Day 6 Uplate

10:18pm: Straight into the house tonight. Housemates have just been told something from Big Brother, and now fill into the storeroom to collect a bit of alcohol. Perfect timing. Bree is also on Uplate, as we cut back to the studio. Talk about Gaelan winning the Friday Night Games, and picking runner up Katie to go into the rewards room with him. Logan David will also be on the show a little later. Finally get back to the house 5 minutes later. Housemates are gathered around the kitchen. Lots and lots of talking, no hope of actually hearing a conversation. Someone mentioned that they should get dressed, and Karen says she already is dressed, she doesn’t need to change into something better. John and Katie are speculating what the fourth suprise is this year. Katie jokes it’s a prostitute, and that she’ll be forced to just shut her eyes while Gaelan has her fun. Cut away to the bedroom, Michael is telling Camilla that he will let her know if she pisses him off. He says that everything is fine. Mike cuts in! Comm break.

10:31pm: Back to Mike and Bree. He explains that Gaelan will open 1 of 3 boxes in about half an hour, where he’ll win a Thailand holiday, a banquet tomorrow night, or a bow tie. Thats the fourth prize for winning FNL. Lots of housemates in the kitchen having a drink. They are having a debate about the alcohol already, and David offers his up for someone else. They all do the cheers and clinks with the glasses. Jamie wants to go and sit outside. Anna complains that they don’t even get 3 beers each as they take seats outside. Cut to the rewards room. Gaelan says he wants to leave this place a mess, then says that they should keep it clean. Back to the kitchen, Michael is complaining about people cheating during FNL tonight. Dino and Michael continue to wash and dry the dishes while everyone else seems to be outside. Gaelan and Katie come over to the house, and one of the guys tell them to piss off! Michael says ‘the attitudes of some people’ referring to Camilla. Gaelan says that was so fun, referring to FNL. Mike cuts in, comm break.

10:44pm: John is talking to Camilla. He says he wants to go over to Perth, and he wants to go to Sydney because he hasn’t been there since he was young. He also says that he wants to spend some real time on the Gold Coast. He says he in fact wants to go everywhere in Australia, referring to Darwin. 9 housemates sitting outside around the table. After what seems like 2 minutes, we’re taken to an Uplate update. Comm break. *Oh this show is soooooooooo worth watching*

10:57pm: Into the kitchen now. Housemates seem to have moved inside. Krystal is talking to Gaelan asking him why he isn’t watching dvds or something. Gaelan says he wants to be out here. Krystal says that she said he’d be back within 5 minutes after going in there. She says it’s good that he wants to be out here. The girls seem to be very happy for Katie though. Camilla says she knows that she was rude yesterday, but she didn’t mean to be. Mike cuts in and talks to David, one half of the Logan brothers. They have just come back from the north pole. Back to the girls finally, to which Anna has joined Krystal and Camilla. Camilla asks Anna what one word she would use to describe herself, she says ‘real.’ Camilla says she didn’t really judge Anna correctly when they first met. She thought that she was stuck up. Anna says she’s from Frankston, she’s just a normal girl. Comm break.

11:10pm: Welcome back to the worst uplate in history. Seen perhaps 10 minutes of footage so far tonight. Housemates seem to be mostly back outside now. Elise is talking about her childhood years. Claire says that her mum is now her best friend now she’s older. Cut to kitchen where Krystal and Camilla are talking. Camilla says she needs a wee. Michael is inbetween Krystal and Anna on the steps near the diary room. Krystal says she would’ve been in the rewards room if Michael had won. Anna thinks she would’ve been. They ask Michael, and he seems to suggest Krystal, but we cut to outside. Big Brother soon calls Gaelan to the diary room. Anna asks Gaelan to tell him his knee is sore. We go into the diary room, a rare uplate event. BB tells him he forgot his trophy. Big Brother tells him upon his return to the rewards room he’ll find three boxes. He may choose only one box. Each contains a prize. BB tells him to go back to the rewards room with Katie. He doesn’t tell the house everything, grabbing Katie to go back in there for ‘a sec.’ Once inside, he says he has to read the letter out. Big Brother stops him and says that he told him to wait for BB’s instructions. They get a drink while they wait. Gaelan says that Dino filled him in before telling him that it was very depressing before they came back to the house proper. Comm break.

11:23pm: Back to the rewards room we travel. Gaelan is wondering whether to read it or wait. BB helps him by telling him to read it out loud now. He reads out the 3 prizes, the holiday, the banquet, or the bow tie. He chooses box number 3. BB tells him to open it up. It’s the bow tie! Gaelan says it’s a lovely present, and he’s most appreciative. Katie says it’s broken! Gaelan says he didn’t expect it anyway. BB interrupts again. He tells him he can keep the bow tie, and that he can now check the other two boxes. BB is really playing the director here, telling him to open the boxes and remove the contents. Gaelan says ‘so close, but yet so far!’ Katie wonders where his wine is, and Gaelan tells her that she is drinking it. BB comes over again, saying that he should not touch the boxes again. Cut to the studio until the comm break.

11:36pm: Back in the studio, they cut to a clip package of the Logan’s trip to the north pole. Get into the house 6 minutes into this segment. He explains about the 3 boxes. They say they could hear Big Brother out in the backyard. Krystal wonders if there will be any romance in the rewards room, saying she thought it was only 24hrs long, but it’s actually 48. Gaelan says he only picked Katie because she got second place. He says he couldn’t have picked anyone which reminds him more of his sister, so there definately won’t be anything happening. Michael asks Gaelan if he’s got a secret. Gaelan says that Michael has all these theories about nothing, and they all laugh. Krystal tells Michael he’s paranoid. Gaelan says the only thing he kept was the dancing thing, but he told BB in auditions etc. Michael says that he thinks there is a mole, but Krystal calls him out and says that she thinks Michael is if anyone. Michael says that he’s bored, and if he was at home, he reads or writes, but here he can’t do anything but think. Krystal says that there is so much that people miss in this house, conversations etc. Comm break.

11:49pm: Uplate Top 8 is up straight from the break. Finally head to the house. Dino, Tilli and Krystal are talking in the backyard. Tilli says that with FNL you need to be tactical in your choosing of housemates. Michael comes over and wants to talk tactics for next week, but Dino says he doesn’t want tactics, he just wants fun. Dino says if he won, he would take the person who came second. He says if he picked a girl they would think that he wanted a root, and thats not what he wants people to think. Krystal and Michael both say they wouldn’t take the runner up, they would take someone of the opposite sex. Krystal also adds that she wouldn’t have sex in there because it’s national TV. Michael says he would take Dino if he took a guy, and Krystal if he took a girl. Dino says he would’ve taken Gaelan over Michael because Gaelan is so well liked in this place, and people would think that they are segragating from the group if he took Michael. Dino says he would take Tilli if he picked a girl. Michael says they should split up next week so they have a good chance. Mike cuts back in. At 11:57pm, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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