Day 4 Uplate

11:14pm: Claire is talking to Dave & Krystal. It would seem that Dave has come out of the closet tonight. Claire says she had a feeling. They say the way he came out was very good. It seems as if Claire was at an audition with Dave or something, because she says she thought he was out then, thus her confusion when they met in the house. He says it’s all done now, and that everyone will know tomorrow. Krystal basically tells him to not worry about what other people think. Dave says Krystal is a 10, then adds that she is gorgeous, saying “I’m gay, but I’m not blind!” Dave gets up and says he’s going for a walk. He goes out into the backyard. No one else is there. He swears under his breath as he walks out there, finally sitting near the hottub. He seems to be trying very hard to hold back some tears. Karen comes over and tells him not to cry because then she’ll start crying. Dave tells Karen that he hopes his parents find out via his sister, and not through people telling them (they don’t get BB, or don’t have a TV). Karen tells him everything will be fine, and that the truth will set him free. She tells him that in 6 months time he’ll be so glad he did it. Comm break.

11:29pm: Lots of people in the bedroom. Camilla changes her top. She comes out of the bedroom and stops to talk to Anna and Michael, who are on stools in the kitchen. Camilla tells Anna to let it all out if she is ever frustrated. Both Michael and Anna say that she does. Cut back to the outside crew, which has grown. He says he likes both males and females, but would now never have sex with females again because they’ll get hurt, and also that somewhere along the line he believes you have to choose one or the other. Jamie says that so much is made of people’s sexuality, when in the grand scheme of things is really not that big of a thing in people’s lives. Tilli tells Dave that Dino said that he was ever to come out, he would use the exact speech that Dave gave tonight. They all start to get up and head back inside. Anna is talking to Michael and Krystal. She seems alive tonight Anna, which is a great thing. Anna says that she thought Michael would be the gay one. Krystal tells Anna that she is so gorgeous. Cut to Dave who has now made his way to the bedroom and is chatting to the other guys. They talk about the limited beer supply they are getting. Katie joins them and start talking about her boots she got as a present from a friend. Comm break.

11:45pm: In the kitchen, Michael and Krystal are still cuddling on the beanbag. John and Anna are talking to them. John offers Anna some porridge, and she eats some, and John says “I didn’t want you to have it all, Olivier”. Very funny! Cut to Camilla and Dave in the bedroom. Dave says she’ll really get to know the real him now. He syas she’ll come to realise he’s a bit of a slut. Camilla says that if it had been any longer she would’ve not been friends with him. She says she wanted him to tell her before telling the group. Dave says he did try and tell her last night, but people kept on interrupting the conversation. They walk into the bathroom. Camilla asks if he told BB from the start, and he answers yes. Dave says thats why he was convinced they were going to put another gay guy in the house with him. Dave says again that he has always been attracted to 3 people in the house. He checks the toilets to see if anyone is in them, but they are clear. Camilla again tells Dave that if he ever deceives her again, that she’ll just walk away from the friendship. She does say that he can still wear her hat though. He tells her he is into guys with brown hair and brown eyes, and doesn’t like blondes. Dave says he wanted to come out on television to help all the gay guys out their in the bush. He says plenty of farmers have killed themselves because they couldn’t bear it – he says he even has held a gun like that to himself. Mike cuts in, but we’re soon back to the kitchen. Anna seems to be the centre of attention as she dances slowly in the middle of a seated circle. Comm break.

12:01am: Dave and Camilla are looking at Dave’s photos. Dave explains to others that he had never pulled them out before because they are all guys in the photos! Other housemates gather around to see them. They start talking about Brokeback Mountain. Karen said she had to cover her son’s eyes when the sex scene came on, but quickly adds she would have covered the eyes for a guy/girl sex scene as well. Cut to the living room, where Gaelan, Dino and John are talking about food and their desires for the shopping list. They all say that chocolate and alcohol led to arguments, and agree to try and persuade the group to steer clear of them. They want to buy potatoes, pasta, heaps of fruit, cheese etc. Gaelan is called to the diary room, they suspect for batteries. John and Dino talk about making a pizza. Gaelan quickly reappears with batteries. He gives the guys theirs, and heads into the bedroom. Dino says that he is sleeping with Dave and Camilla tonight. John says that he could go either way! Dino says he loved the speech that Dave gave coming out. He says that Camilla looked stunned and sat by herslef as everyone else stood and hugged Dave. John says that the odds have moved in their favour, and they have more of a shot with the girls now! Comm break.

12:17am: Dave & Camilla are once again chatting in the bedroom. Camilla says she is allowed to be a little hurt. Dave says that he isn’t one of the gays that like shopping though. He moves onto say that he spoke to Gaelan heaps today, and is starting to get to know everybody really well. Camilla says she needs to get to know everyone more, she’s been hanging around with Dave too much. Dave sees this as Camilla ditching him! They talk about Dave’s relationship past. He says he was with a 19 year old when he was 23. He was a fellow farmer, and they are still good mates today. Over the other side of the room, Anna, Krystal, Michael and Tilli are talking. They bring up the speed dating from earlier in the evening. Tilli says it seemed to be over before it was started. Anna is trying on a jacket and can’t believe it’s the perfect size. She trys it on several different ways, and we watch..Comm break.

12:33am: Anna is talking to Dave. She says how everyone thought he was cute, her included, however she says she wouldn’t have done anything about it. Dave says he thought he would’ve been at the bottom of everyone’s list. Tilli and Anna say that he was at the top. Tilli says she thinks Jamie is hot; and adds that Michael is beautiful. Dave says he thinks Dino, Michael and Jamie are attractive. Krystal comes over and lies on the bed, instantly making headlines saying “I’d tap anyone in this place! They are all cute.” Katie says if she was forced to get with someone, she would probably choose Gaelan, but then adds ‘maybe Jamie.’ Michael comes over and asks about Anna’s headache. She says it’s better. Camilla and Anna both tell Krystal that shes into Michael. Tilli joins in the convo and asks Michael who he likes, and Michael answers “You.” Michael goes away and the girls start talking about the different types of lollies they enjoy eating.

12:48am: Jamie is in the kitchen talking to Karen. They make mention that Gaelan’s personality is the biggest, but it’s not huge in this house. Karen suspects that if she had Jamie elsewhere, she would’ve thought of him as having a huge personality. Karen says she never puts all her cards down. Jamie says he’s the opposite. You either like him immediately or you don’t, you don’t warm to him. Karen says she knew instantly that she would love Katie. Jamie says he watches Katie and everything that she says is genuine. He says there is not a bad bone in Katie’s body. They both say how everything she says is not calculated at all and thats why everyone loves her. Jamie says he feels he has a special connection with her because they met at auditions. He knew she would make it into the house, and was so glad to see her. Jamie says to Karen that if he was evicted, he doesn’t think he could watch the show because he would feel sad for missing out on it. Karen says it’ll be hard to nominate. Jamie says there are people here who he likes more than others, but he doesn’t really have any reasons to nominate anyone. Getting close to getting a strike if they keep this up. Jamie starts talking about beers. He says there isn’t enough, and on a normal night outside the house, he could have 15 beers or so. Comm break.

1:05am: Gaelan is talking to Camilla. Anna is tryin to fix the door, and Camilla cracks a joke saying “How many blodes does it take to close the door.” When relayed back to Anna, she doesn’t seem that pleased by the comment! Camilla and Gaelan name some Victoria shopping centres for some reason. Camilla says she likes her breasts, but would take Anna’s. Anna says hers are a perfect size. They start talking about staples, and chick peas in particular. They say the burgers were great today, and suggest making them a bit bigger tomorrow. Gaelan admits to eating the burnt bits stuck on the barbie today. Ana says she eats more than guys on the outside. She goes through her day of eating, and there is little wonder how she does anything else at all. Camilla says she has tuna on toast for breakfast. Comm break.

1:18am: Karen is trying to find her family photos in the bedroom. Michael, as the Insider, was asked to move someones family photos today to a different persons drawers. He put Karen’s photos in Katie’s drawers. Karen gives up saying that she’ll look tomorrow. She seems a bit upset as she lies down in bed. Anna has just finished her exercises, and is trying to undo her bra but can’t!? Katie helps her out before getting into bed herself. Uplate update then comm break.

1:31am: Karen gets up and goes to the toilet. Camilla and Anna are making sure all the ducks are accounted for. Ash & Gaelan want to play dominos with the ducks. Karen returns to bed. Krystal starts talking about her conversation with BB late tonight. Karen listens in smiling. Talk moves onto FNL, and whether they’ll even have it this year. At 1:39am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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