Day 88 Uplate

11:20pm: Housemates are getting ready for bed. There is a new task and heaps and heaps of ropes in the house. They are all tied to a rope and have rope in a pack they have with them. Krystal says she has stretch marks on her breasts. Max is convinced that his balls smell because he didn’t have a shower. He was going to have a shower tonight except he got the task so he can’t. Over in the bathroom, Dave is congratulating Claire for standing up for herself tonight. He says she was the only one in the room prepared to stand up to someone. Comm break.

11:38pm: Claire gets changed and gets her breasts out, and since this is only an MA show with the warning of nudity….we go to the backyard. Then to Mike, but finally back. Most housemates are in bed. Claire is saying she hates sleeping where she has to sleep tonight for the task, it’s the wrong side of the bed for her. Max says that he really hates it when Krystal wears that patch to cover her eyes to bed. They all laugh. Out in the kitchen Camilla is doing the dishes and Chris is helping. Not much being said. Camilla says that they once got Rob out of bed 5 times because people kept leaving dishes in the sink and BB kept telling him to clean it up. Mike cuts in, comm break.

11:54pm: Still doing dishes. Talking about Chris’s work. Camilla says she likes to have the same waiter for the whole night. Camilla wonders what types of drinks they serve, and Chris says they literally have everything. He says if it’s not on a list, as long as the person knows whats in it, they’ll make it. Cut to the bedroom where Krystal and Jamie are chatting. Talking about France. Jamie says he was too young to appreciate it, he spent most of his time with his parents. Krystal says she wants to go back. Silence. Cut back to the kitchen. Camilla say she loves tequila. Chris starts whistling. Camilla says she really misses her friends and her family. Camilla says she is definately going up to Sydney to see housemates at some stage, and says that Chris should come down to Melbourne when everyone comes (Derby Day I think). Comm break.

12:10am: Still in the kitchen are Chris and Camilla. Claire and David are near the diary room, it looks like Claire wants to go in. Camilla and Chris listen as a V8 outside the house does a burnout that lasts for quite a while. Claire comes out of the diary room with batteries. She tells Camilla that BB doesn’t really want the housemates using Dettol as a washing detrigent. Camilla says that she hardly put any in. Claire can see the word “offspring” in a mirror or something right near the diary room. Dave sees it too and they both think it’s really weird, but cool. Claire says that Chris must change his battery even though they did it for him and Jamie only an hour ago. Chris wonders if they get a red light on their battery packs does it mean they have been talking more than anyone else. Dave says they are unsure, because Ash used to get red lights all the time and he wasn’t the biggest talker. Claire returns all done and waits for the door to open again. Chris and Camilla continue to do their dishes in mostly silence. Comm break.

12:31am: In the bedroom Max says he has dyed his hair twice in his life; red and another colour which looked like bird shit, so he got that nickname. Dave says his school wouldn’t let them dye their hair. Chris, now in bed, says that his school had a list of what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Mike cuts in. Comm break.

12:41am: We’re in the bathroom with Krystal, Max and Jamie. Krystal is leading them in singing something, it’s something made up you can tell. Max talks about the fruit ad that was around years ago where they used fruit to make noise on tins etc. They return to the bedroom, and soon they are all singing this stupid song. It goes “I was an C grade celebrity, I can’t believe you don’t remember me”. Claire comes up with a slight alternative about Mammals. Comm break.

12:57am: Lights are out. Max is saying that he’s been saying things in Italian a bit. Apparently they haven’t used the punishment room for a while. They say that FNL will involve heights this week they think. They tell Chris and Max about how Dino got fined $5000 twice on FNL one night, for bad behaviour and also for talking to the outside world (saying “Hi Mum!”). Housemates seem to have settled down now and are trying to get to sleep. Max says goodnight to everyone. Comm break.

1:18am: Krystal and Jamie are whispering in bed. Krystal is saying that the winner doesn’t get as much time focused on them because they never get their own eviction night. She explains what happens on finale night, where everyone is invited back. Comm break.

At 1:47am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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