Day 87 Uplate

11:36pm: Jamie is by himself at the gym. Camilla is in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Everyone else seems asleep. It stays like this for a few minutes, but then Camilla comes out and chats to Jamie. They talk about how Jamie likes working out at night with no one else around. They wonder why they haven’t got a task yet. Apparently Big Big Brother was on duty tonight and they thought that was strange too. Anyway, Camilla starts talking about her ex boyfriend Drew for some reason. Jamie sees Krystal up from the doorway and tries to get her to come and talk, but she goes back to bed. Actually Krystal now comes to the door but we cut to Mike. Comm break.

11:51pm: Jamie is alone again in the gym. That lasts for a minute or two before Mike gives up and goes to clips and uplate updates. Comm break.

Over the next 2 hours or so, we see Jamie hanging out in the kitchen with himself, then the bathroom, before finally hoping into bed. It seems no one is asleep yet because they seem to be chatting in bed for a while, but we never cross, or if they do, they cross for one second or so.

1:44am: Jamie says that Camilla is her whipping boy. Jamie says that even though Camilla is younger, she is the older wiser one of the two. Camilla agrees. Krystal says she just wants to be a kid, she doesn’t want to grow up. Camilla says she used to be viewed as the mother of the house, but she doesn’t think she is anymore. Comm break.

At 2:02am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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