Day 85

8:27am: Big Brother wakes the housemates up by telling farmhand to feed the animals. Chris is farmhand, and he chooses Camilla to be his assistant. In the barn, Camilla tells Chris they have a spa tonight if she isn’t evicted. Chris says that’ll be good.

10:36am: Claire is talking to Krystal while doing some housework. Claire says that this morning was the first she has heard Camilla wake up and laugh. Krystals says “I think she’s in love.” Claire says she didn’t hate her before, but this new relationship has bought out a new Camilla. Krystal says it’s really good. Over in the rewards room Camilla and Jamie are talking about the eviction. Camilla says she doesn’t want to go home. She wants to stay another week. Jamie says he’s not here to win it, but he wants to be here till close to the end. He says he hopes the end is soon. Camilla says that Krystal was crying yesterday. Jamie says it’s because Gaelan isn’t here. Krystal says she missed him a lot for a week or so, but was happy to be herself again. Jamie says he has liked being on his own as well. Outside in the backyard, Darren and David are sunbaking. David says he’s sure to go tonight. Darren says that won’t happen. Chris pulls the hammock over and says he has heard that Darren gave Dave a kiss over the weekend. Darren says he didn’t kiss anyone. Back in the rewards room Jamie wonders how things are going along for Camilla and Chris. Camilla doesn’t make anything of it, but says ‘nothing will happen’. Outside the boys slip slop slap. Comm break.

3:18pm: Jamie and Krystal are talking in the bedroom. Jamie says he is struggling with how long this ‘show’ has been going for. Krystal says she thinks a lot and sends herself into panic mode. Jamie completely agrees. Krystal says that they are so similar. Jamie says that Krystal won’t go tonight. Krystal says she doesn’t have a problem being beaten by the oldies, but doesn’t want to be beaten by the 3 latest intruders. Outside, Chris and Claire are playing soccer. In the kitchen, Dave asks Camilla if she has kissed Chris. She says no. Krystal, also there, says “Are ya gonna?!” Krystal and Dave tease her. Camilla says it’s obvious he is into Claire anyway. Krystal says he is into Camilla more than Claire. Camilla says he’s not confident, she offered him a snuggle in bed and he didn’t take it, and she says thats going to be the most inviting she is going to be. She says she wouldn’t chase him if they were both outside.

8:06pm: Gretel announces that it’s time to go for Darren. He has hugs all round and he’s out of the house. Dave says that it’ll be a double. He goes outside for some air. Camilla says he knew he would be gone. Chris agrees, saying that he and Max will be the next two for sure to go. Max agrees, saying next week will be a double. Camilla says they might not be up for eviction though. Claire goes outside and says that there is only 2 Queenslander’s left now. Dave says he’ll see him in 2 weeks time. Dave says that if tonight is a double, he’d love to go out with him. In the bedroom, Chris says he is fine with the thought that he’ll be out next week. He says he would jump at that chance to go into the BB house for a little holiday. Comm break.

8:41pm: Max enters the bedroom and says that there are only 4 guys left now. He wonders when they do nominations. They tell him tomorrow night live and he says ‘thats full on’. Max jokes “Darren’s not here anymore, so who am I gonna evict?!” They all laugh. Max will move into Darren’s bed, but forgets about others sleeping together still. He feels bad, but everyone seems cool with it.

8:57pm: Time for Darren’s message. He thanks everyone for welcoming him into the house. He tells Krystal that he least got to know her out of everyone. He says that it seems like she couldn’t be bothered getting to know him. He says thats fine. He tells Camilla that she is the biggest whinger he has ever met. He says that Claire is the kind of girl that he would marry. He says she is perfect. Claire looks stunned. Last is David. He says that he is kindest man he’s ever met. He says that Dave has restored his faith in men. He tells him he loves him, and says he’s a fantastic bloke. Dave sheds a tear. He uses Camilla’s line, “Cya on the flipside.” Camilla says that he didn’t have the balls to tell that to her face. Dave stands up for him, and Camilla says that he shouldn’t. Jamie and Max continue laughing at his whinging comment, and Camilla walks away trying to be pissed but half with a smile on her face.

9:21pm: Camilla says that she is angry now because she is now dishpig that Darren’s gone. Dave says that funny. Camilla says that he hated Darren. Dave says that he was beautiful. He says that Darren would be in his top 5.

10:02pm: Krystal tells Camilla she has been more happy this week. Krystal says that even if she doesn’t like him, she at least likes the attention. Krystal says that it’s a great feeling to have. Dave comes to the diary room. He says that he and Darren struck up a great bond while he was here, and he hasn’t had a bond that good with a straight man for 10 years. He says that his relationship with Camilla and Krystal will improve this week, because he resented them very much for being mean to Darren, but with Darren gone now, he thinks it’ll be back to normal. Dave wonders about nominations and if you can vote for someone because you don’t want them to win. BB walks Dave through voting for stragetic reasons. Outside, Camilla and Chris are in the spa. Camilla says her friendship with Dave suffered while Darren was in the house. She says that they are great as friends, but they can’t ever live together. In the bedroom, Dave gets into bed and Claire says she’s not far behind. Dave says that all the intruders are gone now. Dave says it’s so good to hear a straight man say he loves him. He says that BB has been perhaps the best thing for him in his life to date.

2:03am: Camilla jumps into Chris’s bed for a spoon. She laughs a lot, then says out loud “BB, I’m spooning with a boy.” Over the other side of the room, Jamie says he wants as much time in the house as himself as he had in a relationship. He says had Katie still been here, he wouldn’t have chatted much to Krystal at all. Jamie says it wasn’t all Katie, it was a bit of not feeling right for Gaelan. He says that he knew Gaelan would not have a problem with it though. He tells Krystal that when Katie left she didn’t want him to talk to Krystal. They both laugh a bit. Krystal says that Katie obviously didn’t like her. Krystal says that she loves talking to Jamie, they understand each other so much. Jamie promises to be her best guy friend who is not out to screw her. Back in the other bed, Chris’s hands are wandering. Camilla says “You’re such a player.”

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