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Day 60 Uplate

22 June 2006

Posted by Tim

11:21pm: Darren is talking to Claire, Rob, Gaelan and David. Claire tells Darren that before tonight there was only 3 girls in the house left. Dave wonders what Darren thinks of his hair. TOO MANY PPL IN THE HOUSE. Talk one at a time damnit! Ashley and John are also in this conversation. They talk about drugs a bit and most of it is beeped. Cut over to the dining room table, Camilla, Jamie, Perry and Krystal are there. Camilla wants to know hoe she is perceived in the outside. Perry asks Jamie what he thinks of himself. Jamie says that he thinks he is too complex to get an accurate assessment of him via watching a television show. He then says that he doesn’t think he is overly complicated though. Perry says that after an hour she thinks that he is very deep and sincere. Camilla starts talking star sign rubbish. Someone else is in the convo, but I can’t see him. It’s Gaelan, scratch him from the earlier circle around Darren. Perry thinks that first impressions of Gaelan are that he’s a player, but then she too says he is deep etc. We cut back to Darren, and we hear “This is Big Brother”, but apparently no one else did because everyone keeps talking. Claire and Darren seem to be having a very nice chat about vegetairian diets. Darrren says he’s a national geographic man. Claire says thats her dream as well, while she says Krystal is to be on a cover of a girl magazine. Claire says she wants to teach the average person about nature. Claire says that while she is happy to talk about nature etc at anytime with anyone who is willing and interested, but she won’t preach to someone who is not interested. Comm break.

11:33pm: The Revenge/Exit room has Lauren in there. BB tells her it’s time to enter the house. Oh my god….INTRUDER ALERT IS PLAYED ON THE SCREEN. Get some new ideas BB, thats a disgrace. The boys love her from their first sighting. John looks stoked. Ash looks interested as well. Lots of introductions. God she is tall. Lauren says she has been in that room for hours. They wonder what DVD’s she got to watch. What the?! She is very tall, tihnk I’ve already said that. Lauren gets to the bedroom and Krystal tells her the bed arrangements. Lauren wonders how long Perry has been in the house for. Krystal takes her to the bathroom and they exchange ages. Lauren thinks that krystal would be older than the 20 she almost is. She says Krystal acts more mature than that. Back out into the kitchen they head. Lauren talks to John and Gaelan about the Mariners, I dunno Rugby? Lauren says she knows all the players. Oh god, not one of those people that know everyone. Krystal continues the tour though. Lauren says this feels so unreal. Krystal wonders if she met Darren yet. Krystal explains that everyone came in at different times. Krystal claims to be the first to see the “Intruder Alert.” Perry says that it’s very weird, agreeing with Lauren. Rob wants to know who Lauren knows from Wollongong. Perry tries to let Lauren know who is single and who is taken. Camilla says she is the only female to have been in a female relationship. Lauren says she would go there but hasn’t yet. Claire says that Lauren is in the same boat as her. Someone mentions spin the bottle! Dave says to Perry that he has no idea what way Darren swings. Lauren says that Rob looks really familar, and they finally get a place where both used to frequent. Rob says he used to love the nightclub, but it’s gone all R&B now. Comm break.

11:51pm: Lauren still talking to Rob about Wollongong. How boring. Lauren says she knows the rugby players again! Rob says that the biggest thing she’ll experience while she is here is that she’ll think she is in TV land having watched it all at home. Rob says you should be here for a fun time, not a long time. Rob says that he told BB he was fine on the second day, but went back after a week and told him his head was still spinning, but after two weeks he really was fine. Rob says that you really have to give everyone a new frame of mind and can’t come in here with pre conceived ideas and opinions. Over to Claire and Darren, Dave watches on as the lovefest continues. Darren can’t believe that even Dave as a gay man isn’t attracted to Claire at all. Dave says he finds her hot, Claire says she is fully attracted to Dave. Krystal comes over and Dave says “you just popped right out there.” Darren then says that Krystal is smashed, and she says she is a bit. Krystal and Claire talk about who sleeps with who. Dave tries to get Darren up to speed with the bed situation. Apparently he was going to sleep with Rob, but now they want to change. Rob doesn’t seem to happy with all this though. Darren says he doesn’t know why he gets on so well with Dave, then says he is very accepting to everyone. Claire says that Lauren is going to use Katie’s old drawers. Comm break.

12:05am: Perry is talking to Lauren. Lauren says she was going to be 6 foot 5 or something, but I missed the first part of the convo because of Mike. You can’t understand how much background noise, or rather yelling, there is. Dave is telling Darren about Sheriff, his boyfriend. He says that his dad loved Sheriff. Dave tells Darren that his dad knew he was gay, but no one would say anything. Darren goes to the toilet. Gaelan is telling the new girls that they can run out the back, it’s a bit of a weird ‘track’, but you can run around. Gaelan says that the gym is sufficient for the guys. Lauren wonders where Claire is from, and she fills her in. Lauren says that she is a smoker, and most days she would have about 4. Perry says she wants to exercise while she is in here. Rob and Perry talk about the shape of Rob’s face, or eyes or something. Rob says he is getting old, Perry reassures him that he isn’t. Lauren says she is the spoilt child of the family. Dave says that Lauren might see some similaries between three of the guys who are 26 and her brother, who is 26. Dave says that Perry is the oldest housemate ever to enter BBAU. Lauren wants to know where Dave lives. Claire wonders what her brothers do. Lauren says the oldest is an accountant, but a funny accountant, and the other one is a dealer at Star City. Comm break.

12:25am: Camilla, Krystal and Dave are talking about the different jobs they have in here. Dave says he is farmhand and he gets to wake someone up everyday. He explains that people can’t volunteer. Camilla explains that Katie was farmhand once and asked John to get up only to be told to F off. John says he didn’t realise he said it though. Back with Dave, Rob and Perry, they discuss who is sleeping with who. Perry wants Dave to sleep with her and Rob tonight, but Dave says he is with Claire. Claire and Perry look through the stuff that Perry bought into the house when she entered. Comm break.

12:36am: Perry is doing Claire’s nails. Claire says she has hardly ever done drugs, only once at a family 50th or something. We cut away from that convo though! Dave says to Lauren that when it rains he is always thinking about the farm. He says that this was going to be his big year farm wise, but he’s in here. He says it’ll still be there when he gets out though. He tells Lauren that he has 6 horses. Lauren says that her father was a miner so they used to move a lot. They lived in Adelaide, and then PNG. She says she did school via correspondance for a while over in PNG. Darren is talking to Gaelan and Ashley. They are talking about some of the tasks, mainly the 24hr tasks. Darren wants to know who stopped the soccer balls etc. Darren wonders who has hooked up in the house, and Gaelan says that he and Krystal are the only pair left in the house. In the bedroom now Lauren is talking to Krystal, Dave and Camilla. Lauren wonders if Krystal is missing her mum. Krystal says that she has once but she had moved out of home anyway so she gets by. They talk about bed positions again. Camilla says that she loves that new people are here, but she says she is very protective of the other housemates at the same time. Comm break.

12:50am: Dave and Darren are talking in the kitchen. Darren says that Ash is the gentlemen of the house. Lauren and Darren get to know each other now. 3rd time she has said she knows people from the rugby side. I’m not making this up! Lauren hugs John for something, then says that John just reminded her not to say anything from the outside world. Claire tells Lauren that she has been obsessed with animals her whole life. Dave talks to Darren as Claire talks to Lauren, no way in the world you can tell what either are talking about. They are within a metre of each other, all four of them. Comm break.

1:03am: Darren says he is sleeping with Camilla. The girls talk about sunbaking I think. Claire tells Lauren the pool is heated. Camilla tells Darren that she loves Rob, but feels that the past couple of days he’s been a bit off so she has given him some space. Lauren says that Dave must wake up early all the time. Dave says he is always up early, he has to be on a farm. Dave says that Rob has survived 5 evictions. Darren says she wouldn’t take it personally if he left it tomorrow. Lauren agrees. Dave says it’s a big achievement to be able to get ‘into the TV’ in the first place. Camilla is taling to Perry in the bedroom. Camilla is saying that if people have arguments you can’t jump in a car and drive away so they have to make up etc. Camilla says she is a pig in the outside world with her house etc, but she says that in this house you just can’t be like that. She says she is a neat freak in here. She says if she goes back to her own ways in the outside world she’ll at least have respect for people who live in a clean area etc. Perry tells Camilla to not clean all day though; life is too short etc. Perry wonders how Jamie is. No idea where he is. Back outside, Dave says that he was amazed Tilli was spelt with a I and not a Y at the end. Dave says that he thought Krystal was with a C as well. We cut back to Jamie who is sitting on his bed talking to no one. Back out in the lounge/kitchen, BB calls Ash to the diary room. Still can’t hear BB though. Comm break.

1:19am: In the bedroom we are. Dave, Darren, Gaelan and John are talking. Jamie tries to scare John with a leaping fart. Darren wonders how Jamie can walk with his pants down so low. Jamie says he has mastered the art. Ashely comes back without batteries, and tells them BB just wanted his thoughts. Jamie says he might go and talk to BB as well. Darren says it’s a lot colder in the bedroom compared to the bathroom. Darren wonders what Gaelan and Krystal do in bed. Gaelan says that they just sleep, thats all they can do in this house. Darren pushes him further, and Gaelan asks “What have you seen?” Darren says nothing, saying he only knows that they are ‘together’ in the house. Dave teaches the boys about gay sex a bit. Into the other bedroom, mostly girls in here. Claire and Perry hug. Krystal is looking at Lauren’s photos. Perry wonders if Gaelan works out. Darren wonders how dark it does get in this room. The boys wonder whether they should have a pillow fight tonight. Dave tells Darren that he is in the house now, and it’s so surreal talking to Gretel. Dave says that Gretel was really nice to him, but was a bit cautious of Gaelan. Comm break.

1:33am: Back in the ‘boys’ bedroom, otherwise known as the bigger one. Jamie is talking about Mick Molley and Tony Martin, an old radio duo. Dave is showing Darren his farm via photos. The girls talk shoe sizes, Lauren and Claire are both size 10. They are all looking through Lauren’s things. Dave explains that they lost most of the ducks, but he still has one and it’s not being given away. Dave says he is a bit of a hoarder. Darren says that his dad has crap round his house all the time. Darren tells Dave that he really likes Claire. They watch her for a bit. Darren says you can’t like everyone in here. Darren wonders who Dave will hang out with outside the house. He says Camilla, Krystal, Jamie, Karen. Darren says he can’t see much in Krystal. Darren says that he needs a relationship where he is constantly attracted to the person, even first things in the morning etc. Dave says that he thinks that BB has shown him to be a bit too inquizative, but he says he can’t sit in a house and just give one liners every minute of the day. He says he likes to spend an hour with someone just having an in depth conversation. At 1:44am, Dreamworld says goodnight.