Day 5

9:20am: Camilla asks Karen whether she has found her photos yet. Karen says she is just looking for them now. David says that perhaps someone took them during dinner. Karen agrees, and they try to think back to yesterday and who went to the bathroom during dinner. Dave says he went to the toilet, and so did Michael and Anna. Karen says she’s getting to the stage where she’ll start shouting “Right. Where’s my photos!” Outside, Michael and Dino are riding exercise bikes in the gym. Michael asks Dino his pick to win. Dino says it all comes down to stereotypes and characters that people play. Dino says that the most popular person around the house would be Gaelan. Dino also thinks that Tilli has a good chance. He says girls like Anna would be well liked outside of the house because of her looks. Karen walks past the gym and Michael asks if shes found her photos yet. Karen says no, and Michael reassures her that they have to be in the house somewhere. Karen says that someone might have been looking at them and thought they were someone elses and put them in the wrong drawer. Dino says that because they don’t have anything to do today they should have a bit of a clean of the bedroom in the hope of finding the photos. Karen likes this idea. Once Karen is gone, Michael asks if Dino thinks Karen could be doing this herself. Dino says no way, and Michael quickly says he doubts it too. Dino says he’s becoming more specticle hanging around him.

12:19pm: Big Brother tells housemates it’s time to line up. The category is “Lazy”. Anna heads towards the least lazy side, and Camilla says “For once I agree with you, your not lazy.” Karen is least lazy, followed by Krystal. Karen sneaks a smile at her daughter. BB tells them that according to the lineup, the five laziest housemates are Jamie, John, Elise, Camilla and Katie. BB tells them that these 5 are responsible for all household duties for the rest of the day. Jamie kicks the air, and walks away, before Big Brother reminds him to hold his position. BB tells them that the 5 must clean the house thoroughly, and they should start immediately.

1:03pm: The lazy housemates are cleaning the house. Dino explains that one utensil that Camilla has just washed and dried doesn’t go with the others, and has another home. She seems a bit confused. Elise and Katie are cleaning the bedroom. Katie asks Elise if she likes anyone in here. Elise says she doesn’t think so, but when she first got in here she thought there were a few hot ones. Katie says she wouldn’t mind hooking up with someone for fun, but she’s not totally into one. She says it could be weird if she hooked up with Jamie, cause they are very good mates. She says that she wouldn’t make a move. Outside, Ashley is cooking at the barbecue. Michael and Dino are out at the hammocks, and Dino tells him that he is going to have an argument with Camilla soon. He tells Michael about the utensil ‘argument’ inside earlier. Michael says shes nuts. He says shes trying to hide the fact that she is torn up about the whole Dave situation. Dino agrees, saying she says things publicly she doesn’t mean. Lunchtime has arrived and housemates are lining up around the barbecue. Katie says that Ashley is the best cook. Someone asks for two tomatoes, and Anna immediately questions whether there will be enough to go around. Michael and Dino eat on the stools in the kitchen, and after Camilla leaves to go outside, Michael says that he sees himself going head to head against her very soon. Outside, Anna asks Camilla if she’s alright. Camilla says she is, but she is really really tired. Anna says that not many people got much sleep last night. Anna says she should sleep with Karen and herself, saying that she sleep far apart and there is heaps of room. Camilla comes in to get something from the kitchen and asks why they are inside. Michael says “Eating. Isn’t it obvious?” Camilla says sorry, to which Michael says ‘should be’. Camilla says “Just asking”, and Michael has one last line “Try not to.”

9:12pm: Elise is talking to Camilla. Elise wonders if she is boring. Camilla says she doesn’t find her boring, rather suggesting that she brings a different dynamic to the group. Elise says she just isn’t as outrageous as everyone else. Camilla says she floats between the groups, and apart from Dave, she doesn’t have any ‘good’ friends. Elise says she doesn’t really fit into any groups. Camilla says that Elise has at least spent time with lots more people than she has. Elise says she’s still not herself yet, and she doesn’t feel like she can be herself. Later, on the smaller bedroom side, Krystal and Michael start play fighting. Meanwhile on the other side of the bedroom, Karen tells Dave she has heaps of secrets, but she isn’t going to tell him. Krystal comes over and tells them all that Michael is trying to show her his privates. Michael yells out he’s getting changed. Karen has a look of concern on her face! Michael drags Krystal back to the other side of the bedroom, and Karen says loudly “Micky, you think Krystal’s your little toy don’t you?!” Krystal fires back, “He’s my little toy, thanks Karen.” Michael comes back and says “You know we’re the secret couple”. It gets a few laughs. Elise, still upset from earlier, goes to the toilet to have a bit of a cry. Elise comes out and starts brushing her teeth. Jamie comes and sits down and asks her whats going on. Elise explains she’s just having a bad night. Elise says her whole perception of herself has changed. Katie walks in and gives her a hug. Krystal also comes in now too. Krystal starts saying that she doesn’t feel 100% in the house, and Katie says “Your not helping!” Jamie laughs, and then everyone laughs. Krystal continues, saying that they all feel lost, but everyday gets better.

10:22pm: Big Brother has gathered the housemates on the couch. He instructs Elise to read the letter out to the group. It says that while the getting to know you task is about the past, they should also look to the future. Big Brother will put baby shots of what babies might look like if housemates got together. The housemates task is to guess who the parents are. The first baby looks awful, and housemates eventually agree it’s the baby of Michael and Krystal. When the answer is revealed, there is laughing all round. The second one looks almost worse, and John says that they think it’s Karen and Dave’s child. Incorrect, it’s actually John and Karen’s. The 3rd one looks slightely better, and the housemates guess correctly that it’s David and Camilla. The fourth is a shocker, and housemates again correctly guess it’s Jamie and Katie’s baby.

12:01am: Housemates hanging out in the bedroom. Tilli and David decided that they should pash for some reason. They have a nice little pash. Some housemate ask why, and Tilli responses with ‘why not?’ Camilla looks on bewilded. They go in for one last kiss, then seperate to other ends of the bedroom. Camilla wonders if the night could get anymore eventful. Tilli wants to privately talk to Camilla, and drags her away. Tilli says she just wanted to make sure she wasn’t pushing boundaires or anything because she knows that Dave and Camilla are close. Camilla tells her not to be silly, and that she doesn’t have any romantic interest in Dave. Tilli says she doesn’t either. Camilla goes on with the job of brushing her teeth, and Tilli comes to the diary room. She says she just wanted to chat about tonight. She says that she doesn’t regret the kiss because it means nothing, it was pure fun. Big Brother wonders if something has upset her. Tilli says no, but says it gets to her sometimes just how surreal the place really is. She starts crying. She says that sometimes she can’t believe that shes actually here. She says you can’t take people at face value at all. She says they all have all these amazing stories to tell. She says she is very thankful for it.

1:52am: Lights are out in the bedroom. Katie and Jamie are talking in bed. Katie is wondering if people actually like her or whether they are being nice. Jamie says that everyone likes her. Katie thinks that Tilli and ‘people like that’ would vote her out. She says ‘are we allowed to talk about that’. Jamie says probably not, but then says that he would never vote someone out because they pose a threat. He says he thinks John has a good chance, but he would never get rid of him. Jamie says he’s not sure about Michael. Katie thinks he’s a mole. Katie says he unnecessarilly stirs the pot. BB comes on and tells Jamie and Katie to come to the diary room now. Jamie says ‘what did we do!’. Once inside, BB tells them the most fundamental rule is that nominations process remain secret. He awards them both a strike for their talk, and reminds them that 3 strikes and they could be out. BB tells them that they have let down their fellow housemates and they have cheated. Jamie says he was just trying to say who they liked. BB tells them his decision is final, and then says ‘That is all.’

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