Day 5 Uplate

Tonight we open with a clip of Michael talking to Gaelan about Mike Goldman, and whether BB would like it if Michael requested to talk to Goldman. Gaelan has no idea who Mike Goldman is, and Michael had to spell it out for him.

11.37pm – Elise is chatting with Anna, Jaime and Katie in the bathroom. Elise has been crying because she feels she hasn’t been connecting with the other housemates. Katie and Jaime have been frontal spooning in bed, according to Mike. Mike also lets us know that they both have incurred $25 000 in fines each.

Mike shows us a computer image of if Krystal and Michael had a baby, from a task used earlier today – its hideous!

Mike then shows us a baby Bree had a while ago – its a joke of course – its naked and has the face of Ryan Fitzgerald (tee hee).

11.30pm – Housemates are now comforting Elise explaining how they are trying to fit into the house. Karen and Jaime agree that they are acting different in the house than they would outside. Tilli has joined them now to check if Elise is ok. Anna gives Katie a kiss on the cheek for some reaosn or another.

11.33pm – The housemates continue to comfort Elise, now Tilli is explaining changes in personalities in the house, and lets Elise know that the other housemates can understand too because they are in the same position. Tilli feels alienated from her life out there – she feels like she is missing out on stuff. Jaime doesn’t miss his outside life at the moment. Tilli is bothered by the fact she doesn’t know what she’s missing. Elise seems to be cheering up now – sortof. Tilli and Jaime brush their teeth really fast.. they race each other.

Elise tells Katie she’s not usually the kind caring type, she’s usually the one bashing the boys. Katie says it will come out when its the most comfortable, and she shouldn’t force it. Elise finds it strange because she’s usually the same as Katie. Katie has a horrible day today – they had to clean all day. For some reason everyone loves Tilli’s navy thongs, and she doesn’t know why. Jaime explains his wardrobe and what goes with what thongs.

In the bedroom Dino is saying to Anna that the gym in the big brother house is terrible – the boys are struggling with it. “It could have been better”.

Dino: “And the wallpaper here is shocking… at least we’ve got a pole though”

Anna tries to get Dino to dance on the pole. Dino farts and talk turns to sardines and tuna.

11.43pm – We’re back from the commercial break and Bree Amber is in the studio with Mike. She will be back for FNL and doesn’t explain much except that there will be a studio audience this time (?!).

11.46pm – Tilli is standing on the stripping pole. She is spinning around and giving Krystal fashion tips. Tilli’s pants fall down a little and she goes “ooh hi!”. Karen tells Tilli to be careful on the pole – very mother like. Karen comes over to Tilli and they quietly bitch about Camilla going over the top today about the cleaning. Krystal feels bad for being short tempered with Anna but they both agree that she can be instantly annoying. They both sit on the pole saddle and have a D&M. There is mutual appreciation for Dino caring about them. He told Tilli earlier that he feels he can just come to her about anything. They both love how Michael comes and gives them a hug and kisses.

Karen is talking about hippie things with Jaime. She talks about how she planned to buy a convie van when she was 16. Jaime hasn’t even thought about leaving home yet. He only has 96 cents in his bank account. He recalls an embarrasing moment when he had to withdraw his last $9 from a teller because he didn’t have enough to withdraw from an ATM. A bunch of them are now on the bed gossiping about Camilla. Apparently earlier she had an argument with a male housemate about sardines.

11.59pm – Jaime and Karen are searching for her lost photos. Mike tells us that John and Karen have been punished by Big Brother and must remain standing all night. Dino goes around the bedroom to accept donations for things to sleep on since he no longer has a matress. He goes and takes things from beds anway without asking the owners. Katie shows Gaelan and Tilli photos of her loved ones… then her thongs. Tilli says she Katie has large feet. Woah David has a new hairstyle and its really gay!

12.06am – David and Tilli pash! Camilla looks a little concerned. Mike Goldman says “does that mean Tilli’s a man!?”. The reason for the kiss was Tilli was worried her breath smelt like sardines, so David tested it out with a kiss. David likes kissing guys with a little bit of growth. Tilli has now moved into the bathroom with Camilla and apologises for kissing David because she knows they have a strong relationship.

12.10am – The kiss is still big news, a group of them discuss it outside the bathroom. Michael, Ashley and Karen took Tilli outside and accused her of creating drama. Tilli says its no big deal. The topic quickly moves to John, who accidentally broke all the eggs just earlier. They are worried about John – he was very worried and shaking.

12.17am – A bunch of housemates in the hammoch. Krystal says Anna is not geniune, and adds that its good Camilla had no problem with Tilli kissing David. Tilli says to let go about it but Krystal just doesn’t want to start any conflict. Michael agrees that Anna is bad news and they agree to do their best to stare through it. Bitching moves to Camilla too – apparently Krystal had a little confrontation with her earlier about the eggs. Tilli thinks that Camilla will be annoyed now because Tilli has now “crossed into her turf”. Tilli just wants to say to her “he’s not all yours, but I will not try to cross your relationship barrier”.

Tilli says he has a really big mouth, and Karen jokes a big cock. They ask Tilli to rate the kiss – its not her best kiss. Tilli and Karen like the little break during a pash and then goes back into it. “Coincidentally” thats what Michael does (ahuh). A bug suddenly flies into Karen’s hair and she screams – Tilli and Michael burst out laughing. Tilli talks about her partner on the outside – doesn’t sound like technically her partner just yet but she has strong feelings for him.

12.35am – Karen has given one of the boys a quick haircut. Katie yells out for Big Brother to let her sit down.

12.43am – Tilli wants to go into the diary room and chat to Big Brother. Michael encourages her but says BB doesn’t usually ask questions. Tilli says her dad has prostate cancer (uplate beeps are way too late). Gaelan’s dad died of cancer and told Tilli she could come and talk to him anytime about it – Tilli really apreciated the gesture.

12.52am – To kill time John and Karena are standing around the stripping pole. Some one yells out that Karen is a natural stripper. Her daughter Krystal says her moves are pretty good! ewww. Karen is drawing a crowd to the stippers pole from her dancing. John gets Karen to do the “stripper look” where they glance at the guy while slipping around, then glancing back again. John seems to be getting excited about it. Meanwhile Krystal and Michael are lying together on bed having a D&M.

Mike comes on in a box holding up a bunch of $20 notes saying “I support the single mother’s club!”. LOL.

Krystal says to Michael she wants her personality to come out in the house more, and to gain a role. Michael says he’s not the outrageous one in the house and you don’t have to have a specific role. He adds that David seems to have pulled away from Michael a bit in the house, and he’s been pulled away – now that he’s come out of the cloest the girls have been more drawn to him.

Krystal: “I’d be careful if I were you, Karen”.

1.05am – John and Gaelan are talking about NZ rugby player Jonah Lomu. Apparently he has the largest car stereo system in New Zeland. They start talking about Maoris and its bleep out (racist jokes). Katie starts talking to John about his behaviors and John seems really distant like he’s nervous talking to her.

More bitching! Now Krystal is bitching about Camilla to Michael and Dino. Earlier Camilla was whinging to Michael about cleaning up some sardines – housemates are only allowed to clean one thing in the house per day and Michael wouldn’t have been allowed to by Big Brother. Michael relays this story to Dino. Michael said to Camilla to mind her own business for a change because she keeps intruding on other people. Michael told her to drop it. Karen is annoyed the lights are still on.

1.19am – Krystal tells Karen to do another pole dance… ewww. She asks Dino what he does in Melbourne. Dino doesn’t really club much lately because of school. His 24 year old brother is very introverted and only goes to Bosnian places. Krystal says its weird some people in families are complete opposites. Dino goes to “doof doof” (ahuh) clubs and house clubs. Michael goes to school 3 days a week and the other days he’s working sandblasting at a restraunt. Krystal in normal life thinks “fuck there aren’t enough hours in the day” but in the BB house time goes so slowly.

1.31am – Karen has washed her hair and is wondering around as she is not allowed to sit down yet. Big Brother turns off the lights. Dino jumps on Karen’s bed and farts – much to her disgust. Michael is chatting with John in the kitchen, saying they want to see some intriguing things. Michael tried to ask Dino if there was a mole in the house. Katie joins them and says she thought there was. Newsflash: Michael is missing his hat.

“This is Big Brother. Karen, continue standing.”

John is getting annoyed. He squats for a while. John and Michael talk about how they sometimes have uni classes until 7pm. Karen wonders if they would be fined if John stood against the wall and they did a knife throwing game.

1.42am – John and Karen are just strolling around the backyard. John comments that this weather is warm for him since he’s from Melbourne. Karen says its cold and jogs around. They set up a game of cricket with Michael. Karen is batting with a rolled up deck chair mat. The ball is a rubber duck. She hits the ball and John catches her out. They continue the game for a while.

Later there is brief footage of Katie telling Jaime in bed that he’s a really good person. At 1.52am Dreamworld says goodnight.

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