Day 7

9.38am – Lights are on and Big Brother announces the hot water is now on. David immediately gets up and heads for the bathroom. Tilli wakes and says that David twitches in his sleep – but Camilla already knows this. Everyone else stays in their bed for now. Krystal rises and asks Michael if he’s going to have a shower – he says no and he already had one last night. On her way to the bathroom Krystal passes her mum Karen, who doesn’t look too happy about whats been going on.

Later in the morning Katie and Gaelan wake up. Gaelan says he thinks he’s seasick from the waterbed. A short time later Dino and Michael are in the gym and Dino comments the “musical beds” swap that happened last night is strange – its a rift between people. They both start speculating.

In the kitchen the girls are chatting and Camilla says the week has revolved around food. Elise says its rather a lack of food. Michael is now prying Dino about the other housemates. Dino says he’d hook up with Anna but it wouldn’t go anywhere. He isn’t getting any signals from her, and she’s not really his type of girl anyway – well actually he can’t make up his mind. Dino explains its different in here because you can’t move on from a bad relationship with a fellow housemate – everything is tactical. The last thing he wants to do is be tactical but you have to make your moves wisely. Dino doesn’t want to pick one girl and thats it. If he goes home and doens’t kiss any of them he’d be fine with that.

BB calls the housemates to the lounge. Gaelan is to allocate chores to the other housemates. He picks:

Shopper/Chef – Krystal
Kitchenhand – Camilla

Some one comments that Camilla will be the dish bitch, but it is bleeped out.

Groundskeeper – Ashley
Farmhand – Claire
Housekeeper – John
Baker – Anna
Janitor – Jamie

Jamie laughs but is annoyed. He calls out when he reads on his instructions that he has to scrub the toilets.


3.05pm – Its time for the task test. Housemates must go into the diary room and be asked questions about their fellow housemates. They can opt to answer a bonus question – if they get it right they will earn extra points but if they get it wrong they will be shocked with a 12 volt electrical current.

Katie is the first to be called in. She stands on the electrode platform and says “what is this?”. The other housemates, who are watching via the plasma screen in the living room laugh. Katie says “is this going to zap me?” the housemates laugh again. Big Brother tells her to put her hands by her sides.

Big Brother asks “Which housemate was ranked 5th most intelligent”. Katie has no idea and guesses Jamie. Incorrect. The next question is “From your speed date with Jamie, what did he say his favourite pickup line is?”. Again Jamie has no idea and guesses “he just talks to them?”. Incorrect. BB then asks if she wants to answer the bonus question. After some hesitation, she says no.

Dino is next. He does however accept the bonus question, saying “bloody oath mate”. Big Brother fines him $5000 for calling BB “mate”. Dino puts his hands on the electrodes and is asked “when the boys ranked the girls, from most to least likely to pickup in a club, which housemate was ranked 3rd least likely to?”. Dino says “Karen”. Incorrect. Dino is zapped. Michael laughs at him.

Claire is next and grips the electrodes. She is asked “which housemates were ranked 2nd and 3rd most annoying?”. She says “Gaelan and Jamie”. Incorrect. Claire is zapped. She tenses up and Gaelan laughs at her muscles.

David is asked “which housemate has gone on record stating Steven Seagal is the person from history they’d most like to pash”. David answer “Katie”. Incorrect. David is zapped.

Anna is asked “which housemate packed four thongs to bring into the Big Brother house?”. Anna gets scared and moves her hands off the electrodes. Big Brother tells her to grip them again. Anna is very scared and goes to grip them again and answers “Ash” while hovering her hands over the poles. BB tells her to grip them again. She gets scared and stomps on the ground while the other housemates laugh. She stalls for a long time, scared to put them back incase of a shock. Finally she puts them back and Big Brother announces “Corrent”. Anna bends over and laughs in relief. The HMs all clap from the lounge room.

Gaelan is asked “which housemate was first to get into the spa?”. He answers “Camilla”. Incorrect. Gaelan is zapped.

Elise is zapped and yells out.

Ashley is zapped and stands there and says “is that all you got?”

Tilli is zapped and screams.

Jamie answers his question correct and says “oh yeah!”.

Big Brother gives Krystal an envelope, which contains the number of questions they had to answer correctly. Housemates scored 23 points. Krystal opens the envelope and inside the letter states they needed 20 questions to pass. They have passed the task. They all cheer and clap.

Later in the night Camilla starts collecting dinner plates after the housemates meal. Anna says to Camilla that the housekeeper must collect the dishes and no one else. Camilla disagrees, but Anna is persistant. John says he will do it (he is the housekeeper). Camilla says that is fine but only if John is actually wanting to collect them and not just saying it to keep the peace. Anna tells her it could be a fine if she collects the plates. Camilla asks “why would he fine me for doing a house duty?”. Anna says they shouldn’t try and tempt it. Camilla is silent now, obviously annoyed at Anna. John jokes that “the staples are getting to us!”.


9.27pm – Anna comes to the diary room. She asks Big Brother if they could possibly have some oats for breakfast tomorrow. If there is anything they can do a trade with. BB asks her what she’d use for the trade – Anna suggests photos. BB tells her to discuss it with her fellow housemates first. Anna leaves, and calls some HMs over. She asks what they would sacrifice for oats in the morning. Anna suggests all of her photos. The boys don’t see the point in sacrificing photos for just some oats. Anna explains she doesn’t want to eat just break tomorrow. She won’t eat it because her tummy hurts. Tilli and Claire say they shouldn’t trade for oats if it only affects one housemate. Michael adds Anna should just bargain with her own things. Anna walks away, annoyed and Michael calls out “go girl, may the oats be with you”.

Anna tries some of the housemates inside the house, who asks what the ones outside said. Anna lies around, annoyed, saying she can’t make bread tomorrow because there is no salt in the house anyway. Krystal comes to the diary room and explains Anna is being difficult and Anna won’t bake the bread because of the salt thing. Karen offers to make the bread herself with or without salt and thinks Anna is only refusing to make the bread because she doesn’t want to eat it. Big Brother refuses Krystal’s request.

Krystal leaves the diary room huffing under her breath and recruits Michael to her side. Meanwhile Anna has convinced a posse of housemates about the oats who all walk into the kitchen and ask Krystal if she would be willing to sacrifice hot water. Krystal says “whatever I don’t care”.

Michael: I thought we could make bread

Krystal: We can make bread its just Anna isn’t willing to cook it because she doesn’t think it will work without salt

Anna: I can’t cook without salt

Michael: No, say what you want to say

Krystal: You don’t want to make it because you don’t want to eat it, thats what it comes down to

Dino tries to reach a concensus with the housemates wanting oats to go into the diary room and sacrifice something but they all need to agree they will give up certain mattresses. Karen and Michael have another stab at Anna. Anna says she will go to the diary room and tell BB that people who want oats will go without hot showers. Krystal says “yeah but you can’t take away my shower if I don’t want oats”. John tries to tell her to let it go. Krystal and Anna exchange heated conversation while Michael stands his ground by Krystal’s side.

In the diary room Anna asks BB for oats with the hot water deal. Big Brother says not all housemates have reached an agreement. Anna justifies the housemates agreeing to make individual trades. Big Brother says its not enough. Anna jokingly says “can I trade some one for oats?”.

Later on Anna is sitting outside on her own and Michael joins her, asking whats up. Anna says people are pissing her off.

Michael: Look I don’t want you to change the way you are because its interesting but I’m going to say be careful.

Anna: Look I’m not going to hold back to keep the peace because to me thats not real thats being fake.

Michael: But at the same time pick your fights carefully because you are going to to be in the house a long time..

Anna: Now see you’re saying I create too many fights

Michael: No I didn’t say that, I said IF you create too many fights.

Anna: But to me see its like not me creating the fights its them saying something to piss me off so thats when I stand up and they get defensive.

Michael: Alright… don’t get upset.

Anna: I’m not upset with the situation I’m upset because I cry all the time.

Anna gets a little upset and Michael tries to cheer her up, but Anna explains its a reactive response – and the others were responding with negative body image. Michael says he was “making sure” she knew how it was coming across.

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