Day 86

8:31pm: Big Brother announces that David, Chris, Camilla are up for eviction this week. He calls Jamie to the diary room. He takes the three points off Camilla and returns to the couch. BB announces that David, Chris, Max, Krystal and Claire will now face the public vote. Dave says thats the biggest one ever! Camilla hugs Jamie and says she appreciated it so much. Dave and Max talk about how it’s never gone from 3 to 5. Dave hugs Camilla and congratulates her. Jamie is outside by himself. In the bathroom all the girls are there. Camilla says she feels bad. Krystal reminds her that she didn’t do anything. She says she also feels bad for the newies. Krystal says it was inevitable. Dave says it’s the first time in 10 weeks for Claire. Dave tells them that Camilla and him are the only members of the “Most hated club”, but even Camilla’s place in the club is under review. Outside, Max hugs Jamie. He says he feels weird. He says he should’ve gone up as well. Dave hugs Jamie, and Jamie apologises. Krystal hugs him and tells him that it’s not his fault. Jamie says that he was hoping that he had gone up as well if that had happened. Krystal says she loves him. Claire says she is suprisingly happy. Camilla says it’s been forever for Claire so it’s understandable. Comm break.

9:59pm: David comes to the diary room. He says he knew he would be up. He says the assumption was Jamie would take 3 points off Camilla, and he did. He says it would have been interesting had Krystal and Camilla been up. He says he can’t believe 5 are up though, and that Claire is up for eviction. At the dinner table, Jamie says he can’t believe we are characters on a show. Camilla disagrees. In the diary room, Dave says that Camilla is cocky and the hard work she has done with Jamie has paid off. He says he’s getting on well with everyone else though. He leaves the diary room. Back at the table, Camilla asks Claire if she cares about being filmed the whole time. Claire says that is the least of her worries. In the bedroom, Dave goes to bed. Chris says that no one hates him though. He says he’s a sook. Chris returns to the table. Claire doesn’t want Camilla to think she is camera focused. Camilla says she feels as if she is living in a house. Chris disagrees. Jamie says he prefers chatting and laughing. Camilla says she can live in the house without worrying about what her actions may look like. Chris keeps trying to butt in, but Camilla will have none of it. Claire says she does whatever she wants to do in the house. Camilla says thats good, and she has been reassurred now. Camilla gets up and goes to the bedroom. Dave wakes up, and Camilla says that she is angry at Chris, saying he was being an asshole. Dave wonders if they like each other. They share a hug. Comm break.

11:42pm: Most housemates are in the bedroom. Camilla says to Jamie that she wants the house to be normal, saying she doesn’t feel like it’s her house anymore. Jamie tells her that it is more her house than anyone else in here. Claire decides to cook toast, and most of the other housemates leave the room to give Camilla time to herself. Jamie and Krystal stay to comfort her. Camilla says that the two new people in the house have changed everything. Camilla says she was nothing but nice to both of them. Camilla wonders where Claire is, saying “…good friend”. Camilla says it looks and feels like she is off loading with the new guys. Out in the kitchen, Claire, Dave, Max and Chris do a funny little dance. Camilla says she wants to go home so she doesn’t have to prove herself to everyone in here anymore. Chris comes back into the room and Camilla softly tells him to ‘go away’. Awkward silence for a good while! Camilla tells Jamie she doesn’t care anymore anyway. Jamie reassures her that she is one of my favourite people. Back outside Claire says she thought it was because of her, but they realise Camilla is upset at Chris. Dave says he knew it couldn’t have been him, because “I’m perfect”. Back in the bedroom, Krystal says she doesn’t like it when Camilla says that “everyone is taking the piss” out of her, because she feels targeted as well. Camilla says shes just upset. Comm break.

12:36am: Chris comes to the diary room. He says he was shocked tonight, saying that Camilla has always said she would be straight with people; Chris says that tonight however he doesn’t know where he stands with her. He says that Krystal and Jamie have been good mates with him as well, and for not one of them to talk to him tonight about the situation has frustrated him. Out at the spa, Camilla wonders if Chris came into the BB house with the intention of “landing” an eligible housemate, ie Camilla or Claire. Krystal and Jamie say she shouldn’t think like that that. Chris says he feels alienated and he hopes that the nice friendship thats been built up hasn’t been broken now. Jamie outside suggests that Chris took offence to the whole argument over the cameras, because he felt he was challenged. Camilla says it wasn’t a challenge. Chris meanwhile says that he hopes people’s actions in the past week haven’t been fake, suggesting that perhaps they have a great group of actors inside the house. Chris says he felt he was doing better than Max at getting into the group, and the nominations came as a suprise. He says he’s fine with the game though. He leaves the diary room. Meanwhile out in the spa Camilla says she doesn’t feel like everything is right between her and Claire. She says that she thinks Claire isn’t genuine towards her at times. Krystal says she loves Claire, and that she’s perfect. Camilla says that this shits her, but then says that perhaps she is just jealous.

1:34am: Lights go out in the bedroom. Camilla asks Chris if he is angry with her, and Chris says he is. Camilla asks him not to be angry.
Camilla says it wasn’t her intention to attack him tonight. She says that it had nothing to do with him. She says that she didn’t feel at home in here tonight. Chris says that she couldn’t figure her out tonight. Camilla says that she is really sorry that she pushed him away tonight, and they hug and get into bed together for a cuddle.

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