She says she wanted him to tell her before telling the group. Dave says he did try and tell her last night, but people kept on interrupting the conversation. They walk into the bathroom. Camilla asks if he told BB from the start, and he answers yes. Dave says thats why he was convinced they were going to put another gay guy in the house with him. Dave says again that he has always been attracted to 3 people in the house. He checks the toilets to see if anyone is in them, but they are clear. Camilla again tells Dave that if he ever deceives her again, that she’ll just walk away from the friendship. She does say that he can still wear her hat though. He tells her he is into guys with brown hair and brown eyes, and doesn’t like blondes. Dave says he wanted to come out on television to help all the gay guys out their in the bush. He says plenty of farmers have killed themselves because they couldn’t bear it – he says he even has held a gun like that to himself. Mike cuts in, but we’re soon back to the kitchen. Anna seems to be the centre of attention as she dances slowly in the middle of a seated circle. Comm break.

12:01am: Dave and Camilla are looking at Dave’s photos. Dave explains to others that he had never pulled them out before because they are all guys in the photos! Other housemates gather around to see them. They start talking about Brokeback Mountain. Karen said she had to cover her son’s eyes when the sex scene came on, but quickly adds she would have covered the eyes for a guy/girl sex scene as well. Cut to the living room, where Gaelan, Dino and John are talking about food and their desires for the shopping list. They all say that chocolate and alcohol led to arguments, and agree to try and persuade the group to steer clear of them. They want to buy potatoes, pasta, heaps of fruit, cheese etc. Gaelan is called to the diary room, they suspect for batteries. John and Dino talk about making a pizza. Gaelan quickly reappears with batteries. He gives the guys theirs, and heads into the bedroom. Dino says that he is sleeping with Dave and Camilla tonight. John says that he could go either way! Dino says he loved the speech that Dave gave coming out. He says that Camilla looked stunned and sat by herslef as everyone else stood and hugged Dave. John says that the odds have moved in their favour, and they have more of a shot with the girls now! Comm break.

12:17am: Dave & Camilla are once again chatting in the bedroom. Camilla says she is allowed to be a little hurt. Dave says that he isn’t one of the gays that like shopping though. He moves onto say that he spoke to Gaelan heaps today, and is starting to get to know everybody really well. Camilla says she needs to get to know everyone more, she’s been hanging around with Dave too much. Dave sees this as Camilla ditching him! They talk about Dave’s relationship past. He says he was with a 19 year old when he was 23. He was a fellow farmer, and they are still good mates today. Over the other side of the room, Anna, Krystal, Michael and Tilli are talking. They bring up the speed dating from earlier in the evening. Tilli says it seemed to be over before it was started. Anna is trying on a jacket and can’t believe it’s the perfect size. She trys it on several different ways, and we watch..Comm break.

12:33am: Anna is talking to Dave. She says how everyone thought he was cute, her included, however she says she wouldn’t have done anything about it. Dave says he thought he would’ve been at the bottom of everyone’s list. Tilli and Anna say that he was at the top. Tilli says she thinks Jamie is hot; and adds that Michael is beautiful. Dave says he thinks Dino, Michael and Jamie are attractive. Krystal comes over and lies on the bed, instantly making headlines saying “I’d tap anyone in this place! They are all cute.” Katie says if she was forced to get with someone, she would probably choose Gaelan, but then adds ‘maybe Jamie.’ Michael comes over and asks about Anna’s headache. She says it’s better. Camilla and Anna both tell Krystal that shes into Michael. Tilli joins in the convo and asks Michael who he likes, and Michael answers “You.” Michael goes away and the girls start talking about the different types of lollies they enjoy eating.

12:48am: Jamie is in the kitchen talking to Karen. They make mention that Gaelan’s personality is the biggest, but it’s not huge in this house. Karen suspects that if she had Jamie elsewhere, she would’ve thought of him as having a huge personality. Karen says she never puts all her cards down. Jamie says he’s the opposite. You either like him immediately or you don’t, you don’t warm to him. Karen says she knew instantly that she would love Katie. Jamie says he watches Katie and everything that she says is genuine. He says there is not a bad bone in Katie’s body. They both say how everything she says is not calculated at all and thats why everyone loves her. Jamie says he feels he has a special connection with her because they met at auditions. He knew she would make it into the house, and was so glad to see her. Jamie says to Karen that if he was evicted, he doesn’t think he could watch the show because he would feel sad for missing out on it. Karen says it’ll be hard to nominate. Jamie says there are people here who he likes more than others, but he doesn’t really have any reasons to nominate anyone. Getting close to getting a strike if they keep this up. Jamie starts talking about beers. He says there isn’t enough, and on a normal night outside the house, he could have 15 beers or so. Comm break.

1:05am: Gaelan is talking to Camilla. Anna is tryin to fix the door, and Camilla cracks a joke saying “How many blodes does it take to close the door.” When relayed back to Anna, she doesn’t seem that pleased by the comment! Camilla and Gaelan name some Victoria shopping centres for some reason. Camilla says she likes her breasts, but would take Anna’s. Anna says hers are a perfect size. They start talking about staples, and chick peas in particular. They say the burgers were great today, and suggest making them a bit bigger tomorrow. Gaelan admits to eating the burnt bits stuck on the barbie today. Ana says she eats more than guys on the outside. She goes through her day of eating, and there is little wonder how she does anything else at all. Camilla says she has tuna on toast for breakfast. Comm break.

1:18am: Karen is trying to find her family photos in the bedroom. Michael, as the Insider, was asked to move someones family photos today to a different persons drawers. He put Karen’s photos in Katie’s drawers. Karen gives up saying that she’ll look tomorrow. She seems a bit upset as she lies down in bed. Anna has just finished her exercises, and is trying to undo her bra but can’t!? Katie helps her out before getting into bed herself. Uplate update then comm break.

1:31am: Karen gets up and goes to the toilet. Camilla and Anna are making sure all the ducks are accounted for. Ash & Gaelan want to play dominos with the ducks. Karen returns to bed. Krystal starts talking about her conversation with BB late tonight. Karen listens in smiling. Talk moves onto FNL, and whether they’ll even have it this year. At 1:39am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 3 Uplate

11:24pm: Mike does a very long intro first off. The sound and vision don’t quite match, about 2 seconds off. He crosses to the house but keeps talking. Looks like a lot of people in the bedroom just talking. Lights are on however. Mike brings us back to the studio where he goes through some games, an internet site and finally an uplate update. Finally get to the house at 11:30pm. Anna is in bed, and looking into space. Elise and Karen are in the bathroom. Elsie compliments Karen on her PJ’s. Elise says she normally just wears a gstring. Karen says she gets cold often. Claire comes out of the toilet and is afraid she gave the camera a nice flash. Elise goes to the toilet, Claire stays brushing her teeth, and Karen heads back to the bedroom. Out in the living room the boys are laughing about farts. They then make fun of Katie drinking out of a wine glass. She says it’s classier. Mike cuts in after just 4 minutes, and we’re off to a break.

11:40pm: Mike cracks a joke about Kris Noble before going back to the house. Michael and Krystal are talking. Michael says that he can’t really remember the first night too well. He says it’s hard to read people in the house after such a short time. Krystals says that she thinks some people in the house don’t like her that much. She then says that she thinks Michael doesn’t really like Gaelan either because he steals the limelight that Michael wants. Michael disagrees. He suggests they take the convo to the backyard, but they don’t. Michael thinks that Krystal is very hot and cold around him. Krystal says she is very open, and happy to talk about anything. Krystal goes to get a jumper. Krystal asks Michael what colour the top is. Michael says orange, then reveals that he isn’t really colourblind. Krystal says she knew it, but then says she is pretty gullable. They say it’s hard to read strangers. Krystal gets into bed. Michael says that when he goes back to Sydney, he really wants to completely change his lifestyle. Comm break.

11:51pm: “This is BB. It’s time to lineup.” Everyone realises they have to go out in the cold to the backyard. BB comes on again and tells them to get out their immediately. Camilla complains because she didn’t get a chance to grab a jumper. There is a most sign and a least sign. Lots of talking until BB tells them to lineup from most annoying to least annoying. Katie goes to the most! Claire is least. Michael and Krystal are still standing side by side. He says to her “not me, I love ya!” Now David is the least annoying. Everyone is talking over each other. Michael and Krystal seperate in the line. After thats finished, BB tells them to lineup from strongest to weakest. They have a debate about whether it’s performance or muscle related. They end up with Elise the weakest and Jamie the stronest. BB tells them that is all and they all head inside. Comm break.

12:05am: Camilla and Dave are settling down in the bedroom. Dino & Ash are also nearby talking. Lots of talking going on but camera is on silent Dave. Jamie and John are talking, Jamie saying he wants to hit the sack. Someone yells out “how are ya?!” David is picking at his hand. Over to Camila, Dino and Ashley. Camilla says that she doesn’t really dislike many people in the real world; she can always focus on people’s better points. Dino says he always remembers people’s weak points and thus always has a negative view on lots of people. Ashley agrees with Dino. Dave settles down in bed and tries to sleep. Camilla offers a bit of their bed to Dino, as he got his bed taken away today by Big Brother. He farts though, and they walk away from Camilla. Till starts laughing for some reason. Camilla says that even though Jamie had 5 fines in a short period, everyone has fallen for Jamie. He says he had 5 fines before daybreak. Jamie says that he only gives shit to Tilli, and so he tells her she to ‘cherish it.’ They talk about the task and how they shouldn’t have wasted so much time debating what kind of strenght they wanted it to be. Katie comes over, but we go back to David and Camilla’s convo. They laugh because Dave farted, so Camilla move away. Back to Jamie and Tilli, who are both concerned they might be getting a cold. Comm break.

12:21am: Battery change. Dave is talking to Camilla still about being a best man at a mates wedding. Katei gets into bed with Jamie, who is singing. Anna is back in bed. Krystal has just joined Camilla and Dave’s chat. Jamie is trying to change his haistyle, but it’s not working very well. Michael, Krystal, Camilla, Till all gather around a bed. Michael says he wants Krystal to shower topless. Someone farts and a few move away. Gaelan lets another one go, then tells them that they won’t have a night this bad again for 28 nights, when he reaches a peak in his cycle. Ash & Dino are also watching on, standing around Gaelan. They start talking about how much blood the average person has in their bodies. They are arguing over whether it’s 5 or 7 litres. Comm break.

12:34am: Katie and Jamie are sharing a laugh in bed Michael comes and lies on the bed with them. Talking absolute rubbish. Someone on the other side of the room says goodnight, and Michael goes over there and gives Anna and Claire a kiss. Karen is seen asleep in a bed by herself. Back to Katie and Jamie, who are looking at Katie’s photos. Katie says that her grandparents are very funny, always joking. Jamie says that he has similar ones, and they compare them to the grandparents in Everyone Loves Raymond. Jamie wants to wax his chest, but didn’t bring any wax in. Over to Dave & camilla we go, who are talking about Yedi mind tricks. Now onto a Yoda joke, but it’s bleeped out so you can’t tell what it was. Dave gets pissed off about a flicking light. Camilla gives Michael one of their ducks, but says he has to take care of it. He agrees. They call him Spot. Katie & Jamie join in on the duck conversation. Dave out of nowhere says “Fuck, it must be late!” It was funny! They think it’s 2 or 3am, but someone says midnight. Comm break.

12:48am: Into the dining room, Michael and Krystal talking by themselves again. Michael says that when he saw her sunbaking on the first day that she was going to be the typical gorgeous sunbaker who doesn’t add anything to the house. Krystal says people always get the wrong first impression of her. After spending a bit of time with her, she says they change their opinion. Tilli comes over and stays, so they talk about how they are going to take these cubes that light up in the dark into the bedroom when lights go out. Camilla also comes and joins the gang. Krystal tells the girls about Michael having the wrong idea about her in the beginning. Camilla says she thought that Krystal would be dumb, and Tilli says she immediately hated her because she thought Krystal was gorgeous. Camilla goes onto say that Dave just told her that she was the most dominant of the girls in the house. The other girls definately agree, even Michael. Camilla can’t believe it. Jamie comes out with a different hairstyle, as we go to an Uplate Update. Back from that, we’re still in the dining room, only having lost Jamie. Michael is talking about food and that he would have KFC if he could right now. The girls somehow start talking about how their periods all seem to be in the same time of the month. Krystal says she was getting worried because she hadn’t had one for a month or two, but had had one recently. Comm break.

1:03am: Lights are out in the bedroom. Michael is throwing those glow cubes around. Most seem to be settling into bed. Conversation between Jamie and Katie is about sexual tension. Jamie says he is fine since he got in the house. Michael comes and juggles the cubes in front of their bed, but it’s hard in the dark, even with them glowing. Krystal returns from the kitchen. Camilla climbs back into her bed and snuggles up to Dave. Silence descends on the bedroom. Ash decides to chuck a pillow over to Katie and gets her right in the head. Katie throw it back and knocks something off a ledge, and then says “Do you think they saw that?!” Jamie wonders if it’s Wednesday tomorrow. Katie tells him it is, then wonders herself if Uncut would have been on in the first week. Comm break.

1:18am: Katie and Jamie seem to be doing a bit of cuddling in bed. No talking though in the bedroom. We go out to the kitchen where Michael is the only one still up and is just doing some dishes and wiping up. Comm break.

1:33am: Michael is reading the housemate guidelines out in the backyard. No words are spoken util 1:43am, when Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 2 Uplate

11:06pm: Start with Mike babbling. Uplate update. Camilla and Dave are out the back. Camilla is saying that she told BB that Dave was a star, and BB wanted to know what “Star” meant. Camilla says she hasn’t had as much 1 on 1 time with anyone else. Camilla thinks that Dave might have been staying away. Dave says he hasn’t been. Tilli comes over and ruins the conversation. Camilla says that Dave needs to give her a back rub later. Dave uses the C word to describe something. I have no idea. Mike cuts in and ruins the convo. Cut to Tilli intro package.

11:24pm: Straight into Ashley’s intro package, then into the studio with Mike. Back to the house and over in the boys corner. A heap of bleeping out in this convo, can’t make a thing out. Tilli is talking to Michael and Dino about a drink driving incident, but still too many bleeps to make sense of it. Ashley is talking to god knows who about another subject, but within a metre of each other is everyone. It’s David the other guy. Turns out it’s Ashley’s story, and he blew 0.8 (perhaps 0.08?) on his P’s. They all think this is very funny. Ashley seems to have learnt his lesson however. He says he see’s underage or P platers all the time drunk wanting to drive home. Tilli gives Dave a cuddle, and they head inside to sleep. They both say goodnight to the remaining guys sitting outside. Mike gives us a clue but footage is still on screen. We head into the living room next, with Tilli talking to John. They wonder if they have to have their mics on to go to the toilet. Someone asks if anyone wants any tomato soup. It looks like some of the housemates are getting tired and thinking about heading to sleep. Elise and Claire? head to the bedroom (really sorry, still have no idea who’s who). Jamie also follows to the bedroom. Looks like David is just having something to eat before bed. In the bedroom there isn’t much noise. Some housemates must already be asleep. Camilla is brushing her hair. Claire and Elise head to the bathroom and start brushing their teeth. Claire says she got burnt today. Tilli comes for a sec, and says goodnight. Claire walks out of the bathroom, and heaps come in. Dino, Katie and Jamie. BB jumps in and tells Katie she isn’t wearing her microphone and fines her $5000. He informs the house that they have no lost $100,000. They can’t believe it’s been that many fines in 2 days! Katie says sorry. camilla says she made Kaite get up. Claire thinks that BB should donate the fines money to a charity. Heaps of people brushing their teeth and not much real conversations going on. Mike cuts in, comm break.

11:40pm: First brainteaser winner. Second game starts up. Make our way into the bedroom now. Dino and Gaelan are in bed. Camilla says that when they are speaking they can’t just hold their mic’s; they need to have them around their necks. Krystal is in bed two beds away. Dino throws a cushion at her. Tilli climbs into bed beside Krystal. Krystal says she is just going to keep her mic on. BB tells Gaelan he is talking without his microphone and incures another $5000 fine. He rolls over and then continues talking! Gaelan says he thought they could talk with their mic nearby. He says they had a convo like that last night. They comment about 2 days and $105,000 down the tube. Tilli and Krystal can’t believe it’s been 2 nights. They say the nights draging on. Someone takes a stab and says Midnight, then someone says 1am. Tilli wants to know the real time. Dino makes a BB time related joke. Dino farts. Krystal wants some pineapple. Others want some chocolate and heaps of other stuff. They say anything is better than tomato purie. Sardines were on the supper menu late tonight. Comm break.

11:57pm: Still in the bedroom. Heaps of people on one bed. Camilla, Claire, Jamie, Tilli, Elise and Krystal. Jamie tells a story about organic lettuces in a supermarket being swapped with normal lettuces because they had slugs on them. Jamie wonders if they will have charity items. Elise will give her bikini. Jamie wants to give his earplug. Claire can’t believe that they are thinking about this stuff. They talk about all having one of the ducks. Claire mentions something about Anzac Day being tomorrow and showing some Australian spirit. They say they are all starving, a few really craving chocolate. Elise says she wants a meat pie right now! Jamie says when he woke up in the morning he was playing “Bed”. It’s a simple game of who is the last up. He says he was in a showdown with Dave for a while, but eventually won! Theu wonder if another battery change will be needed tonight. Someone thinks that they will start doing battery changes in the middle of the night just to get at them. Jamie makes a sarcastic comment that he would be given a chance to be up in the middle of the night, and that he would love it. Tilli starts to tell a story about a recent visit to the diary room, but start laughing too much. She finally gets to it; when BB said her name, her stomach made a weird noise, so BB asked if she was hungry. All the housemates laugh. Talk turns to Gaelan’s fart a while back, which seemed to be pretty funny…Noe they are whistling. Someone says there isn’t horny people in the house. They say that Camilla is probably the most open of them all. She doesn’t think she is that bad in the sack. Camilla thinks Anna is something…but we cut to Mike, then a break.

12:16am: Michael and John are in the backyard. John says he hasn’t spoken to Krystal much. Michael says he spent a lot of time with her today. John says that others were commenting that they might hook up (Krystal and Michael) earlier because of the amount of time they spent together today. Michael says it’s interesting to know what others are saying about him. He then says they should make a deal; be each other’s mole. John doesn’t seem sure he should sign up to it though. John is concerned about the outside world’s reaction to it. Michael says he can tell that John isn’t into it. Michael says he doesn’t want to know if people don’t like him, he only wants to know if others think he’ll hook up with someone else. John seems more acceptable to this kind of deal. Mike, then comm break.

12:26am: Back in the bedroom. John has made his way there, talking to Camilla about spooning techniques. They look to be counting the condoms in the house. 17 they have. They were going to play a trick with the condoms on David, but Camilla doesn’t want them too because she doesn’t know how they’ll react. Camilla says that Dave is waiting for the girl of his dreams to walk through, and that’ll be an intruder. John says he’d love to be an intruder. Claire wants a hot zoo keeper to come in! Someone makes a good point that it’ll be whichever gender has least left according to evictions. Out to the couch, Ashley and Dave talking. They are saying that if you spoil a person in a relationship with you, it’ll bite you in the end because they will expect it the whole time. Ash says that you never realise what you have until it’s gone. Dave says “We’re pretty much talking ourselves to sleep yeh”. Dave says he wishes an ache would go away in his neck. John comes out and joins them. Ash wants a glove for some reason, and John puts it on him. John is tempted to eat some sardines because he needs some protein. Comm break.

12:41am: Back to the bedroom we go. Dino is in bed, picking his nose. Krystal thinks Ash is very funny, although often gets sidetracked. They say it’s tough for him because he doesn’t know half of his famly (I don’k know exactly, it was bleeped out.) Krystal says she is closer to her mum than her dad. Dino says it all depends. Krystal says that the sun is going to come up in an hour! She says that someone has sore eyes. Dave, Camilla and Tilli have a quick joke outside the bathroom, and then Tilli says she is going to sleep. Out in the living room, near the dining table, Michael and Claire are talking. Michael says he feels as if he’s waiting for BB to really start, then says but he knows it has started. Michael says he thinks and ponders way too much. Claire says she does too. Michael wonders what the shocking twist is. He is trying to find out the info, and asks Claire if she has any theories. Claire wonders if there is an upstairs. Claire says that when she first walking into the waiting room she thought Michael and Elise were a couple, because Elise told claire all about what Michael did in the real world. She later learned that they weren’t a couple however. Michael says they both live in Sydney, but there don’t know each other. Claire also says she wonders where the door near the outside shower leads to, saying it might lead to Animals, or an intruder entrance. She just doesn’t know. Comm break.

12:54am: Into the kitchen, Michael and Jamie are talking. They are going through Michael’s past life to get to know info for the task. BB calls John to the diary room. This starts a few jokes about what BB could tell John. Jamie wonders what the heck they are going to ask the housemates. John comes back with batteries. Claire says she likes changing peoples batteries for them. In the bedroom, Camilla is talking to Anna. It seems like Anna has been crying. Camilla asks if she is alright. She says yeh, and goes to the bathroom. Camilla says that most of her sleeping tshirts were rejected. Mike tells us that Anna is crying because she feels sick. Anyway, back to the house. Camilla gets into bed, and changes into a different top. She speaks without her mic on, but doesn’t get fined. Camilla and Dave settle down in their bed. Camilla wonders if Dave is ticklish. Cut to Anna leaving the bathroom. Camilla tells everyone to give Anna some love cause shes not feeling well. Comm break.

1:08am: Camilla and Dave are giggling in bed. They pull their covers up over themselves to get rid of the light. Michael comes over to say goodnight, and kisses Camilla. She uses this as a chance to kiss Dave goodnight, who says that it’s his first kiss in the house. Lights go out. Someone is complaining about some light coming from a camerarun or something. Dave hopes his headache is gone by tomorrow. Camilla says to hurt himself somewhere else. Mike cuts in, and ad break.

1:19am: Camilla climbs on top of Dave for some reason. Actually they’ve just swapped sides of the bed. Dave loves his new side. Camilla doesn’t like it, but says as long as she gets a cuddle! dave says he feels sooo much better. Silence falls over the bedroom. Dave starts giving Camilla a nice cuddle now. Silence again, although there does seem to be some laughter over the other side of the bedroom. Cut back to Mike, before Dreamworld says goodnight at 1:26am

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