Day 63

11.37am – Lauren and Camilla are in the bedroom. Lauren say she reckons the intruders will be put up to a public vote very soon and one or two of them are going to go. Camilla says the HMs barely know them yet. They both agree it sucks.

In the rewards room Rob and Claire discuss the intruders. Rob says Lauren is interesting but is finding it hard to fit in. Claire thinks she’s a cross between Danielle and Jade, to which Rob really agrees. They think Lauren is slightly girly-girl but has that Jade-like outsiderness that is making it hard for her in the house. Rob think Krystal is taking Lauren under her wing lately and Perry has also taken a liking to Lauren.

In the bedroom Camilla talks evictions with Perry, while they paint each others toes. Perry tells her to stay positive, and think of it as a journey – the eviction is just anothe chapter of the book. Perry says she wants to be a young kid again, and tells the others they need to bring the young kid out of her. In the kitchen Perry asks John if he thinks she’s very kid-like… he does.. he say she’s energetic and did things like jumping in the pool clothed. Perry laughs and says she wants to have fun in the house.

BB calls all housemates to the lounge. They are to be tested on this weeks task. One by one they are to be called to the diary room and indentify two fragrances each. They must guess 16 out of 20 correctly to pass the task. The housemates all say “oooh” but assure themselves they will pass. Ashley is first – he smells fragrances off the armpits of two maniquens in the diary room. Each of the housemates all take their turns. Gaelen is disgusted at John’s colone.

7.21pm – The results of the task are in. The housemates correctly guessed 17 and have passed the task. Housemates all through the house cheer and clap. They sing “well done”.


9.21pm – Housemates are all outside. Some of the housemates are having a pillow fight. It’s mainly the boys plus Perry and Lauren. The final two are Jamie and Darren – they battle it out quite hard, and Lauren tells them to lay off. Darren needs to take one last swipe at Jamie even though Jamie has dropped his pillow. Darren is the winner, and Perry says “the baby won”.

Jamie goes to the bedroom and Camilla stops him and laughs about how extreme Darren was going before. Jamie say its good sportsmanship to hand the pillow back at the end, but Darren didn’t do anything. Jamie sits down on a bed and tells John it was unfair how Darren kept hitting him after he had his pillow knocked away.

11.18pm – Darren and David are in the hammocks. Darren can feel that Jamie and John don’t like him, and he knows it. David asks how he would deal with it on the outside. Darren says on the outside he wouldn’t be friends with them at all. He’s only been in the house three days, they should get over it – “I beat them”.

In the sauna the original boys are all discussing the intruders. Jamie says they have thrown in very rigid people. The boys are unsure about Lauren – they say she’s a closed book. When talk moves onto Darren the boys mention he was a bit hard tonight but John says “he means well, he means well”. John then sits back and looks unsure about what he just said.

Outside Darren asks David how the nominations work on Mondays, and David answers. Darren then asks about the three point twist – David explains the system, but also mentions he took three points off Ashley in the past. Big Brother annouces a $5000 fine. David says “what the hell!?”. David says “Big Brother everyone knows it”. He is called to the diary room. Inside David is awarded a strike. He doesn’t look happy as Big Brother proceeds to tell him off.

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