Day 6

10.17am – Lights are on but not all of the housemates are getting up. Tilli and Michael are having a chat outside – Tilli questions him about his comment that Krystal was “hot and cold”. Tilli has her arms in Michael’s lap. Michael explains he’s worried he might do something to upset Krystal. He said to Krystal last night that he’s been able to have good chats with her etc. Michael then tells Tilli their relationship is just on the surface and there’s nothing deep down. Tilli says its something that will gradually happen because Krystal isn’t that comfortable with boys. Michael says he might back off but Tilli warns him not to back off too much. Michael sits and ponders.

In the bedroom Katie is searching through her clothes drawers and finds Karen’s photo that Michael hid earlier in the week. She quickly finds Karen and says they have a mole in the house. Karen hugs her to say thankyou. Katie then goes outside and explains there might be a mole in the house – and relays an update about the photos. Michael (the insider/mole) jumps up and says “see I knew there was something going on… and some one split water in Gaelan’s bed… everyone is supsect”. Ashley doesn’t care and continues to sunbathe. Michael won’t let go and starts asking Karen fake questions about the photos. He indirectly accuses Katie and Jaime because they were called into the diary room last night. Jamie says he thinks it’s Michael 100% who is the mole. “This speculation is going to damage relations – I’m not going to talk anymore about it”.


7.30pm – Housemates enter the Friday Night Games, and Gaelan wins. He choses Katie to accompany him to the rewards room. She jumps up and down and laughs. Jaime doesn’t look too happy.

The two enter the rewards room and Katie goes ecstatic, especially about the abundance of food available. Meanwhile the other housemates must cook with their lack of supplies. Jamie says it’s a bit hard on him. The housemates are all annoyed Gaelan and Katie have alcohol and chocolate. Jaime says its going to be different in the house with the two – some one comments it will be quieter. Jaime says his bed will be different (he sleeps with Katie). On the topic of beds – Gaelan and Katie discover their bed in the rewards room is a water bed. The housemates in the kitchen joke about Gaeland and Katie getting it on – but for now they are just eating dinner. Gaelan tells Katie he always would have picked her to come into the rewards room with him. He says he didn’t want to deliberate because it could cause friction with people who thought they were a better friend with him. Gaelan explains he hangs out with Ashley a bit, but doesn’t have any favourites. Katie exclaims she has favourites.

In the house Camilla says she is homesick. Claire is friendsick. Camilla is annoyed because no one picked her for FNL teams, and nominations are coming up soon. Claire tells her not to read into it too much.

In the kitchen Karen asks Michael whats happening with him and Krystal. He jokes about saying nothing. He says Karen is over-analysing. Karen provokes Michael saying maybe he and Karen are the secret couple. Michael assures Karen that if he was the secret couple with Krystal he wouldn’t be talking to her so much.

Karen: You just want to be the couple

Michael smiles and says “aahh, the way things pan out”. Gaelan is called to the diary room and is told about the three boxes in the rewards room – inside one of them is a holiday prize.


11.24pm – Gaelan returns to the rewards room and while Katie watches on, picks box number 3. Inside is a bow tie.

In the lounge room Tilli and David discuss Camilla. David says Camilla is afraid she hasn’t been spending enough time with other people in the house, since she spent so much time with David. Camilla and Tilli agreed to swap sleeping places tonight. They both watch Camilla chat with other HMs.

In the rewards room Gaelan and Katie seem to be entertaining themselves throwing grapes at each other. Gaelan brags about “this one time” where he caught a grape with his teeth from far away. Katie throws grapes at Gaelan and he tries to catch them.

Jamie is getting into bed alone. Krystal and Michael are sitting on the couch together. Michael comments that all the bed buddies are disrupted tonight. Krystal lets Michael know that Tilli is sleeping with David tonight. Michael invites her to sleep in the same bed as him tonight. Krystal says she is really getting to know Camilla. Michael says there are lots of people flying under the radar, but “won’t name names”. Krystal playfully says “tell me” but he refuses. Krystal asks if its Karen – Michael says yes. Krystal can’t help but prod – “maybe she’s like that naturally”. Krystal asks if Michael thinks she is playing under the radar. Michael says he thinks she’s playing but certainly not under the radar.

Later on housemates are getting ready for bed. Camilla is looking at some photos while Tilli climbes into bed with David, saying “thankyou for this” to Camilla. David and Tilli then look at Camilla’s photos. Michael climbes into bed with Krystal with his clothes still on. Krystal says he doesn’t have to sleep there. Michael climbes under the covers with his clothes on, saying “I feel compelled to”. He kisses Krystal on the cheek and she giggles.

Michael: I wonder what would happen if we met on the outside

Krystal: I would hate you

Michael: Why?

Krystal: No, I don’t know, I wouldn’t hate you

They imagine what would happen if they met up in the outside world. Krystal says it depends what kind of person he is on the outside because she’s different on the outside. Krystal snuggles onto Michael.

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