Day 74 Uplate

11:28pm: I join a bit late. Apparently David is in the diary room asking BB to leave. This was fueled by an argument with Perry in which David exclaimed he didn’t want to play the game any longer and threw, or as Perry has stated, ripped off his microphone. Krystal is reassuring Perry and just talking over in the incident with her. Claire is sitting on the couch looking a bit stunned, saying she has never seen this side of David. Perry is saying that it’s not in her character to make someone else look bad. Krystal says that she understands her intentions and not to worry. Krystal starts a made up song. Comm break.

11:33pm: Camilla and Darren are having a shower after a sauna. Jamie has entered the kitchen, but not saying much. Perry says that she hopes David is alright. Krystal says she feels for David but she seems not concerned at all that David might well be leaving. She thinks that the guy has born it on himself. Perry seems to agree. Krystal says that she would’ve taken the news that David thinks that she is playing the game had he told her on her own, and not at the table. Krystal wonders if anyone heard that fart, but they say they didn’t. BB tells housemates that their are batteries in the dumbwaiter in the bedroom. No one heard it, so he does it again. Krystal seems very excited that they are getting batteries in a slightly different way. Housemates change their batteries. Comm break.

11:53pm: Jamie is talking about a girlfriend he used to have, and he starts talking about his first ever kiss with a girl. Mike cuts back in. We return to Perry saying she can’t sleep. Krystal spirts out “I always wipe my bum no matter what”. Perry and someone else are talking about David in the diary room and BB beeps it all out. She again says she is really worried about him. Camilla says that she thinks he’s been sensitive the past couple of weeks. Comm break.

12:05am: Krystal and Camilla are chatting about nothing. Darren says he’s not a big fan of Kettle chips. Almost everyone else sticks up for them. Perry repeats that she is concerned for David, and she is sad for him being sad. Perry says she didn’t mean to get him worked up. She says she gave him the option of talking about it later, not immediately. Camilla says that he walked away from a convo with her yesterday. Camilla and Perry continue to talk about previous times Dave has had a weird reaction to something. Camilla says she is tired. Perry wants to go and talk to BB, but she can’t. Comm break.

12:24am: Camilla is saying that Krystal got a conversation she has wanted to come out for a while to come out tonight, so she should forgo her right to seem a little sad. Krystal wonders what Gaelan is doing. Jamie reckons that Katie would be off doing little promo gigs. Jamie reckons she would still be doing that stuff, even though they say it’s been a month (no way it’s been a month!?) Perry tries to get to sleep, and there are goodnight calls all round. Perry hopes that BB doesn’t wake them up too early. Seems everyone is in bed. Jamie seems really awake humming, whistling and singing tunes out. Jamie still whistling. God that would be annoying. Comm break.

12:36am: Basically silence in the bedroom. Jamie says it’s sleepy time. Darren tells Jamie that he just looked in the mirror. Jamie says he does it all the time! Jamie says he’s going to sleep now. Silence. David is in the kitchen. Darren comes out, and he sees him. He wonders if he is alright. Darren tells him the lights are still on. He goes into the bedroom. Perry gives him a hug. Dave says he really needs to go to the bathroom. Dave apologises. As Dave goes to the toilet and stays in the bathroom, Perry thanks the three of them (Cami, Jamie and Krystal) for their support today. Silence again. Comm break.

Nothing more is shown of the house, and at 1:44am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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