Day 78

12:49pm – Patrick is cleaning the barbecue because they will soon be provided with meat from Big Brother on this Sunday eviction day. In the kitchen, the rest of the housemates are dressed up like real aussie’s, Anouska taking a photo of Reggie with a meat tray. They all have the zinc cream and the floopy hat on. While Pat keeps cooking, Reggie and Chrissie laugh at the photo’s in the kitchen. With dinner served, Reggie says that she needs to save some room in her stomach for some lamingtons, which have also been supplied by BB. Anouska doesn’t know what is inside them, but Reggie says ‘they are beautiful!’ Later, when she tries one, she calls it ‘gorgeous.’

2:10pm – Chrissie and Dan are in the bedroom. Dan makes the comment that he thinks Chrissie will be a little disappointed if she isn’t evicted later in the evening. She says she will see him in a week, to which Dan says that Chrissie would in fact be his pick to go. Chrissie says it’s her because it can’t be Reggie, and she thinks it’s out of her and Pat. Reggie comes in and starts packing, saying she will do a better job this time round. She wonders if she should put everything in her red sack.

6:18pm – Reggie and Chrissie are in the living room, all dressed up for the night ahead. Reggie passes by and says “I just can’t look at you.” Reggie goes into the bedroom, sits on a seat, and eats her M&M’s. Out on the deck, where the others are, Pat asks where Reggie is. Dan says it helps her to keep her mind off things when she is alone. Anouska wonders how excited Adrian would be to see Reggie again. Dan goes to check on her, and asks her if she is alright. She replies “Na.” She offers him some M&M’s as he sits down, but he says he doesn’t want to start eating and eating them. She is having a small cry while Dan is there. Reggie says she thinks she will be the one evicted. Chrissie comes and checks on them now. Reggie admits this is the most nervous she has been. Chrissie can’t believe Reg thinks she is going. Dan tries to make light of the conversation, add a bit of humour to the mix, but tears continue to fall down Reggie’s face.

7:46pm – Anouska fixes Reggie’s makeup, but is rudely interrupted by Big Brother, who tells them that Anouska has 20 seconds to leave the house. Frantic hugs all round as she leaves. Reggie’s tears start flowing again. Chrissie just doesn’t know what to do. Dan, Chrissie and Dan are standing around the pool, and Chrissie says “I’m going soon.” Pat says that it will be him. Just a few minutes later, they are again seated on the couch, and Gretel tells us that Pat is evicted. More hugging, kissing etc as Pat is ushered through the doors and out of the BB house for good. Chrissie and Reggie both lean on the doors for a bit, as Dan makes mention that he looked so ‘airport style’ going through. Reggie is really crying now, heavy breathing and everything. Chrissie hugs her. Dan then gets his turn. Group hug as Chrissie says “I can’t believe it!” Dan says enthusiastically “Just us 3 girls left then!” The girls take a seat as Dan goes to get some water.

9:23pm – All are sitting at the table eating dinner. Reggie and Chrissie both comment that they feel ‘space cadet’ weird. Chrissie says it was tough to lose two people tonight. Chrissie mentions that Pat was there when each of them arrived, so every memory they have of the house involves Pat, and thus thats why they feel weird. Chrissie says it kind of felt like it was Pat’s house to her.

Later, on the couch, the remaining housemates watch the video will Pat left behind. Pat says “Hi Guys!” He says he thinks they have all really enjoyed the last couple of weeks together in the house. He says that the friendships formed will last a long time. On a personal note, first is Chrissie. He says it was lovely to meet her and to get to know her. He says that perhaps he didn’t get to know her as well as the others, but that opens up the opportunity to get to know her better on the outside. He goes on to say she was a constant source of laughter. And just before he moves on, he says “Oh by the way Chrissie, I told you I’d be out first!” Huge laughter from the three remaining.

Onto Dan. He was so glad that Dan stayed as long as he did, because he got to meet the real Dan; the kind guy, down to earth person who says what he means, says what he feels. Dan never lies, always honest. He got to know him more in the smaller group. Pat says he was really glad they made the song together. He says that Dan will be much more famous than he (Pat) could ever be, but he will be able to tell people that he knew that Dan guy.

Finally onto Reggie. “Little Reggie, you are a beautiful person.” She has been like a rock for Pat in the house. Pat says that she didn’t change at all during her time in there. He is really glad they made it onto the show so they could get to know each other. They will meet up at the huge party at the end of it all, and then dance together.

At the end, he wishes them all good luck, enjoy the fact that they made the final three, and goodbye. They all say goodbye to Pat. Dan is soo glad that they get to see these. Reggie is looking at a photo that is almost black, and someone has written “Bugger” underneath it, and Chrissie and Reggie are laughing, almost crying at it.

Later in the night, the three are sitting in bed. Reggie says her eyes will be puffed up in the morning. She then says “It’s all too much.” Chrissie wonders how bad it will be when the third last person goes next Sunday. Reggie says “It’ll be you and Dan.” But Chrissie comes back saying it will be Dan and Reg. Dan just lies in between them not saying anything. BB turns the light out, and thankyou’s go all around. Reggie even wishes BB a goodnight. Chrissie and Reggie say goodnight, and thats stumps.

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