Day 81 Uplate

11:26pm: Housemates are settling down in the bedroom after Krystal’s party. They’ve just been talking about how they think they’ve changed their batteries for the final time today. Oh my god. Krystal has started singing that damn nursery rhyme again. Krystal and Camilla are talking about words in song, in particular “I don’t want my body”. Krystal says she is hungry again and wonders if there is any food left. Bloody Mary and her lamb again. Comm break.

11:39pm: Housemates still in the bedroom. Krystal was given a digital camera as a birthday present. The housemates wonder if she has had to take it back to BB, but she says she hasn’t. The girls start singing again, but someone tells them to shut up, so they move onto the national anthem, and it seems nearly everyone joins in. Claire yells out Anthony Callia’s name for some reason. Dave starts the second verse, and by the third line, he’s by himself. The guys wonder where the soccer goals went? Girls start singing the national anthem again. They move onto a conversation where Krystal uses the word “inhale” with heaps of beeps, and eventually they give up and send us off to the backyard. Back a minute later. Krystal singing the anthem again. Comm break.

11:57pm: Chris is trying to memorise how old people are. Big Brother rings the captain bell thing, so everyone must get to the ship and be dressed by 90 seconds. Claire is the captain and instructing everyone about. They get their easily. Someone says “I’m the king of the world!” Claire asks for silence then says she needs to say something. Claire says that they must do whatever the captain, or the second in charge (Chris), says at all times onboard the ship. Claire says that she didn’t think that the crew obeyed her today. I really don’t know if she is serious or not. She says that great treasure will await if they obey their superiors. Darren has gone from the ship and is in the treasure chest. I’m confused to say the least. Claire has said they shouldn’t communicate with the person in the chest. Apparently Darren must spend the night on Dead’s Man Island, which is where the chest is. Claire says that he will be there for a while, he doesn’t understand that she is serious! Ah OK, Claire was given a mini task to reprimand a crew worker on the ship at some stage today. She has done that by sending Darren off the ship. Comm break.

12:10am: Big Brother tells all housemates to stand down, except Darren. One of the newies wonder why Darren got punished as everyone returns to the bedroom. Dave says that Claire is the meanest captain ever. Cut to Darren out on the ‘island’ for a while, he seems very cold. Claire and one of the new guys (still don’t have them down, sorry!) are washing the dishes almost in silence. Krystal comes out and volunteers herself to wipe down the dishes. Krystal says the chocolates were really nice, Claire agrees. Max says that he would love to know what time it is. Back outside, Darren is freezing, but also might be having a bit of a cry as well. Perhaps not, not entirely sure. Back in the kitchen, Chris is wiping the dishes, Jamie is standing around and Claire is there too. Talking about Mars bars. Jamie says that tomorrow is Thursday, and explains that it’s a nothing day. Krystal explains that they also normally get locked inside for most of Friday
in preparation for FNL. Chris wonders if they could bring in the soccer ball to help time go by. Jamie says they probably could, but Krystal doesn’t seem too sure. Comm break.

12:30am: Bedroom is getting ready for bed. Chris and Jamie are out in the kitchen. Seem to be talking about Darren I think. Jamie says he’s a nice guy, but he needs to grow up a bit. Chris agrees. Jamie says that he didn’t know much when he was 19. Jamie says that this house has changed soo much, saying that in the space of a week and a half, they lost like 6 housemates. Camilla comes out and joins them eating green M&M’s. Comm break.

12:43am: Claire goes outside to let Darren come inside. He comes in without talking, then says he is cold to Camilla. He goes straight to the sauna. Back to the kitchen, where Camilla says she doesn’t like Darren much at all. David says that he wants kids or something. He says that he has three sisters and he would love for one of them to give him some eggs. He hopes that one of them will help them out. He says that one of them doesn’t want children, and he is hoping that she would help him out. He says he hasn’t discussed it with her though, because he says “It’s pretty big”. Uplate update from Monday, very strange. Back to the house, Darren is talking to Dave. He is upset because once before he got kicked out of something for stuffing around, and it bought back those memories for him. You know it’s getting near the end of BB when they start playing funny bits of Uplate on the way to a comm break.

1:02am: Claire goes to the diary room. We follow her in until BB is about to talk, and then taken back to Mike who plays another uplate update, the second for the segment. Comm break.

1:13am: Claire is talking to Chris about rugby league. Krystal is looking at her card she was given today. Jamie and Camilla are watching on. Camilla says she would have written something nice had she known that everyone else was going to. Jamie says his is half serious. Claire and Krystal are going on about Derby Day, the Saturday before the Melbourne Cup. The girls think they’ll struggle to get to the snow this year. Claire says she wants to see the first night show, with all the profiles and all that. Jamie says that his package would’ve been terrible. Chris says his was shocking as well. Housemates decide to settle down to sleep. Krystal thanks everyone for coming to the party, although she mentions that she didn’t invite any of them. Dave sings something with the word “Sherif” in it. Big Brother calls Darren to the diary room. Comm break.

1:31am: Back in the bedroom, lights still on. Camilla is talking to Chris about a hamster she had as a pet. Half the house starts singing some song. Darren is talking to Jamie about the light cubes or something. Claire is parting Dave’s hair a different way I think. Comm break.

1:44am: Lights are out. Camilla says “What are you laughing about you sluts?” Jamie and Darren are throwing the light cubes around in the dark. Mike cuts in. At 1:48am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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