Day 3

8.21am: Karen is doing some weights. Anna comes out and speaks to her, wondering if Karen heard Big Brother tell them last night that they have now lost $100,000 in fines. Anna thinks it’s insane to have that amount lost already. Anna has a bit of trouble calculating how long it would take to lose the million dollars, but eventually gets it right. Anna adds “Everyone shape up. Or ship out!”

Inside, Camilla asks Gaelan how he slept on his bed when it was wet. Gaelan says he flipped the mattress. Gaelan says it’s cool, as they should dry today anyway. He puts them out in the sun in the backyard. Out in the kitchen, Michael and David agree that everything is running a bit too smoothly for their liking. Michael wonders if anyone will happen. David doesn’t think so, although he says it’s a bit unusual thats there is no ‘mega-bitch’ in the house. Michael asks him, hypothetically, if Big Brother offered him immunity for three weeks, and in that three weeks he just had to cause havoc in the house, would he do it? David says “Yes… yes!” David adds that no one would forgive him though, and he’d be out in the fourth week for sure.

Anna seems to be getting changed. David asks her if she plans to take her top of when showering. She says she has no intentions of doing that. Big Brother interrupts, and tells Anna she is not wearing her microphone, and she receives a $5,000 fine.

1.15pm: Gaelan gathers everyone to the bedroom, as he has a letter to read. It says that as part of this weeks task, Big Brother wants to see how well housemates line up against each other. Upon leaving the bedroom, housemates will find two signs in the backyard, one saying MOST, and the other saying LEAST. Gaelan tells housemates that Big Brother will get housemates to line up between the signs during the week. BB tells housemates “It’s time to line up.” They seem to be quite excited about this. Big Brother tells the housemates that the first category for the lineup is “intelligence”. Anna says she is the most intelligent person in the world, leaning on the MOST sign. She is quickly shipped off to the other end though, saying “I’m smart, I just don’t know big words.” She has a fight with Katie, saying “You’re before me!” Big Brother asks them to take their final positions. Anna is LEAST, and not happy. “I don’t want to be here, just because I’ve got blonde hair!” Anna tells Gaelan he’s a bricklayer, so he’s dumb. Gaelan tells her, “See. Thats why I’m not down there, I’m not a bricklayer.” BB tells the housemates that they may stand down. Anna marches away saying “Thats not cool guys, I’m not talking to you.”

A little later, Ashley is over at the barbecue talking to Elise. He tells her that just because he wants to have fun all the time, he’s characterised as being dumb. Elise says she doesn’t think he’s dumb. Claire is talking to David, saying she is glad they’ve got something to do. David wonders whether they will have to remember some of the lineups. Claire thinks so. They also say it’s like a compatibility test. Anna says she thinks she’s rather smart. Anna tells her that as long as you think that, who cares what others think.

Later, Dino is drying off and starts talking to the girls. He doesn’t have a microphone on. Big Brother calls him to the diary room. Once there, Big Brother imforms him he must bring two single mattresses from the bedroom back to the Diary Room. He laughs, and tells the other housemates to ‘watch.’ He grabs the first mattress, takes that to the diary room, then grabs a second one! He takess Gaelan’s spare mattress, and says that they can snuggle up together, thinking there’ll still be room. Gaelan says “Yeah, you and John.”

5.57pm: Katie wants to have a martial arts class with Michael. They seem to have a bit of fun taking fighting positions. Over near the pool, Camilla wonders who is going to hook up. Elise says that Anna or Krystal will hook up with someone. Karen says that she thinks Krystal is moving away from the guys a bit. Karen thinks that Krystal doesn’t mind having a muckaround, as long as it’s on the friends side. Krystal has now joined in on the martial arts session. Elise asks Camilla if she wants to hook up with anyone. Camilla says she doesn’t think she does with anyone. David softly says “Much.” Camilla says “Don’t look at me like that. You think I’m, like, melting for you or something.” Anna walks over to the martial arts class, and they seem to stop as soon as she arrives. She says “Hey, you don’t have to stop?” Katie says they are done. Anna says “I wanna go!” Michael says “You want to go home!” Anna gets a bit more peeved off, so Michael gives her a hug.

Over at the pool, it’s only Camilla and David left. Camilla says she pictured more girls would be threatened by her, but they’re not. Camilla changes her mind, thinking Anna might be a little. She says that Anna is a nice girl and all that though, saying that she has never lived out of home.

Over at the hammocks, Michael and Anna are talking. Anna says she can tell that everyone is trying to be friendly with everyone and trying to be the centre of attention. Anna says she feels like a bitch because it’s been three days and she hasn’t seen anyone else have a bitch yet. Michael tells her lots of others are bitching. He says he doesn’t want to see her cry or anything. Anna says she is a very emotional person, and he’ll come to realise this. Michael tells her a lot of people are holding back. Karen comes over and joins them. Karen tells Anna to let her emotions out. Anna says that Camilla on the outside world is like the centre of attention, but in here she is more sitting back. Michael doesn’t think that Camilla is holding back at all now.

Later, Big Brother calls Michael to the diary room. Big Brother asks him to rate the most hunky. He says Jamie. Big Brother asks for the least hunky. He says Ashley. Big Brother tells him that when he calls for housemates to lineup from most to least hunky, it is Michael’s job to make sure Jamie is standing at the most hunky end, and Ashley is the least hunky. Michael laughs. A little bit later, BB tells male housemates to lineup. As Michael walks outside by himself he says “Oh c’mon, you didn’t give me time to do anything!” Big Brother reveals the category as ‘hunky’. Michael immediately takes charge. Jamie doesn’t want to be in the front, and Ashley doesn’t want to be at the back either! Ashley keeps swapping. The girls, standing to the side, tell David to go to the MOST end. Michael eventualy gets it right, until Ashley runs for the MOST end. Michael gets him back, just in time.

10.49pm: Karen comes to talk to Krystal on the couch, as Michael sits there. Dino, waiting to go into the diary room, asks Karen who is looking after the kids. She says that her mum and her sister are. She says they are going to come to her house, because the kids have to go to school etc. Karen says one of her kids told her “Mum, everyone at school already thinks you’re hot. They’re just going to think your even hotter!”

Dino is eventually allowed into the Diary Room. He tells Big Brother that he’s spoken to nearly everyone, but he’s not really close to anyone. He says that he feels that everyone has formed their little groups, and he’s not in one of them, jumping from group to group. He says that he feels down, as close to sad as you can get. He says he’ll try harder.

Out at the spa, Camilla and David have some alone time. Camilla says she finds David very interesting. David wonders whats about to happen. Camilla says nothing will happen… then says she’s not quite sure. Camilla says that she wants to be friends with David, as she thinks they are similar. Dino comes over and asks if he’s interrupting. Camilla says not at all, but David tells him that the ‘big moment’ was about to happen! John says he wants to check on the spa, because he thinks there might be some action out there. They all head outside. Lots of talking out there, David and Camilla hugging. Anna asks if they just kissed? Dave says they were thinking about it. Anna says “just kiss!” Katie is getting her bikini on, and Anna, who has returned to the bedroom tells them that they might have been interrupting something out there. Dino says that they will get it on, saying “It’s only Day 3!”

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