Day 8

9:08am: Big Brother wakes up the house by putting the bedroom lights on and calling Michael to the diary room. Once there, BB asks him which two housemates are in a relationship. Michael says thats it’s a “stab in the dark”, saying he only thinks he has a 20% chance of getting it right. He says he’ll go with Gaelan and Anna though. Big Brother tells him that he will know by days end whether he was correct. He says he expects to be nominated as he leaves the diary room.

1:06pm: Karen asks if anyone has had sex in the house yet. Krystal says that no one has even kissed. They mention that David & Tilli have kissed, Krystal saying “but he’s gay.” Karen says that it is still a kiss however. Tilli hears this as says “What is that meant to mean? I reinterated to you all that that was just a fun thing.” Camilla says thats fine, but says that some people might think that if they are capable of kissing, they may do more. Tilli is getting really annoyed now, and says “He’s gay!”. She starts crying in bed. Krystal comes over and comforts her, as does Dino, who was in bed with her all along. Karen says “Tilli, I actually thought you might go further.” Tilli doesn’t respond, but gets up to grab a tissue. She goes to the diary room. Camilla comes in and tells Karen that Tilli is crying. Camilla says “get over it.” Over near the diary room, Krystal says that Karen didn’t mean it. Karen has come out, and says to Tilli that that was just the impression that Tilli bought across to her. She says other people might have the same impression when she gets out. Tilli doesn’t listen, and walks straight into the diary room. She talks to Big Brother. She says the other night she kissed David, but then she went around and told everyone that it was a fun thing and nothing was meant by it. Back outside, Karen says she wouldn’t kiss Dave if she was friends with him. Krystal says she wouldn’t either. Karen says “If she wants to kiss a gay guy in a house with lots of other people, she wants to be able to wear that. I’m not stepping down from this one.” Back in the diary room, Big Brother wonders if Karen knows that Tilli is crying. Tilli says she does, but she came out saying thats it’s the impression she (Tilli) puts out, and thinks that she has a slushy personality. Tilli says she doesn’t. In the bedroom, Katie says that her emotions must be a bit high, and they should try and calm it down. Karen says she doesn’t jump to conclusions in a second, willy nilly. Camilla comes over and says that things are getting good in the house. Anna buts in saying that people are starting to show their true colours, not holding back as much. Tilli exits the diary room. Outside, Camilla is speaking to Dave and Michael. Camilla says that she thinks Tilli will come out and lean on Dave for a cuddle or soemthing, Camilla saying that she thinks Tilli was in the wrong a bit. Dave says he’s stirred the pot without trying, saying to Michael that he’s always trying to stir up something. Karen comes and apologises to Tilli in the living room. Tilli says she doesn’t care what Camilla thinks at all, but she looks up to Karen from the moment she walked in, and shes sorry that maybe she misled Karen to think that, but she doesn’t want Karen to think that. They hug. Karen says it didn’t look good, but thats how it came across to her, and she wants to be truthful. Tilli says thats fine.

7:39pm: Big Brother tells the housemates there will be an eviction tonight. He then tells them that 2 housemates have not been entirely honest. Big Brother asks Krystal to stand in front of her housemates. Michael can’t believe it. Krystal says “Sorry guys. I’ve been living an alias life. I actually have a young hippy Mum, and it’s Karen.” Michael is stunned! Doesn’t look happy at all. Krystal says she was acting, and that shes bloody good at it. Gretel soon interrupts for the eviction. She tells the house thats it’s a double eviction. “It’s time to go Anna” Anna says she doesn’t want to go. It’s really badly edited, because Gretel tells them to sit back down on the couch, and housemates speculate that it might be a double eviction. “It’s time to go Camilla.” Camilla is happy that she has someone to party with. Anna seems a bit happier. David looks a bit shocked. They leave the house, but unbeknown to the other housemates, they are simply led down a hallway to the “Revenge Room.” Big Brother welcomes them. Outside, Krystal apologises to Michael, saying she is so sorry, but she had to do it. Michael says he’s alright. Jamie says that he didn’t want Anna to go. Krystal apologises to Dave for lying to him. He understands. Back in the revenge room, Big Brother tells the girls to put on their headphones. The girls watch a clip package of who nominated them. They show Camilla giving two points for Anna. Anna starts laughing, Camilla looks like she’s about to kill herself. They both look shocked. Camilla is shocked that Tilli called her ‘forced and fake.’ Camilla wishes she could change it, but Anna says she is a teary person. Back outside, the boys are saying the house is split now, and that Krystal is out of bounds. Over in the girls corner, Claire says that Karen would have to be a proud mum because she (Krystal) is just a beautiful girl. Karen says she is. Elise says the girls did it so well. Back in the Revenge Room. Big Brother tells them to cause as much chaos on the housemates that nominated them as possible. He tells them that they will start tonight. They want to get Krystal and Tilli. In the bedroom in the house, Claire says that 2 very strong people are gone, and that there will be a chance for others to come out now.

9:29pm: Camilla asks who she really dislikes. Anna says “You.” She goes onto say that she didn’t expect Camilla to nominate her. Camilla says she feels so awful. Anna says it’s done. In the bathroom, Tilli says she is so happy. She says she can come out a bit more now Camilla is gone. Camilla asks Anna if she has ever seen Tilli with no makeup on. She says Tilli is as white as a sheet without it. Camilla says she looks like a raccoon. Camilla thinks they are all fake, and they should get revenge on them all. Camilla says they should put all the toothbrushes in the toilet. Back in the house, Ashley says it’s funny that Camilla was growing on everyone. Dino says that the boys were liking her more, but the girls not so much. They say it’s turned into a little slumber party now. Michael says thats it’s boring without a bit of action. The girls are getting ready to go into the house, from the revenge room. Big Brother calls all the housemates to the diary roonm. Camilla and Anna creep past the diary room and reenter the house. They run to the bedroom. In the diary room, Big Brother asks the group how they are feeling. Katie says she is going to miss Anna, saying that the 2 were the strongest of the girls. Tilli thinks it’ll be interesting to see how they develop as a group without the 2 of them now. Anna puts itching powder all over one of the beds. Dave says that he’s missed a really really good mate. Dino says “I’m still here!” which gets a laugh. Camilla is ready to go, and Anna soom follows. They crept back to the revenge room. Michael says everyone here is just glad it wasn’t them being the first to go, no one would want that. Camilla shows Anna some toilet paper she stole. The girls hug, and Camilla says “victory!”

12:04am: Dino is talking to Krystal. Dino says he’s not having fun in here anymore because of the whole mother/daughter thing. Krystal says sorry she wrecked her fun. Dino says he’ll have to change the way he interacts with Krystal now. Michael says it’s definately a PG rating show now. Krystal says that her mum is cool, she doesn’t care, and that they should treat her (Krystal) like an individual. Michael says he feels awkward and he can’t interact the same way with her. In the revenge room, Camilla says the only way she can make it up to Anna about nominating her, is to prove a friendship exists between the two as the weeks go on. Anna tells her she doesn’t have to prove anything. Anna says it’s fine. Back in the bedroom, Michael and Krystal are alone. She says she is sorry. Michael starts to say something, but stops. Krystal say’s that he’ll get used to it. Michael stops and starts again. Krystal wonders if he felt bad because he was perving on her mum. Michael says he wasn’t. Krystal says it’s fine if he did, because she is used to it. Michael says he didn’t. In the revenge room, the girls are hoping they will be able to go back into the house. Camilla wants to walk up to Tilli and tell her that she’s a bitch. In the bedroom, Krystal gets into bed. She wonder why there is dirt in her bed. John says thats not dirt, that it must have come from the light above her bed. John gets most of it off for her. Back to the two girls, Anna says her mum always tells her to be herself. Camilla says she regrets spending so much time with Dave in the early days. Anna tells her not to regret anything. Camilla says that he doesn’t know how fake Tilli is. Anna says “all in good time.” The lights go out, and they say goodnight to each other. Meanwhile, Michael is standing alone out in the backyard. Inside, Karen, Tilli, Krystal and Dino are chatting on a bed. Karen wonders where Michael is. Krystal says he must be outside thinking “I knew it!” Dino says he’s never seen Michael go to bed early, and that one morning he half expects to see his head exploded because he’s always thinking. Outside, Michael says to himself, “It’s hard.”

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