Day 79

10:10am – The three remaining housemates are up and about, but there is not all that much to do. They say hello to the house for the morning. But a tragedy has happened: Creepie, the Creepie-Crawlie pool cleaner is dead! Daniel runs to the pool, picks up Creepie’s severed tube and lets out a horror movie scream.

Coming out of the shower Reggie doesn’t know what to do: get dressed or not?

Daniel puts Creepie back together and apologies: he was only playing!

Last in the kitchen Regina explains the longest she has been away from her husband was about two weeks. He cleaned, shopped and bought alcohol and flowers for when she returned. The first thing that popped into Regina’s head is “what do you want… how long is this going to last for”. Adrian (her husband) said he would keep it up, but it only lasted a few days. She did thank him for the gesture but she thinks she was a nasty girl for asking. “No wonder he calls me cold hearted”. Chrissie interjects: “you can’t please them”. Regina says its funny how when you first meet people you do all this stuff and as the years go by you just do nothing. She starts laughing.

Dan explains that some people show their love differently – like doing lots of house work. Regina laughs and says thats not Adrian, but she wonders how she shows her affection. Chrissie says “working 14 hours a day”. Regina says one Christmas Adrian bought her a mountain bike – how can she ride that? Chrissie suggests you need to do something like a trip to Melbourne. Regina says she is planning to do that for his birthday. Daniel reminds them not to talk about it now because they’re being recorded!

Regina: Bugger!

1:32pm – The housemates have been given a task. They must reveal their personalities by writing a poem, show a special talent, designing a costume and writing a speech: “how your life will change if either you win or don’t win Big Brother 3”. The housemates all say that’s too much to do. They must present each of their qualities on different days of the week. Regina says this is the hardest task so far. Chrissie is concerned they won’t be given pen and paper to write the poem, and she can’t think of a special talent.

Regina: I could do the splits. I could try and learn to do the splits. But I’ve only got a day theres no way my legs could spread that far apart.

2:37pm – Regina still can’t find of a special talent for herself. She can’t sing or dance (Chrissie reminds her she can). Chrissie says it would be so funny if she could get some music and do a 30 second strip dance. Regina decides: her special talent is dancing stupid.

Later the housemates are lying around the beds. Regina has been working on her poem and reads out what she has so far:

I’m Reggie from the apple isle
Who likes to be happy and smile
She likes a drink in a bar and sometimes goes too far

She starts laughing. Chrissie says it’s great. She has to do four more verses about herself. Reg continues:

I cook lots of fish and chips
It really gives me the shits
My time here has been funny even having a bloated tummy
It didn’t stop me swinging my hips

Later she has finished all her verses, and just has to learn them. Chrissie works on hers, and shows Regina what she has written: the letters of the alphabet. She knows what she wants to say but doesn’t know how to say it, and decides to stew on it for a while – she isn’t going to force it.

5:03pm – Dan hasn’t started his poem yet. Chrissie brings her whiteboard outside to try and think of her poem. She is having a lot of trouble despite being a copyrighter outside the house. She says she does her best work at 2am. Chrissie feels like Anouska: just fucked off at stuff. There is a huge mental block. Dan tells her to leave it. Reg and Chrissie haven’t thought of a special talent yet. Reg suggests Chrissie have writing as her special talent, but Chrissie says she can’t perform that.

Dan asks Reg what she’s going to do after Big Brother. Regina really doesn’t want to go straight back to work – she’s a bit afraid of going back. Reg will tell Adrian to have a break, like she has with Big Brother. She will fill in at the shop while he’s gone. She’d like to go travelling again after that, but won’t be able to go with Adrian.

9:54pm – Chrissie has finished her poem:

I turned my back on living along
For seventy days or more
And I’ve seen myself as others do
And I liked what I saw
And now I know for certain
What I only thought was true
That life is only as special
As the people sharing it with you

Reg and Daniel say thats good. Chrissie is glad she’s finally finished. Dan must just start his now. Dan and Chrissie have a big hug and Daniel starts sniffing like a dog, causing Chrissie to burst out laughing.

10:23pm – Chrissie is making her costume, and finding it very therapeutic. Reg is lying outside on her own. Chrissie says she is probably reflecting on things.

Chrissie: Reg, whatcha doing?

Regina: Dozing off

Chrissie: Oh, nice… in the fresh air.

Regina: Yeah, plus I’m farting!


Regina: I’m getting most of it out here, instead of the bedroom.

11:32pm – It’s bedtime for Regina. Daniel is working on his poem and laughing to himself. Chrissie emerges from the diary room and wonders whats so funny. Dan reads his poem:

A couple months aboard a house
A ship with no engine
The portholes have no view outside
They’re mirrors looking in

So I reflect on the time adrift
On crewmates once aboard
What good news will I take home
When I have reached the shore.

Daniel has put on a funny voice and Chrissie can’t stop laughing. Dan continues…

I have got a bunch of seaweed
… it stinks

Chrissie falls onto the couch laughing.

I’ve got a bunch of seaweed
Some other stuff that stinks

Chrissie’s laughing causes Dan to start laughing and he says “shoosh I want to do it serious!”. Chrissie is in a hysterical fit of laughter now.

I’ve got a bunch of seaweed
Some other stuff that stinks
Some half rat eaten priviges
And other nautical things

The two burst out laughing. Regina can hear them from the bedroom.

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Day 78

12:49pm – Patrick is cleaning the barbecue because they will soon be provided with meat from Big Brother on this Sunday eviction day. In the kitchen, the rest of the housemates are dressed up like real aussie’s, Anouska taking a photo of Reggie with a meat tray. They all have the zinc cream and the floopy hat on. While Pat keeps cooking, Reggie and Chrissie laugh at the photo’s in the kitchen. With dinner served, Reggie says that she needs to save some room in her stomach for some lamingtons, which have also been supplied by BB. Anouska doesn’t know what is inside them, but Reggie says ‘they are beautiful!’ Later, when she tries one, she calls it ‘gorgeous.’

2:10pm – Chrissie and Dan are in the bedroom. Dan makes the comment that he thinks Chrissie will be a little disappointed if she isn’t evicted later in the evening. She says she will see him in a week, to which Dan says that Chrissie would in fact be his pick to go. Chrissie says it’s her because it can’t be Reggie, and she thinks it’s out of her and Pat. Reggie comes in and starts packing, saying she will do a better job this time round. She wonders if she should put everything in her red sack.

6:18pm – Reggie and Chrissie are in the living room, all dressed up for the night ahead. Reggie passes by and says “I just can’t look at you.” Reggie goes into the bedroom, sits on a seat, and eats her M&M’s. Out on the deck, where the others are, Pat asks where Reggie is. Dan says it helps her to keep her mind off things when she is alone. Anouska wonders how excited Adrian would be to see Reggie again. Dan goes to check on her, and asks her if she is alright. She replies “Na.” She offers him some M&M’s as he sits down, but he says he doesn’t want to start eating and eating them. She is having a small cry while Dan is there. Reggie says she thinks she will be the one evicted. Chrissie comes and checks on them now. Reggie admits this is the most nervous she has been. Chrissie can’t believe Reg thinks she is going. Dan tries to make light of the conversation, add a bit of humour to the mix, but tears continue to fall down Reggie’s face.

7:46pm – Anouska fixes Reggie’s makeup, but is rudely interrupted by Big Brother, who tells them that Anouska has 20 seconds to leave the house. Frantic hugs all round as she leaves. Reggie’s tears start flowing again. Chrissie just doesn’t know what to do. Dan, Chrissie and Dan are standing around the pool, and Chrissie says “I’m going soon.” Pat says that it will be him. Just a few minutes later, they are again seated on the couch, and Gretel tells us that Pat is evicted. More hugging, kissing etc as Pat is ushered through the doors and out of the BB house for good. Chrissie and Reggie both lean on the doors for a bit, as Dan makes mention that he looked so ‘airport style’ going through. Reggie is really crying now, heavy breathing and everything. Chrissie hugs her. Dan then gets his turn. Group hug as Chrissie says “I can’t believe it!” Dan says enthusiastically “Just us 3 girls left then!” The girls take a seat as Dan goes to get some water.

9:23pm – All are sitting at the table eating dinner. Reggie and Chrissie both comment that they feel ‘space cadet’ weird. Chrissie says it was tough to lose two people tonight. Chrissie mentions that Pat was there when each of them arrived, so every memory they have of the house involves Pat, and thus thats why they feel weird. Chrissie says it kind of felt like it was Pat’s house to her.

Later, on the couch, the remaining housemates watch the video will Pat left behind. Pat says “Hi Guys!” He says he thinks they have all really enjoyed the last couple of weeks together in the house. He says that the friendships formed will last a long time. On a personal note, first is Chrissie. He says it was lovely to meet her and to get to know her. He says that perhaps he didn’t get to know her as well as the others, but that opens up the opportunity to get to know her better on the outside. He goes on to say she was a constant source of laughter. And just before he moves on, he says “Oh by the way Chrissie, I told you I’d be out first!” Huge laughter from the three remaining.

Onto Dan. He was so glad that Dan stayed as long as he did, because he got to meet the real Dan; the kind guy, down to earth person who says what he means, says what he feels. Dan never lies, always honest. He got to know him more in the smaller group. Pat says he was really glad they made the song together. He says that Dan will be much more famous than he (Pat) could ever be, but he will be able to tell people that he knew that Dan guy.

Finally onto Reggie. “Little Reggie, you are a beautiful person.” She has been like a rock for Pat in the house. Pat says that she didn’t change at all during her time in there. He is really glad they made it onto the show so they could get to know each other. They will meet up at the huge party at the end of it all, and then dance together.

At the end, he wishes them all good luck, enjoy the fact that they made the final three, and goodbye. They all say goodbye to Pat. Dan is soo glad that they get to see these. Reggie is looking at a photo that is almost black, and someone has written “Bugger” underneath it, and Chrissie and Reggie are laughing, almost crying at it.

Later in the night, the three are sitting in bed. Reggie says her eyes will be puffed up in the morning. She then says “It’s all too much.” Chrissie wonders how bad it will be when the third last person goes next Sunday. Reggie says “It’ll be you and Dan.” But Chrissie comes back saying it will be Dan and Reg. Dan just lies in between them not saying anything. BB turns the light out, and thankyou’s go all around. Reggie even wishes BB a goodnight. Chrissie and Reggie say goodnight, and thats stumps.

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Day 77

Chrissie says “I can’t believe one of us dags is going to win it!” They make mention that none of them had really thought about the money up until the time when Gretel mentioned it during a live cross. Chrissie says the funny thing is that there is nothing any of them could have done to get to this point- it was all chance. Dan likens it to an elimination lottery. At 3:51pm, Reggie is using a Polaroid getting Pat and Chrissie in a photo. The photo’s are for Anouska to remember them. When Reggie starts to look at them, she says she feels like crying. She has a bit of a cry, then says “Oh bugger!” A couple of hours later, Chrissie says “How cool. Your in my life forever” to Reggie. Reggie gets a bit upset again, saying “It’s hitting me.” Dan says there is only a week to go. Chrissie makes mention of the quick end of it all, “never to be experienced again.” She says that BB has been the best fun she has ever had. Reggie agrees. She goes onto say it will probably rate as the best thing she has done in her life years down the track too. Reggie says the BB experience beats getting married for her. Chrissie says she is so glad she has been able to stay soo long and have so much more fun than she thought she would.

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Day 76

9:16am – Patrick has just got up and is making his way out of his bedroom comes over to the kitchen. Reggie is already there, sitting at the table. Reggie, with loads of enthusiasm, shouts out “Morning Patrick.” Patrick returns the greeting while yawning. Patrick wonders whether he was rude the previous night by telling everyone in the bedroom to be quiet. Reggie tells him Anouska’s screaming woke him up. Patrick wonders aloud “Why do people go to bed if they aren’t going to go to sleep?” After that, Pat says it doesn’t matter, because in two days he will be leaving. Reggie says it’s going to be terrible with Anouska gone, and a housemate come Monday. Reggie goes through the alternatives it could be on Monday, but Pat only likes the one which involves Reggie, Dan and Chrissie still in the house.

At 10:15am, Chrissie is sitting by the pool reading her book. Anouska is making her way to the kitchen, and on the way through apologises to Pat for waking him up. He says “that’s ok.” Anouska is glad that he was able to fall straight back to sleep. Later on, Dan and Chrissie are talking. Dan is saying that it is soo strange to think that it will all be over very soon. Dan is saying that he sees life in the Big Brother house as his real life now. Chrissie sees that it is strange that she will never live with any of her housemates ever again.

12:55pm – Anouska wants to go home. Chrissie says she had a day like that – she stayed in bed all day and cried. Anouska says that her home is so far away though. Chrissie and Patrick both tell her it’s not too far, just 24 hours away. Pat also adds “At least you and I know when we’re going out.” Chrissie gives Pat a little smirk. Later, with them all out on the decking, Reggie tells of her time cooking for Adrain. She says that when she cooks a pot of minestrone soup, he would have a bowl of it, and then proclaim “Why did you make so much of it? I’m not going to eat soup for the rest of my life!” Chrissie says her ex was like that too – they just couldn’t eat the same thing twice in a row. Reggie says she knows she gives Adrain the shits, and thus she feels sorry for him. Reggie says that Adrain is probably really enjoying a break from the regular at the moment, a break from her voice. Reggie says that they haven’t been apart for nearly ten years. Reggie says they work really well together, they are a good team.

4:08pm – Reggie and Pat are sitting together on the decking chairs. Reggie says she has no idea who will be going. Pat says he thinks the spa will claim it’s next victim. Pat says it got Vincent last week. Pat says the spa also got Kim and Saxon. Reggie says “It’s evil, that spa!”

6:38pm – Patrick is in the kitchen cooking dinner. Reggie is at the table saying that she seems to whinge a lot. Anouska, also at the table, says it’s human nature to whinge. Reggie says that for seven months of the year so far, she has been doing what she wants to be doing. She then bursts into the now famous Reggie laugh.

At 7:23pm, housemates are allowed out from the bedroom to find a trophy and instructions on how to compete in a little football tournament. Table football of course. The winner is the first to get 7 goals or something. Dan and Chrissie are back in the bedroom and are teasing Pat suggesting he will win this competition too. Dan says “As if he won’t!” The champion must beat the other four contestants in a row, and Pat and Reggie kick off proceedings. Pat easily beats Reggie, and not much later, Chrissie is defeated. Anouska too is easily accounted for, meaning Dan must win to keep the tournament alive. Dan gives him a fight in the early stages, but Pat wins, and is the champion. A lot of clapping goes on, and Pat hands out ribbons to everyone else, to promote their achievements! Reggie thinks it’s “so cool” to have a “Good Try” ribbon.

9:27pm – Reggie is washing up in the kitchen, while Anouska and Patrick are throwing a rugby ball to each other. Reggie then takes something out of the fridge, and sits at the end of the bench at the far end of the kitchen so she cannot be seen. When Anouska runs in and out of the kitchen, she asks the others where Regina is. Reggie laughs too herself. She is having ice cream. Anouska and Pat find her and laugh too, and then call out for Chrissie and Dan to join them. Just 10 minutes later, when everyone has dispersed outside once again, Reggie is out to get more.

Later in the night, Pat, Reggie and Dan are sitting on the couch. Pat is playing the guitar, and Dan bursts into song; “It doesn’t matter cause Patrick always wins.” Reggie says she thinks Pat is going to win the whole BB. Dan says “Wouldn’t that be nice – the trifecta!”

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Day 75

10:17am – Anouska walks out to breakfast wearing high heels. The other housemates query her and she says she doesn’t like walking around with nothing on her feet. She asks if they want coffee. Patrick also requests toast with Vegemite, and Anouska seems to know what that is. Chrissie says “well done”. Patrick adds “Reggie will tell you how much”. After she goes into the kitchen, Daniel says “don’t say that to an english person because they wont’ know how much to put on”. In the kitchen Anouska seems to be putting A LOT of vegemite on a piece of toast, and when she leaves with it Regina giggles to herself.

When the toast reaches Chrissie and Patrick, they say “oh ow”. Anouska asks if she’s put too much on – “a little bit”. Anouska giggles and Patrick goes to scrape some off. Patrick shows Regina how much Vegemite is on the toast, and she burst out laughing. There is deliberation on how to fix the toast: Regina says just start again. Patrick shows Anouska how much is correct and Anouska jokes “ungrateful bastard!”.

Patrick: Do you want a taste?

Anouska: I’d rather peel my own skin and eat it.

Anouska is interviewing Chrissie, using a spatula as a microphone. She is asking about Vincent and they play fight about answers. Anouska says Chrissie didn’t like Vincent scandalously. When the taping is finished Chrissie doesn’t seem all that impressed. Daniel and Chrissie suggest they do another tape that punchy and not so drawn out. Chrissie has second thoughts because this style is not really her way of talking. They retape it with a silly script.

4:20pm – Chrissie has worked out the cause of Anouska’s pregnancy theories: When travelling from the UK she lost a few days due to time differences and thus misjudged her menstrual calendar cycle. Chrissie and Dan go on to discuss Anouska: they feel sometimes she thinks people are laughing at her rather than with her. They also think she puts herself down too much – although she is quick to put down other people like when Regina gets words wrong. They agree it’s a fine line Anouska must walk o.

In the kitchen Anouska and Patrick discuss the task. She says Reggie was the most honest. Outside Regina is watching them and comments she likes watching people in the kitchen. Patrick says the producers were probably disappointed there were not so many clashes in the house. On a similar topic outside Daniel and Regina agree everyone in the house is nice and trustworthy. Regina says she doesn’t think any of the previous evictees would say anything nasty about them. Daniel is unsure.

5:59pm – Chrissie has joined the outside group and they talk there is only 3 sleeps until the next eviction. Regina is excited and has butterflies. Big Brother calls all housemates to the round deck, which is where the outside group is already. There is a general feeling of confusion. Big Brother announces the results are in for the task. They have wagered 75%. They have passed the task and have $91 to spend on next week’s shopping. Patrick tells Chrissie to enjoy the food next week. Regina says it would have been hilarious if they failed and only had $13 to spend. Once Anouska leaves Chrissie says she should stay until the end – she can’t just leave now when she’s just found out things about the other housemates.

Anouska and Patrick continue with dinner, rolling out spaghetti. Anouska says that Patrick is a control freak, and he agrees. She gets excited about rolling out some spaghetti properly, and goes to show the other housemates, screaming. The others laugh about how long it is, but their attention quickly turns to a bug that crashed into the kitchen window, and Anouska gets annoyed. Daniel picks up the bug and takes it over Anouska, who freaks out and tries to hide behind Chrissie. Chrissie scares her more by saying “oh look its so terrible it has long sticky legs, it’s in attack mode”. Anouska gets upset and tells Daniel to fuck off. Regina comforts her out on the round deck. Daniel comes out and lets the bug fly off. Anouska screams in terror and starts crying again. The others are amazed Anouska is so terrified of a single bug.

7:01pm – Anouska is skipping while Daniel shows her his makeshift vege garden. She says that she likes Daniel but as revenge for the bug incident when he wakes up tomorrow morning all his baby corn will be gone. Daniel says they can do that – they can fuck with each other until one of them leaves. He continues with the joke, talking tactics and battle of the sexes. Anouska giggles until Daniel mentions putting insects in her bed, and she asks if he’d really do that. He says not at first, but maybe a little later.

Anouska: These jeans are so unflattering!

Daniel: Thats alright because everyones looking at your tits anyway

10:05pm – Dan questions Reg on her eviction predictions, but there is no clear answer. Dan indirectly predicts Chrissie. Meanwhile Chrissie is telling Patrick she’s really looking forward to going for a long walk when she gets out of the house… a walk not in circles. Patrick is looking forward to sleeping in a room by himself and waking up when he wants to. Chrissie says “because I’ll be at your eviction” after that she can’t wait to… Patrick says she will be waving goodbye to him from inside the house. Chrissie continues, she can’t wait to hang out with other housemates outside the house. She’s never known them other than the environment of the house.

Outside Reg and Dan express their excitement at the upcoming finale. Regina can’t wait to see everyone. Dan compares it to a birthday party when everyone you know is there at the same time.

11:20pm – Anouska has spied a bug in the bedroom. She starts screaming and gets under her sheets. She instructs Daniel to get a pillow and hit it. He scares her by saying it’s coming towards her, she screams and hides under her covers. He shows her the smeared evidence of the dead bug.

Chrissie: That is disgusting.

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Day 74

Regina is up this morning jogging around the backyard.

11:00am – Patrick and Chrissie are in the kitchen. Patrick is going to make every effort to enjoy his last week in the house. Chrissie has “done her calculations” and has a different outcome about their remaining time in the house. She has taken into account the “conspicuous character factor (CCF)”. It’s her theory that conspicuous means annoying. Patrick says that might not work because they are all annoying in their own special way. Chrissie says Patrick is the least annoying… why?… I don’t know, stop annoying me!

12:52pm – Regina is now into her second hour of exercise, she is now working some dumbbell weights. Anouska calls Patrick for his video interview. Chrissie warns him that Anouska has a tabloid interrogation interview style. An exhausted Regina sits down with Chrissie and finds out her interview is soon to come. Anouska has been told to make it all gossipy, and Regina says “oh bugger”.

In the living room:

Anouska: Do you think you could be friends with Regina outside of here?

Patrick: Definitely, she’s just one of those people who’s easy to get along with and you can chat to for hours about everything and nothing.

Anouska: So you’ve said you’d like to be friends with her outside of here, once or twice you’ve made reference to never, ever marry Regina. Why is that?

Patrick: Well she’s married.

Anouska: By why isn’t Regina marriage material in your eyes?

Patrick: Um, she’s just… I usually go for girls that are a bit taller, and different from Reggie I guess.

Anouska: Is Regina a bit too common for you?

Patrick: No definitely not


Anouska: Who was the next person you remember meeting?

Patrick: I met Chrissie next. I’ve gotten to know Chrissie to a certain level, but not as well as I know Regina…

Anouska: So you prefer Regina to Chrissie?

Patrick: I’d say that we’ve gotten along better… It would be more likely we’d be friends after this…

Anouska: So you think Chrissie’s boring?

Patrick: I didn’t say she’s boring I think I’m not as well connected as she might be to other people in the house.

Anouska goes along to ask if Patrick likes Chrissie the least in the house – Patrick says he doesn’t know her as well as the others. Anouska ends the interview and Patrick says “you sneaky little girl!”

4:43pm – It’s now Regina’s turn to be interviewed. She’s a bit nervous and expects Anouska to ask about her relationship with other housemates.

Anouska: What would be the one thing you would change about Patrick?

Regina: Um, to get him to talk to me at night when he’s in bed. He used to say he’d fall asleep talking to Jo but he didn’t he kept talking.

Anouska: Why don’t you think he talks to you?

Regina: Because I’m annoying and I get on his nerves (she laughs).

Anouska: Do you like Patrick?

Regina: Yeah, he’s nice. Just friendship, nothing more. I have no sexual, physical attraction to Patrick.

Anouska: I’ve noticed, every now and then you look at him differently

Regina: Oh! Do I? I didn’t mean to!

Anouska then quizzes Regina about Chrissie. Regina feels that Chrissie was closer to Jo than her, and that Chrissie probably would rather Jo be in the final four housemates. Meanwhile Daniel is playing air guitar with a tennis racket, much to the amusement of Chrissie who collapses on the deck laughing.

Anouska: So, from the sound of things, you prefer Patrick to Chrissie.

Regina laughs

Regina: Nah probably Chrissie because she talks to me at night where Patrick won’t.

Anouska: Do you not think he’s hiding his feelings for you?

Regina laughs hysterically

Regina: No! Oh, I just remembered something – when I was up for nominations the first time he went and played his guitar and he only plays his guitar when he’s upset and thinking about something.

Anouska: Oooh.. does that excite you?

Regina: And also that night, he came up to my bed and gave me a kiss goodnight.

Anouska: Did that excite you?

Regina: I was thinking “ooh thats a bit weird”.

Anouska: Do you fancy Patrick?

Regina: Ah no, I’ve got no attraction

Anouska doesn’t let up about Patrick’s attention to her, much to Regina’s amusement who finds the accusations hilarious. Anouska thanks Regina for the most honest interview she’s done.

6:39pm – Anouska is making an English dinner for the housemates: “Toad in the hole”. Regina has heard of it but Chrissie worries it will be disgusting. Meanwhile Patrick is playing the guitar and singing with Daniel outside. Anouska is yelling at her cooking utensils. Chrissie and Regina discuss why it’s called “Toad in the hole”.

Anouska is getting frustrated about her cooking but Patrick lends a helping hand. He tells her not to watch the cooking in the oven otherwise it won’t rise. She worries it will end up like a pancake. She jokes he is a kitchen nazi. Regina joins them and Anouska tells her “its been one culinary disaster after another”. Regina joins in to help with the cooking but Anouska gets annoyed when Patrick tries to take control. It eventually turns out as “roadkill” rather than “Toad in the hole”. Chrissie says it looks delicious regardless.

Everyone agrees it tastes great even though it’s flat, but Anouska looks disappointed.

10:24pm – In the bedroom Regina tells Patrick if he lies down next to her he’ll fall asleep, so he sits on a chair instead. At the other end of the bedroom, Anouska says she doesn’t think Regina will be evicted – Chrissie agrees. They wonder what it is about Regina that makes it seem strange if she’s evicted. Daniel says every bit of her is magic yet she doesn’t even know – It’s Aussie at it’s most charming. Chrissie wonders why she’s so appealing. Regina yells out imagine if you had been complaining about some one in your sleep, and Anouska suggests if you were yelling out sexual things in your sleep about another housemates. Regina had a dream about Saxon, and another dream about a mysterious stranger where all she could see was a (censored beep). They question her about the first dream about Saxon, but Regina tries to change the subject and the others pull her up on it. Regina keeps laughing. Chrissie explains: Reg says “yeeeah.. um..” and then moves onto something else. Regina is still laughing.

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