Day 80 Uplate

11:38pm: Max and the other new guy are unpacking it seems. Everyone seems to be awake, but lying down on beds etc. Max shows the girls his aftershave. It seems Dave and Darren are out in the kitchen. Cut to Mike. Anyway, into the bedroom. Camilla is explaining an experience she had in the punishment room or something. The new guys laugh. Camilla tells the guys that she had an argument with Dave before. She explains she loves him heaps, but she can’t live with him. Outside in the gym, it seems Darren and Dave are by themselves. Darren is doing some weights. Back to the bedroom. Claire says they should have pancakes again this week. Camilla says that she is getting sick of them. The girls continue to tell the guys about the stuff they eat in here. Krystal says she had a couple of arguments with Anna and Michael, but she hasn’t had any for a while. She says she cries at silly things and not over arguments. Mike cuts back in. Clip package of Max. Back into the bedroom where Jamie and Claire are whispering to each other, Claire saying that when she got new batteries BB asked her what she thought of the new housemates. Jamie says that he might go and talk to BB right now. Comm break.

11:53pm: Back into the bedroom. Both guys are just lying on their beds as the girls fill them in about the other bedroom and how it all started. Krystal says that when she meets new people she gets a weak bladder. She says she’ll get to the eviction stage and have to go to the toilet. The guys wonder if they see Gretel on the screen, the girls tell them they do, and Camilla tells them that the nominees go into the diary room to chat to Gretel on eviction. Darren walks in and goes to the bathroom hardly saying anything. Camilla says that she thinks he is a bit peeved, as he was the new kid on the block up until tonight. Dave comes into the bedroom too, and explains the kind of workout he is doing at the moment in the gym. Camilla says she needs to do a massive session tomorrow. Dave and Darren are back in the bedroom now. Dave seems worn out after his workout. Cut to clip package of the other new housemate. Jamie re-enters the bedroom after a big diary entry. Krystal tells the guys never to call BB mate or Big Bro or anything like that, it always has to be Big Brother. Comm break.

12:10am: Claire says she is tired. They think they might get to sleep soon. Someone realises that BB has always said Happy Birthday to other housemates, so he’ll no doubt say it to Krystal tonight. One of the guys asks if they can sleep on the floor. The others tell him they can’t because it’s against the rules. Chris is out the back kicking a soccer ball with Jamie. They are talking about how they both used to play soccer. They continue to play while chatting away about positions they played. Chris says he is excited about FNL. Jamie says it should be a good day tomorrow with Krystal’s birthday. Jamie tells Chris about the soccer task they had a few weeks ago. Comm break.

12:26am: Still in the backyard with Chris and Jamie. Jamie says that you get into such a routine in the house. He says he didn’t use to get up until 2 or 3 in the arvo. Jamie wonders if Chris just works in a bar, and he says yeh. He didn’t go to uni. A sound occurs and everyone has to get into their pirate uniform and run out to the boat in the backyard. Claire is the person in charge and is yelling and screaming. They all finally gather on the boat, which is right where the spa is. One of them had problems getting onto the boat, and they might have missed their time on this occassion. They stand there for ages. It seems that BB must dismiss them. LOL. Claire is singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” from last night. Big Brother finally dismisses the housemates from the pirate ship. Actually no, they are still there. Someone is humming the tune to the nursery rhyme now. Now all the girls start singing it, and Jamie joins in. Comm break with the housemates still on the ‘ship’.

12:44am: Housemates still on the ‘ship’ outside. Just doing pirate voices, nothing overly exciting. They are talking about all the girls who have left, Krystal forgetting Jade completely. Chris tells the others what he told Jamie before, about how he is really looking forward to FNL. David says it reminds him so much of It’s A Knockout. Big Brother finally tells the pirates they can stand down. All are relived. Krystal keeps saying it’s here birthday. Jamie wishes her a happy birthday. They decide to wait for the ‘official announcement’ though. Comm break.

12:58am: Darren and Dave are in the gym again. They talk about doing some sprints. Dave tells him he can go first because he’s younger. Darrem starts doing sprints across the backyard as Dave counts for him. Into the bedroom we go. Krystal tells the new guys about how she saw the tiger show from winning FNL. She tells the guys about how a few have won trips oversea’s as well. Back to the backyard. Darren has stopped. Back to the bedroom. Krystal says that Katie won a scooter. One of the new guys wonder if BB will make them do the task again tonight. Jamie says they can do it whenever they want. Mary little lamb starts up again. Comm break!

1:15am: Bedroom now. One of the new guys say they are going to do some training tomorrow in the gym. The other one has never done weights, but might start tomorrow. Krystal talks about aerobics sessions. The housemates want the lights out, but BB hasn’t even wished Krystal a Happy Birthday yet. Nothing much happens, I think I actually tuned out lol. Comm break.

1:29am: Darren, Dave and one of the new guys are talking. Darren says that you shouldn’t feel embarassed to say anything in the house. Dave wants to learn more from …I’ve no idea which one it is! He says he’s got a brother and sister, and his longest relationship has been 10 months. He moved out at 18, and had his own place from 18-20. It’s Chris by the way. He wants to get out of his job and go back to studying. His parents are still together. Darren says that Chris is actually sitting in his seat or something. Back into the bedroom. Camilla has sore nipples or something. Comm break.

1:45am: Back in the bedroom. Camilla is saying that talking and bitching in the diary room is not part of everyone’s nature, but sometimes you just have too. Camilla says that most aren’t playing the game they are simply a part of the game. Jamie is doing impersonations of BB telling Krystal “Happy Birthday.” Chris outside says he likes all the girls in here. He says he would love to have a couple of weddings in his life. Comm break.

1:56am: Darren and Dave in the kitchen. Darren says that Krystal is taken, Claire is like a sister and Camilla is Camilla. Both new housemates are in the kitchen now. chris says he is always up late. Dave says that’ll soon change, you get no sleep in this place. Big Brother finally wishes Krystal a happy birthday. He really dragged it out too. But finally it’s done. Lots of screams and laughs as everyone hugs her and wishes her a happy bday. Lights are out now, and the newies are a bit lost in the bedroom. The new guys are going into the sauna or something. All the oldies are almost in bed ready for sleep. One of the new guys say that they have to put a movie on for K’s bday. At 2:04am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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