Day 62 Uplate

10:44pm: Claire and Rob are in the rewards room. Claire is talking about a holiday or an oversea’s work mission she was on. She says she stayed with tribes in Borneo. She says that the person that looked over her was not the leader, as his father was still alive, so he was second in charge. She says she went through Borneo with a UK backpacker or something. Claire and the UK person took the second in charge out to somewhere we he had never been and they took a boat out off the island and the leader had to go back to the beach because he was too spaced out by the underwater world. Claire says she still writes to the leader, and his son, because the leader wanted Claire to marry his son. Over in the house we have Perry and Lauren sitting at the table. Lauren wonders if Perry has received her pills yet. Perry says that she hasn’t yet. Lauren says it’s really weird not having Krystal in the house. Apparently she is injured from FNL. Dave joins the convo and they have a conversation about crusts. Back over to the rewards room, Claire says she has a list of countries she still wants to go to. Rob tells her she is going to China. Rob reads the details of the trip. Claire says she has never heard of the sponser, and she hopes thats it’s ok. She wonders if it’ll be a tour or not. Comm break.

10:57pm: Krystal is back in the house. Darren and Dave are talking at the kitchen table. Darren says he wishes he would have been in the house from the word go. Very strange looks between the two. Darren wants to go to the diary room. John and Jamie are wanting to go to the diary room to get more beer. Dave calls out to them that Darren is offering his virginity to get more beer. Lauren says that BB only let them bring one lip gloss into the house, but she has two. Mike cuts in. Comm break.

11:11pm: Krystal has a bandage on her chin. She seems upset, and seems to think she has burst one of her implants. She isn’t quite sure at the moment. They keep talking about her implants for the entire two minutes we cross to the house. Krystal says that she was hoping they realised that she was injured during FNL when she got hurt. It must have taken them a while. Comm break.

11:20pm: Boys are talking AFL at the table. Talking about a Brownlow medallist who didn’t really deserve it. Actually there are on stools, and it’s only John, Jamie and Ashley. John can’t believe that this person won a brownlow when Ablett and Carey didn’t. We cut to the rewards room where they are throwing food in the air and trying to catch it with their mouth. Lots of laughs had. They keep doing this for ages. Now it’s a new game to see how long each of their food can roll? It’s something to do with fortune cookies anyway, because Rob asks for a fortune interval. Rob says he can’t wait for the finale night when they all go out and they can say whatever they want. Rob really wants to have a ‘chin wag’ with all the Big Brother voices as well. Comm break.

11:34pm: Back into the kitchen. Jamie is talking to Ashley and John. Jamie is talking about a movie called “Sexy Beast.” Big Brother tells housemates the storeroom is now open. Apparently there is more beer been delivered. Camilla wonders how many have been given. Hard to work out when half have been taken. There is 25 still there, so Camilla says there must be more than 2 each. Perry is waiting to enter the diary room, has been there for a while now. Claire is sitting at the table. Gaelan is trying to cheer up Krystal. Claire says the worst case sceniaro for Krystal is a bit of plastic surgury and they can fix it up. Krystal says she has stitches in her chin. Perry still is waiting for the diary room, and she wonders whether BB wants them to stockpile or drink all the alcohol in one night. Ashley and Camilla both say they give the alcohol the night they want them to drink it, and hope they don’t stockpile because then they might get messy. Comm break.

11:44pm: Camilla is talking to Jamie and saying that she didn’t like something he did. Jamie says that no one should take offence at anything he says when he is down and in one of his moods. Big Brother calls David to the diary room. Looks like they are going to follow him in. He sits down and waits for BB. BB tells him that there are coloured envelopes in the housemates, and he should take them and gather all the housemates in the living room. David asks if he can go to the bathroom, but BB says no! He comes back out and tells everyone to gather on the couch. Some people say “wait till we’re drunk to play truth or dare!” David reads the rules out. David explains that each person they have to do their own truth and dares, not someone elses. Comm break.

11:55pm: John is up on the truth or dare task. He has nothing in his envelope. BB calls him to the diary room. BB tells him that he can’t ask other people if they nominated another person. John says it was a joke. They cut it off there! Dreamworld says goodnight at 11:56pm

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