Day 3 Uplate

11:24pm: Mike does a very long intro first off. The sound and vision don’t quite match, about 2 seconds off. He crosses to the house but keeps talking. Looks like a lot of people in the bedroom just talking. Lights are on however. Mike brings us back to the studio where he goes through some games, an internet site and finally an uplate update. Finally get to the house at 11:30pm. Anna is in bed, and looking into space. Elise and Karen are in the bathroom. Elsie compliments Karen on her PJ’s. Elise says she normally just wears a gstring. Karen says she gets cold often. Claire comes out of the toilet and is afraid she gave the camera a nice flash. Elise goes to the toilet, Claire stays brushing her teeth, and Karen heads back to the bedroom. Out in the living room the boys are laughing about farts. They then make fun of Katie drinking out of a wine glass. She says it’s classier. Mike cuts in after just 4 minutes, and we’re off to a break.

11:40pm: Mike cracks a joke about Kris Noble before going back to the house. Michael and Krystal are talking. Michael says that he can’t really remember the first night too well. He says it’s hard to read people in the house after such a short time. Krystals says that she thinks some people in the house don’t like her that much. She then says that she thinks Michael doesn’t really like Gaelan either because he steals the limelight that Michael wants. Michael disagrees. He suggests they take the convo to the backyard, but they don’t. Michael thinks that Krystal is very hot and cold around him. Krystal says she is very open, and happy to talk about anything. Krystal goes to get a jumper. Krystal asks Michael what colour the top is. Michael says orange, then reveals that he isn’t really colourblind. Krystal says she knew it, but then says she is pretty gullable. They say it’s hard to read strangers. Krystal gets into bed. Michael says that when he goes back to Sydney, he really wants to completely change his lifestyle. Comm break.

11:51pm: “This is BB. It’s time to lineup.” Everyone realises they have to go out in the cold to the backyard. BB comes on again and tells them to get out their immediately. Camilla complains because she didn’t get a chance to grab a jumper. There is a most sign and a least sign. Lots of talking until BB tells them to lineup from most annoying to least annoying. Katie goes to the most! Claire is least. Michael and Krystal are still standing side by side. He says to her “not me, I love ya!” Now David is the least annoying. Everyone is talking over each other. Michael and Krystal seperate in the line. After thats finished, BB tells them to lineup from strongest to weakest. They have a debate about whether it’s performance or muscle related. They end up with Elise the weakest and Jamie the stronest. BB tells them that is all and they all head inside. Comm break.

12:05am: Camilla and Dave are settling down in the bedroom. Dino & Ash are also nearby talking. Lots of talking going on but camera is on silent Dave. Jamie and John are talking, Jamie saying he wants to hit the sack. Someone yells out “how are ya?!” David is picking at his hand. Over to Camila, Dino and Ashley. Camilla says that she doesn’t really dislike many people in the real world; she can always focus on people’s better points. Dino says he always remembers people’s weak points and thus always has a negative view on lots of people. Ashley agrees with Dino. Dave settles down in bed and tries to sleep. Camilla offers a bit of their bed to Dino, as he got his bed taken away today by Big Brother. He farts though, and they walk away from Camilla. Till starts laughing for some reason. Camilla says that even though Jamie had 5 fines in a short period, everyone has fallen for Jamie. He says he had 5 fines before daybreak. Jamie says that he only gives shit to Tilli, and so he tells her she to ‘cherish it.’ They talk about the task and how they shouldn’t have wasted so much time debating what kind of strenght they wanted it to be. Katie comes over, but we go back to David and Camilla’s convo. They laugh because Dave farted, so Camilla move away. Back to Jamie and Tilli, who are both concerned they might be getting a cold. Comm break.

12:21am: Battery change. Dave is talking to Camilla still about being a best man at a mates wedding. Katei gets into bed with Jamie, who is singing. Anna is back in bed. Krystal has just joined Camilla and Dave’s chat. Jamie is trying to change his haistyle, but it’s not working very well. Michael, Krystal, Camilla, Till all gather around a bed. Michael says he wants Krystal to shower topless. Someone farts and a few move away. Gaelan lets another one go, then tells them that they won’t have a night this bad again for 28 nights, when he reaches a peak in his cycle. Ash & Dino are also watching on, standing around Gaelan. They start talking about how much blood the average person has in their bodies. They are arguing over whether it’s 5 or 7 litres. Comm break.

12:34am: Katie and Jamie are sharing a laugh in bed Michael comes and lies on the bed with them. Talking absolute rubbish. Someone on the other side of the room says goodnight, and Michael goes over there and gives Anna and Claire a kiss. Karen is seen asleep in a bed by herself. Back to Katie and Jamie, who are looking at Katie’s photos. Katie says that her grandparents are very funny, always joking. Jamie says that he has similar ones, and they compare them to the grandparents in Everyone Loves Raymond. Jamie wants to wax his chest, but didn’t bring any wax in. Over to Dave & camilla we go, who are talking about Yedi mind tricks. Now onto a Yoda joke, but it’s bleeped out so you can’t tell what it was. Dave gets pissed off about a flicking light. Camilla gives Michael one of their ducks, but says he has to take care of it. He agrees. They call him Spot. Katie & Jamie join in on the duck conversation. Dave out of nowhere says “Fuck, it must be late!” It was funny! They think it’s 2 or 3am, but someone says midnight. Comm break.

12:48am: Into the dining room, Michael and Krystal talking by themselves again. Michael says that when he saw her sunbaking on the first day that she was going to be the typical gorgeous sunbaker who doesn’t add anything to the house. Krystal says people always get the wrong first impression of her. After spending a bit of time with her, she says they change their opinion. Tilli comes over and stays, so they talk about how they are going to take these cubes that light up in the dark into the bedroom when lights go out. Camilla also comes and joins the gang. Krystal tells the girls about Michael having the wrong idea about her in the beginning. Camilla says she thought that Krystal would be dumb, and Tilli says she immediately hated her because she thought Krystal was gorgeous. Camilla goes onto say that Dave just told her that she was the most dominant of the girls in the house. The other girls definately agree, even Michael. Camilla can’t believe it. Jamie comes out with a different hairstyle, as we go to an Uplate Update. Back from that, we’re still in the dining room, only having lost Jamie. Michael is talking about food and that he would have KFC if he could right now. The girls somehow start talking about how their periods all seem to be in the same time of the month. Krystal says she was getting worried because she hadn’t had one for a month or two, but had had one recently. Comm break.

1:03am: Lights are out in the bedroom. Michael is throwing those glow cubes around. Most seem to be settling into bed. Conversation between Jamie and Katie is about sexual tension. Jamie says he is fine since he got in the house. Michael comes and juggles the cubes in front of their bed, but it’s hard in the dark, even with them glowing. Krystal returns from the kitchen. Camilla climbs back into her bed and snuggles up to Dave. Silence descends on the bedroom. Ash decides to chuck a pillow over to Katie and gets her right in the head. Katie throw it back and knocks something off a ledge, and then says “Do you think they saw that?!” Jamie wonders if it’s Wednesday tomorrow. Katie tells him it is, then wonders herself if Uncut would have been on in the first week. Comm break.

1:18am: Katie and Jamie seem to be doing a bit of cuddling in bed. No talking though in the bedroom. We go out to the kitchen where Michael is the only one still up and is just doing some dishes and wiping up. Comm break.

1:33am: Michael is reading the housemate guidelines out in the backyard. No words are spoken util 1:43am, when Dreamworld says goodnight.

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