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Most widely known for the infamous turkey slap, the sixth season also saw the introduction of a mother-daughter duo, the punishment room and the questionable voice analysis lie detectors.


Winner: Jamie Brooksby. Prize money AU$426 000.

Finalists: David Graham (2nd), Camilla Severi (3rd).

Housemates: (in order of eviction) Tilli Elspeth Clapham, Elise Chen, Karen Forscutt (mother), Anna Lind-Hansen, Michael McCoy, Jade Stack (intruder), Dino Delić, Danielle Foote (intruder), Katie Hastings, Lauren Clayton (intruder), Rob Rigley, Michael Bric (John, ejected), Michael Cox (Ashley, ejected), Gaelan Walker, Perry Apostolou, Darren Bowley (intruder), Claire Madden, Krystle Forscutt (daughter), Chris Everden (replacement), James Panebianco (Max, replacement).

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