Day 62

10.52pm Krystal has returned from the diary room where she had 9 stitches on her chin after her fall during the Friday night games. She is not happy about them, and gets teary. Gaelan comforts her. In the bedroom Krystal explains her breast feels very sore and she’s scared one of her implants may have ruptured. She’s also scared she’ll have a scar on her chin.

11.49pm – David has a letter from Big Brother. The rules have changed for tonight’s truth or dare – it is now truth AND dare.. they must answer their own truths and take their own dares. Rob is very unhappy and shouts “no!”. John is called to the diary room. He is told he is not permitted to talk about nominations, and his question for truth of dare tonight was asking if a HM had nominated him. This is against the rules and he is to be punished. He must sort 3000 coloured matchsticks in the punishment room.

David’s dare was to tell each housemate four things you dislike about them.

To Darren he says:
– You are too good looking
– You are too straight
– You are too young
– You are too close

– You are a vegetarian
– Your competitiveness took away the rewards room from him tonight
– Your attractiveness makes me question myself (the housemates all laugh)
– Your constant birdwatching. Claire laughs, throwing her head back, but she bangs it against a vase right behind her.

– You speak way too much
– You don’t listen when some one else is speaking, he adds she could have helped her team tonight if she had kept going … Perry buts in saying “oh grow up for heavens sake I had a bloody go”. The housemates all laugh.
– You can’t take criticism!

Krystal’s dare was directed at Claire, and it was to share a passionate kiss with another female housemate. Krystal volunteers she wants to kiss Claire, but Claire says no. Krystal is annoyed and walks away.

Ashley’s dare was a choice: eat raw sardines, drink toilet water or lick the floor. He chooses to lick the floor.

Gaelans dare was to brown-eye every housemate. He jumps around the living room with his pants off pushing his bum at each other.

Perry’s dare was to jump into the pool with her clothes on. She does it.

1.22am – Housemates are talking about Claire’s refusal to kiss Krystal during truth or dare. It really has Camilla up in arms. Lauren says that maybe she’s just never had an experience like that and she’s nervous. Camilla is annoyed because everyone babys Claire in the house. Lauren loiters around the kitchen bench but can’t come up with anything to say. David butts in asking Camilla if she thinks the three dislikes he said tonight were less harsh than his real dislikes. She does think so – she thinks he was just saying things to get through it. She thinks he has some more geniune dislikes that he hasn’t made public. David comments he really dislikes Claire because she’s vegetarian. Camilla repeats that she thinks Claire really should have just gone through with the dare and kissed Krystal. Gaelan thinks she could have made a little effort.

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