Day 95 Uplate

11:29pm: Housemates are sitting at the kitchen table. Jamie says he is so lucky to have been invited into the Big Brother house when he did. He says he didn’t want to go and get a ‘boring job’, he wanted to keep having fun. He again says he is so happy. Max says that he is lucky that he likes his work, his own business that his family has built up for him. He says he is extremely lucky. Camilla says she has absolutely no saving power, she says that Jamie is the same as her. Dave says that as someone who has been around the world and had his fun, that at some point you realise you have to knuckle down and make a life for yourself. Max agrees. Jamie starts saying that he was late for the flight to Queensland but his mum stopped him and whispered to him “If you ever meet a guy named Max, your fu**ed!” Max is almost rolling on the floor in laughter, he thought Jamie was being serious. It seems Camilla and Dave get up from the table as Max continues to laugh with Jamie. The boys say they need Chris in here! The boys continue laughing about absolutely nothing for a while longer. Camilla, who has moved to the kitchen, asks Jamie for some help with something. Max takes the rubbish to the diary room for some reason, before Camilla tells him to put it in the bin! Max finally gets it and takes it outside. Jamie goes about cooking something or other, and Camilla seems to have disapearred. Apparently they are making ‘bean dip’. Max wants bread with it, so they decide they’ll make it now. Max starts getting the bread going. Comm break.

11:43pm: All the housemates are in the kitchen/living room. The boys are in the kitchen making a meal or something while trying to remember the song Krystal made up last week. Camilla gives up a couple verses in but Jamie remembers most of it. Camilla says that when she came from the Revenge Room, she thought she would have 13 more days and be gone for sure. Jamie says that when Chris was evicted and then had the interview with Gretel before making his goodbye message, because Jamie thinks that he knew heaps of stuff when he was talking to the house. They talk about how David came out to the house. Jamie wonders who the first to come up to him to say thats cool was. Dave says the whole thing was a blur. Camilla says she just sat on the couch. Max wonders if Camilla fell in love with Dave straight away. Camilla says she didn’t fall in love, rather she found him really attractive. Max cuts in as soon as she says that, but Camilla tells him that she hasn’t finished. Comm break.

12:07am: Camilla is saying that she knew the way it looked but she doesn’t feel embarassed at all. She is talking about a Michael, and it seems she is talking about an ex. We cut back to the studio, so one would assume they are talking about the outside world. We return to the house a couple of minutes later. David is talking about someone he liked, he says he was head over heels for the guy but didn’t tell him and the guy went off and slept with someone else. Sheriff’s name is mentioned a few seconds later, but I’m unsure if he is talking about him because there are heaps of beeps. Mike cuts in again to get us away from this conversation, and we cut to a comm break.

12:16am: Max is saying they should paper scissor rock for something. I think they are thinking of eating something they’ve used for the domino task; which they are not allowed to eat, just use for the task. Dave says he doesn’t want to end up in the punishment room though. Max, Jamie and Camilla prepare to do Paper, Scissor Rock but they are laughing too much to do it. Max is out after the first game, and Camilla ends up beating Jamie. If Jamie or Max had won they agreed they would eat a bar each, but with Camilla winning they agree they can’t eat anything. Max says they were so close to eating a pod. They tell Max he has to wash the dishes, but he says he cooked and washed earlier. It seems he is stuck with it though. Max is still going on about the Pods they could have eaten. They make a new game which is the same but has a Deer, Hunter and a Bear. Max wins! They are scared now. Max decides they probably shouldn’t do it because they’ll be in the punishment room for ages. Dave reappears after that, and they get a bit of home made pizza out of the oven and start dishing it up. They talk about how Claire and Krystal might have still been up here and could be partying with Chris. Camilla says she isn’t jealous of Claire like many people think. Comm break.

12:35am: Back to the house we go. All housemates are laughing their heads off. Jamie gets it right by saying 2 will go Sunday, then says that maybe it’ll be one Saturday and one Sunday. Silence again. Max says that BB would’ve given them more warning but he knew that they knew something was happening. Comm break.

12:49am: Camilla and Dave are chatting in the bedroom. Camilla is saying that she always thought that Claire had another layer to her and she never really got there, until one day she realised that there wasn’t another layer to her and what you saw was what you got. David agrees completely, saying he thought she was hiding something, but he says there was nothing else. Camilla says that she really liked her. Camilla says she will never have the ‘wow’ relationship with her though. They keep talking but the beeps take over so we head to the backyard for some reason. Dunno where Jamie and Max are. Head back to the house 3 minutes later. Max and Chris return from the diary room, or the couch, hard to tell, with Jamie saying that Max just basically told him who he nominated. Comm break.

1:06am: Housemates are all in the bedroom. Dave says he went to the wrong audition, he should’ve gone on “Who wants to be a Millionaire”. Jamie says he was meant to go on “Australian Idol”. Max says he went to the right one. The beep cuts in for about 10 seconds before we cut back to Mike. Mike again makes mention that the Top 100 poll on the official site has an extra motive. Comm break.

1:20am: Jamie says that if he took a wristband off it wouldn’t mean as much, so he keeps it on. Camilla talks about something an ex gave her once. Dave says he couldn’t wear something he didn’t like. Jamie says that he saw a girl before he came into the house. He says he met her out once, and he kissed her and then for 4 months they would send an occassional message to each other. Out of the blue the girl rang her and they spoke for two hours. He says she was really horny and told him to come over to her place. Lights go out in the house. I think Dave and Camilla interrupted the story, because Jamie said at the start he hadn’t slept with her. Anyway, back to the story. Jamie says it came out of the blue because they were chatting about nice thing. Jamie says he did nothing. Jamie says that he organised it for the next day, but in the meantime she sent him explicit sms messages and Jamie just got freaked out. We cut away for a bit, then return to the bedroom. We’ve missed the end of the story. Dave says it must have been really really bizarre. Camilla just keeps laughing. Camilla wants to know her name, but Jamie says he won’t say. Dave says “but they might be watching on the internet right now”. So Jamie says the name, but we’re taken away before we know. Comm break.

At 1:56am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 88 Uplate

11:20pm: Housemates are getting ready for bed. There is a new task and heaps and heaps of ropes in the house. They are all tied to a rope and have rope in a pack they have with them. Krystal says she has stretch marks on her breasts. Max is convinced that his balls smell because he didn’t have a shower. He was going to have a shower tonight except he got the task so he can’t. Over in the bathroom, Dave is congratulating Claire for standing up for herself tonight. He says she was the only one in the room prepared to stand up to someone. Comm break.

11:38pm: Claire gets changed and gets her breasts out, and since this is only an MA show with the warning of nudity….we go to the backyard. Then to Mike, but finally back. Most housemates are in bed. Claire is saying she hates sleeping where she has to sleep tonight for the task, it’s the wrong side of the bed for her. Max says that he really hates it when Krystal wears that patch to cover her eyes to bed. They all laugh. Out in the kitchen Camilla is doing the dishes and Chris is helping. Not much being said. Camilla says that they once got Rob out of bed 5 times because people kept leaving dishes in the sink and BB kept telling him to clean it up. Mike cuts in, comm break.

11:54pm: Still doing dishes. Talking about Chris’s work. Camilla says she likes to have the same waiter for the whole night. Camilla wonders what types of drinks they serve, and Chris says they literally have everything. He says if it’s not on a list, as long as the person knows whats in it, they’ll make it. Cut to the bedroom where Krystal and Jamie are chatting. Talking about France. Jamie says he was too young to appreciate it, he spent most of his time with his parents. Krystal says she wants to go back. Silence. Cut back to the kitchen. Camilla say she loves tequila. Chris starts whistling. Camilla says she really misses her friends and her family. Camilla says she is definately going up to Sydney to see housemates at some stage, and says that Chris should come down to Melbourne when everyone comes (Derby Day I think). Comm break.

12:10am: Still in the kitchen are Chris and Camilla. Claire and David are near the diary room, it looks like Claire wants to go in. Camilla and Chris listen as a V8 outside the house does a burnout that lasts for quite a while. Claire comes out of the diary room with batteries. She tells Camilla that BB doesn’t really want the housemates using Dettol as a washing detrigent. Camilla says that she hardly put any in. Claire can see the word “offspring” in a mirror or something right near the diary room. Dave sees it too and they both think it’s really weird, but cool. Claire says that Chris must change his battery even though they did it for him and Jamie only an hour ago. Chris wonders if they get a red light on their battery packs does it mean they have been talking more than anyone else. Dave says they are unsure, because Ash used to get red lights all the time and he wasn’t the biggest talker. Claire returns all done and waits for the door to open again. Chris and Camilla continue to do their dishes in mostly silence. Comm break.

12:31am: In the bedroom Max says he has dyed his hair twice in his life; red and another colour which looked like bird shit, so he got that nickname. Dave says his school wouldn’t let them dye their hair. Chris, now in bed, says that his school had a list of what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Mike cuts in. Comm break.

12:41am: We’re in the bathroom with Krystal, Max and Jamie. Krystal is leading them in singing something, it’s something made up you can tell. Max talks about the fruit ad that was around years ago where they used fruit to make noise on tins etc. They return to the bedroom, and soon they are all singing this stupid song. It goes “I was an C grade celebrity, I can’t believe you don’t remember me”. Claire comes up with a slight alternative about Mammals. Comm break.

12:57am: Lights are out. Max is saying that he’s been saying things in Italian a bit. Apparently they haven’t used the punishment room for a while. They say that FNL will involve heights this week they think. They tell Chris and Max about how Dino got fined $5000 twice on FNL one night, for bad behaviour and also for talking to the outside world (saying “Hi Mum!”). Housemates seem to have settled down now and are trying to get to sleep. Max says goodnight to everyone. Comm break.

1:18am: Krystal and Jamie are whispering in bed. Krystal is saying that the winner doesn’t get as much time focused on them because they never get their own eviction night. She explains what happens on finale night, where everyone is invited back. Comm break.

At 1:47am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 87 Uplate

11:36pm: Jamie is by himself at the gym. Camilla is in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Everyone else seems asleep. It stays like this for a few minutes, but then Camilla comes out and chats to Jamie. They talk about how Jamie likes working out at night with no one else around. They wonder why they haven’t got a task yet. Apparently Big Big Brother was on duty tonight and they thought that was strange too. Anyway, Camilla starts talking about her ex boyfriend Drew for some reason. Jamie sees Krystal up from the doorway and tries to get her to come and talk, but she goes back to bed. Actually Krystal now comes to the door but we cut to Mike. Comm break.

11:51pm: Jamie is alone again in the gym. That lasts for a minute or two before Mike gives up and goes to clips and uplate updates. Comm break.

Over the next 2 hours or so, we see Jamie hanging out in the kitchen with himself, then the bathroom, before finally hoping into bed. It seems no one is asleep yet because they seem to be chatting in bed for a while, but we never cross, or if they do, they cross for one second or so.

1:44am: Jamie says that Camilla is her whipping boy. Jamie says that even though Camilla is younger, she is the older wiser one of the two. Camilla agrees. Krystal says she just wants to be a kid, she doesn’t want to grow up. Camilla says she used to be viewed as the mother of the house, but she doesn’t think she is anymore. Comm break.

At 2:02am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 81 Uplate

11:26pm: Housemates are settling down in the bedroom after Krystal’s party. They’ve just been talking about how they think they’ve changed their batteries for the final time today. Oh my god. Krystal has started singing that damn nursery rhyme again. Krystal and Camilla are talking about words in song, in particular “I don’t want my body”. Krystal says she is hungry again and wonders if there is any food left. Bloody Mary and her lamb again. Comm break.

11:39pm: Housemates still in the bedroom. Krystal was given a digital camera as a birthday present. The housemates wonder if she has had to take it back to BB, but she says she hasn’t. The girls start singing again, but someone tells them to shut up, so they move onto the national anthem, and it seems nearly everyone joins in. Claire yells out Anthony Callia’s name for some reason. Dave starts the second verse, and by the third line, he’s by himself. The guys wonder where the soccer goals went? Girls start singing the national anthem again. They move onto a conversation where Krystal uses the word “inhale” with heaps of beeps, and eventually they give up and send us off to the backyard. Back a minute later. Krystal singing the anthem again. Comm break.

11:57pm: Chris is trying to memorise how old people are. Big Brother rings the captain bell thing, so everyone must get to the ship and be dressed by 90 seconds. Claire is the captain and instructing everyone about. They get their easily. Someone says “I’m the king of the world!” Claire asks for silence then says she needs to say something. Claire says that they must do whatever the captain, or the second in charge (Chris), says at all times onboard the ship. Claire says that she didn’t think that the crew obeyed her today. I really don’t know if she is serious or not. She says that great treasure will await if they obey their superiors. Darren has gone from the ship and is in the treasure chest. I’m confused to say the least. Claire has said they shouldn’t communicate with the person in the chest. Apparently Darren must spend the night on Dead’s Man Island, which is where the chest is. Claire says that he will be there for a while, he doesn’t understand that she is serious! Ah OK, Claire was given a mini task to reprimand a crew worker on the ship at some stage today. She has done that by sending Darren off the ship. Comm break.

12:10am: Big Brother tells all housemates to stand down, except Darren. One of the newies wonder why Darren got punished as everyone returns to the bedroom. Dave says that Claire is the meanest captain ever. Cut to Darren out on the ‘island’ for a while, he seems very cold. Claire and one of the new guys (still don’t have them down, sorry!) are washing the dishes almost in silence. Krystal comes out and volunteers herself to wipe down the dishes. Krystal says the chocolates were really nice, Claire agrees. Max says that he would love to know what time it is. Back outside, Darren is freezing, but also might be having a bit of a cry as well. Perhaps not, not entirely sure. Back in the kitchen, Chris is wiping the dishes, Jamie is standing around and Claire is there too. Talking about Mars bars. Jamie says that tomorrow is Thursday, and explains that it’s a nothing day. Krystal explains that they also normally get locked inside for most of Friday
in preparation for FNL. Chris wonders if they could bring in the soccer ball to help time go by. Jamie says they probably could, but Krystal doesn’t seem too sure. Comm break.

12:30am: Bedroom is getting ready for bed. Chris and Jamie are out in the kitchen. Seem to be talking about Darren I think. Jamie says he’s a nice guy, but he needs to grow up a bit. Chris agrees. Jamie says that he didn’t know much when he was 19. Jamie says that this house has changed soo much, saying that in the space of a week and a half, they lost like 6 housemates. Camilla comes out and joins them eating green M&M’s. Comm break.

12:43am: Claire goes outside to let Darren come inside. He comes in without talking, then says he is cold to Camilla. He goes straight to the sauna. Back to the kitchen, where Camilla says she doesn’t like Darren much at all. David says that he wants kids or something. He says that he has three sisters and he would love for one of them to give him some eggs. He hopes that one of them will help them out. He says that one of them doesn’t want children, and he is hoping that she would help him out. He says he hasn’t discussed it with her though, because he says “It’s pretty big”. Uplate update from Monday, very strange. Back to the house, Darren is talking to Dave. He is upset because once before he got kicked out of something for stuffing around, and it bought back those memories for him. You know it’s getting near the end of BB when they start playing funny bits of Uplate on the way to a comm break.

1:02am: Claire goes to the diary room. We follow her in until BB is about to talk, and then taken back to Mike who plays another uplate update, the second for the segment. Comm break.

1:13am: Claire is talking to Chris about rugby league. Krystal is looking at her card she was given today. Jamie and Camilla are watching on. Camilla says she would have written something nice had she known that everyone else was going to. Jamie says his is half serious. Claire and Krystal are going on about Derby Day, the Saturday before the Melbourne Cup. The girls think they’ll struggle to get to the snow this year. Claire says she wants to see the first night show, with all the profiles and all that. Jamie says that his package would’ve been terrible. Chris says his was shocking as well. Housemates decide to settle down to sleep. Krystal thanks everyone for coming to the party, although she mentions that she didn’t invite any of them. Dave sings something with the word “Sherif” in it. Big Brother calls Darren to the diary room. Comm break.

1:31am: Back in the bedroom, lights still on. Camilla is talking to Chris about a hamster she had as a pet. Half the house starts singing some song. Darren is talking to Jamie about the light cubes or something. Claire is parting Dave’s hair a different way I think. Comm break.

1:44am: Lights are out. Camilla says “What are you laughing about you sluts?” Jamie and Darren are throwing the light cubes around in the dark. Mike cuts in. At 1:48am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 80 Uplate

11:38pm: Max and the other new guy are unpacking it seems. Everyone seems to be awake, but lying down on beds etc. Max shows the girls his aftershave. It seems Dave and Darren are out in the kitchen. Cut to Mike. Anyway, into the bedroom. Camilla is explaining an experience she had in the punishment room or something. The new guys laugh. Camilla tells the guys that she had an argument with Dave before. She explains she loves him heaps, but she can’t live with him. Outside in the gym, it seems Darren and Dave are by themselves. Darren is doing some weights. Back to the bedroom. Claire says they should have pancakes again this week. Camilla says that she is getting sick of them. The girls continue to tell the guys about the stuff they eat in here. Krystal says she had a couple of arguments with Anna and Michael, but she hasn’t had any for a while. She says she cries at silly things and not over arguments. Mike cuts back in. Clip package of Max. Back into the bedroom where Jamie and Claire are whispering to each other, Claire saying that when she got new batteries BB asked her what she thought of the new housemates. Jamie says that he might go and talk to BB right now. Comm break.

11:53pm: Back into the bedroom. Both guys are just lying on their beds as the girls fill them in about the other bedroom and how it all started. Krystal says that when she meets new people she gets a weak bladder. She says she’ll get to the eviction stage and have to go to the toilet. The guys wonder if they see Gretel on the screen, the girls tell them they do, and Camilla tells them that the nominees go into the diary room to chat to Gretel on eviction. Darren walks in and goes to the bathroom hardly saying anything. Camilla says that she thinks he is a bit peeved, as he was the new kid on the block up until tonight. Dave comes into the bedroom too, and explains the kind of workout he is doing at the moment in the gym. Camilla says she needs to do a massive session tomorrow. Dave and Darren are back in the bedroom now. Dave seems worn out after his workout. Cut to clip package of the other new housemate. Jamie re-enters the bedroom after a big diary entry. Krystal tells the guys never to call BB mate or Big Bro or anything like that, it always has to be Big Brother. Comm break.

12:10am: Claire says she is tired. They think they might get to sleep soon. Someone realises that BB has always said Happy Birthday to other housemates, so he’ll no doubt say it to Krystal tonight. One of the guys asks if they can sleep on the floor. The others tell him they can’t because it’s against the rules. Chris is out the back kicking a soccer ball with Jamie. They are talking about how they both used to play soccer. They continue to play while chatting away about positions they played. Chris says he is excited about FNL. Jamie says it should be a good day tomorrow with Krystal’s birthday. Jamie tells Chris about the soccer task they had a few weeks ago. Comm break.

12:26am: Still in the backyard with Chris and Jamie. Jamie says that you get into such a routine in the house. He says he didn’t use to get up until 2 or 3 in the arvo. Jamie wonders if Chris just works in a bar, and he says yeh. He didn’t go to uni. A sound occurs and everyone has to get into their pirate uniform and run out to the boat in the backyard. Claire is the person in charge and is yelling and screaming. They all finally gather on the boat, which is right where the spa is. One of them had problems getting onto the boat, and they might have missed their time on this occassion. They stand there for ages. It seems that BB must dismiss them. LOL. Claire is singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” from last night. Big Brother finally dismisses the housemates from the pirate ship. Actually no, they are still there. Someone is humming the tune to the nursery rhyme now. Now all the girls start singing it, and Jamie joins in. Comm break with the housemates still on the ‘ship’.

12:44am: Housemates still on the ‘ship’ outside. Just doing pirate voices, nothing overly exciting. They are talking about all the girls who have left, Krystal forgetting Jade completely. Chris tells the others what he told Jamie before, about how he is really looking forward to FNL. David says it reminds him so much of It’s A Knockout. Big Brother finally tells the pirates they can stand down. All are relived. Krystal keeps saying it’s here birthday. Jamie wishes her a happy birthday. They decide to wait for the ‘official announcement’ though. Comm break.

12:58am: Darren and Dave are in the gym again. They talk about doing some sprints. Dave tells him he can go first because he’s younger. Darrem starts doing sprints across the backyard as Dave counts for him. Into the bedroom we go. Krystal tells the new guys about how she saw the tiger show from winning FNL. She tells the guys about how a few have won trips oversea’s as well. Back to the backyard. Darren has stopped. Back to the bedroom. Krystal says that Katie won a scooter. One of the new guys wonder if BB will make them do the task again tonight. Jamie says they can do it whenever they want. Mary little lamb starts up again. Comm break!

1:15am: Bedroom now. One of the new guys say they are going to do some training tomorrow in the gym. The other one has never done weights, but might start tomorrow. Krystal talks about aerobics sessions. The housemates want the lights out, but BB hasn’t even wished Krystal a Happy Birthday yet. Nothing much happens, I think I actually tuned out lol. Comm break.

1:29am: Darren, Dave and one of the new guys are talking. Darren says that you shouldn’t feel embarassed to say anything in the house. Dave wants to learn more from …I’ve no idea which one it is! He says he’s got a brother and sister, and his longest relationship has been 10 months. He moved out at 18, and had his own place from 18-20. It’s Chris by the way. He wants to get out of his job and go back to studying. His parents are still together. Darren says that Chris is actually sitting in his seat or something. Back into the bedroom. Camilla has sore nipples or something. Comm break.

1:45am: Back in the bedroom. Camilla is saying that talking and bitching in the diary room is not part of everyone’s nature, but sometimes you just have too. Camilla says that most aren’t playing the game they are simply a part of the game. Jamie is doing impersonations of BB telling Krystal “Happy Birthday.” Chris outside says he likes all the girls in here. He says he would love to have a couple of weddings in his life. Comm break.

1:56am: Darren and Dave in the kitchen. Darren says that Krystal is taken, Claire is like a sister and Camilla is Camilla. Both new housemates are in the kitchen now. chris says he is always up late. Dave says that’ll soon change, you get no sleep in this place. Big Brother finally wishes Krystal a happy birthday. He really dragged it out too. But finally it’s done. Lots of screams and laughs as everyone hugs her and wishes her a happy bday. Lights are out now, and the newies are a bit lost in the bedroom. The new guys are going into the sauna or something. All the oldies are almost in bed ready for sleep. One of the new guys say that they have to put a movie on for K’s bday. At 2:04am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 79 Uplate

11:19am: Jamie is singing “Mary had a little lamb” over and over in the punishment room for singing commercial music. Everyone else is in bed, getting ready for bed. Camilla and Claire have kept Jamie company for a little bit. You can even here it from the bedroom, and all the housemates are doing in the bedroom is listening and talking about Jamie’s singing. And it just keeps going and going. Nothing exciting happening at all. Comm break.

11:37am: Jamie is still singing. We cut to the bedroom a few minutes later. Silence in there. Lights are still on, and you can clearly hear Jamie singing. Big Brother finally tells Jamie that is all, and that he is free to leave. Jamie thanks Big Brother. The housemates are even excited as well. The bedroom starts talking about a car or something. Jamie comes into the bedroom and everyone congratulates him on a job well done. They really think he sounded really god. Oh dear. Anyway, housemates settle down to sleep. Mike talks to Perry on the couch. Comm break.

11:54am: Krystal is talking to Jamie. Someone calls him the new John. Darren seems to have just woken up, and so they tell about Jamie having been in the punishment room. Back to Mike and Perry, comm break.

12:07am: Lights are on, but it seems all housemates have settled down to go to sleep. Comm break.

12:38am: Silence in the bedroom, lights are still on. After a while, Uplate update. Comm break.

12:52am: Lights are out at least now. We had a loony caller win the $1000, was kinda funny. Comm break.

At 1:46am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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