Transcript of the turkey slap

Housemates are settling down to sleep. Darren mentions the words “naughty arrow.” Gaelan repeats these words before Camilla says “I’d like you to put your naughty arrow near me.” Gaelan makes reference to the movie Mr and Mrs Smith.

Camilla says “There was one PE teacher that always use to keep me behind.” Camilla goes onto tell the housemates that a few girls were always asked to stay behind and it was pretty obvious what the teacher wanted to do. Camilla says the teacher was in his early 20’s. Camilla says he was hot.

At this moment John and Ashley, sleeping across from Camilla and Darren, tell Camilla to come over to them. She gets out of bed and says “What are you doing? You’re not going to fart on me are you?” Ashley says, “No. Better.”

Camilla climbs onto the bed and again asks whats going on. They are all laughing and Ashley again says nothing. John tells Camilla to “Lie down and shut your eyes.” Ashley repeats the sentence. Camilla says “Why? You’re not going to turkey slap me are you?” Ashley says “No”. Camilla says “You are you liars. Let me in”. She climbs into the bed. Camilla says “I’ll hurt you if you do.”

As soon as she is fully down in the bed, John puts his arms around her to keep her down. He tells Ashley to “Go. Turkey slap her.” Ashley gets on his knees, pulls down his pants, grabs his penis and slaps Camilla’s head with it. Ashley and John laugh. Camilla says “Hey, you little shit”. Camilla half sits up in the bed and informs the rest of the bedroom “I just got turkey slapped.” Camilla lies back down in the bed saying “You guys are mean to me.” Ashley says “It was funny though.” Camilla repeats “It was mean.” Camilla seems to be pinching John’s nipple under the covers when the video finishes.

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