Day 95 Uplate

11:29pm: Housemates are sitting at the kitchen table. Jamie says he is so lucky to have been invited into the Big Brother house when he did. He says he didn’t want to go and get a ‘boring job’, he wanted to keep having fun. He again says he is so happy. Max says that he is lucky that he likes his work, his own business that his family has built up for him. He says he is extremely lucky. Camilla says she has absolutely no saving power, she says that Jamie is the same as her. Dave says that as someone who has been around the world and had his fun, that at some point you realise you have to knuckle down and make a life for yourself. Max agrees. Jamie starts saying that he was late for the flight to Queensland but his mum stopped him and whispered to him “If you ever meet a guy named Max, your fu**ed!” Max is almost rolling on the floor in laughter, he thought Jamie was being serious. It seems Camilla and Dave get up from the table as Max continues to laugh with Jamie. The boys say they need Chris in here! The boys continue laughing about absolutely nothing for a while longer. Camilla, who has moved to the kitchen, asks Jamie for some help with something. Max takes the rubbish to the diary room for some reason, before Camilla tells him to put it in the bin! Max finally gets it and takes it outside. Jamie goes about cooking something or other, and Camilla seems to have disapearred. Apparently they are making ‘bean dip’. Max wants bread with it, so they decide they’ll make it now. Max starts getting the bread going. Comm break.

11:43pm: All the housemates are in the kitchen/living room. The boys are in the kitchen making a meal or something while trying to remember the song Krystal made up last week. Camilla gives up a couple verses in but Jamie remembers most of it. Camilla says that when she came from the Revenge Room, she thought she would have 13 more days and be gone for sure. Jamie says that when Chris was evicted and then had the interview with Gretel before making his goodbye message, because Jamie thinks that he knew heaps of stuff when he was talking to the house. They talk about how David came out to the house. Jamie wonders who the first to come up to him to say thats cool was. Dave says the whole thing was a blur. Camilla says she just sat on the couch. Max wonders if Camilla fell in love with Dave straight away. Camilla says she didn’t fall in love, rather she found him really attractive. Max cuts in as soon as she says that, but Camilla tells him that she hasn’t finished. Comm break.

12:07am: Camilla is saying that she knew the way it looked but she doesn’t feel embarassed at all. She is talking about a Michael, and it seems she is talking about an ex. We cut back to the studio, so one would assume they are talking about the outside world. We return to the house a couple of minutes later. David is talking about someone he liked, he says he was head over heels for the guy but didn’t tell him and the guy went off and slept with someone else. Sheriff’s name is mentioned a few seconds later, but I’m unsure if he is talking about him because there are heaps of beeps. Mike cuts in again to get us away from this conversation, and we cut to a comm break.

12:16am: Max is saying they should paper scissor rock for something. I think they are thinking of eating something they’ve used for the domino task; which they are not allowed to eat, just use for the task. Dave says he doesn’t want to end up in the punishment room though. Max, Jamie and Camilla prepare to do Paper, Scissor Rock but they are laughing too much to do it. Max is out after the first game, and Camilla ends up beating Jamie. If Jamie or Max had won they agreed they would eat a bar each, but with Camilla winning they agree they can’t eat anything. Max says they were so close to eating a pod. They tell Max he has to wash the dishes, but he says he cooked and washed earlier. It seems he is stuck with it though. Max is still going on about the Pods they could have eaten. They make a new game which is the same but has a Deer, Hunter and a Bear. Max wins! They are scared now. Max decides they probably shouldn’t do it because they’ll be in the punishment room for ages. Dave reappears after that, and they get a bit of home made pizza out of the oven and start dishing it up. They talk about how Claire and Krystal might have still been up here and could be partying with Chris. Camilla says she isn’t jealous of Claire like many people think. Comm break.

12:35am: Back to the house we go. All housemates are laughing their heads off. Jamie gets it right by saying 2 will go Sunday, then says that maybe it’ll be one Saturday and one Sunday. Silence again. Max says that BB would’ve given them more warning but he knew that they knew something was happening. Comm break.

12:49am: Camilla and Dave are chatting in the bedroom. Camilla is saying that she always thought that Claire had another layer to her and she never really got there, until one day she realised that there wasn’t another layer to her and what you saw was what you got. David agrees completely, saying he thought she was hiding something, but he says there was nothing else. Camilla says that she really liked her. Camilla says she will never have the ‘wow’ relationship with her though. They keep talking but the beeps take over so we head to the backyard for some reason. Dunno where Jamie and Max are. Head back to the house 3 minutes later. Max and Chris return from the diary room, or the couch, hard to tell, with Jamie saying that Max just basically told him who he nominated. Comm break.

1:06am: Housemates are all in the bedroom. Dave says he went to the wrong audition, he should’ve gone on “Who wants to be a Millionaire”. Jamie says he was meant to go on “Australian Idol”. Max says he went to the right one. The beep cuts in for about 10 seconds before we cut back to Mike. Mike again makes mention that the Top 100 poll on the official site has an extra motive. Comm break.

1:20am: Jamie says that if he took a wristband off it wouldn’t mean as much, so he keeps it on. Camilla talks about something an ex gave her once. Dave says he couldn’t wear something he didn’t like. Jamie says that he saw a girl before he came into the house. He says he met her out once, and he kissed her and then for 4 months they would send an occassional message to each other. Out of the blue the girl rang her and they spoke for two hours. He says she was really horny and told him to come over to her place. Lights go out in the house. I think Dave and Camilla interrupted the story, because Jamie said at the start he hadn’t slept with her. Anyway, back to the story. Jamie says it came out of the blue because they were chatting about nice thing. Jamie says he did nothing. Jamie says that he organised it for the next day, but in the meantime she sent him explicit sms messages and Jamie just got freaked out. We cut away for a bit, then return to the bedroom. We’ve missed the end of the story. Dave says it must have been really really bizarre. Camilla just keeps laughing. Camilla wants to know her name, but Jamie says he won’t say. Dave says “but they might be watching on the internet right now”. So Jamie says the name, but we’re taken away before we know. Comm break.

At 1:56am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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