Day 86

8:31pm: Big Brother announces that David, Chris, Camilla are up for eviction this week. He calls Jamie to the diary room. He takes the three points off Camilla and returns to the couch. BB announces that David, Chris, Max, Krystal and Claire will now face the public vote. Dave says thats the biggest one ever! Camilla hugs Jamie and says she appreciated it so much. Dave and Max talk about how it’s never gone from 3 to 5. Dave hugs Camilla and congratulates her. Jamie is outside by himself. In the bathroom all the girls are there. Camilla says she feels bad. Krystal reminds her that she didn’t do anything. She says she also feels bad for the newies. Krystal says it was inevitable. Dave says it’s the first time in 10 weeks for Claire. Dave tells them that Camilla and him are the only members of the “Most hated club”, but even Camilla’s place in the club is under review. Outside, Max hugs Jamie. He says he feels weird. He says he should’ve gone up as well. Dave hugs Jamie, and Jamie apologises. Krystal hugs him and tells him that it’s not his fault. Jamie says that he was hoping that he had gone up as well if that had happened. Krystal says she loves him. Claire says she is suprisingly happy. Camilla says it’s been forever for Claire so it’s understandable. Comm break.

9:59pm: David comes to the diary room. He says he knew he would be up. He says the assumption was Jamie would take 3 points off Camilla, and he did. He says it would have been interesting had Krystal and Camilla been up. He says he can’t believe 5 are up though, and that Claire is up for eviction. At the dinner table, Jamie says he can’t believe we are characters on a show. Camilla disagrees. In the diary room, Dave says that Camilla is cocky and the hard work she has done with Jamie has paid off. He says he’s getting on well with everyone else though. He leaves the diary room. Back at the table, Camilla asks Claire if she cares about being filmed the whole time. Claire says that is the least of her worries. In the bedroom, Dave goes to bed. Chris says that no one hates him though. He says he’s a sook. Chris returns to the table. Claire doesn’t want Camilla to think she is camera focused. Camilla says she feels as if she is living in a house. Chris disagrees. Jamie says he prefers chatting and laughing. Camilla says she can live in the house without worrying about what her actions may look like. Chris keeps trying to butt in, but Camilla will have none of it. Claire says she does whatever she wants to do in the house. Camilla says thats good, and she has been reassurred now. Camilla gets up and goes to the bedroom. Dave wakes up, and Camilla says that she is angry at Chris, saying he was being an asshole. Dave wonders if they like each other. They share a hug. Comm break.

11:42pm: Most housemates are in the bedroom. Camilla says to Jamie that she wants the house to be normal, saying she doesn’t feel like it’s her house anymore. Jamie tells her that it is more her house than anyone else in here. Claire decides to cook toast, and most of the other housemates leave the room to give Camilla time to herself. Jamie and Krystal stay to comfort her. Camilla says that the two new people in the house have changed everything. Camilla says she was nothing but nice to both of them. Camilla wonders where Claire is, saying “…good friend”. Camilla says it looks and feels like she is off loading with the new guys. Out in the kitchen, Claire, Dave, Max and Chris do a funny little dance. Camilla says she wants to go home so she doesn’t have to prove herself to everyone in here anymore. Chris comes back into the room and Camilla softly tells him to ‘go away’. Awkward silence for a good while! Camilla tells Jamie she doesn’t care anymore anyway. Jamie reassures her that she is one of my favourite people. Back outside Claire says she thought it was because of her, but they realise Camilla is upset at Chris. Dave says he knew it couldn’t have been him, because “I’m perfect”. Back in the bedroom, Krystal says she doesn’t like it when Camilla says that “everyone is taking the piss” out of her, because she feels targeted as well. Camilla says shes just upset. Comm break.

12:36am: Chris comes to the diary room. He says he was shocked tonight, saying that Camilla has always said she would be straight with people; Chris says that tonight however he doesn’t know where he stands with her. He says that Krystal and Jamie have been good mates with him as well, and for not one of them to talk to him tonight about the situation has frustrated him. Out at the spa, Camilla wonders if Chris came into the BB house with the intention of “landing” an eligible housemate, ie Camilla or Claire. Krystal and Jamie say she shouldn’t think like that that. Chris says he feels alienated and he hopes that the nice friendship thats been built up hasn’t been broken now. Jamie outside suggests that Chris took offence to the whole argument over the cameras, because he felt he was challenged. Camilla says it wasn’t a challenge. Chris meanwhile says that he hopes people’s actions in the past week haven’t been fake, suggesting that perhaps they have a great group of actors inside the house. Chris says he felt he was doing better than Max at getting into the group, and the nominations came as a suprise. He says he’s fine with the game though. He leaves the diary room. Meanwhile out in the spa Camilla says she doesn’t feel like everything is right between her and Claire. She says that she thinks Claire isn’t genuine towards her at times. Krystal says she loves Claire, and that she’s perfect. Camilla says that this shits her, but then says that perhaps she is just jealous.

1:34am: Lights go out in the bedroom. Camilla asks Chris if he is angry with her, and Chris says he is. Camilla asks him not to be angry.
Camilla says it wasn’t her intention to attack him tonight. She says that it had nothing to do with him. She says that she didn’t feel at home in here tonight. Chris says that she couldn’t figure her out tonight. Camilla says that she is really sorry that she pushed him away tonight, and they hug and get into bed together for a cuddle.

Day 85

8:27am: Big Brother wakes the housemates up by telling farmhand to feed the animals. Chris is farmhand, and he chooses Camilla to be his assistant. In the barn, Camilla tells Chris they have a spa tonight if she isn’t evicted. Chris says that’ll be good.

10:36am: Claire is talking to Krystal while doing some housework. Claire says that this morning was the first she has heard Camilla wake up and laugh. Krystals says “I think she’s in love.” Claire says she didn’t hate her before, but this new relationship has bought out a new Camilla. Krystal says it’s really good. Over in the rewards room Camilla and Jamie are talking about the eviction. Camilla says she doesn’t want to go home. She wants to stay another week. Jamie says he’s not here to win it, but he wants to be here till close to the end. He says he hopes the end is soon. Camilla says that Krystal was crying yesterday. Jamie says it’s because Gaelan isn’t here. Krystal says she missed him a lot for a week or so, but was happy to be herself again. Jamie says he has liked being on his own as well. Outside in the backyard, Darren and David are sunbaking. David says he’s sure to go tonight. Darren says that won’t happen. Chris pulls the hammock over and says he has heard that Darren gave Dave a kiss over the weekend. Darren says he didn’t kiss anyone. Back in the rewards room Jamie wonders how things are going along for Camilla and Chris. Camilla doesn’t make anything of it, but says ‘nothing will happen’. Outside the boys slip slop slap. Comm break.

3:18pm: Jamie and Krystal are talking in the bedroom. Jamie says he is struggling with how long this ‘show’ has been going for. Krystal says she thinks a lot and sends herself into panic mode. Jamie completely agrees. Krystal says that they are so similar. Jamie says that Krystal won’t go tonight. Krystal says she doesn’t have a problem being beaten by the oldies, but doesn’t want to be beaten by the 3 latest intruders. Outside, Chris and Claire are playing soccer. In the kitchen, Dave asks Camilla if she has kissed Chris. She says no. Krystal, also there, says “Are ya gonna?!” Krystal and Dave tease her. Camilla says it’s obvious he is into Claire anyway. Krystal says he is into Camilla more than Claire. Camilla says he’s not confident, she offered him a snuggle in bed and he didn’t take it, and she says thats going to be the most inviting she is going to be. She says she wouldn’t chase him if they were both outside.

8:06pm: Gretel announces that it’s time to go for Darren. He has hugs all round and he’s out of the house. Dave says that it’ll be a double. He goes outside for some air. Camilla says he knew he would be gone. Chris agrees, saying that he and Max will be the next two for sure to go. Max agrees, saying next week will be a double. Camilla says they might not be up for eviction though. Claire goes outside and says that there is only 2 Queenslander’s left now. Dave says he’ll see him in 2 weeks time. Dave says that if tonight is a double, he’d love to go out with him. In the bedroom, Chris says he is fine with the thought that he’ll be out next week. He says he would jump at that chance to go into the BB house for a little holiday. Comm break.

8:41pm: Max enters the bedroom and says that there are only 4 guys left now. He wonders when they do nominations. They tell him tomorrow night live and he says ‘thats full on’. Max jokes “Darren’s not here anymore, so who am I gonna evict?!” They all laugh. Max will move into Darren’s bed, but forgets about others sleeping together still. He feels bad, but everyone seems cool with it.

8:57pm: Time for Darren’s message. He thanks everyone for welcoming him into the house. He tells Krystal that he least got to know her out of everyone. He says that it seems like she couldn’t be bothered getting to know him. He says thats fine. He tells Camilla that she is the biggest whinger he has ever met. He says that Claire is the kind of girl that he would marry. He says she is perfect. Claire looks stunned. Last is David. He says that he is kindest man he’s ever met. He says that Dave has restored his faith in men. He tells him he loves him, and says he’s a fantastic bloke. Dave sheds a tear. He uses Camilla’s line, “Cya on the flipside.” Camilla says that he didn’t have the balls to tell that to her face. Dave stands up for him, and Camilla says that he shouldn’t. Jamie and Max continue laughing at his whinging comment, and Camilla walks away trying to be pissed but half with a smile on her face.

9:21pm: Camilla says that she is angry now because she is now dishpig that Darren’s gone. Dave says that funny. Camilla says that he hated Darren. Dave says that he was beautiful. He says that Darren would be in his top 5.

10:02pm: Krystal tells Camilla she has been more happy this week. Krystal says that even if she doesn’t like him, she at least likes the attention. Krystal says that it’s a great feeling to have. Dave comes to the diary room. He says that he and Darren struck up a great bond while he was here, and he hasn’t had a bond that good with a straight man for 10 years. He says that his relationship with Camilla and Krystal will improve this week, because he resented them very much for being mean to Darren, but with Darren gone now, he thinks it’ll be back to normal. Dave wonders about nominations and if you can vote for someone because you don’t want them to win. BB walks Dave through voting for stragetic reasons. Outside, Camilla and Chris are in the spa. Camilla says her friendship with Dave suffered while Darren was in the house. She says that they are great as friends, but they can’t ever live together. In the bedroom, Dave gets into bed and Claire says she’s not far behind. Dave says that all the intruders are gone now. Dave says it’s so good to hear a straight man say he loves him. He says that BB has been perhaps the best thing for him in his life to date.

2:03am: Camilla jumps into Chris’s bed for a spoon. She laughs a lot, then says out loud “BB, I’m spooning with a boy.” Over the other side of the room, Jamie says he wants as much time in the house as himself as he had in a relationship. He says had Katie still been here, he wouldn’t have chatted much to Krystal at all. Jamie says it wasn’t all Katie, it was a bit of not feeling right for Gaelan. He says that he knew Gaelan would not have a problem with it though. He tells Krystal that when Katie left she didn’t want him to talk to Krystal. They both laugh a bit. Krystal says that Katie obviously didn’t like her. Krystal says that she loves talking to Jamie, they understand each other so much. Jamie promises to be her best guy friend who is not out to screw her. Back in the other bed, Chris’s hands are wandering. Camilla says “You’re such a player.”

Transcript of the turkey slap

Housemates are settling down to sleep. Darren mentions the words “naughty arrow.” Gaelan repeats these words before Camilla says “I’d like you to put your naughty arrow near me.” Gaelan makes reference to the movie Mr and Mrs Smith.

Camilla says “There was one PE teacher that always use to keep me behind.” Camilla goes onto tell the housemates that a few girls were always asked to stay behind and it was pretty obvious what the teacher wanted to do. Camilla says the teacher was in his early 20’s. Camilla says he was hot.

At this moment John and Ashley, sleeping across from Camilla and Darren, tell Camilla to come over to them. She gets out of bed and says “What are you doing? You’re not going to fart on me are you?” Ashley says, “No. Better.”

Camilla climbs onto the bed and again asks whats going on. They are all laughing and Ashley again says nothing. John tells Camilla to “Lie down and shut your eyes.” Ashley repeats the sentence. Camilla says “Why? You’re not going to turkey slap me are you?” Ashley says “No”. Camilla says “You are you liars. Let me in”. She climbs into the bed. Camilla says “I’ll hurt you if you do.”

As soon as she is fully down in the bed, John puts his arms around her to keep her down. He tells Ashley to “Go. Turkey slap her.” Ashley gets on his knees, pulls down his pants, grabs his penis and slaps Camilla’s head with it. Ashley and John laugh. Camilla says “Hey, you little shit”. Camilla half sits up in the bed and informs the rest of the bedroom “I just got turkey slapped.” Camilla lies back down in the bed saying “You guys are mean to me.” Ashley says “It was funny though.” Camilla repeats “It was mean.” Camilla seems to be pinching John’s nipple under the covers when the video finishes.

Day 64

8.41am – John and Gaelan are feeding the animals and letting them walk around for a bit. In the house Krystal is lying in bed, feeling sore after her fall last night. Her breast is still really sore, and it feels like its falling down. Outside John is having fun petting the sheep, but the finds the sheep is getting a little too relaxed and pees on his hand. Gaelan starts laughing and John runs to wash off his hand.

In the rewards room Claire is having a bath and Rob sits by her with their breakfast.

Jamie is walking around the house singing commercial music – this is a rule break. Big Brother annouces he must wash all the windows in the garden. Jamie doesn’t seem to care and just says “thanks buddy”. He gets a $5000 fine for calling BB “buddy”. Perry needs to be filled in on what the fine is for… David says its for disrespecting Big Brother. Perry says you shouldn’t disrespect anyone.

11.58am – Gaelan comes to the diary room. Big Brother asks how Krystal is – he says she’s in a little bit of pain. BB asks how this is making him feel – he says he feels for her but its not affecting his relationship with her – its strengthening it and he wants to spend time helping her.

Outside while Jamie washes the windows Jamie says if he was working harder to earn the money in the house would he be more respectful to Big Brother. Jamie says its difficult to answer because its not relevant to his personality – he has never worked hard for money – he doesn’t really care about it – he spends it on anything. Perry asks how he gets along if he doesn’t care about money. Jamie says thats why he never has clothes, and is struggling. Perry doesn’t think he is struggling. Jamie says he pretty much gets by on a string… and he doesn’t care about it. Camilla attempts to give a final answer for Jamie, but Perry isn’t impressed and calls her the “voice from behind”. Camilla says sorry but she just wanted to contribute to the conversation.

Jamie gives his final answer: if he had a million dollars he wouldn’t care about $5000… he would only worry when it got down to his last $20 and he’d think “crap, I’ve gotta buy a six pack for my mates”.

Perry: How old are you Jamie?

Jamie: 23… on Wednesday.


1.15pm – Lauren comments to Camilla if Jamie’s standoffish attitude lately is his normal behaviour. Camilla says the fact that he is around new people is making it worse… plus when he nominated he takes it as a rejection from the rest of the housemates. Camilla and Lauren both agree you have to just deal with it because its part of the game.

Jamie is singing commercial music again. He’s called to the diary room.

BB: It appears the message that you’re not allowed to sing commercial music in the Big Brother house is getting through. You have plenty of time to think about what you have done, while you are scrubbing the hot tub deck with a toothbrush.

This time Darren needs filled in on the rules about singing. Jamie sits down and scrubs the deck. Perry says it will teach him the value of a dollar.

The boys all talk around the deck. Ashley says “you know what I’m sick off… Perry’s life”. Ashley, Jamie and John all agree they are sick of Perry’s philosophies and life experience. John is especially sick of the obvious logical things Perry says, like “you only live once, you only live once”. Meanwhile Perry is talking to the other housemates about her experiences with mortgages.

Lauren is in the sauna on her own. She doesn’t look too happy, and puts a black headband on her head ala-Jamie.

Lauren: Like hi, like my name is Jamie.. like. I’m too cool to talk to intruders like. Like yeah.. like wow.

5.17pm – Darren and David are cooking and measuring ingredients. Perry comes in and tells them what the proportions should be. The phrase “six or one, twelve or nothing” turns the house into confusion… especially Darren who says it doesn’t make sense.. and then tries to explain what it means. Perry doens’t want to hear it and they start yelling at each other. Perry tells Darren to behave.

Krystal is doing Claire’s makeup in the bedroom. Perry comes in and says “good on you Krystal!”. They think Claire’s makeup looks good.

Darren tells David that Perry never lets people explain things, and it really annoys him. The conversation stops when Perry comes back into the living room to do some cleaning. Darren suggests she could beat the rug outside with tbe boys, but Perry says no, she won’t do that. Darren has had enough and just stops trying to talk to her. David tries to back up Darren but Perry kills the conversation:

Perry: No! What part do you not understand? The N or the O!?


7.32pm – It’s time to go… Lauren. Perry keeps asking “was that real?”. Lauren gives everyone a hug and she leaves quite quickly. Perry screams “I’m saved! I’m in! The oldie!”. Rob reminds everyone there is another eviction coming up. Perry tells all the “kids” to be careful because things will now change. She high-fives Darren congratulations on staying.

Camilla: I really liked Lauren

Perry: So you’re saying you don’t like us?

Camilla: No, I’m allowed to mourn the loss of a friend

Perry: Oh.. yeah of course.

It’s time to go… Rob. Rob thanks everyone and says he’s enjoyed his journey in every step of the way. After he has left Krystal, Camilla and Claire all hug each other. Jamie has forgotten about Rob already and reminds everyone its his birthday this Wednesday, jumping around in excitement.

Later in the bedroom Claire tells Jamie she is now moving into his bed with him, if thats ok. It is. Camilla says she just needs to get out of the bedroom the intruders are in. In the kitchen Darren comments it will be interesting how Perry reacts now that Rob is gone.. because they were very close. Talk of sleeping arrangements continues in the bedroom: Camilla says Darren is very “touchy feely” and she doesn’t really like that when she’s in bed with him. Also, Perry is so loud and she needs a break from that. “Its such a small bedroom for two big personalities”.


10.43pm – Rob’s goodbye message is playing. Rob says Jamie and John are the naughty boys of the house but no one should change to make other people happy and thats what he learnt from his run ins with Jamie. Rob says he learnt a lot from David and hopefully vice versa – he has been tought a very manly quality – to step up to the plate whenever there is a problem. Camilla has welcomed David in and taking him in and befriended him and loved him and put up with his moods. Rob will miss her and the way she ruffles feathers in the house. He thanks them all for the time in the house and will see them all one day very very soon. The housemates all clap.

Later in the bedroom Darren says he was going to move out of his bedroom but didn’t want to offend Camilla. Camilla however has already decided she will be moving, and tells him that Perry is annoying her. “I don’t want to sound … if you moved out and I had my own bed it would be easier”. Darren is a little taken back and says she shouldn’t have offered him a place to sleep with her in the first place then. Camilla explains there are too many big personalities in that bedroom and she feels suffocated. Camilla thinks that if both of them moved it would be too obvious.

Darren: Why don’t Perry come out and sleep with Jamie?

The housemates all try to get involved but Camilla tells them she and Darren will sort it out on their own. Things get confusing for Darren as to why this is happening, and Camilla says its so she has her own space.

Darren raises his voice, saying he’s not taking it as a peronal attack but wants to know why exactly she’s moving away. Camilla explains again but Darren is confused. Camilla leaves the bedroom and Darren screams out something censored. In the living room Krystal tells Camilla they should consult Jamie because the person moving will be sleeping in his bed and maybe he doesn’t want to sleep with a stranger. Jamie says yes, he would rather sleep with Camilla. She goes back into the bedroom and resolves things with Darren.

Perry: It’s childish behaviour honestly, it is, isn’t it Jamie?

Jamie: Uh yeah I’m staying out of it

Perry: I’m staying out of it too. I don’t have time for it Jamie… and as we grow we learn that… you don’t have time for it.

Day 63

11.37am – Lauren and Camilla are in the bedroom. Lauren say she reckons the intruders will be put up to a public vote very soon and one or two of them are going to go. Camilla says the HMs barely know them yet. They both agree it sucks.

In the rewards room Rob and Claire discuss the intruders. Rob says Lauren is interesting but is finding it hard to fit in. Claire thinks she’s a cross between Danielle and Jade, to which Rob really agrees. They think Lauren is slightly girly-girl but has that Jade-like outsiderness that is making it hard for her in the house. Rob think Krystal is taking Lauren under her wing lately and Perry has also taken a liking to Lauren.

In the bedroom Camilla talks evictions with Perry, while they paint each others toes. Perry tells her to stay positive, and think of it as a journey – the eviction is just anothe chapter of the book. Perry says she wants to be a young kid again, and tells the others they need to bring the young kid out of her. In the kitchen Perry asks John if he thinks she’s very kid-like… he does.. he say she’s energetic and did things like jumping in the pool clothed. Perry laughs and says she wants to have fun in the house.

BB calls all housemates to the lounge. They are to be tested on this weeks task. One by one they are to be called to the diary room and indentify two fragrances each. They must guess 16 out of 20 correctly to pass the task. The housemates all say “oooh” but assure themselves they will pass. Ashley is first – he smells fragrances off the armpits of two maniquens in the diary room. Each of the housemates all take their turns. Gaelen is disgusted at John’s colone.

7.21pm – The results of the task are in. The housemates correctly guessed 17 and have passed the task. Housemates all through the house cheer and clap. They sing “well done”.


9.21pm – Housemates are all outside. Some of the housemates are having a pillow fight. It’s mainly the boys plus Perry and Lauren. The final two are Jamie and Darren – they battle it out quite hard, and Lauren tells them to lay off. Darren needs to take one last swipe at Jamie even though Jamie has dropped his pillow. Darren is the winner, and Perry says “the baby won”.

Jamie goes to the bedroom and Camilla stops him and laughs about how extreme Darren was going before. Jamie say its good sportsmanship to hand the pillow back at the end, but Darren didn’t do anything. Jamie sits down on a bed and tells John it was unfair how Darren kept hitting him after he had his pillow knocked away.

11.18pm – Darren and David are in the hammocks. Darren can feel that Jamie and John don’t like him, and he knows it. David asks how he would deal with it on the outside. Darren says on the outside he wouldn’t be friends with them at all. He’s only been in the house three days, they should get over it – “I beat them”.

In the sauna the original boys are all discussing the intruders. Jamie says they have thrown in very rigid people. The boys are unsure about Lauren – they say she’s a closed book. When talk moves onto Darren the boys mention he was a bit hard tonight but John says “he means well, he means well”. John then sits back and looks unsure about what he just said.

Outside Darren asks David how the nominations work on Mondays, and David answers. Darren then asks about the three point twist – David explains the system, but also mentions he took three points off Ashley in the past. Big Brother annouces a $5000 fine. David says “what the hell!?”. David says “Big Brother everyone knows it”. He is called to the diary room. Inside David is awarded a strike. He doesn’t look happy as Big Brother proceeds to tell him off.

Day 62

10.52pm Krystal has returned from the diary room where she had 9 stitches on her chin after her fall during the Friday night games. She is not happy about them, and gets teary. Gaelan comforts her. In the bedroom Krystal explains her breast feels very sore and she’s scared one of her implants may have ruptured. She’s also scared she’ll have a scar on her chin.

11.49pm – David has a letter from Big Brother. The rules have changed for tonight’s truth or dare – it is now truth AND dare.. they must answer their own truths and take their own dares. Rob is very unhappy and shouts “no!”. John is called to the diary room. He is told he is not permitted to talk about nominations, and his question for truth of dare tonight was asking if a HM had nominated him. This is against the rules and he is to be punished. He must sort 3000 coloured matchsticks in the punishment room.

David’s dare was to tell each housemate four things you dislike about them.

To Darren he says:
– You are too good looking
– You are too straight
– You are too young
– You are too close

– You are a vegetarian
– Your competitiveness took away the rewards room from him tonight
– Your attractiveness makes me question myself (the housemates all laugh)
– Your constant birdwatching. Claire laughs, throwing her head back, but she bangs it against a vase right behind her.

– You speak way too much
– You don’t listen when some one else is speaking, he adds she could have helped her team tonight if she had kept going … Perry buts in saying “oh grow up for heavens sake I had a bloody go”. The housemates all laugh.
– You can’t take criticism!

Krystal’s dare was directed at Claire, and it was to share a passionate kiss with another female housemate. Krystal volunteers she wants to kiss Claire, but Claire says no. Krystal is annoyed and walks away.

Ashley’s dare was a choice: eat raw sardines, drink toilet water or lick the floor. He chooses to lick the floor.

Gaelans dare was to brown-eye every housemate. He jumps around the living room with his pants off pushing his bum at each other.

Perry’s dare was to jump into the pool with her clothes on. She does it.

1.22am – Housemates are talking about Claire’s refusal to kiss Krystal during truth or dare. It really has Camilla up in arms. Lauren says that maybe she’s just never had an experience like that and she’s nervous. Camilla is annoyed because everyone babys Claire in the house. Lauren loiters around the kitchen bench but can’t come up with anything to say. David butts in asking Camilla if she thinks the three dislikes he said tonight were less harsh than his real dislikes. She does think so – she thinks he was just saying things to get through it. She thinks he has some more geniune dislikes that he hasn’t made public. David comments he really dislikes Claire because she’s vegetarian. Camilla repeats that she thinks Claire really should have just gone through with the dare and kissed Krystal. Gaelan thinks she could have made a little effort.

Day 56

9.24pm – The housemates are brought up with a whistle call. They all take a dive. Camilla says good morning to the other housemates. Gaelan, who is wedged between his bed and the wall, thinks he took some skin off his knee taking a dive.

10.36am – Housemates are posed by the backyard goal. Big Brother says they have saved 14 balls, and let 9 balls into the goal. Gaelan opens the task result envelope, it says they were allowed to let 6 balls in. Krystal and Claire jump up and scream in excitement. Gaelan says “what!? we let in 9 goals… we lost”. The girls are dissapointed. Claire says they can’t fail its her birthday. Big Brother however gives them a second chance since their dives during the task were excellent. They must all take a penalty shot at the goals.

Katie stops the ball
Ashley stops the ball
Claire misses
Krystal misses
Rob misses
David stops the ball
Galean stops the ball
Jamie stops the ball
John misses

They must stop the next ball to pass the task.

Camilla stops the ball

The housemates all jump on Camilla and cheer. They sing “ole ole”.


1.50pm – Jamie is sleeping. Katie and John are getting ready to run through an obstacle course they built. And they’re off: First they put on pyjama pants, then another layer of clothing, then crawl through a gap in the hammock (they fall over each other) then another layer of clothing. Then they must hop across the backyard on deck chair covers. Then they eat a full cup of dried chickpeas. Rob cheers them on to win. Katie coughs up her chickpeas. John looks like he’s going to vomit. Katie finishes, run backs to the hammock and picks up the winners belt. She says it wasn’t a good win.

Inside the girls wonder why Katie is doing it to herself. Krystal says they are all going mental. John needs to wash his mouth out with water. Katie chants out “loser!”.

2.33pm – Jamie is still sleeping. Camilla, Claire and Krystal all say Jamie has totally changed and is isolating himself from the other housemates. They think Katie and the nomination annoucement is causing it. Claire says they are just making it harder for themselves. They are confiding in themselves so much its making it harder for themselves on the outside.

2.34pm – Jamie is still sleeping. Katie is putting on clothes and he asks her to come sit with her. She says no because she’s going back outside. Jamie says he will just go back to sleep then. Katie tells him not to waste what could be his last days in the house. Jamie just doesn’t feel like doing anything. He eventually gets up and wonders outside where Katie is. Claire tells the other girls it will be so interesting to see how the couple lasts on the outside. Camilla adds that Jamie has been critical on the other housemates more than usual lately, but doesn’t want to go.

The sun is setting on the Big Brother house. Katie is getting cold as she sits with Jamie, who is again questioning his own behaviour. He said his tendancy is to know exactly who he likes and doesn’t. Its always the people who don’t like him that he doesn’t like back. Thats the reason he can tell who nominated him. He feels a little betrayed sometimes. Katie says he will never impress them so why bother. Jamie says he gave people the benefit of the doubt and its resulted badly. They couple hug but Jamie is still moping.


5.10pm – John has been called to the diary room to be told off. He was talking badly of Big Brother earlier. He must go to the punishment room and peel oranges. But not before throwing some on the floor in anger. John takes this time alone to check his hair in the mirrors.

Outside the housemates are preparing for Claire’s animal themed party. Rob tells the other housemates not to stuff their faces with food immediately. He says its about being polite for Claire’s birthday – they should respect what she wants to do. Katie isn’t happy with Rob taking control of the party and goes to the diary room to talk about it. Rob wonders if he was a bit rude, Claire says no way – she doesn’t want to stress about things tonight. Camilla doesn’t think anyone left the dining room area because of Rob’s announcement. He says sorry to Katie across the house.

Camilla quietly tells Rob not to be so hard on Katie to be the messenger for the boys. Camilla adds she doesn’t have the strength to do that but Rob thinks she has plenty of strength in her mouth and can’t be picky about when she wants to assert it.

Katie goes into the diary room, and comments the room smells like oranges. She says today Jamie was very down.. but she thinks he’s out of it now, it will get better with the party. Today she realised she doesn’t like Rob, he’s very catty. “He’s… such a bitch!”.

Meanwhile in the bedroom Camilla tells Rob not the transfer his anger from certain people onto others. She suggests to isolate why he’s angry with some one and focus on that issue and try and find a way to bring it up, not take it out on other people. They have already discussed that there are people in the house who are over sensitive and the girls didn’t take it as an attack. Camilla says Katie is not the same… she’s a little sensitive.

Katie thinks that tonight or tomorrow Rob will go and have a bitch to everyone about her and/or Jamie.

Camilla says that three different people have told her the more they get to know Katie the less they like her. Camilla doesn’t agree with that however. Rob says that the more she hangs around with Jamie the less people like her. Camilla reminds him again not to transfer his anger so everyone, including him can have a better time.

Katie doesn’t want to let Rob “win” and get the better of her. She knows she’s a better person than him and thats enough for her… “I win”.


6.24pm – Big Brother has given the housemates animal costumes.

John is a crocodile
David is a lorrikeet
Camilla is a lobster
Gaelan is a panda
Claire is leopard
Krystal is a butterfly
Rob is a gorilla
Katie is a kangaroo
Ashley is a chicken

The housemates go into the living room and find the food. They organise what they will eat first. They go to the BBQ and find all the “meat” is actually vegetarian. In the kitchen Camilla says to Katie she was in a bad mood earlier this week. Katie doesn’t think so – she was in a neutral mood. Camilla admits she is difficult to live with… but is cut off by Katie, who says she’s never met so much as difficult that she’s loved so much as Camilla. Camilla hugs her. Katie says its the most positive thing – she is drawn to Camilla “so much!”. Camilla hugs her again and says she really cares about Katie a lot. She hopes Katie isn’t evicted. They toast to themselves.

They move into the bedroom. Katie says on the outside things will move back to the way they used to be with guys – she has never been dependant or put herself on the line with guys. She doesn’t want things to change back. Camilla says once you go through something like this you won’t fall back into the same pattern as before. Camilla says Katie is the same as her only 2 or 3 years ago. Katie jokes “so I’m going to be an outspoken lobster in a few years time?”.

9.14pm – Claire tells all the housemates to act like the animals they are. The housemates all jump around like animals. Katie’s costume starts falling apart after the housemates jump around on her and bits lie everywhere. Rob’s gorllia impersonation is really accurate until Gaelan knocks him over.

Day 55

9.25pm – John and Claire run to the rewards room. Claire is excited and says she hasn’t been there in a long time. It’s Claire’s birthday. They quickly head towards the food – there is noodles, rice, meat and salad. Jamie and Katie are in the main house bathroom, and go into the sauna. They say the games were so close and Jamie almost had it. He lost the game when he had to whinge about Krystal as one of the Friday night games. Katie says it would have been easy to whinge about her: face, boobs etc.

David comes to the diary room. He says there is a sick little side of him that is thinking he knows two really deserving people to go into the rewards room and didn’t want Jamie and Katie to go into the rewards room.

In the bedroom Claire comments to Rob that Katie was giving Jamie too high a score as part of the Friday Night Games. Krystal compares it to her: she gave Gaelan a 3 becuase it was a fair score. Claire was annoyed at Katie’s score bias. Camilla is so glad Krystal is being truthful because she’s sick of people bullshitting in the house.

10.01pm – John and Claire eat and chat. Claire says she’s really comfortable with John and Krystal in the house. However if she needs to have a talk she will go to David, because he always has a story to tell. She can always laugh with Rob, he’s hilarious. She’s comfortable around Gaelan but you can’t really sit down and chat with him – its always about a prank or something like that. “He’s too into himself… guys who are just like him, like constantly concerned with his body shape.. he’s way too metro for me”. She doesn’t think Ashley is too bad – although he does care a little bit. Ever since she told him he looks good clean shaven he’s always done it, and now he cares about his hair. John says the gay guys in the house really like Ashley. Claire recalls a story when Rob went all fluttery when Ashley had just been in the room.

The straight boys Jamie and Ashley are in the sauna, and discuss Katie. They don’t think she will be evicted. Jamie says it will be a toughy. Ashley says if one of them left the other would want to go the next week. Jamie thinks it will be him this Sunday. He looks uncomfortable.

11.15pm – John asks Claire if she’d rather the 3 box prize or immunity. She says the chance at the box prize. John chooses box number 3. Claire says thats the number she would have picked. Big Brother confirms. Inside is a camera. John is all happy and Claire is happy for him.


11.58pm – Jamie and Katie are in the living room. They have idle discussion about one of them leaving this Sunday. Jamie says there is a standard rule thats going to apply to this: they’re going to have to talk about their relationship on the outside because comparing the BB house to life in Perth is “chalk and cheese”. Katie doesn’t know what he’s talking about exactly: Jamie clarifies its going to be really different outside because they won’t be hanging around each other every day. Jamie thinks they should try it on the outside before anything else. He’s going to wait until they are on the outside together to see what happens – he’s not going to run amuck before then. He’s not going to fuck anything up until she’s out… then they will talk about it.

Jamie: I think you’ll be here for ages

Katie: Trust me I wont

John and Claire are in the rewards room, having a bath together. He asks her opinion on the Jamie/Katie issue. She thinks there are quite a few people upset with the couple. She explains her earlier concerns about Katie rating Jamie during the friday night games. However Claire says it was other people (doesn’t name anyone) who had these concerns, not her. She relays her thoughts about the couple but attributes them to “people around the house”, not herself. It doesn’t really matter because John agrees with everything Claire says. John thinks out of all the people the house has given the couple sufficient time to adjust to their nomination. Claire was dissapointed with their reaction to the nomination annoucement.

Jamie says to Katie that the people remaining in the house after them are “pretty shithouse”. He adds that Gaelan, John and Ash are special people, but no one else is. He doesn’t want to hang around with the other people, and says he will be nominated next week if he is not evicted this week. He reiterates his assurance of being evicted sooner rather than later. Katie says “oh well”.

12.22am – Claire and John are playing around with John’s camera. Big Brother annouces happy birthday to Claire. She cheers and runs around outside. Some of the other housemates go and give her a birthday hug. Claire shakes a bottle of champagne, then pops the cork while John takes a picture. The group take some photos.

Oops – Jamie’s bulge needs to be censored out in the camera photo.

Day 54

9.46am – Jamie is infront of the goal. He stretches around, a ball shoots, he jumps for it but misses. The girls notice from inside the kitchen. Krystal has noticed the shots are so much harder for the guys – they are faster and shot into the corner and the girl’s balls are just shot into the centre. Camilla says if they lose the task she will go on a hunger strike next week. She then goes backoutside and asks the boys about the hard shots. Another ball shoots out to the side and Jamie JUST pushes it away from the goals. Gaelan claps and congratulates him.

Rob and David are having a chat in the bedroom. Rob asks how long David expects to be in the house. David doesn’t know. Rob is saying his five weeks in the house feel like forever – every single minute is chewying him up. David knows what he’s talking about, and wonders if he’ll leave a hole in the house. Rob says he definately will. Rob thinks everyone would get uptight. David is starting to think he really doesn’t want to go this week. Rob says he should have thought of that earlier (when he took 3 points of Ashley). David says it wouldn’t have changed anything if he took the points off himself.

Katie and Ashley are playing a game in the living room where Katie has to “catch” a purple dot on Ashley’s boardshorts. They scream and laugh.

David says to Rob he would really like some peace and quiet around the house, but doesn’t think its possible. While the discussion happens Katie and Ashley run around the bathroom. When they are gone David says it would be really good if Katie left the house – people would change. They are all saying she’s a cool chick but they think it would be for the better if she left. Katie and Ashley finally finish their game and apologise to the boys lying in bed for the noise.


12.12pm – Rob is infront of the goal. Big Brother annouces their time defending the goal is now over. The housemates all cheer. However the task is not over – they must still take dives when they hear the ref’s whistle.

Camilla comes to the diary room. She has the family discussion on her mind. Specifically Jamie and Katie’s reactions to her questioning them dealing with nominations. Claire says Katie got emotional but she’s been acting like a bear with a sore head – throwing around sayings like “I’m definately going to go”, but to wish your time away in the house is crazy.

Meanwhile the nominated couple are in the sauna. Jamie says he wants to spend lots of time with Katie – if one of them is going does he make it less hard and spend less time with her or does he go all out and hang out with her all the time?

Camilla says it has been an emotional journey this whole time for her – she thought she had been kicked out in the first week (revenge room eviction) – she has been at the low end of the pecking order this entire time.

Jamie say she’s no longer Mr. popularity in the house anymore and its allowed him to express another side of his personality. Thats how he is if he’s surrounded by people he likes.

Camilla says she has grown up a lot in the house and without people trying to butter her up all the time and not being the pretty girl, all the outside influences… “this is me… pretty plain and simple”. When she gets home this is going to change her life a lot because there are things she’s not happy with her life – she has cheated on all of her partners (she gets teary). She doesn’t want to do that every again, she is really proud of being in the house and what she’s accomplished as her own person. When she gets home she doesn’t think she will be as easily influenced by other people. At the same time she’s feeling bad she upset Katie and the effect it could have on the rest of the house.


3.29pm – Ashley and Gaelan are in the pool. Gaelan is wrestling with his floaty thong, pretending its a crocodile. He punches it a few times.

Jamie comes to the diary room (argh again!). This time he has cleaning on his mind. Jamie says Rob goes to sleep crying because he wants Jamie cleaning things, and then wakes up and says “goodie, things to clean!”. Jamie says he likes things not clean – he likes dust. He recognises he might be immature in that right, but he likes the way he is. If Jamie is evicted because of issues with cleaning dishes, he will look back and laugh, and say “awesome”.

5.10pm – Rob is chatting with Camilla in the living room. Camilla says theres no way she’ll let problems grow – she will weed things out. Rob says there are no distinct problems he can stop because what he has problems with he can’t change, so he will have to be tolerant.

Meanwhile in the living room the boys (minus David) are throwing placemats around.

Camilla says to Rob that the younger, majority group has changed – the tables have turned and its funny to see that group have now changed and they don’t like it.

In the living room Katie jokes she will throw water on John. He says ‘go on’ but doesn’t think she’ll do it. She does. John then spits water back at David.

Camilla is disgusted. She exclaims she’s so glad she wasn’t over there in that group.

5.39pm – Krystal says to Claire that Jamie and Katie are back to normal. Claire still isn’t impressed however – their reactions to nominations were inexcusable and they just used excuses. Claire likes Katie but only in small doses. They both agree Jamie is a little oblivious with Katie’s shortcomings.


5.54pm – The boys are playing around in the backyard. Ashley and John have a pillow fight.

Inside Claire says Ashley is funny. Krystal thinks he’s weird and doesn’t know what to talk about with him. Claire was the same for the first four weeks – his humour was different and he was withdrawn, but now he’s screaming etc. Claire thinks he lacks confidence but draws off other people – he’ll jump in when its his turn but won’t initiate things. Claire says she should be a psychiatrist. Krystal and Claire do situps.

David and Camilla are in the sauna talking about the nominated couple. David says he can’t understand them at all. Camilla thought she’d have to comfort Katie today, but didn’t. She stands up for what she believes – she is against their behaviour. David wonders why people aren’t saying what they think. Camilla says its because of Katie – she has proven herself unapproachable, and did have a strong social force behind her in the house, in the past. David says he’s much older, but Jamie and Katie have each other so they have an advantage in the house. Camilla says she continues to speak her mind not because she’s causing confrontation because she speaks what she believes.

6.12pm – The housemates have a jumprope outside with the garden hose. David runs through it without jumping, provoking lots of yelling from the other housemates.

Jamie goes inside and lies on his bed, alone.

Meanwhile Rob is jumping lots in the jumprope – they’re now doing double dutch.

Katie joins Jamie, who is sulking. She says they are jump roping. Jamie mopes, saying “why are they finding that exciting? thats not exciting”. Jamie tells Katie he’s tired and just wants to lie down. He continues to say the skiprope is boring.

Meanwhile all the other housemates are having a great time jumping.

Later in the night Rob fidgets around his bed, getting annoyed. He screams out, which is met by laughter from the other housemates. He says he needs sleep, sugar, oil and something deep fried. He’s sick of eating pee-stuff and “fart berry soup”. “I’m sleep deprived!!! I’m hot and cold, and this bed is an egyptian coffin!”.

Day 52

10.38am – The punishment room is full of soccer balls. Claire is cleaning the kitchen, and says this is the reason she won’t have kids – humans are so friggen messy. We’re the only animal who doesn’t clean up our own space, its disgusting.

11.51am – The housemates are given their weekly task. There is a soccer goal in the backyard, which housemates must defend around the clock. Big Brother can shoot soccer balls at it at any moment. Additionally there must be at least one person with the goalie at all times as their “number 1 fan”. The housemates are called into the garden to find the goal – there is a split reaction. The boys mostly like the task however the girls are weary. They vote to wager 100% on the task – Krystal doesn’t want to, but Camilla eggs them all to take a chance.

Later in the kitchen Camilla tells Katie to spend some time with the rest of the housemates – since she’s been so isolated. Katie says she will later, she just has to wash her face. Jamie walks past them without saying anything. Camilla says to Krystal “boy they’re really cheery aren’t they?”. It’s been Camilla’s 3rd attempt to chat with them. Krystal comments she doesn’t have the energy to try.

Ashley is infront of the goals, with Rob being his number one fan. Rob sings out a crowd chant while Ashley dances in the goals.

Katie and Jamie are talking in the bedroom. He says he can tell the bad people from the good – and its only been good people leaving each week. Katie is finding it hard to talk to the other housemates and be nice about it because they’re being fake. “Claires not even talking to me”. Rob doesn’t bother… “its like being picked on in school”. Katie jokes they are the losers of the house. Jamie says he knows.

Claire asks Ashley if she can be his cheerleader. Rob jokes “imaging if it threw eggs at you instead”.

Inside Katie tells Jamie they should stop sulking. Jamie says they should have fun. Katie can’t have fun when no one likes her. Jamie is used to being liked, and thats whats getting to him – Katie comments she is the same. Jamie describes it as “a new feeling… a new, nasty feeling”.


12.36pm – Ashley is still infront of the goal posts. Gaelan points out a gap where Ashley isn’t defending so well, so Ashley re-positions. Rob says not to worry – his supporters look good, they’re looking nice in a hat (Rob is talking about himself), and Ashley’s hair looks great. Suddenly a soccer ball shoots towards the goal and hits the net. Claire is shocked at how fast the balls are shot towards the goal. She goes inside and tells Krystal and Camilla how fast the ball was. Ashley continues to guard the goal (and dance) while Rob chants.

Katie comes to the diary room. She says last night she got upset, and thought “why am I getting upset? everyone has to go through it”. She has been lucky to go through it. Then she had her angry “screw it” attitude. Then her sulky time as well.

Outside Jamie thinks Katie is talking to Big Brother about leaving. He considers leaving the house too, and explains this to John. He grabs the house rule book to read the pages on leaving the house. John asks why he’s doing this – Jamie replies because the house is shit – “everyone left is shit”. John says “thanks mate”.

Katie proposes she had a choice over who would be evicted out of Jamie and her – she would pick her. Jamie hopes Katie isn’t “doing anything stupid”. Jamie tells John about his theory that Katie wants to leave. John says fair enough they are pissed off but they shouldn’t leave – they have lasted this long and thats an indicator of how highly they are looked upon. Jamie understands what John is saying, but says its like your best friend leaving the house.

In the diary room Katie says there is no way Jamie is leaving the house this Sunday. She would rather go than have Jamie go – because he has so much to offer. BB asks if there is anything else she wants to talk about. There isn’t, so she leaves the diary room. Outside Jamie asks what her visit was about. Katie says it was about nominations and evictions.. “because I already have 2 strikes”.


5.59pm – Jamie comes to the diary room. He wants to have a chat about the things on his mind, specifically Sunday. He says this Monday if there was any chance of being nominated it would be that. He says his real friends have been slowly kicked out of the house and he doesn’t have anyone to turn to.

Over the dining table, Katie asks why there wasn’t enough bread over the weekend. Rob said it was because of the last baker – they had to use bread for normal loaves, apple crumble and other misc. items. David tells Katie to forget about it because it’s backpeddling. She’s ok, and comments Jamie has been in the diary room a long time. David jokes this is the first opportunity he’s had to bitch about Katie. Katie says he wouldn’t dare.

However Jamie is crying in the diary room. He says he’s met so many cool people in the house and he couldn’t have done any of it without Katie and John and Dino. As soon as Dino left things caved in for him. He gets annoyed, saying he never cries at home, he hasn’t cried in ages. He’s had a couple of breakdowns in the house. He doesn’t want to be angry or upset and he has been put out of his comfort zone and this is how he’s reacting. Big Brother says he can always come to the diary room to talk about how he’s feeling. Jamie leaves just after grabbing a tissue.

Claire is at the goal nets and Rob explains to her that he’s worried the bread questioning before was going to start something hostile. He comments she was kinda out of line questioning him without any evidence. Claire agrees. Rob says if he has to take people down a peg in the house if he has to, he will.

Meanwhile Katie is updating Jamie inside on the bread questioning.

Claire tells Rob “their” (Katie and Jamie’s) attitudes have totally changed for the worse once they found out they were nominated. John comments they are just dealing with it in their own way. Suddenly a ball shoots at the goals and Claire touches it with her hands, but it hits the net.


7.01pm – Jamie and Katie are lying together in bed. Meanwhile Camilla and Rob are discussing them while lying in the hammock. Camilla just wants them to stop – they are whinging for nothing, and everyone else knows what its like to be nominated so why should they make a big deal about it. Camilla adds they aren’t really losing each other if one of them is evicted anyway. Rob says its going there will be bigger problems on the outside for them. Family will be a big hurdle for Katie, if they continue the relationship outside the house, because of lifestyle, statures etc. He thinks family wise they aren’t too different but whats expected from the parents is very different.

Camilla says the dirty pissing is pissing her off because Jamie (the kitchenhand) hasn’t cleaned the kitchen at all. Gaelan doesn’t like the dishes just sitting there. Rob says if people here had basic social etiquette people would clean up so they could all enjoy themselves more. Jamie is loitering around the kitchen talking to Katie, and there are a few close up shots of dirty dishes and benches. They both say they want to leave the house, and are doing so much damage just by moping around. They think as long as they stay in the house they will continue to do this. Jamie says this has been the hardest week ever.

11.39pm – As part of this week’s task every time the housemates here a referees whistle they must “take a dive” (pretend to be injured) and plead with Big Brother for a penalty shot. The whistle sound plays. Most of the girls are in bed and immediately hop onto the floor for their dives. John decides to stay in bed while doing his. David and Camilla are outside, Jamie and Katie are in the kitchen, Gaelan is in the blue bedroom. They all call out for a free kick. Afterwards Claire comments that took forever.

11.56pm – Katie is in front of the goal posts. A soccer ball shoots out and Katie manages to block it. Jamie says if he keeps moping around like he has he doesn’t stand a chance of surviving eviction. The two then ask John if people have been talking about them. John says they have been – but they weren’t bitching. He doesn’t want to say names but they force it out of him – it was Claire. Jamie knew it would be her. Katie says Claire has been avoiding her all day. Jamie is “as sure as sure can be” that either Jamie or Katie will be evicted.

Day 51

12.53pm – Camilla and Katie are in the bedroom. Katie explains she is worried about nominations – she thinks she will be up this week. “Oh well… nothing you can do”. The two of them lie together and Camilla has noticed the house is getting smaller but there are groups forming. Camilla and David have difted apart and Rob has taken his place. She feels she can’t vent with David anymore because he struggles trying to see her point of view. Rob joins the girls on the bed. Camilla thinks there are people in the house she can’t live with. Rob jokes she can’t live with that girl Katie – well maybe not so jokingly – he says her mess is driving him mad. Katie acknowledges she is quite messy. Rob asks her to dress up a little more in the house. Katie totally agrees she has to nip this in the ass – “no mess, no mess!”.

Outside Jamie says he’s getting very stressed in the house. Krystal and John don’t think so – they see the Big Brother house as a holiday.

Camilla and David are cleaning up in the bathroom. Ashley has been irritating David big time because of his antics which result in breakages. He also thinks Ashley is hypocritical because he complains about childishness but then does it himself. David will definately talk to both Ashley and Katie about this problem.


3.19pm – The boys are playing cricket in the backyard with makeshift items such as a pillow and ornamental ball. Camilla and David have been told to cut the grass in the backyard with nail clipers as punishment for Camilla helping David with his cleaning task (only he may do it). They comment to each other they are concerned about where the makeshift cricket ball is going to end up. Just as they say this the ball is hit very close to them, and they duck down. Jamie comes over and they tell him they are worried about the ball. David is more confronting – he asks why Jamie keeps on going with his antics which keep breaking things in the house. He has struggled to understand why the boys have no respect for property and just keep going with it. David says its something you can get away with when you are a child because you don’t understand the value of property, but the housemates are old enough now to comprehend it.

Jamie asks if this is a personal thing – but David replies he’s asking Jamie now because Jamie is right infront of him. Jamie says there is a risk factor, and the factor makes it funny. Jamie doesn’t see the risk being too great in the Big Brother house.

8.30pm – The nominees this week are David, Ashley, Katie and Jamie. The nominees laugh and Camilla exclaims how glad she is, and then apologises but is just happy for one week she doesn’t have to worry about being nominated. David is called to the diary room. He picks Ashley because he’s a decent person and David has appreciated that and prefers to see him stay as possible. BB asks why he isn’t taking the points off himself. David replies only a jerk would do that. The new nominees are David, Jamie and Katie. Katie is shocked. Ashley asks why David took the points of him. Katie adds it was so nice. Krystal says he is full of surprises.

Ashley goes outside and is upset David didn’t take the points off himself. This is because Ashley nominated David for 1 point. Gaelan comes over and tells Ashley that David just wants to leave the house. Ashley is obviously upset, and gets teary-eyed. “Words couldn’t express how much gratitude I have for him… I feel like a dog”. Ashley goes back inside and thanks David again, but wonders why David did what he did. David says he will find out when he eventually leaves the house, they can’t talk about it now.

Katie and Jamie are in the bathroom. Katie says she doesn’t really have a problem with being nominated but can’t look the other housemates in the eye any more. Jamie doesn’t know what to think, he is obviously dissapointed about being nominated.


8.41pm – Jamie, Katie and John are in the spa. Jamie is very annoyed and says that Camilla Rob and David are grouping together and are the main cause of them being nominated. John says at this point of the game its easy to vote strategically. Katie says she knows exactly her reasons for being nominated – her messyness and she just isn’t fitting in at the moment. Katie says there are two sides going on in the house now. Jamie says he’s tried to get along with Rob but it just doesn’t happen. He says Rob’s character is very sneaky and a bitchy person. Jamie knows Rob nominated him because Rob couldn’t look at him afterwards.

Jamie says there are three groups – them, the girls and the gays. The girls and the gays have banded together according to Jamie to vote out their group. John was suss about Claire. Big Brother calls all three of them to the diary room. Meanwhile in the sauna Gaelan and Ashley wonder why they are getting in trouble. To pass the time they start air guitaring and banging the water bucket as a drum.

In the diary room BB tells the trio it is the most fundamental rule of Big Brother that housemates vote without influence or collusion. BB tells them they have broken the rules and thus cheated. They have given themselves an advantage. They should all be embarrassed. Their behaviour shows a lack of integrity. They are all awarded a strike each. They leave the diary room. Katie says they have been the naughtiest couple ever. The three don’t seem to worried about the strike at all.

Jamie: I wouldn’t donate a rat’s ass.

Big Brother announces to the entire house that three housemates have just been awarded a strike for nominations talk. The three are in the living room laughing. Jamie looks annoyed,

Krystal notes that Jamie and Katie now have two strikes – she feels so goodie two shoes.


10.11pm – Jamie and Katie are in a hammock outside. Jamie says if Katie leaves the house he doesn’t want to be there anymore. Katie says if he goes, she’ll go, and vice versa. Jamie says he thinks he’ll be the one who goes, so he doesn’t want Katie to go. He would rather go and then still be able to watch her. Katie notes that whoever goes will have attention from the sexes when they leave the house. Jamie asks why he would have attention from guys – Katie jokes he already gets it in the house. She then expresses her concerns for the girls who would give Jamie attention on the outside, and in the other scenario the possibility of hot intruders coming in. Jamie says if he was watching from the outside and Katie was hit on by hot guys he would know she’d tell them to back off.

11.59pm – David asks Katie and Jamie about their nominations. They both thought they’d be up. Jamie says Gaelan and Ashley have sorta been off on their own and if there are people in their group people would have picked on it would have been Jamie and Katie. Katie begins talking about how she thinks she was nominated because of her uncleanliness. Big Brother interrupts and fines Katie for discussing possible nomination reasons.

Katie: Drilled, so drilled! This has been a great night.

BB then fines Jamie. He doesn’t seem to care. Katie recaps: a nomination, a strike and a $5000 fine each in one night.

Katie: This has been the best night of my life!

Gaelan comments in the bedroom the couple must be taking their nomination pretty harsh and spiteful if these strikes and fines are happening. Claire says it shows the lack of maturity levels.

David: Cheeky little bastards.

Day 47

9.27am – David is leading the aerobics this morning. Some of the moves include “sheer the sheep”, “milk the cow” and “lay the egg”. Again Ashley is jumping around for amusement, and needs to be brought into line by David. Its not long before the housemates are exhausted, and David leads them through some breathing before wishing Danielle happy 19th birthday.

Camilla gets annoyed with Katie leaving a wet towel on her bed “she’s useless – I ask her every single day and she doesn’t do it”. Krystal says she’s probably just forgetful. Camilla wonders if people would be more relaxed in the house if she wasn’t there because she’s always complaining. She comes to the conclusion its not always complaining – just saying what she thinks.

Krystal is making the beds as part of her job role – and says Jamie and Katie are the worst housemates – they are the messiest, leaving things all around their bed. Rob says they’re like the messy kids.

1.39pm – Camilla is lying in bed and Katie comes to offer her lunch. Camilla declines, saying she doesn’t feel attractive at all. She doesn’t want anyone to think she’s a sook.

The housemates all have lunch and John asks if it was a good birthday lunch. Katie says for Dani’s birthday they should clap every time Danielle walks past. Dani goes to put her plate in the kitchen, and returns to clapping. The HMs wonder where Camilla is. Meanwhile Camilla is teary in bed and goes to hide under the covers. Danielle brings her some soup, but Camilla says she’s not hungry, although appreciates it. When Dani returns to the dining table she gets more claps.

Camilla: Stop crying


5.14pm – Camilla is putting makeup on in the one-way glass. Suddenly a crew member jumps up at the glass in a skeleton suit. Camilla jumps back scared with her mouth wide open. All the HMs groan “Camilla!”. Krystal notes it was the same guy who jumped up at her. Camilla says thats now 3 black marks against her name.

7.11pm – The HMs are treated to a horror themed party for Danielle’s 19th birthday. They all have halloween costumes. All the housemates get excited with the food and candy. They toast to Danielle’s birthday.

Later in the night Camilla and David continue their tiff about whether its right to stockphile food. They exchange bickering.

David: If you’re sick and tired of polite people, I’m sick and tired of being polite.

Camilla says David was the one who started it. Claire reminds them who is housekeeper tonight (Krystal).

9.34pm – Housemates are in the living room talking about kissing each other. John tells Danielle (again) he won’t be put in a position where he might upset his friend (Dino). They are a little drunk.

Meanwhile Gaelan tells Krystal he overheard a conversation she had about a guy she found attractive on the outside. Gaelan then wondered if what he’s doing is wrong – he might be upseting her life on the outside. Krystal doesn’t think thats the case.

David tells John he’s an admirable gentleman about the Danielle issue. After John leaves the living room, David tells Danielle that John is very attracted to her – and he’s a gentleman – he chose the best possible path for all of you.

Danielle: With all due respect I’m nobody’s lunch… nobody’s lunch.

David: Good on you

Danielle: Thanks Dave


10.38pm – Krystal wants to continue her conversation with Gaelan so she can relax. They move into the girls bedroom for some privacy. Gaelan feels nervous. Krystal sits him down and says she admits feeling something for some one before coming into the house, and told them she wanted to be with them later on. She’s come into the house and started to question what she really felt because she cares about Gaelan. She doesn’t jump on things if it doesn’t mean anything. Gaelan say she doesn’t have anyone in his life so its no problem for him. What concerns him is that Krystal will get involved with him and then realise she’s made a mistake because of some one on the outside.

Krystal asks Gaelan if they could see each other outside the house. Gaelan says initially, no. No moreso he does. To a degree they don’t even know each other but to a degree they do. He’s never been a relationship where he’s lived with some one for seven weeks straight. He knows the living for seven weeks side of Krystal and thats what he likes. He thinks that if he’s already done the hard side of the relationship it is going to be easy on the outside. They kiss before joining the rest of the housemates.

The housemates are about to have a discussion when Danielle talks without her microphone. She is fined $5000 and called to the diary room. Inside Danielle says “I’m such an idiot”. BB tells her it might be her birthday but the rules don’t change. Dani says everyone was in a rush and she forgot it accidentally. She is ordered to the punishment room where she must clean dirty dentrues. Danielle is disgusted.

The blind to the punishment room opens and John says its really harsh. Rob jumps up at the glass and starts yelling “look! they’re dentures!”. He’s obviously drunk. Jamie, David, Camilla and Rob go to the diary room to ask if they can take Danielle’s place so she can have her birthday with her friends. BB says that Danielle broke the rules, it wouldn’t be fair if they swapped. Danielle says he disagrees. He won’t be discussing this issue anymore.

Danielle continues to clean the dentures.


11.41pm – Danielle continues. David is annoyed Rob didn’t support their cause to take Danielle’s place, and lets his thoughts known to Rob in the bedroom. Rob says David has a habit of digging his own grave and he was there to stop it, and he doesn’t want David blowing off hot steam at everyone. David says he was making them feel bad that Rob was be-littling his cause. Rob says Danielle can look back and have a giggle about it.

Danielle is scrubbing teeth and singing a song, very well infact:

Why can’t he just let me go?
My little Big Brother Oh,
Big Brother Oh, Oh, Oohh
These teeth are so god damn gross
Why can’t he
Let me go?

Back in the bedroom:

Rob: Was what I did wrong?

David: Unequivably, from my point of view, it was wrong.

Rob: Ok we’ll just leave it like that then

David: Well I’m going to say to you, please, if I’m going into the diary room and you dont agree with whats being said, just dont agree with it so loudly.

Rob: You can do whatever you want darling, I’ll let you be when you go anywhere near the diary room.

David: Thankyou.

Rob goes into the bathroom. David is left on his own and looks a bit flustered. Danielle seems not too bothered about her punishment, telling her “darling” dentures to have a bath.

Later in the bedroom Rob talks to Camilla about what happened earlier:

Rob: It’s a 19 year old’s birthday in the Big Brother house. She’s not going up for captial punishment. She’ll have a laugh and a giggle about it later. And if Big Brother wants to negotiate he would only be belittling himself and his authority, and if it was outside of the house the law would dictate the same. Respect the fact that rules and regulations have been put into place. Mother Teresa (David) wants to go and make a big heroic thing out of it. I’m not going to sit back and do nothing and then wait till be voted to come in… but when you offer your own reputation for some one else’s purely for the good heartedness of it, you’ll end up in life being chewed up and spat out.

Camilla says its like David does it out of matardom.

Big Brother releases Danielle from the punishment room. She says she was quite proud of her scrubbing job.

Camilla and Rob continue: Camilla used to love David but now she is annoyed by him. Rob says he’s being a bitch and David is making him feel bad for it. Rob adds that David is trying to be the Mother Teresa for the gay world, but its not going to happen – “he can’t save the world”. Camilla agrees.

Day 46

12:04pm: Rob and Camilla in the kitchen. Camilla finds that Katie has eaten her food. She yells out to Katie and tells her Katie that she ate her lunch. Katie thought she had eaten hers, but Camilla calls out that she ate the wrong one. Camilla says to Rob that she hasn’t got much of a sense of humour at the moment. She says that Katie is very sensitive about food. Camilla wants to be able to tell people to wash there own dishes. She goes outside to find out the what they want for lunch. They decide on a bit of both choices. Camilla, back in the kitchen, complains she never got a choice yesterday. Big Brother calls all housemates to the bedroom, but for Rob, Gaelan, Katie and Danielle to go to the diary room. Finally, the BB housemates find a use for the plasma in the bedroom, with BB letting them watch the proceedings. Big Brother tells the diary room participants that the punishment room has been turned into “The Chamber.” Big Brother tells them Rob will be the first person to go into the chamber, and sends the other three off to the steps near the spa. As they go there they wonder what will happen. Meanwhile, Rob is led into the chamber. Ninja’s lead him into the chair, and he places his hands on skulls next the chair. Alongside him, either side, are two boxes. There seems to be cane toads in one, and a snake in the other. Big Brother tells him that if it gets too much for him, he must say “Stop, Big Brother.” He tells Big Brother he’ll give it a go. Big Brother tells him to place his right hand on the right hand side box, which houses the snake or something similar. Big Brother asks Rob to place his hand into the hole of the box and to touch all bottom corners of the box. Rob has googles on and can’t see anything. He doesn’t seem keen, saying “there is something in the box though” and asking Big Brother if he can come back to it later. Big Brother persists, and Rob succeeds in his first task. Big Brother now moves onto the second box which contains the cane toads. He has a latex glove on this hand. He sticks his hand in for a second, then says “no way, no no no. Stop, Big Brother.” Big Brother tells Rob his session is over and to wait where he is. Back in the bedroom Claire and Krystal think Gaelan might be able to do it, but the girls will struggle. Back in the diary room, Rob explains to Big Brother that he feels he has let the group down.

3:44pm: Rob returns to the bedroom and sees via the plasma what the punishment room actually looked like. He can’t believe it. Gaelan is in the hotseat now. Big Brother slaps a fish into his head. He says it stinks as he laughs on trying to miss being the fish hitting his head. Once that task is complete, a snake is led into the room. It climbs onto his legs. The bedroom can’t believe it. Although Gaelan gets through the session very well. Once back in the bedroom, the housemates act as if they don’t know whats going on. He settles down next to Gaelan and Krystal and watches Dani. She is asked to do the same as Rob was. She asks Big Brother whats in the box, and says if it’s something that will bite her, then she obviously doesn’t want to put her hand in the box. Big Brother tells her to put her hand in the box and keep it there until further notice. She keeps getting touched by whatever is in the box and pulling her hand out, but through all of it she is laughing hysterically. Big Brother moves onto the other box. She puts her hand in and quicker than lighting pulls them back out. Big Brother tells her that her session is over. Katie is called to the diary room as the last participant. Dani, back in the bedroom, says that the room looks really cool. A python is released into the punishment room, and as it crawls up her legs, she shows calmness by hardly saying anything besides “Ooahh”. Once it’s gone, she says “was that a snake!?”. Back in the bedroom, Rob says that Dani was funny to watch. In the diary room, Katie says that that was hard. She says she just had to tell herself to breathe. She says she could hear the spiders!? “So gross!”

7:34pm: The weekly family dinner is upon us again. Gaelan says he likes to stay away from conflict, saying it’s just the way he is. Jamie says that he feels as if everyone expects him to crack at some stage. He says this because he hasn’t really gotten angry in the house to date. Jamie reads the next question, “Are housemates becoming too picky about how food is prepared in the house?” Jamie says that this question might be pointed at him. He says he isn’t going to, he says he likes making little meals all the time. Camilla says that everyone has been having a go at her because she wanted to make some chick pea patties earlier. Camilla tells them all that they were making her life a bit difficult. David takes offence to this, saying he has been looking forward to the patties since he got here. Camilla says she was just making a joke. David goes further saying that he felt that the finger was being pointed at him, but he says he’s not going to mention anything more about it. Other housemates feel a bit of tension in the air, and try to calm everyone down with Katie saying that the chef likes preparing meals and to put in your request to him. David continues however. He says he wants a vote on whether the majority of housemates should wait till the others have finished their daily meals before clearing the table. Jamie agrees with this, saying it must just be the way they were raised. He says if the vote doesn’t go the way they want, Dave and he can have lunch together everyday. The vote goes ahead, and it’s decided that all housemates should try to wait till everyone is finished before clearing the table. As they “clear the table”, Katie tells David that he’s just too polite.

8:41pm: Jamie and David are in the gym. Jamie is worried as Katie just told him that he is too polite sometimes. Jamie goes onto say that if he bought his girlfriend home for dinner one night he expects the person to be polite at the table. David completely agrees. Meanwhile inside, Katie and Dani are talking about Jamie. She tells Dani that he hated other people taking over the food, but at the dinner table earlier he said the opposite. Katie says that was his time to talk up. Dani remembers that he was frustrated by that as well. Katie says it’s no good bottling up frustration.

No time given: Katie and Jamie are in the spa. Katie says that he thinks he is holding back, referring to the food incident and telling the housemates he didn’t have a problem about it. Jamie says that it wasn’t worth it getting worked up for that. Katie tells him not to be an asshole. In the bedroom Rob and Dave are talking. Rob wonders what he can do, or stop doing to prevent being nominated. Dave thinks that bitching is not always needed, but he should try to minimise it. Rob says thanks. Back at the spa, Katie thinks that politeness is fake. Katie wonders whether Jamie if he is being himself. Jamie says that she should be the last person wondering this. Jamie says that no one has a problem with him, so he doesn’t have a problem with anyone else, and if they did, he would talk it over like he is at the present. Jamie doesn’t know whether to be insulted by this questioning. Katie decides to get out and have a shower, and Jamie follows saying he isn’t going to sit there by himself. Back in the bedroom with Rob and David, Rob tells him he is beyond his years in this house. Dave knows, but says he would be friends with himself. Dave asks if he would be friends with himself. Rob says that he would be wary. Jamie is in the sauna, and Katie stands at the door saying that she is the most insecure person. She continues by saying she doesn’t have a lot of trust, but she wants to trust Jamie. Jamie says he doesn’t want to be seen as fake. He knows he’s not an angel or anything, but he would find it hard if she didn’t trust him. Katie says she will. Jamie gets out of the sauna and kisses Katie on the forehead.

Day 45

9.19am – Katie is leading a aerobics session outside with all the other housemates. No one seems to be able to do star jumps properly, and Ashley jumps around for amusement. BB annouces hot water is now on, which prompts housemates to go inside. Danielle comes to the diary room. BB asks if something is troubling her. Teary, Danielle says not really, its just… BB asks why she is crying. She doesn’t like to cry a lot but if she needs to she’s not going to just suck it in because she doens’t want to make a fool out of herself by pretending she’s something she’s not. She feels she’s been true to herself and done a good job in the house so far. She feels better that she was nominated in a week where they had restricted reasons to vote – so it wasn’t her personality.

Danielle says its a stigma to be an intruder and its hard to get along with all the other housemates. She feels good with John however, and also Jamie and Krystal. Sometimes its hard because there are already bonds and breaking into them is “pretty damn hard”. Its bothering her a bit.

BB has given the housemates a letter – today is day 666. This week’s task is a scream test. Due to the results of last week they cannot wager – they either pass or fail. Housemates must keep their fear intact and not scream or jump when BB scares them. The girls worry about the task.

Jamie and Katie go into the bedroom hugging each other. Big Brother shines a light across the floor and Katie jumps – thats a strike for the task. Outside David contemplates what day 6 of the 6th month of the 6th year could mean. Katie goes into the kitchen and explains to the others what just happened – she warns them of things that Big Brother could throw out into the house.


12.38pm – Claire wants to go to the toilet but she’s scared to. Camilla asks if she wants her to come with her. Claire checks the toilet out before going in – Camilla leaves and runs across the bedroom worried of what could happen.

2.51pm – Rob, Claire and David are walking around the backyard with their eyes closed and collecting objects to keep themselves amused. They wonder into the gym and walk into the punching bag. Claire picks up a weight. Back inside Gaelan says to the remaining boys that everyone else is playing games and they are becoming a minority. The blind housemates are now walking inside with a chain around their necks to keep them attached to each other. They go into the kitchen and grab utensils. Next they go into the bedroom – the boys in the living room wonder what they are doing. When the three go into the bathroom Krystal grabs them to scare them – Claire says not to scream!

The living room boys – John, Ashley and Jamie say they would rather have fun sucking a paddle pop. The three blind housemates go back outside to the hammock and check out the items they collected.

3.02pm – David goes to the toilet. He lifts the toilet seat and there is a loud banging sound – he doens’t really jump but makes an annoyed sound and says “is that necessary!?”. He bangs the toilet to see if there are any other boobytraps. He goes back into the main house and tells the other housemates the toilet was booby trapped. A few of them join him to check the other toilet. David says “how cheeky!”. David wants to go to the toilet so he gets Rob to stay in the bathroom – just in case.

Rob: Hurry up and do your poo David!

Rob goes to leave the bathroom and David says “hey where are you going!?”. Rob assures he’s not going anywhere – he just needs to let Krystal know he’s waiting on David to do a poo.


3.22pm – Jamie, John and Ashley are all sleeping in the living room. BB calls them to the diary room. They all say they weren’t sleeping. Jamie says “I had a bug in my eye”. In the diary room they find some dead looking plants. BB tells them to take the scrubbers provided and scrub all the pebbles around the hot tub. He is also providing four new lillies to be planted after the pebbles are cleaned and water flushed out and replaced. The boys all laugh in annoyance. They move outside and explain what they have to do. Claire says they can’t take all of the water out of the pond or it will kill the algae and the snails and plants will then die. John wonders how they will get the water our – Clarie says to syphon it with a hose.

5.32pm – David is talking with Danielle – he says she seems withdrawn and a little upset. It’s not the nicest thing being put up for nomination and its making her feel seperated. David says she’s the nicest person in the house – but there must be some little things that annoy people. Danielle says at the begining she felt withdrawn but felt better after a diary room entry.

The boys are cleaning pebbles. Ashley says its quite hard.

Danielle asks David who is his ‘rock’ in the house – David says Claire – she’s one person who he knows exactly what he’ll get from her.

John exclaims their punishment sucks. He’d rather bash head head against concrete than scrub pebbles. Ashley keeps saying “why, why, why me? Whyyyyyy”.


9.56pm – The girls are lying in the bedroom. Claire says the girls are going to be easier to scare than the guys. Suddenly there is a scream played through the bedroom. All the girls jump slightly in their beds. Camilla was the worst – she laughs and says “oh my god that scared the death out of me!”. They all laugh in bed. Camilla checks her pulse – “Big Brother thats terrible”. Claire says at least they didn’t scream.

In the living room Danielle is still talking about nominations with David. She asks if there is anything in particular people would have nominated her for. David says messyness (this is the reason he nominated her, but she doesn’t know that). Also the fact that she’s an intruder he adds. Danielle worried she was being boring – but David doesn’t think so. He adds that her thing with Dino might have influenced people. Big Brother suddenly annouces that David must stop talking about nominations – thats a $5000 fine. He must go to the punishment room. Danielle says “what!?”, and feels bad.

Krystal is brushing her teeth. Suddenly a crew member in a skeleton costume jumps up to the camera window and bangs on it. Krystal takes a step back and puts her hands over her mouth, but doesn’t jump or scream. Once the crew member dissapears she start laughing. She continues brushing her teeth.

In the punishment room David must seperate black hair from white hair. The HMs suggest he pretend its wool. David gives an annoyed smile and gets to work – slowly.

In the bedroom Gaelan and Krystal are lying next to each other.

Gaelan: You get hotter and hotter every time I look at you.

Krystal giggles and says “no”, then “thats nice”. She finds it funny because she’s more attracted to him the more she’s around him. They both agree its a great feeling. Krystal would have thought they’d get tired around each other but Gaelan can’t get enough of it.

David is still in the punishment room seperating hair.

Krystal tells Gaelan not to use the far toilet because it has the fire exit and it could be boobytrapped. She doesn’t wnat him to get scared.

1.32pm – David is in the punishment room in silence. Suddenly Big Brother’s voice comes on louder than usual:

Big Brother: THIS… is Big Brother

David jumps in his seat – thats a strike for the task. BB lets David out of the punishment room. David is relieved.

Day 44

Camilla is not fine with being nominated. She talks with Krystal, who doesn’t seem very phased when she was nominated. At the same time John and Jamie are discussing the other housemates – John says there are definately people he doesn’t like in the house. Jamie wonders if people see things going on the way he does – there seems to be a “nucleus of younger cooler people”. He suspects himself, John, Dani, Katie and Ashley will stay till the end.

Big Brother calls both boys to the diary room. Inside BB explains to them the most fundamental rule of Big Brother is that nominations stay secret. He repeats their earlier conversation and warns of strikes or earlier eviction. He fines them both $5000. They are then ordered to the punishment room. They both immediately look at each other and smile. In the punishment room they find lots of onions to peel, chop and dice. The other housemates watch them from the living room. Jamie goes to talk but BB reminds them there is no talking.

Its not long before John and Jamie start crying from the onions. John moves into the corner, his eyes watering. Jamie needs to grab tissues.


4.56pm – Jamie and John are still struggling with the onions. Jamie says “Big Brother we’re finished”. Jamie then talks to John about how his eyes are bloodshot. BB tells them they must stand in the punishment room until further notice. Jamie talks to John – so BB fines him.

A bored Jamie starts banging on the walls in a musical tune, and speaks. He’s fined again.

Ashley is outside exercising. Claire is giving David a pretend tour around the “Big Brother bird park”. She shows him the “sacred black crow”. Next is the scundeeoplus tree – if you kiss it, it will grant your wishes. David goes to kiss the tree.

Katie is playing sharades with John in the punishment room.

Claire explains the ducks all around the house are called “drop ducks”. When the duck is on its side, its in its attack position – so you must approach with great caution, and must let the animal know you are approaching by clapping. They clap at the toy duck. Claire then gets a leaf to cover the duck’s eyes and then flip it over really fast – but you have to be careful!

Katie’s game of charades with the punished boys continues, but Krystal reminds her that the boys can’t talk. John doesn’t look amused.


8.31pm – HMs are in the lounge room. The housemates up for eviction are Camilla, Danielle and Rob. Katie is to take three points off – Jamie tells her he thinks the choice is obvious – “its a fair option”. Katie still doesn’t know – she screams “what a stupid reward!”. David jokes about how Katie is smart and attractive – Katie jokes back “don’t lie!”. In the end Katie deducts points from Camilla, after initially deciding Rob. Katie hopes it will give Camilla a break from nominations.

The nominees this week are Camilla, Danielle and Rob. Nothing changed. Rob goes into the bedroom. Krystal gets teary and Camilla tells her off “no tears!”. Ashley asks Rob if he’s ok – he is. Ashley says that he was nominated the first week, so don’t worry about it. Rob feels like a tonne of bricks has fallen on him.

Danielle and John sit on the couch and hug. He asks if she’s ok – she says she is. Although she does think she will leave this week. John tells her that if he was voting he wouldn’t have chosen here. Rob is now picking out an outfit to “celebrate” being nominated – he explains he deals with things differently to others. David and Rob pick out an outfit.

David notices that Jamie is getting so emotional. Rob explains its because Cancerians can’t hold guilt, so he’s come into the bedroom to see if Rob is ok. This week Jamie gave 2 nomination points to Rob.

Outside Jamie explains he thinks Katie has done a deal with Big Brother not to deduct three points – he can’t see how else it could have resulted like this. Jamie says he would have picked Camilla to save if he had won FNL.

Back in the bedroom Camilla explains people in the outside world would probably want to hang out with her because she’s fun but if you live with her 24/7 you would get very annoyed at her.


10.04pm – Camilla is in the kitchen telling John and Jamie she is fine with being nominated – but she is dissapointed with the lack of people telling her what their problem with her is. John says she knows what it is already – she puts her opinion on everything. John refers to the kissing Danielle incident, which he is obviously still annoyed about. Camilla says she can count four other housemates who felt the exact same way but didn’t have the balls to come and say it to his face – that the love triangle (Dino-Danielle-John) was out of hand. Camilla didn’t think it was his responsibility to curb his behaviour but she said to Danielle she has to make up her own mind. Jamie look uncomfortable stuck inbetween this conversation. Camilla adds it was disrespectful to Dino what was happening, but clarifies people didn’t think John was the instigator.

Camilla thinks people can avoid conflict in the house.

11.23pm – Jamie is in the gym with John. He is annoyed with all these people saying HMs are avoiding conflict. It makes him think he should be in fights.

Rob is in the bedroom and notices that certain housemates can no longer look him in the eye after nominations. He says Jamie couldn’t look at Camilla in the eye in the kitchen earlier. Camilla is intrigued.

John tells Jamie he is worried he’s done something bad and the other housemates think less of him. Jamie says the fact that Dani is up for eviction shows they probably don’t think anything bad of him. “You are so far from being incriminated because of the way she acted”.

Rob and Camilla continue their conversation – they wonder about the lack of clashes in the house – there are no strong opinions in this house. Camilla says that as far as she knows Rob has not been talked to honestly about what people think about him. Rob adds its just the easy option for housemates to nominate the new intruders. Camilla thinks she’s done really well and will be very proud if she survives this eviction.

Camilla thinks there is room for her to improve in the house, however there are also things about her that annoy people but she just won’t be able to change them.