Day 2 Uplate

11:06pm: Start with Mike babbling. Uplate update. Camilla and Dave are out the back. Camilla is saying that she told BB that Dave was a star, and BB wanted to know what “Star” meant. Camilla says she hasn’t had as much 1 on 1 time with anyone else. Camilla thinks that Dave might have been staying away. Dave says he hasn’t been. Tilli comes over and ruins the conversation. Camilla says that Dave needs to give her a back rub later. Dave uses the C word to describe something. I have no idea. Mike cuts in and ruins the convo. Cut to Tilli intro package.

11:24pm: Straight into Ashley’s intro package, then into the studio with Mike. Back to the house and over in the boys corner. A heap of bleeping out in this convo, can’t make a thing out. Tilli is talking to Michael and Dino about a drink driving incident, but still too many bleeps to make sense of it. Ashley is talking to god knows who about another subject, but within a metre of each other is everyone. It’s David the other guy. Turns out it’s Ashley’s story, and he blew 0.8 (perhaps 0.08?) on his P’s. They all think this is very funny. Ashley seems to have learnt his lesson however. He says he see’s underage or P platers all the time drunk wanting to drive home. Tilli gives Dave a cuddle, and they head inside to sleep. They both say goodnight to the remaining guys sitting outside. Mike gives us a clue but footage is still on screen. We head into the living room next, with Tilli talking to John. They wonder if they have to have their mics on to go to the toilet. Someone asks if anyone wants any tomato soup. It looks like some of the housemates are getting tired and thinking about heading to sleep. Elise and Claire? head to the bedroom (really sorry, still have no idea who’s who). Jamie also follows to the bedroom. Looks like David is just having something to eat before bed. In the bedroom there isn’t much noise. Some housemates must already be asleep. Camilla is brushing her hair. Claire and Elise head to the bathroom and start brushing their teeth. Claire says she got burnt today. Tilli comes for a sec, and says goodnight. Claire walks out of the bathroom, and heaps come in. Dino, Katie and Jamie. BB jumps in and tells Katie she isn’t wearing her microphone and fines her $5000. He informs the house that they have no lost $100,000. They can’t believe it’s been that many fines in 2 days! Katie says sorry. camilla says she made Kaite get up. Claire thinks that BB should donate the fines money to a charity. Heaps of people brushing their teeth and not much real conversations going on. Mike cuts in, comm break.

11:40pm: First brainteaser winner. Second game starts up. Make our way into the bedroom now. Dino and Gaelan are in bed. Camilla says that when they are speaking they can’t just hold their mic’s; they need to have them around their necks. Krystal is in bed two beds away. Dino throws a cushion at her. Tilli climbs into bed beside Krystal. Krystal says she is just going to keep her mic on. BB tells Gaelan he is talking without his microphone and incures another $5000 fine. He rolls over and then continues talking! Gaelan says he thought they could talk with their mic nearby. He says they had a convo like that last night. They comment about 2 days and $105,000 down the tube. Tilli and Krystal can’t believe it’s been 2 nights. They say the nights draging on. Someone takes a stab and says Midnight, then someone says 1am. Tilli wants to know the real time. Dino makes a BB time related joke. Dino farts. Krystal wants some pineapple. Others want some chocolate and heaps of other stuff. They say anything is better than tomato purie. Sardines were on the supper menu late tonight. Comm break.

11:57pm: Still in the bedroom. Heaps of people on one bed. Camilla, Claire, Jamie, Tilli, Elise and Krystal. Jamie tells a story about organic lettuces in a supermarket being swapped with normal lettuces because they had slugs on them. Jamie wonders if they will have charity items. Elise will give her bikini. Jamie wants to give his earplug. Claire can’t believe that they are thinking about this stuff. They talk about all having one of the ducks. Claire mentions something about Anzac Day being tomorrow and showing some Australian spirit. They say they are all starving, a few really craving chocolate. Elise says she wants a meat pie right now! Jamie says when he woke up in the morning he was playing “Bed”. It’s a simple game of who is the last up. He says he was in a showdown with Dave for a while, but eventually won! Theu wonder if another battery change will be needed tonight. Someone thinks that they will start doing battery changes in the middle of the night just to get at them. Jamie makes a sarcastic comment that he would be given a chance to be up in the middle of the night, and that he would love it. Tilli starts to tell a story about a recent visit to the diary room, but start laughing too much. She finally gets to it; when BB said her name, her stomach made a weird noise, so BB asked if she was hungry. All the housemates laugh. Talk turns to Gaelan’s fart a while back, which seemed to be pretty funny…Noe they are whistling. Someone says there isn’t horny people in the house. They say that Camilla is probably the most open of them all. She doesn’t think she is that bad in the sack. Camilla thinks Anna is something…but we cut to Mike, then a break.

12:16am: Michael and John are in the backyard. John says he hasn’t spoken to Krystal much. Michael says he spent a lot of time with her today. John says that others were commenting that they might hook up (Krystal and Michael) earlier because of the amount of time they spent together today. Michael says it’s interesting to know what others are saying about him. He then says they should make a deal; be each other’s mole. John doesn’t seem sure he should sign up to it though. John is concerned about the outside world’s reaction to it. Michael says he can tell that John isn’t into it. Michael says he doesn’t want to know if people don’t like him, he only wants to know if others think he’ll hook up with someone else. John seems more acceptable to this kind of deal. Mike, then comm break.

12:26am: Back in the bedroom. John has made his way there, talking to Camilla about spooning techniques. They look to be counting the condoms in the house. 17 they have. They were going to play a trick with the condoms on David, but Camilla doesn’t want them too because she doesn’t know how they’ll react. Camilla says that Dave is waiting for the girl of his dreams to walk through, and that’ll be an intruder. John says he’d love to be an intruder. Claire wants a hot zoo keeper to come in! Someone makes a good point that it’ll be whichever gender has least left according to evictions. Out to the couch, Ashley and Dave talking. They are saying that if you spoil a person in a relationship with you, it’ll bite you in the end because they will expect it the whole time. Ash says that you never realise what you have until it’s gone. Dave says “We’re pretty much talking ourselves to sleep yeh”. Dave says he wishes an ache would go away in his neck. John comes out and joins them. Ash wants a glove for some reason, and John puts it on him. John is tempted to eat some sardines because he needs some protein. Comm break.

12:41am: Back to the bedroom we go. Dino is in bed, picking his nose. Krystal thinks Ash is very funny, although often gets sidetracked. They say it’s tough for him because he doesn’t know half of his famly (I don’k know exactly, it was bleeped out.) Krystal says she is closer to her mum than her dad. Dino says it all depends. Krystal says that the sun is going to come up in an hour! She says that someone has sore eyes. Dave, Camilla and Tilli have a quick joke outside the bathroom, and then Tilli says she is going to sleep. Out in the living room, near the dining table, Michael and Claire are talking. Michael says he feels as if he’s waiting for BB to really start, then says but he knows it has started. Michael says he thinks and ponders way too much. Claire says she does too. Michael wonders what the shocking twist is. He is trying to find out the info, and asks Claire if she has any theories. Claire wonders if there is an upstairs. Claire says that when she first walking into the waiting room she thought Michael and Elise were a couple, because Elise told claire all about what Michael did in the real world. She later learned that they weren’t a couple however. Michael says they both live in Sydney, but there don’t know each other. Claire also says she wonders where the door near the outside shower leads to, saying it might lead to Animals, or an intruder entrance. She just doesn’t know. Comm break.

12:54am: Into the kitchen, Michael and Jamie are talking. They are going through Michael’s past life to get to know info for the task. BB calls John to the diary room. This starts a few jokes about what BB could tell John. Jamie wonders what the heck they are going to ask the housemates. John comes back with batteries. Claire says she likes changing peoples batteries for them. In the bedroom, Camilla is talking to Anna. It seems like Anna has been crying. Camilla asks if she is alright. She says yeh, and goes to the bathroom. Camilla says that most of her sleeping tshirts were rejected. Mike tells us that Anna is crying because she feels sick. Anyway, back to the house. Camilla gets into bed, and changes into a different top. She speaks without her mic on, but doesn’t get fined. Camilla and Dave settle down in their bed. Camilla wonders if Dave is ticklish. Cut to Anna leaving the bathroom. Camilla tells everyone to give Anna some love cause shes not feeling well. Comm break.

1:08am: Camilla and Dave are giggling in bed. They pull their covers up over themselves to get rid of the light. Michael comes over to say goodnight, and kisses Camilla. She uses this as a chance to kiss Dave goodnight, who says that it’s his first kiss in the house. Lights go out. Someone is complaining about some light coming from a camerarun or something. Dave hopes his headache is gone by tomorrow. Camilla says to hurt himself somewhere else. Mike cuts in, and ad break.

1:19am: Camilla climbs on top of Dave for some reason. Actually they’ve just swapped sides of the bed. Dave loves his new side. Camilla doesn’t like it, but says as long as she gets a cuddle! dave says he feels sooo much better. Silence falls over the bedroom. Dave starts giving Camilla a nice cuddle now. Silence again, although there does seem to be some laughter over the other side of the bedroom. Cut back to Mike, before Dreamworld says goodnight at 1:26am

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