Day 79 Uplate

11:19am: Jamie is singing “Mary had a little lamb” over and over in the punishment room for singing commercial music. Everyone else is in bed, getting ready for bed. Camilla and Claire have kept Jamie company for a little bit. You can even here it from the bedroom, and all the housemates are doing in the bedroom is listening and talking about Jamie’s singing. And it just keeps going and going. Nothing exciting happening at all. Comm break.

11:37am: Jamie is still singing. We cut to the bedroom a few minutes later. Silence in there. Lights are still on, and you can clearly hear Jamie singing. Big Brother finally tells Jamie that is all, and that he is free to leave. Jamie thanks Big Brother. The housemates are even excited as well. The bedroom starts talking about a car or something. Jamie comes into the bedroom and everyone congratulates him on a job well done. They really think he sounded really god. Oh dear. Anyway, housemates settle down to sleep. Mike talks to Perry on the couch. Comm break.

11:54am: Krystal is talking to Jamie. Someone calls him the new John. Darren seems to have just woken up, and so they tell about Jamie having been in the punishment room. Back to Mike and Perry, comm break.

12:07am: Lights are on, but it seems all housemates have settled down to go to sleep. Comm break.

12:38am: Silence in the bedroom, lights are still on. After a while, Uplate update. Comm break.

12:52am: Lights are out at least now. We had a loony caller win the $1000, was kinda funny. Comm break.

At 1:46am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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