Day 66 Uplate

11:42pm: Out at the spa. Jamie, John, David, Camilla and Ashley are there. Talking about farts. Lots of laughs. Jamie mentions a fart when Dino was still in the house. Housemates continue to mention the funniest moments they’ve had in the house. Dave says that Dani’s ‘walk’ was quite funny. Ashley remembers that he got a fine for doing basically nothing once. Jamie remembers that and laughs as well. Camilla says she was laughing so much one night out the pack with Dave, she actually wet herself. David says that Big Brother made him laugh heaps one day in the diary room asking to put a topic in the Wednesday dinner topics. Comm break.

11:58pm: Still out at the spa. Talking about Mickey I think. Camilla says that she had some issues with Mikey. Camilla says she can’t wait to see Dino, although see says that he did give her more grief than they needed. Perry comes out and joins the convo. Perry wants to know if Michael took all of the toothbrushes. Perry says she is constapated. She talks about not being on the pill for years to Dave. Perry says her mum went through depression at about 40. Dave talks about a study that was released just prior to them coming into the house. We cut back to Jamie and Camilla’s convo. Jamie is complaining about Rob saying that when it came to Wednesday night dinners he was a lot more nice than he was actually feeling. Jamie says that he knew Rob felt more about certain issues. Jamie says that he walked away from a few of the discussions feeling really mad due to some of Michael’s comments. Comm break.

12:10am: Housemates are trying to figure out the date. Shouldn’t be that hard seeing it’s Jamie’s birthday. Mike cuts in, but we get back their pretty quickly. Perry is trying to figure out where everyone is from, which states. Jamie wonders if people can tell a WA accent compared to a Melbourne accent. They all agree you can’t. Perry tells Jamie that he is very well spoken. Jamie explains that his parents are from the UK. Perry says she sounds like a true blue aussie, but she is greek. Perry says that no one else in her family really speaks like she does, but she loves her accent. Jamie says that he wouldn’t want to change his education, but he would’ve liked to have gone to a guy/girl school. Perry says she sent her child to a private school. Perry says she’s not too crash hot on religion, she’s happy for anyone to believe in anything. She says she enjoys the greek culture etc. Comm break.

12:25am: Jamie is talking about going to hospital when he was really sick once. John is talking about a cross country school run they had. He says that he did this massive course and he came 10th, and they said to him “Congratulations, your through to regionals!”. John says he did a no show at the regionals. Cut to the sauna with Camilla and Dave. Camilla says that she thinks she doesn’t start confrontations, but rather she bites. She says she doesn’t really have anyone to fight with in here though. Dave wonders whether Perry makes her bite and perhaps Camilla doesn’t want to take her on. Camilla says she is happy to take her on. Camilla takes a cold shower because she is so hot. Back outside now. Jamie is talking about his mates or something. He goes onto talk about one of his mates who he says is really really really smart, but he also loves going out and drinking. Jamie says that the friend and his brother get on really well. Jamie says that last year they seemed to get up late everyday and drink beer over at the mates place. Comm break.

12:44am: In the bedroom with Dave and Perry. Perry says she is not missing the phone at all. Dave says he hates it, the phone. Dave says that this experience lets you re assess what you want out of life. Dave says he’ll be much more focused when he gets out of here. He says that this has been the best thinking time for him. Perry says that when she gets out of here a lot of crap is going to come out. Jamie and Ash are in the bathroom talking about some movie. Dave comes in and they wonder what BB is doing with the lights still being on. They talk about all the questions they were asked today in the diary room. They talk about this by saying “we’re not allowed to discuss those questions are we?” Comm break.

12:57am: Claire has woken up and is now talking to Perry and Dave in the bedroom. They talk about walkie talkies and how they used to use them. Perry and Dave says that they both still use them at work. Jamie, Ash and John are hanging out in the bathroom. Jamie is saying that if you look into one of the mirrors in a certain direction, you can see both sides of your face. Jamie heads into the bedroom, but we stay in the bathroom. We can hear Krystal wish him a Happy Birthday. Talking about different kicking types in the AFL. John says that if he kicks a torpedo he gets dragged. Comm break.

1:16am: Ash, Jamie and John are in the bathroom. But we go into the bedroom and Krystal is saying that she plans to buy something in Bateman’s Bay soon and get the first home buyers grant etc. Perry says thats really good. Camilla is talking about a job interview she didn’t get, and she says that she agrees she wasn’t the right person for the job, and she understands that, but she wasn’t treated right. Comm break.

1:25am: In the bedroom again. Then back to the bathroom. Boys are talking about boxing V kickboxing. Big Brother wishes Jamie a “Happy Birthday”. Everyone comes into the bathroom and wishes him well. Jamie wants to go for a victory lap round the garden. Seems to have livened up the room a bit however. Jamie does a little dance in the kitchen by himself, then comes back to the bedroom. Back to the bathroom he goes where his boys are still. Jamie says he’s 23. John wonders if it’s the longest he’s been away from family. Jamie says it is, and Ashley agrees apart from his sister. John says that they are 2/3 into Big Brother now. John wonders if they have heard the female BB, but Ash and Jamie haven’t. Camilla comes and says goodnight, then tells them that the lights are out. The boys think about going to bed. Jamie says he didn’t wear the headband at any of the auditions. Comm break.

1:42am: Boys still in the bathroom, figuring out when they will come out in regards to AFL finals and Spring Racing etc etc. Jamie says that he is closer to Claire and Krystal since Rob has gone. Talking about Darren and how they all think they have been a bit quieter since the latest batch have entered the house. Ashley says that they are in such a routine in this house. Ashley wonders what all the questions in the diary room today was about, but they don’t really expand on that because they can’t talk about it. Jamie wonders how his mates have changed while he’s been away from the house. Comm break.

Don’t go back to the house, and at 1:59am with the lights out, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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