Day 72 Uplate

11:32pm: Camilla and Jamie are in the spa. Camilla is saying she is so lucky having been in this house for so long, she has lived her dream. Camilla says that she’ll go back to Melbourne and it’ll be freezing. Jamie says that he thought he would be picked to go into the house from mid March. Darren comes out to join them as he has the batteries. Mike cuts in for an uplate update. Back outside now. Jamie and Camilla both agree that there is so much stuff they want to talk about but can’t because there are in the house. Camilla says that Krystal seemed really upset last night about something but she couldn’t go into it because they we’re in the BB house. They talk about how Katie was always concerned about Jamie and his feelings for Katie. Camilla says she used to tell Katie to stress less and just enjoy the time. She says to Jamie who cares if they don’t end up together forever and ever. Comm break.

11:58pm: Camilla and Jamie are still out at the spa. Talking about Katie, but we’re taken to the bedroom quickly. Claire says that Darren shouldn’t feel embarassed sleeping with Claire or something. That lasted 5 seconds before Mike cuts back to the studio to talk to Gaelan. Comm break.

12:09am: Dave, Darren and Claire talking in the bedroom. Darren and Claire talking about an author of a book about Gorilla’s. So exciting! And the chat keeps going and going. Dave, lying on Claire’s bed, seems to have fallen asleep. Mike cuts us to the backyard thankfully. Camilla and Jamie are talking about Dino. Jamie says he admired him. Camilla says that he perhaps said some things he didn’t think about and it caused a few ill feelings towards him, but she says everyone does that. Back into the bedroom. Talking about national parks and coastline now. Comm break.

12:27am: Claire is talking to Darren about her past relationships. She says that she broke up with someone because she wanted to go to Borneo and he didn’t. She says that when she returned he was really jealous that she actually went without him etc. Comm break.

12:43am: Back to the spa. Camilla tells Jamie about a fight she had with Perry a few days ago. Mike cuts in quickly again. Comm break.

12:55am: Perry has woken up and goes to the bathroom. Claire and Darren are still talking about environmental things. Claire is explaining a past job I think. And then she goes onto talk about animal fecies. Back out to the spa. Camilla tells Jamie about an argument she had with Rob when he was still in the house. Camilla says that he is awesome though, and Jamie says he was fine, agreeing. Camilla says that Rob was bitching about Jamie to her once and she had to tell him to stop because he was her friend as well. Comm break again.

1:06am: Darren and Claire are still having the same, most boring conversation I’ve ever listened to. They are talking about birds now. Darren says that Claire is a pretty bird. Cut out to the spa. Camilla says that she could live with the people in the house for years. Jamie agrees. Camilla says that Dave and her agree that they could be best friends but never live together. They talk about Claire, and Camilla says she is so happy to have the 2 other girls who she actually really does like. Comm break.

1:21am: Jamie and Camilla get out of the pool now. Camilla wonders who groundskeeper is. Jamie says he is. He says he’ll sit in the sauna for a bit then come back out and clean it up. They are freezing. Camilla doesn’t think anyone will be up. They head through the bedroom and end up in the bathroom. Jamie gets in the sauna. Camilla says to herself she stayed in the water for too long. Jamie gets out of the sauna very quickly. Head to the bedroom. Claire says shes never really had a nickname. She doesn’t think that Claire Bear is a nickname. Dave wakes up kind off and rolls over to his side of the bed. Claire trys to get him to believe he had to go to the punishment room. He doesn’t bite and falls back to sleep! Darren resumes his chat with Claire. Jamie walks in later and they talk about how Big Brother’s voice changes when he gets angry. They talk about BB’s nomination voice. Claire says she doesn’t want to talk about the nominations. Darren and Claire resume their convo. Mike cuts in. Comm break.

1:39am: Lights are out. Claire and Darren still talking though. They say they will head to bed now and continue the talk in the morning. Darren says they have to pay Dave out. Claire agrees, telling him to remind her. Jamie says goodnight to them, as he leaves the bedroom, saying that he must clean up outside being the groundskeeper. Back to Mike, later Jamie has returned to the bedroom. He tells Darren that it’s pretty cold. He says he’ll sleep with Camilla because he has wet hair? Comm break now.

1:52am: Camilla and Jamie are chatting in the bathroom. Jamie is sitting on the seat brushing his teeth. Jamie is talking about a uni subject he attended or something. He says he hated a lecturer and the lecturer hated him as well. They talk about how each of them aren’t huge cleaners. Jamie says that Dino was a very clean guy. Camilla wonders what he would be up to. They talk about how the weather is pretty good up on the Gold Coast. Jamie says that people watching would’ve got to know Camilla much more in the past few weeks. Jamie wonders why if the audience is young females as he thinks it is, why Gaelan was evicted. Camilla says that perhaps he was too nice. At 2:03am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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