Day 73 Uplate

11:36pm: Camilla and Jamie are in the spa again. Camilla is complaining about Perry, who asked Krystal how evictions worked. Dave comes out and wonders what the words to the song “Gummi Bears” is. Camilla and Jamie help him out quite quickly, but Mike cuts away. When we rejoin Dave is heading inside, and the other two are left in the spa. Taking about how long they’ve been here for. Jamie says that he wanted to last long enough to be remembered. Camilla says she just didn’t want to be the first one home. Camilla says that everyone who got in here really wanted to make it onto the show, which she says is good. Cut to the kitchen. Perry is talking to Dave. Perry says he needs to accept himself for who he is. Perry tells Claire that she paid $7500 for her breasts. Perry says she had a great doctor. Comm break.

11:50pm: Perry is talking to Camilla saying that she reminds her of herself at a young age. Camilla says she has a high tolerance level, but if she feels someone has gone too far she doesn’t care how they feel afterwards and she is happy to attack that person. Jamie is in the spa still but not really talking. Camilla says that Jamie is going to win Friday Night Games this week. Camilla wants to go in with Jamie, seems they might have made a pact. Perry says that Camilla talks her language. Perry thinks she needs to tone her swearing down. Perry thinks that Jamie doesn’t swear too much. Big Brother calls Claire to the diary room. Camilla says she hasn’t worried about what she has been eating in the house, she has treated it as a holiday. Camilla says that she has eaten way more chocolate than normal being in the house. Claire comes out with batteries for them. Claire says now they’ve done a battery change she’ll head to bed, thinking the lights will be out soon. Camilla and Jamie exit the spa and wonder if Jamie has to put a lid on the spa. Jamie doesn’t have a microphone, so shrugs his shoulders meaning he doesn’t know. Comm break.

12:07am: Darren and David are talking about Dave’s farm. David says he has 2000 sheep. Darren wonders if that is big in the farming world. He says it’s sizable. He says that he started with 70 and has grown it up. Dave explains how you can tell if an animal is sick. Talk about organic products now. Darren says it would be good to harvest kangaroos. Jamie and Perry are talking in the kitchen, and both convos are going at once, making it quite hard. Mike cuts in, then we return. Camilla is talking to Krystal in the bedroom, about some cosmetics she is using or something. Comm break.

12:23am: David is talking about farming things, but Perry starts talking about cutting up chickens from a chicken shop before long. They talk about how you have to let chickens die and the blood drain out of them before cutting them up. Mike plays around with the BB website for a while. Back to the bedroom and Camilla and Krystal. Krystal says they are using too much toilet paper. Camilla says she is a bit allergic to everyone today. Mike cuts in for a few secs. We cut to the living room now. They are talking about hot air balloons now. Jamie starts asking Dave questions about France and England and wars. Darren joins in a bit. They wonder when Pearl Harbour was after a bit. Mike cuts in because he seems bored.

12:42am: Into the bedroom now. Krystal and Camilla are in bed, Jamie is lying on a bed next to them, reciting words from songs. Jamie is talking about a band which made a song about John Howard. Jamie says that he thinks it isn’t up to John Howard to say sorry to the Aborigines though. Krystal changes the subject to Rove’s pleas to get John Howard on his show, where they ended up pleading to him outside his Sydney residence. Jamie says that he thinks that Howard was disgraced this time last year by Australian youth. Krystal doesn’t know what he is talking about. Jamie implies he is talking about this show. Jamie says he really wants to go to sleep but he is turning out to be a night person and he has too much energy. Camilla thinks they are bonding, saying that she looks over to him and she can feel what he is feeling. Perry comes in and does a couple of exercises. Jamie starts talking about world wars again. Comm break.

My software stuffed up at this point, apologies. Check back in 6 months and I should have completed it from another source.

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