Day 4

12.11pm: Krystal and Michael are sun baking in the backyard. Michael asks Krystal if she’s ever cheated. She says she has told him before and won’t answer it again. Michael says he has to get to know 15 people and he can’t remember anything. Krystal says “I’m special though!”. Michael agrees with her, saying thats the reason he’s asking her twice.

Over in the kitchen Tilli is asking David who he’s attracted to, with David saying that he has his eyes on three people in the house. Anna asks if shes one of them. David laughs, and says he can’t say in the present company. Elise asks if he would hook up with any of the boys. He walks away from the conversation, saying that the girls know too much. Elise says “He wants to… you can tell.”

Later in the backyard, heaps of housemates are just sitting in the sun relaxing. Michael is talking to Krystal about the colour of her eyes. Karen keeps a close watch on their conversation, unbeknownst to Michael.

In the living room, Camilla wants to know who the three girls are. David says there is no one here that he wouldn’t kiss. Camilla says except the boys, but he doesn’t answer or make a comment. David says that she’ll find out soon enough.

7.46pm: Michael comes to the Diary Room. BB tells Michael he has another secret mission for him. He must secretly steal a housemate’s family photos and place them in another housemates belongings. BB asks him to give the name of the person he thinks would react the most to realising their photos were gone. He says Karen, saying it’s pretty cruel. He goes into the bedroom, checks the bathrom, and runs likes mad, grabs Karen’s photos and then places them in Katie’s belongings. He then races back to the living room with no one any the wiser. Comm break.

9.03pm: David is reading a note supplied to them by Big Brother. All the housemates are seated around the dining room table. David says that tonight they will go speed dating. They get into position. Karen has her first date with John. She asks him “Whats your favourite body part on you, or your partner.” John answers his hair, and her boobs. Cut to Tilli and Ashley, Tilli asking “What do you think of me right now.” Ashley thinks, then answers “You look pretty sexy.” Katie asks David if he’s ever been unfaithful. David answers no. Karen asks Michael if he likes someone in the house. Michael says of course. John asks Katie who would play her mother in a movie. Katie replies “Goldie Hawn.” Karen is asked “Who would play you in a movie.” She answers Kiera Knightly. Her daughter, Krystal, says the same answer. Dave asks a question not on the sheets provided to Camilla. “Do you hold grudges against people who may have misled you?” Camilla answers no. She then says maybe, and then yes. She wonders if David has misled her, but David won’t answer her questions and moves on. Jamie asks Katie what she thinks of him. She says average, but then says “Nah your fabulous!” Camilla tells David she’s been unfaithful seven times. Camilla tells him that his first question upset her. He sits there with a bewilded look on his face. Camilla asks him why he asked it. David says because he doesn’t agree with people who hold grudges. Camilla says “You’ve asked that of all the girls then.” David is honest, and says no. Camilla says “Well why ask it of me?” David says that he intends on being friends with Camilla for a very long time, to which she smiles, but David adds “And it’s very important to me to know that answer.” Camilla says she doesn’t believe David and wonders again why he would ask the question of her particulary. David just smiles and doesn’t answer, and just like magic, BB tells them their time is up and that David has to bring all paper and pencils to the diary room immediately. Comm break.

10.23pm: All the housemates are waiting to speak to Big Brother en masse, but David comes out of the diary room and asks them all to sit on the couch. David starts his speech once everyone is seated. “Guys, the task this week is the getting to know you task and obviously a lot of us got to know each other fairly well. I think everyone’s realised as they were getting to know me, that there are things they don’t know about me. Thats true, there are things about me you don’t know. I came into the house thinking that this part of me that you don’t know is quite small, but being in here has made me realise that it does matter and so every conversation I’ve had with you I’ve held back because it’s been really really hard. I haven’t been able to be honest. Look, I’ve been honest in every way, there is no way that I’ve been dishonest at all. However, I’ve skipped questions, I’ve dodged and moved around questions… I wanted you to get to know me at face value, as someone who I am, just a normal guy. However I….” Dino yells out “Bit of shush, bit of shush!” He continues, “However, if I was in normal circumstances and going speed dating, I wouldn’t go speed dating when boys are on one side, and girls are on the other; I’d be going speed dating where there were boys on one side, and boys on the other.” A few “oooahs” and at least one “Oh you’re gay” before people start clapping. Someone yells out “Are you serious”, to which David replies “I’m the token farmer, and the token gay guy.” Jamie hugs him, saying that that must’ve taken a lot of guts. Claire reassures him that she won’t look at him any differently. Camilla is still seated on the couch and says to someone “Yeh, I sorta did…” Katies tells David that they love him anyway. David and Camilla hug, Camilla saying “Where do we start.” David tells her that if she wants to talk about it, they can do so tonight. She goes for a walk, saying “Oh, how stupid” on her way to the bedroom. She ends up in the toilet. David says everyone needs a gay farmer! David wonders who he’ll shower with now, talking to Katie and Jamie. Jamie says he is rapt for him. Katie says she doesn’t judge anyone. Katie says “If it makes you feel better, I’ve kissed girls.” Jamie says he’s kissed a boy too.

Camilla comes out of the toilet, and Katie and Jamie leave. Dave and Camilla hug again, and she says “Now I know why you asked the question.” She says she feels stupid and tricked, saying she felt like he was flirting with her. She says she feels dumb. Out in the kitchen, Anna says that David has played Camilla hard. Anna says they were basically kissing the previous night in the spa. Gaelan says that thats what gay guys do. He also says that no one asked him straight out if he was gay. He says that David was just being himself.

Back in the bathroom, David apologise for misleading her, and says that he was planning on telling everyone towards the end of the week, “but…” Camilla says he would’ve broken her heart if he had waited any longer. She says she expects people to be honest with her. She says that there are three guys here that you’re attracted too, finally working it out. David says “thats right.”

Jamie and Elise are talking on the couch. Jamie says it doesn’t change anything. Elise says “No… but I think it changes some of the relationships he’s had with people in this house.” Jamie says he thinks it’ll only bring him closer to David. Camilla, now in the bedroom, asks David why he didn’t tell her from the start. David says that if you’re gay, your pigeon holed straight away. He says no one would get to know them for who they are. He says he wanted to come on this show without the ‘stigma’ as he puts it. They hug. Comm break.

10.42pm: Elise says to Jamie that David mentioned that he was attracted to three people in the house. She wonders aloud who those boys might be. In the bathroom, David tells Camilla that he’s attracted to Jamie, Michael and Dino. Out in the living room, Dino says his speech was great. John asks him if he picked it? Dino says he had his suspicions yesterday, but didn’t want to ask him. Back to the bathroom, David clarifies by saying if he was in the outside world, he would go for Jamie, “maybe.” But he says he finds the three attractive in this house. They hug again.

Into the bedroom, Karen is looking for her photos. Krystal watches on, then suggests she go and ask BB to watch the footage to find out if someone was playing a stupid joke. She says she’ll do that, and says “thanks Krystal”. Krystal smilies back.

David comes to the Diary Room. BB tells him that it’s possible that his parents will see what happened tonight, and gives Dave a chance to talk. David says he spoke about it with his mum before he came in. He says his family means everything to him. He says that if he knew his mum was happy not with him, thats not good. He doesn’t want her to ever not be proud of her son. He says he doesn’t want her to feel any less than any other woman, or that she has done anything wrong raising him. He says that she should be proud that he was strong enough to get through all the years where he felt ‘wrong’, and that if anyone ever said anything, she should look them in the face and tell them that David’s her son and that she’s jolly well happy, and that he’s happy to get on with his life. He says that he wants her mum to know he’s happy being who he is, and that she should be happy for him.

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