Day 73

10:38am – Big Brother announces that the hot water is off, and the store room is open, however he jumbles up his words a little and the housemates have a chuckle. They agree the uncomfortable pause by BB was what made it funny. Housemates move towards the store room. Regina has asked Patrick to put her chocolates in the store room rather than the kitchen so they won’t be as tempting. Patrick puts them on top of the fridge, which is out of Regina’s reach. Reg says that is too far otherwise, she won’t be able to grab some when she wants chocolate.

Anouska is up now and gets ready for the day. Regina is now annoyed about Patrick “confiscating” her chocolates. She says she will get them down some way.

1:27pm – Anouska is continuing with her video interview task. She is now interviewing Chrissie in bed on her views towards Dan.

Chrissie: The weird thing is when I first met Dan… I was already laughing. So that was a good indication of what was to come. We had our first good belly laugh within 24 hours. He does this weird thing with his mouth (she demonstrates)… it’s so funny.

Anouska: Does he have anything that irritates you?

Chrissie: Not really, I guess if anything it would be he is very pedantic about recycling but I think thats endearing.

Anouska suggests that Dan is her favourite and Chrissie finds the others annoying. Chrissie starts laughing and says Anouska must have gone to the “English Tabloid School of Reporting”. They both laugh. Anouska wraps things up.

1:50pm – Anouska is now interviewing Daniel on tape in the kitchen. She asks him what he thinks of Chrissie.

Daniel: Yeah Chrissie’s just a really happy person. When she laughs its very genuine and for people who are a little overweight the world can be harsh to them but it doesn’t seem to bother Chrissie… if they’re happy when themselves they’re great to be around.

Anouska: If you were to say one thing about Chrissie thats annoying, what would that be?

Daniel: I really can’t think of anything about Chrissie that is annoying

Anouska: Really?

Daniel: Well I spose it annoys me slightly that I don’t find her attractive because then she’s be a great person to be with and be attracted to as well.

Anouska: You couldn’t find Chrissie attractive? Boyfriend/girlfriend material?

Daniel: No, not really

Anouska: Why isn’t she girlfriend material?

Daniel: I think everyone has a physical body type and as nice as Chrissie is and as fun to be around, she doesn’t suit my physical type. Unfortunately.

Anouska: So you’re a bit sizist?

Daniel: Well everyone has a preference don’t they? For me to feel masculine I’d like to pick a girl up.

5:39pm – Chrissie comments she found it funny when Saxon put food right under the “EAT” sign in the kitchen. She goes into the kitchen to finish preparing dinner and Daniel soon joins her. He says the world is usually not friendly to people who are different or a bit larger. He says one of the coolest things about her is that she doesn’t make an issue about her weight. Chrissie can’t believe how much attention it’s been getting – she compares it to Regina not talking about her 5 foot height or Jamie about his sexuality. She says it’s not a big issue at all and she doesn’t know why this conversation is taking place.

5:51pm – Chrissie pries into Daniel’s discussion and wonderment of her weight. Dan feels the world is hung up on appearances but Chrissie says Dan is just perpetuating it.

Daniel: I have to admit I am affected by visuals – there’s women that I find attractive.

Chrissie: I’m not here for you to find me attractive, I’m not in the world for people to find me attractive either. It’s not the role of a woman just to be attractive to women.

Chrissie gets the feeling Daniel feels Chrissie is embarrassed or less capable of doing Big Brother. Chrissie says you don’t see Dan questioning Regina about her supposed inability to use big words or Vincent taking his top off when you’ve got pimples all over your back. Daniel is silent as he is put in his place. He eventually says he knows a lot of women who are hung up about their appearance. Chrissie says she knows that goes on but it’s pointless.

Daniel feels Chrissie is having misconceptions about what he’s saying. Chrissie says she understands it as Daniel suggesting she is uncomfortable with the way she looks. Chrissie says the idea of attractiveness is unique to each person and some people see attractiveness as an “inside” quality. The conversation ends on a positive note about dinner.

9:17pm – Patrick and Regina are lying on their beds. Patrick is half asleep until Anouska wakes him. She suggests Reg and Patrick sleeping in the double bed – she can see them being married. Reg laughs and Patricks says Anouska obviously doesn’t know him very well. She eggs them on to kiss, “you two look really good together”. Regina says “Pattie only likes tall girls with blonde hair and intelligent.. he doesn’t like little squirts with short hair, annoying voices, tattoos”. Anouska continues with the bating. Regina says she likes footballers and firemen. Dan jokes footballers on fire – flaming footy. He says they are all eye candy to Regina, and she agrees.

10:35pm – Patrick can’t sleep and is plucking his guitar in the living room. In the bedroom Anouska says to Chrissie “I think I’ve caught Regina looking at Patrick all adoringly”. Chrissie denies anything happening, but Anouska says it is nice – she would like them to get together. Chrissie reminds Anouska that Regina is married, but Anouska just giggles and Chrissie says “you are wicked!”.

Chrissie: I don’t think it’s going to happen

Anouska: You never know

Chrissie: Yeah you do know… it’s not going to happen

Anouska: I’m going to make it happen

They laugh into their pillows as not to wake any of the other housemates. Anouska discusses her suspected pregnancy with Chrissie – who says “if thats the way it goes, thats the way it goes”.

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Day 72

10:27am – Regina wakens, and makes her way over to the kitchen to start the day off. Patrick is already there, and asks her if she is going to go for a run. Reggie says “I can’t.” Pat says if they move something she will be able too, but still Reggie is undecided.

Over in the house, Anouska is out of the bedroom, moving straight onto the couch, grabbing a handful of M&M’s as she sits down. Back outside, Pat tells Regina that every lap she does will get rid of one of the M&M’s she had last night. Reg says she likes the old M&M’s. Pat says that if she doesn’t run, she’ll wander into the kitchen, and grab half a cupfull of them. She agrees. So is this a M&M’s advertising feast or what! Cut back to Anouska, still eating them on the way back to the bedroom.

Reggie tells Pat that her thighs are yuk, disgusting. Reggie calls out “Morning….Chrissie!”, the pause being because she forgot Chrissie’s name. Chrissie replies “Morning…..Reggie!” Reggie calls herself a lazy cow, and asks ‘what have I done to myself?’ Reggie suggests that she forget about fitness now, and just wait until she goes back to the gym. She does half a lap of the house, before deciding that she doesn’t want to run in those shorts. Reggie starts laughing for some reason!

11:09am – “Your belly button is halfway up your stomach. It shouldn’t be there” exclaims Reggie. Pat says “I’ll get it moved then!”He runs over to the kitchen windows to check how high it is – it looks quite normal to me. Chrissie says ‘we’ve become good friends haven’t we?’ The girls says how weird it is to spend soo much time with complete strangers. Comm break.

Regina is sitting on her bed, and opens a packet of Malteasers. She is thinking of who to nominate. Patrick comes in, and Reggie immediately asks him to take the chocolate away from her. Pat says he will put them in the kitchen. Reggie, is a cheeky, cute schoolgirl type voice says “I won’t eat them. I promise.” Pat comes out, and Anouska scares him by appearing on the stairs leading up the bedroom. Later, Chrissie gets onto her bed, and says to Reggie that this nomination is the worst ever. Reggie agrees. She says she has some ‘things’, but she doesn’t think they will be good enough. Chrissie suggests running it past BB to see what he says. Reggie says if BB says No, she has nothing to fall back on. Chrissie laughs.

3:08pm – Chrissie has decided she is going to cook dinner tonight. Dan and Chrissie are singing away, then start taking about the song. Meanwhile, Pat walks in and fills his glass of water. Once he leaves, Chrissie says she is nervous for Pat to eat it, because he might say he would have done it differently. Chrissie says she misses Cooking heaps, and could easily prepare and cook all day.

Later, when they are gathered around the couch, Anouska and Reggie have a competition to see how many M&M’s they can fit in their mouths. Chrissie counts Anouska, while Dan counts Reggie’s. Reggie is trying very hard not to laugh. Reggie gives up at 90, Anouska wins with 95. As soon as Reggie spits out her mouthful, she starts eating more. This girl is addicted!

8:28pm – Big Brother announces that all housemates are up for eviction. Chrissie and Reggie say it’s good, they got what they wanted. Daniel says “It’s strange though…” Anouska says that on Sunday, the whole house will be peeing themselves! Dan has had six nominations, the rest have had four. Anouska says Dan’s six might be a record for the whole world. Reggie suggests that they ask BB for some chewing gum so she can stop eating the M&M’s. Reggie thinks she has eaten 3000 M&M’s in a week. In the bedroom, Reg tells Chrissie she can’t eat them anymore. Chrissie says “that’s a wise move.” Chrissie can’t believe that Reggie can lift the huge glass jar of M&M’s in the kitchen so she can fill a cup or glass up at a time. She likens it to Mother’s having super human strength when their child is hurt. LOL, as Patrick walks out of the toilet, Reggie asks if he would mind if she asked BB if they could move the M&M’s to the diary room to stop her eating them. Pat doesn’t mind. As soon as she said that though, she says “Nah, I’ll put them in the storeroom.” Pat says thats an even better idea. Chrissie talks her back to the diary room though, saying she’ll be too embarrassed to go in there and get them all the time. Reggie says the amount she is eating at the moment is insane. Chrissie says they are addictive, but she has managed to go Cold Turkey. Reggie says she is very strong to be able to do that. Oh god, now she has changed her mind back to the storeroom. Comm break.

9:27pm – Reggie is talking to Chrissie. Reggie says that Pat is always quick with his nominations. Chrissie thinks that both Reggie and herself just don’t understand the process enough, and thats why they seem to falter every week. Chrissie says she’ll get out, watch some nominations, and say ‘Is that all you had to do!’ Reggie is fluffing herself on Vincent’s bed, and Chrissie makes mention how happy Vincent would be at her doing it. Anouska appears asking if they can smell something. Chrissie says she can smell dog poo. Reggie says it’s probably her farting. Reggie runs too the toilet, yelling out that she’ll wet her bed otherwise.

Meanwhile, Dan and Pat are sitting on the couch, listening to the bedroom. They say they are talking about girl stuff. Dan says that his nose is getting so cruisey, some bits are starting to think they live up there, and are hard to remove. Meanwhile, back with the girls, Anosuka has just told Chrissie and Reg that she thinks she might be pregnant. Reggie is envious, she wants to be young again, and madly in love. Anouska says it’s different with Adrian and Reggie. She would personally never marry someone who worked in the same profession as she did. Reggie admits she doesn’t want to go back to the shop, and wants to try to find something else. Chrissie says if she comes down and finds her in the shop, she will flick the closed sign on the door around and march Reggie out of there. Reggie says that everyone says she can do anything, but yet she doesn’t know what that something is. She says she wouldn’t mind being a cook, or a beauty therapist.

11:30pm – Reggie says to Patrick, beside each other in bed, that she never gets to lie next to someone and talk to them, because Adrian and herself go to bed at different times, or simply falls asleep. Pat seems shocked at this revelation. Reg says that Pat, just like Adrian, falls asleep on her. They chat for a minute, before Reggie says “Goodnight Patrick.” “Goodnight Regina.”

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Day 71

It’s Sunday morning in the BB house, and first shots we see of the housemates are at 11:42am. Anouska and Pat are heading to the kitchen, along the way Pat telling Nush that he found heaps of bruises from his spa antics on the Friday night. Nush also says she is covered in them. Nush asks him if he wants a hand with anything, but Pat insists on cooking her breakfast. Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Vincent has just woken up. Back in the kitchen, Pat has decided to make Scrambled Eggs with a few things chucked in. Vincent tries to look over to the kitchen from the bedroom door, looking very sleepily and confused. At the kitchen table, Anouska says to Chrissie, “What should we do? Should we do something naughty!?” Chrissie just grins, before saying “You’re so bad!” Chrissie goes onto say she will have to shop around for an accomplice, because she is no fun.

Looking a lot better, Vincent starts to pack for the looming eviction. Anousk meanwhile, is asking Reggie now to accompany her in her evilness. Reggie brushes it off, saying she can cook something for her if she wants. Nush then pushes the issue, saying “Do you want to do naughty things with me?” With Nush giving up on anyone getting up to some fun with her, she retreats to the sun for some sunbaking. With Nush gone, Chrissie reveals to Regina “I can’t do it. I care too much of the rules.”

Later in the afternoon, Reggie and Chrissie sit out on the terrace with a glass of wine each. Chrissie says ‘what a ride’, and asks Reggie if she is getting choked up. In the kitchen, Vincent asks Pat if he thinks his time is up. Pat believes so, saying ‘3rd time lucky.’ Vincent thinks it might be him. Back out on the terrace, the girls make a pact that if they survive the eviction, they will tell Big Brother they can’t come up with any reasons for nominating. Reggie says it would be good if everyone was up. Chrissie says that would be to easy, moving onto say “They has to be some downside to living in paradise.”

At 7:45, everyone is gathered around the couch, and everyone says ‘good luck’ and their goodbyes. Reggie exclaims “I’m gonna cry!” Vincent says if he ever pissed anyone off, he didn’t mean it. Comm break.

At 8:08pm, Gretel announces that it’s time to go Vincent, and he quickly exits the compound. The remaining housemates all wave and yell after him. Pat goes and give Reggie a cuddle. Anouska is talking to Dan, and says that she is glad Reggie and Chrissie didn’t go. Dan agrees, saying it’s nice having them here. Reggie is saying to Chrissie that Vincent had a big week before he left. Chrissie puts her hands to her face, and exclaims “I can’t believe I’m still here.” Reggie says she was very nervous, her stomach ‘churning.’ Anouska, still talking to Dan, says that after Friday night’s spa, she is glad that Vincent left, saying that she ‘felt awkward around him.’ She also says that Vincent avoided eye contact with her. Chrissie tells Reg that Patrick thought that Vincent was going to be ‘the one.’ Chrissie goes onto say that Pat is really shocked, before saying to Reggie that she has no opinion of who ‘the one’ could be now. Chrissie says that no one left was really best mates with Vincent. Reggie agrees. They both call him the mystery man, not letting anyone in. Dan says knowing that everyone left is from the round home is a comforting feeling to have. He says he came in with Chrissie, so it’s especially nice to still have her around. They start talking about Reggie. Anouska says that everyone needs a Reggie, while Dan agrees, saying she is just soo genuine. Comm break.

At 8:45pm, Reggie and Patrick are sitting by themselves outside. Pat comments that it is ‘such a big place for so few people.’ They say ‘cheers’ to one another on surviving another eviction. In the kitchen, Anouska wants the fire on. Chrissie says that it’s an open fire, and you have ‘to build it all up.’ She admits she has no idea, and says that she should ask someone (Patrick) if he could help her. Dan however answers the call to light the fire, while Chrissie is basically left talking to herself in the kitchen saying “Can’t believe Vincent is gone.” Anouska then reveals to Chrissie that she hoped it would be him. All Chrissie can do is laugh! She goes onto explain she loves the two girls, and she had just found a connection with Patrick today, while the spa incident ruined the relationship Nush and Vincent had formed. Daniel, now inside, looking at the fire, is trying to find the lighter. Chrissie says Vincent would know, and before you know it Daniel is asking Vincent where the lighter is!

Back outside, Patrick asks Reggie is she really thought it would be her. Reggie says she thought it would be her or Chrissie; a girl. Pat reminds her that there is a maximum of two weeks to go. Reggie admits, laughing, that she ‘could stay here forever.’ Pat launches into a routine, saying “It’s time to go Regina.” He then follows up, saying “ah no, sorry. Think I’ll stay here a bit longer.” Reggie says she’ll look after the house, the lawns, the visitors that will come through. Reggie says this is her new home, and as long as they flew Campbell up (her dog), she would be right. When Pat asks Reggie about what Adrian would do, Reggie just laughs. Pat says he would probably get along with him really well. Reg agrees. Reg says Adrian is a great guy who deserves more than her. What a load of rubbish! Pat agrees, saying ‘NO!’ Pat says to Reg that she needs to just get rid of some stress. Reg says she is stress free in here. Pat adds afterwards though “Or, we could just stay here!”

Chrissie, in the kitchen, is preparing to make some mushrooms. She comments that Anouska is beautiful. She says thank you. Dan pipes in, saying ‘and you have such a nice rack!’ She asks Reggie and Pat if they want a hot drink. They both decline the offer, but ask about the potato gems. When she goes back into the kitchen, Pat says to Reggie that she is a such a nice girl (Anouska). Reggie says it’s funny, but she looks younger now than when she walked in, because she had a dress on. Pat agrees.

Soon enough however, Reg and Patricks’s conversation goes back to Friday night’s spa incident. Pat says he is starting to feel bad about getting drunk now. Reggie says ‘so you should!’ Pat says he feels bad because he was thinking ‘she is just a little girl.’ Reggie says that that night, Vinnie and Pat were acting like boys, with their little toy, Anouska. She goes onto say ‘tongue’s hanging down to your knees!’ Pat says that just because there is a beautiful girl here, doesn’t mean he likes her. He says he needs more than beauty. Comm break.

We rejoin the housemates gathered on the couch, waiting for Vincent’s video ‘will’ to appear. He says that he is obviously gone. He says to Reggie ‘you might be able to get some sleep now.’ He says he has never met anyone quite like her. He says to her to not let anyone say to her that she can’t do anything. Moving onto Patrick, he reckons that the two would be able to live together, saying Pat loves to cook, and he loves to eat. The housemates all laugh. He also loved listening to him playing the guitar, admitting that he got better over time. For Chrissie, he says she lights up the entire room. When he is down, just spending time with her made him feel much better. He says he loved her Apple Crumble, and will probably use her Apple Crumble to get him out of the doghouse once he gets out. Dan is next to be talked about. Vincent says Dan ‘would have to be the most sincere, genuine guy I have ever met. A gentlemen.’ He take some time to compose himself, then says that there will always be a place at his families dinner table for Dan when he visits. Vincent was quite emotional during this part of his speech, and Dan also had a tear in his eye. Chrissie and Reggie commented about how worked up Vincent got over saying Dan’s bit. Moving onto Anouska now, he says he has known her for 36 hours, then laughs. He says hopefully they both haven’t caused too much trouble, but then says that she did brightened up all their lives by walking through the doors. He will miss all of them, and ends by saying ‘it was an absolute privilege to call you guys my friends.’ Before I continue, can I just say WOW, what an awesome message. The best one so far, by far. They all sit around and say how nice that was. Dan says it’s nice to hear that kind of stuff, because sometimes you don’t know the influence you have on people. Chrissie says that she thought Vincent didn’t like her very much.

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Day 70

At 10:30am, Vincent wakes up. Pat comes into the kitchen, and Reggie asks her what she wants. Pat just gives Reggie a cuddle, when Reggie asks if he is still feeling sick. He nods. He asks Reggie for a coffee, with no salt! Pat says that he will never ever drink anything ever again. Reggie says not for a while at least, but Pat is adament, NEVER!

When Chrissie rises, Anouska has woken up, just sitting up on the couch. Regina also arrives at the same time. Anouska says “Im really sorry.” They tell her to not worry about it, Chrissie saying that Anouska looks alright. She says “I think I did some crude shit in the spa.” She wonders if she’ll still have a boyfriend back in England. She tells the guys she kept trying to stop them, saying would your girlfriend like this, and they kept saying “No, No!” Regina laughs, as if to say typical.

12:14pm – Regina collects her prize, a platter of gourmet food, for completing the personal task of hers. Chrissie says it’s great, and thanks Reggie for completing the task. Just after 4pm in the kitchen and Vincent has just woken up, and they badger him of lasts nights events. Chrissie says they could hear people yell out “Venuelzela” through the speakers. He says he thought it was right, according to the game I imagine. He sits there as they laugh, with his hands up to his face, laughing a bit also.

After dinner, Regina wonders if the evictee will be up to partying the night away. Pat says he certainly won’t be! Vincent says if it’s him, he’ll be making up for what he didn’t do last night. As the others head to bed, Dan and Vincent sit by themselves in the kitchen, chatting about last nights party. Vincent says “Tell you what, If I could change last night.” Dan says he doesn’t understand that, his outlook being if your going to regret stuff, why do it. Vincent says “Yeh, it’s not a regret, but perhaps I should’ve pulled the pin a little earlier. Should’ve seen it coming. Cut to later in the kitchen, and Dan asks Vincent how he is feeling about the upcoming eviction. He says he is just trying to get over last night first. They talk about Vincent being the last from the square house.

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Day 69

12:15pm – Camera joins Anouska still in bed. Meanwhile, Chrissie is talking to Dan about ex housemates. She says she is missing everyone today, especially Jo. Anouska joins them now. She slept well. She says the weather is so good for the middle of winter. Pat, Chrissie and Dan laugh about a bird who is flying round near the dor or something. Meanwhile, Anouska makes her way over to the house. She says she doesn’t like the bugs being around the house up here in Dreamworld, saying she is frightened of them. Reggie first thought she was saying ‘books’, but finally understood. Vincent, after finishing in the bathroom, walks through the bedroom to head outside. Anouska recognises his aftershave as he walks through, and Anouska says thats what her ex boyfriend wears as well. Vincent says he will try to stay clear of her then.

Outside, Pat and Vincent are lying getting some sun. Vincent says that should they get a party tonight, he might join them in the spa. He says ‘no sexual favours or anything, just a nice social thing.’ Pat says the spa is beautiful at the moment. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Reggie is saying that their is a new playmate for the boys, meaning Anouska. Chrissie laughs, saying that she hardly recognised Vincent last night he was smiling soo much, and being Mr Sauveadore.

At 8:21pm, it’s party time in the BB house. Weird music playing in the background. Actually, no just the thumping kind of music. Anouska still says she can smell ‘Tommy’ on Vincent, and he says he will try to keep away from her. Vincent says thats his signature smell, his girlfriend smells it and knows he must be around. Anouska asks Vincent’s girlfriends name, but Vincent says he doesn’t talk about that type of thing. He says he will email her anything she wants to know. Vincent moves inside and asks Chrissie if he wants to see “Bad Cenzo!” Chrissie initially says ‘Yeh”, but then says “Oh maybe not. I might be a bit scared!”

In the bedroom, Reggie says that now Jamie is gone, Anouska can take over the looking in the mirror award. Vincent gives Anouska the purr and the growl. Vincent says the purr bought 4 people in the house to their knees. Chrissie hears this, and goes and tells Reggie that she was one of the four bought to her knees by the growl. Reggie is laughing, and Chrissie says “He is working some magic on Anouska.” Reggie just yells back, “good luck.”

The party game is still continuing on the couch, meanwhile Reggie and Chrissie have a chat in the bedroom. Reggie says that she thinks of Vincent as a bird flapping it’s wings, as if to say he is ready to mate. Chrissie laughs, and says he shouldn’t be doing that if he has a boyfriend. Reggie comments that you just don’t know with him. She says he has a maid who makes his bed, and puts his undies in plastic glad bags. They roll around laughing at the glad bags. Chrissie doesn’t understand the glad bags system. She thinks it might be one for dirty and one for clean, but she is unsure. Reggie goes over to have a look, LOL. Chrissie says in the background, “we can’t!” She grabs some of his red undies out of one bag, holds it for a second, before putting everything back and laughing on the floor. Chrissie thinks they were the dirty ones! Comm break.

12:40am – The party continues and now moves to the spa. Anouska says she will teach those boys a thing or two. She asks if she can pee in the spa. They advise her to go before she gets in. When she leaves, Chrissie says she is glad that she has arrived, cause she is boring as “rat shit.” Out in the spa, they are playing the game I mentioned in the up late edition, involving countries, while they try to stuff each other up by touching, licking, and shoving assets in other people’s faces. For more on this, catch my Day 69 Up Late recap, because I’ll focus most of my recap on the discussion taking place in the bedroom which was running concurrently.

Reggie says that Vincent went all macho on Anouska’s arrival. Chrissie again comments that she couldn’t recognise him. They just hope she doesn’t get bored while she is here. Reggie says they sound like they’re having fun, finding out who is the ‘sauvest.’

Out in the spa, Anouska says “How would you feel if your girlfriend sees this?” Vincent says they are only having a bit of fun and there is nothing to worry about . Anouska says “I don’t know.. I love him.” Vincent and Pat both decide to stop the game because she feels this strongly for her boyfriend. Pat talks to the camera’s, telling Adrian (her boyfriend) she is a lovely girl simply up for a bit of fun. Anouska says “OK, carry on”, and they continue! Dan comes in and says that Pat is trying to think of countries and constantly getting boobies in his face. The girls can’t believe it. Reggie says that the spa is ‘nothing but trouble.’ Reggie compare the boys behaviour with Lions ready for there prey. Chrissie comes out with perhaps the line of weekend, saying “She’s a C Grade Celebrity for gods sake. Show some respect!” Soon after, at around 5am Chrissie says goodnight to Reggie and Dan, and turns her light off. Outside on the couch, Anouska and Vincent asleep out there, with buckets lying around looking as if they had perhaps been sick.

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Day 68

11:08am – The have and havenots task is now over, much to the joy of chrissie – but Vincent is annoyed the coffee machine will be gone now. Regina still has her personal task to do and the haves are wondering about the salt in their beds. Later Vincent is whinging about the coffee machine which is now gone from the kitchen. Patrick is saying that this week it was much easier than last week being a havenot. The housemates joke about Vincent and the coffee machine but he takes it the wrong way and leaves the kitchen.

It’s sunny today as Patrick goes for a swim. Inside Regina is putting salt in the sugar jar as part of her personal task. She also puts salt in the milk, sneakily putting it back in the fridge. Shen then offers Patrick a range of milk drinks – tea, coffee, milo to try and get him to drink some of the milk. Pat drinks his drink and finds it a bit salty, pulling a face. Regina suggests that it’s because the milk is warm but Patrick goes looking for answers – mainly any salt in any of the containers used to make his drink.

3:30pm – Patrick thinks some one put salt in the sugar, and explains to Regina. He gets Regina to taste some of the sugar and she says “maybe it was an accident”. Chrissie and Daniel say there was sugar in the beds last night and think it might be one of the tasks. They pinpoint it to Regina who is walking by suspiciously. Reggie starts smiling saying “what” and stops, hiding her head behind some bushes laughing. Vincent calls out for some salt. Regina tells Patrick it was an accident with the salt in his drink – but says she didn’t do the salt in the beds.

5:31pm – Chrissie is making a tea/coffee and uses the salted up milk. Regina is outside watching. They talk about how long it takes for the kettle to work and what types of tea they have. Chrissie tastes the tea and immediately starts smiling. Regina says “no way” and asks to taste it. Chrissie confirms that it’s salty and Patrick says “Regina!”. She says it’s not her and all these accusations are making her laugh.

Chrissie explains to Vincent who suggest that they complain to Big Brother. Chrissie pours some more milk to test it out – sure enough it’s salty. She says “this is weird” while Patrick asks Regina what’s going on. Vincent suggests there is salt in the kettle. Chrissie tests out different sources of this salt and comes to the conclusion that the salts in the milk. They all think that it’s Regina, Chrissie says “just fess up now” and “it’s just like you”. Regina keeps laughing asking “why do you keep thinking it’s me”.

8:35pm – Anouska and Gretel have just left in the diary room as Chrissie spots Anouska coming back in. They ask her if she forgot something but Anouska says she will be staying for a few days. Everyone is excited – especially Regina and Chrissie. Regina says that Anouska can have the double bed, and Daniel says she can share it with Vincent – he won’t mind! Later Chrissie and Regina are talking about how good Gretel looks (NOT Anouska!). They then say the boy’s tongues will be wagging about Anouska. In the bedroom Daniel and Anouska are joking about giving her candy legs a lick. Daniel starts singing Willy Wonka. He likes a can of Jack Daniels which must be blurred out because of the 7pm timeslot.

9:30pm – The housemates are explaining the salt incident to Anouska. She asks who it is but they suspect it’s a crew member. Regina just sits there smiling. Daniel says that if it was anyone in the house they would come clean right about now (hinting to Regina). Anouska says she wants fun and frolics tonight so what are they going to do? The housemates are more concerned about the salt in the beds – Patrick and Vincent going to Big Brother. Regina says “are they STILL complaining about the salt”.

In the diary room Vincent talks a lot more than usual (no doubt because of Anouska). They want to know if it’s crew or housemate doing the salt things – BB tells them he will get back to them. Anouska is explaining about the nomination process in Big Brother UK. Regina asks why the boys keep harassing Big Brother. They say it’s because of the salt. Anouska is strumming the guitar. They complain that salt in the food could be mistaken for Draino. Anouska says Big Brother is watching all the time and wouldn’t let people mistakingly eat rat poison or draino. Regina is called to the diary room as the housemates convince themselves that she’s the one.

Big Brother tells Regina that she has won her personal task, to the delight of Regina. Big Brother says the time is right because of the paranoia creeping into the house.

12:18am – Regina is explaining her practical joke. Daniel says it was fine in the bed but not cool in the task. Patrick says he’s glad she told us. Anouska is patting Daniel’s hair. Daniel is whinging about salt in the food because of wasting the milo – Regina says there is no salt in the milo and she’s not that dumb. Regina explains how she used the powdered milk and did her best not to waste food during her prank but this is not good enough for Daniel who keeps whinging about it. Regina is annoyed that no one liked her practical joke but Anouska says she liked it. Anouska hopes she likes it and the other girls too after tonight. Anouska says the salt thing was brilliant and shakes Regina’s hand about it.

Daniel walks outside with Regina and says he doesn’t want to make her think they’re weird. He explains he was scared it wasn’t her putting the salt in everything. Good ol Reg says it’s all over now and to forget about it. While Regina is gone Patrick explains that Regina is spooked about Daniel but Daniel repeats what he just said to Regina.

In the bedroom Regina is saying “what a night” to Chrissie. Chrissie doesn’t know why the boys just acted like they did. She says it was a really basic practical joke – it wasn’t hard. Regina asks ‘how dumb do they think I am?” and “as if Big Brother didn’t know who wasn’t doing it”. The girls are surprised about their behaviour.

In the kitchen Daniel is massaging Anouska’s shoulders. He asks if she likes the pain and she says “pleasure is pain” and “go in there.. deep, hard”. Meanwhile the girls in the bedroom can’t get over how paranoid the boys were about the crew putting draino and poison in their food. Anouska leaves the kitchen, kissing all the boys goodnight – she says it’s the wine! Vincent looks really happy.

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