Day 96

7.43am – Housemates are up for their final day of feeding the animals. Tim says hello to the goats and they say hello back. Greg pats a goat and asks them if they know whats going to happen now. Tim tells the animals its the last time they will each other – and Greg says goodbye to the lambs. Vesna tells the alpaca she has never liked it and probably never will… it scares her and it needs to brush it’s teeth. Tim and Greg can’t be pulled away from the goats as Vesna says they are just animals and don’t understand. Vesna has a headache and a stomach ache and just wants to go back into the house. Greg and Tim are dissapointed as the games doors close behind the animals.

9.58am – Tim is cleaning. Vesna screams “for god sake Tim!”. Tim starts singing about his war on filth… again. Vesna starts screaming him for being obsessive about cleaning. He calls her “butterhead”, and points out that she doesn’t complain about Greg doing the baking. Vesna says the difference is Tim is doing his job non stop and it’s annoying. Vesna is called to the diary room to fill out her internet diary. Meanwhile Tim and Greg comment that Vesna is being moody and agressive. Tim says “I don’t know how to operate when people are just giving me negativity and anger”. Greg agrees and says if you bite back at her she says it was just a joke and then gets angry saying “you don’t know how to get me”. Tim has commented before that its none of Vesna’s business – they are not inferior to her and she has no right to boss and bully them around. Tim has “seen the rudeness” in Vesna and comments “I won’t tolerate it”. Tim continues cleaning the kitchen.


12.38pm – This is Big Brother. All housemates to the bedroom immediately. You are to turn your matresses and make your beds. Housemates were previously outside sunbathing and they suspect BB thought they were sleeping. Inside Tim and Greg get on with turning matresses while Vesna complains they can’t sunbathe. Greg sighs and asks if Vesna can’t just cop something and get on with it. Vesna yells that she can’t, and didn’t expect Greg to say that “no I just can’t cop it, I can never just can’t cop it… I will always start up a fight, always”. The boys tell her to go and fight with Big Brother in the diary room then, not to them. Greg breaks out and says they are sick of her complaining and if she has a problem she should go talk to Big Brother because they are sick of it. Vesna gets angry and says she isn’t talking to him. Tim explains it was simply Big Brother getting them to stop sunbathing and do something maybe more entertaining. Vesna comments that she is an animal and she will be chained up – “oh wait Big Brother already did that”. Tim shows distain for her comments. Vesna screams “Tim you have insulted me too many times, too many times”. Tim yells at Vesna telling her to not get angry because he can get as angry too. Vesna sighs and says “logistics… Tim’s logistics”.

Vesna goes into the kitchen and starts eating some cake that was stored in the fridge. Tim asks her to come exercise with them – it will make her feel better… to get the anger out. Vesna says she is doing that by eating cake and more cake…. and “I’m on a self destructive path.. yay”. The boys go outside to do weights. Greg says he thought Vesna would be past the continuous bitching. Tim says he supposes its funny to watch on the outside but for them its very irritating.

Vesna goes to the diary room and we see the first ever camera shot showing us what the housemates actually see when talking to Big Brother – a camera sticking out of the wall… surprisingly! Vesna says the boys are upsetting her – she’s just being angered and eating cake. BB asks if she is feeling isolated. Vesna says yes – every time she comments they say she is complaining and they are just going to go do weights now without her. BB asks why did Tim yell at her. Vesna says because he’s an idiot. Outside Tim says to Greg sometimes Vesna yells at you and seconds later says sorry – like she is just trying to push people to a point on purpose. Greg says she wants them to act like Vensa. BB asks Vesna if there is anything she could do to change the other’s perception of her. She says yeah.. “stop whinging and stop complaining”.


7.13pm – Big Brother announces it has been 96 days since they left the outside world. Tonight they will share something of their lives with the other housemates. He calls them to the loungeroom. Greg jumps up and says “wicked”. Vesna isn’t too keen on this – she suspects they will show them things from their own lives. On the plasma screen a video starts playing and Greg comments it is his house. The video is very melodramatic with short clips and music playing. Greg gets teary eyed while watching it. He wipes away a tear. Vesna says the pictures of him as a baby are so cute. She puts her hand on his cheek briefly. There is another shot and the housemates work out that its Dave not Greg. Greg then starts telling the other housemates who they are watching. Afterwards he says “oh thats awesome”.

Next is Tim – it’s his house and his housemates on screen. Tim screams “yeah!” and happily describes who they are watching. His dad, various items from his house, and some photos of him with his friends are shown. Some old photos from when he was younger are also shown. Vesna says that was fantastic. Tim stares up at the screen afterwards with a huge smile on his face.


7.26pm – Vesna is wondering if her sister will be on her video. It starts playing. Vesna’s salon is shown first. She smiles and says “oh my god”. She begins describing all the people who work there. Tim and Greg have obviously been told a lot about them by Vesna. Vesna’s cats and her possessions are shown, and she laughs – especially at her large collection of purfumes. There is footage of a young Vesna and her siblings. Vesna starts crying and yells at the screen “I miss you!”. Aftewards Greg says “how goods that!”. Vesna is still crying loudly. Greg wants to his again so he can point out stuff. Vesna is glad her sister looks great. Tim says her brother also looked great. Vesna explains to them “you see what I mean now?”. Tim says he now understands – he is scared he will go outside and won’t be able to handle it – especially lots of people talking to you at once.

10.01pm – Vesna comes to the diary room. BB asks her how she felt watching the video. Vesna says she doesn’t have the words – she was overwhelmed with happiness. Her heart was beating so fast and she couldn’t take in anything. In the kitchen Tim says the video message made Tim think of people he had otherwise forgotten about. Greg says it got him… he hasn’t lived at home for 8 years and he didn’t bring any photos into the house. He didn’t think of the sentimental things at all. The thing that made him emotional was he just wanted to go back home and spend time with his family. Tim says it would certainly affect you if you hadn’t seen them for so long – its like another world.

BB asks Vesna how has being in the house changed her. Vesna says probably mainly trying to turn a negative into a positive.

“I just want to be happy.. thats it.”

Day 95

8.42am – Vesna is up and cooks porridge for everyone. Nadia is looking tired and annoyed this early in the morning. Tim confesses… he thinks he might be in love with Vesna (jokingly). Vesna tells him to stop toying with her emotions, and everyone at the kitchen table giggles. Tim asks why Vesna was looking at Greg when she said that. Vesna rejects what Tim is implying by saying “Greg is just an object”. There is a brief gasp of Jerry-Springer style “oooh”, and Greg says “I don’t want to be an object… I’m not an alpaca”. Tim goes along with the joke, telling Greg that everything will be ok. Vesna corrects what she said before: “you’re an object of my desire… is that better?”.

11.26am – Nadia is ready for a morning of sunbathing. She struts her stuff while walking out of the bedroom in a bikini. Tim shows how impressed he is, as do Vesna and Greg when Nadia comes outside. Nadia is wearing high boots with her bikini and Greg says she looks like Lara Croft. Vesna comments its been really really good with Nadia in the house. Tim jokes that he is Nadia’s favourite in the house. Vesna doesn’t quite catch what he said and demands to know what they were talking about. Tim is called to the diary room. Inside he finds a polaroid camera, film and an empty photo frames. BB tells them they are to be used to prepare a gift for Nadia. When Tim emerges he tries to hide the camera under his shirt but Vesna spots it and screams “what is it what is it! It’s a radio.. it’s a radio!”. Tim eventually reveals it’s a camera, Vesna and Nadia seem amused.


1.43pm – The housemates are taking photos in the bowling alley. Nadia is posing with bowling balls and Vesna’s green fluffy scarf. Later she poses in the showers with Nadia and Greg on either side. Nadia takes the opportunity to shake her body around. Next she poses in the bedroom with some fruit.. and the boys of course. Next it’s outside on the “beach”. Nadia is next to Vesna and a mini Australian flag eating Vegemite on toast. Next it’s in the pool with Tim and Greg jumping out of the water on either side of Nadia. Finally the eviction stairs, strippers pole and diary room. Vesna comments that Nadia really knows how to pose well for sexy photos. When they finish Big Brother annouces Nadia will be leaving the house in half an hour.

3.33pm – Tim puts on a serious face and tells Nadia he hopes he won’t offend her by what he’s about to say next: he wants to check her bag to see if she’s stealing anything. Vesna bursts out laughing at the joke. Greg and Tim go look through her bag and “find” a bunch of bananas. Vesna jokes “I can’t believe you Nadia!”. Everyone is full of laughs. Nadia says she has a problem with stealing things.

26 minutes later – Nadia is in the living room with her mini Australian flag to say final goodbyes. Tim gives Nadia her present – the framed photos taken earlier. Nadia says she will treasure it for a long, long time. She gives them all a hug and a kiss. The HMs wish her a good trip. Big Brother announces it’s time for Nadia to leave the Big Brother house. Another round of hugs and kisses. Vesna thanks Nadia for her support. Nadia tells them to “keep it going” as she leaves up the eviction stairs. There is an emptyness once she is left and the housemates don’t know what to do with themselves. They scatter into different directions.


5.51pm – It’s family discussion time, but Big Brother has given the housemates a letter: tonight the discussion topics have been set by relatives of the remaining housemates. Vesna’s best friend asks “coming from a strict ethnic background, was it a shock to be living with so many boys? Do you feel you understand the aussie male ego a bit better?”. Vesna says there is a lot of “mate” type of behavior, and she would like to be less of a mate – she still doesn’t understand the aussie male. Tim’s Dad asks “has it been as easy to fit in with your housemates as you’d thought?”. Tim answers no – it was rocky at the begining and he didn’t expect to clash with people so suddenly. He didn’t expect the confrontation with the other boys in the house. Vesna says he has kept very resiliant while in the house. Tim feels he has fit in with everyone, yet clashed with a select few. Vesna thinks Tim is very flexible like that. Greg’s friend asks “do you underestimate any housemates who have surprised you?”. The only thing Greg underestimated was the friendships he formed in the house: especially Tim. He didn’t think he’s have such a good friendship with Christie. Greg found Vesna interesting – he didn’t think she’d be able to cope… he thought she would walk out by now. Vesna agrees – she didn’t expect to come this far either. Being in the final three is a big thing for her. Greg re-reads the letter, and emphasises the part about seeing relatives again in less than a week. Vesna puts her hands over her face.

7.19pm – The housemates are watching Nadia’s goodbye message in the living room.

“Big Brother I really cannot stand this anymore, I cannot stand it any further I want to get out of here. I mean who are these people you have in the house? They haven’t even made an effort to get to know me. And I just pretend to be happy and smiling I cannot take this anymore Big Brother please get me out of here. I need to get out of here I cannot stand it anymore. I’m going to go and pack… get me out of here”.

Vesna and Tim have been gasping thoughout the message. Greg says that Nadia is only joking, but Vesna is not so sure. On the video screen Nadia leaves to go pack, then after a short silence, jumps back onto the screen:

“ooohkaaaay. Little old Nadia here. Guys… I love you all really, Tim you are kind you are funny. Very intelligent I like that very much. Greg my god I love your bread – there’s more than I like than just your bread but thats a different story there. You’re absolutely gorgeous and I’m glad I met you. Ves you are everything you could possible have in a person and if I may say so we are very similar: we have the drama we have the passion we have the highs and lows. You’re funny and you’re very interesting people. Thank you so much for embracing me in your house and taking me in. I had a great time. I love you all, and hopefully you will come and see me in the UK”


8.46pm – Housemates are in the bedroom getting ready for sleep. Vesna asks if they will have an exciting day tomorrow – and if Tim has a schedule. Tim is very systematic in getting his bed ready for him to sleep in it. Vesna commentates. Tim moans in relief at lying down. Greg comments they are almost out of toilet paper. They talk jobs today – Greg and Tim vote to swap chores so Vesna gets all the bad ones. They turn in and BB turns off the lights.

9.54pm – Vesna is crying. Greg asks her if she is ok. Vesna is quite upset and declines to sleep with Greg. He gets up and comes to see her anyway. Vesna says she is scared, so scared. “I thought I was going to be out of here a long time ago and I’ve come this hard its hard. I don’t know whether the whole thing is positive. Nothing ever comes my way I always have to work so bloody hard for it. I hope my family is happy, thats all I want”. Tim comes over to see Vesna too and Ves asks if he is scared too. He is unsure – they have been in the house so long they get used to it. Tim says she is worrying for the sake of it – everything will be ok. Vesna explains she got that from her mother. The experience will change her, and Greg adds “for the good”. Vesna seems to be ok now and tells them to go to bed because they have things to do tomorrow. She declines another offer to sleep with one of the boys. Before leaving the boys smother her with kisses on the head. Vesna cracks up laughing.

Day 94

12.41pm – Housemates are sunbathing and Nadia comments it’s quite warm. Tim says “imagine what its like in summer”. Tim then asks “is that a snake?”. Nadia jumps up screaming and Tim laughs. Vesna says there are no snakes, a snake would never get into the house. Tim has previously convinced Nadia the house is surrounded by blood sucking bats. Nadia sees a magpie and asks if it is one of the bats Tim was talking about. Tim says no – the bats are out at night and can suck your blood without you even knowing it – like a mosquito. Greg explains he used to be a “swoosher” at Sydney airport. His job was to swoosh Kangaroos and Koalas from the runway so planes could land and take off. Tim says he would carry a rifle to school as a young child to shoot kangaroos and koalas if they get in the way and tried to attack you. He says they play in numbers and had to be shot sometimes. Everyone took rifles to school. Vesna says they are lying, Greg chuckles. Nadia says “oh my god!”. Nadia says she will ask to leave now. Tim jokes “make sure you take your rifle out there”.

1.17pm – Vesna has prepared some lunch, but only with a staple budget. Tim says she has done a great job with the food.

45 minutes later – Vesna and Tim start rowing about doing the dishes, and the cake fight last night. Tim comments they had to do a lot to get the cake out of hair and bed. Vesna can’t believe Tim is being such a prick this week. Tim says he has tried so hard to discuss this with her and she continues to “do it”. Vesna wants to know what “it” is. Tim says she shouldn’t have thrown cake last night. Her ability to switch from happy to angry and silly is annoying and Tim can’t handle it when he’s tired. He doesn’t get pleasure from being agressive and rude – last night she was exceedingly aggressive. Tim didn’t find it funny one big. Vesna is silent as she looks down at her plate.


2.38pm – Tim is closing the bedroom door so he and Vesna can talk inside privately. Nadia wonders what that was all about. Greg says he doesn’t know – probably just one of those chats with Vesna. He explains Vesna goes up and down. Meanwhile Tim is explaining all the arguments being caused by Vesna – it’s a pressure cooker. They are getting on each other’s nerves – its going to happen. Tim has tried to do the best to welcome Nadia and wanted her to feel happy. Vesna says its difficult and she can’t ask any more of the housemates.

3.48pm – The housemates all go to feed the animals. Tim tries to trick Nadia about seeing a snake again but she doesn’t fall for it. Vesna introduces Nadia to the Alpaca but Nadia gets scared when she learns the Alpaca spits. Greg says Nadia should walk to the Alpaca. She walks around with Greg, and he warns the Alpaca will run on the way back to the pen. As warned the Alpaca runs back to the pen and Nadia laughs and screams. Vesna says Nadia has a lot of guts. Greg tries to scare Nadia for a second and they all scream. Tim is now showing Nadia his trick where the goats jump onto his back. Greg does it too. Nadia says they can go to the circus. Greg and Tim seem to have a goat balancing competition going on.


4.56pm – Housemates are quite sleepy, and start snoozing on the lounge. Big Brother annouces that Tim and Nadia, who are trying to sleep, must go and wash the windows in the garden. Vesna explains its because they were sleeping. Nadia says she doesn’t even wash her own windows, and won’t do the Big Brother windows. Vesna laughs. Nadia gets up and has some bread and butter with Vesna. Tim goes outside to wash the windows. Big Brother annouces that Nadia must assist Tim. Nadia says she won’t do it, much to the entertainment of Vesna who laughs. Nadia asks Tim if he needs help, he says no. Nadia sits down with a drink before Big Brother calls her to the diary room.

In the diary room BB says by agreeing to enter the house, Nadia has agreed to the house rules. Nadia waves her finger at Big Brother and says she will do rules but will not do cleaning. She reminds BB she is not a housemate, but rather a visitor. BB says she is a visitor AND a housemate. Nadia’s response is clear: she will not do the windows. Tim meanwhile is cleaning alone. Nadia asks BB if she can leave the diary room. BB asks if she will be cleaning the windows. Nadia says she will be going outside. BB asks what she will be doing outside. Nadia says she will be an assistant to Tim. Nadia comes outside and asks Tim which windows he has cleaned. Nadia grabs a bucket and lets out a big growl. She hits the windows with the cleaning brush and says “now I’m a scrubber”.

7.14pm – Vesna is lying on her bed looking sleepy. Big Brother says the main glass doors must be cleaned. Vesna sighs and says at least give her something useful to do. Nadia, Tim and Greg are in the spa and Tim explains that Vesna must have been sleeping. Vesna cleans the windows quickly and goes into the diary room. She asks BB why he made her wash them. He says they were dirty. Vesna says no she was sleeping – are they going to make her clean every time she closes her eyes. Vesna says there is nothing to do or eat in the house, they are only on staples. BB plays dumb and asks why they are on staples. Vesna says they are on staples because BB treated her like an animal during the task and she broke their chains. Vesna asks BB if she can sleep, but BB just says “that is all”. Vesna storms back into the bedroom and lies down on her bed, eyes closed. Greg comes in and asks if she’s ok. Vesna is upset she only fell asleep for 5 seconds and BB made her clean. Vesna says BB is just out to get them. Greg lies next to her and offers to cook dinner tonight. Vesna cries and says there is nothing to do in the house. Greg says they are going to have a sauna and then will work out something for dinner. He leaves the bedroom while Vesna continues crying.


9.16pm – Nadia has come to the diary room. BB asks how she is getting along with the other HMs. Nadia says she is comfortable and at ease with the HMs – they are wonderful. Meanwhile Greg is planning to scare Nadia when she comes out of the diary room by hiding under a blanket. In the diary room Nadia says something about each housemate:

Tim – very intellectual, very deep in his thoughts and beliefs. Almost like a geek but a cool geek. Very nice.

Greg – eye candy, big muscles and lovely to look at. Again quite young. A fun guy. Lovely.

Vesna – something that I’m not intimidated back but there are similarities in our personalities. Dominating and in your face and loud. Underneath she is quite vunerable and insecure most times.

Nadia says overall she is very surprised. She then comes out of the diary room and Tim distracts her for a second while Greg jumps out of the blanket and yells. Nadia screams and laughs, and grabs Tim.

1.53pm – Nadia is asking Tim if he could spend the entire time in the house with her. He thinks so. Vesna asks if her and Tim are very similar. They both love seafood. Tim says they both have two ears. Nadia says she feels really comfortable with them. Tim says its because they are very Australian, but Vesna doesn’t think so. Tim says she just disagrees for no reason “NO TIM!”. Vesna says they’re at the stage where they’re quite loose. Tim comes into the bedroom with extra blankets and Vesna explains she hates the extra blankets. Vesna says no one needs them. Tim jumps into bed with Greg and Nadia and starts hugging Greg. He starts joking that Greg missed Tim in his bed. Greg starts wrestling and pushing Tim away, which also pushes Nadia. Vesna tells them to stop. Randomly Tim says “I wish we had chickens”.

Day 93

8.54pm – All housemates are called to the store room. Inside they find a dinner with places for each of them to sit. Vesna screams in excitement and says “what can I steal from here”. Tim pulls out a chair for Nadia who sits at the head of the table. He offers to serve her. Nadia says she will be expecting desert. Vesna sarcastically says “oh so I suppose I’ll have to serve myself” but declines Tim’s help when he offers it. She says he is sucking up as usual which makes Nadia laugh. Tim toasts to both the lovely ladies in the house, and their guest in the house. Greg congrats Nadia on winning BBUK last year. Later Vesna asks Tim for some cake, but he cuts her a too big slice, and she complains. Nadia goes to leave for the toilet and Tim offers to show her where it is. As soon as they leave Vesna starts laughing to Greg and says “she’s a guy!”. Greg agrees. Vesna says she can’t hold it in, she has to say something. Vesna is trying to hold it in. She wants Nadia to just admit she is a guy. Nadia meanwhile is going into the toilet and Tim wonders if she can make her way back – Tim say she will wait for her but instead runs back to the store room.

When he comes in he starts laughing and Greg jokes if Tim got her number. Vesna asks him if he knew she’s a guy. Tim says of course, and then tells Vesna off for making it a big issue. They all agree they like Nadia however, and say she is funny and smart. Tim runs back inside and offers Nadia a glass of water. Vesna wonders if she (herself) has a moustache, and asks Nadia if she (herself) has one after Nadia re-joins them. Nadia asks Vesna why she is asking that. Vesna was just wondering. Nadia says sometimes your skin pigmentation is different. She looks uncomfortable all of a sudden.


10.42pm – Housemates are still having a dinner party in the store room. Greg gives Nadia his nameplacer. Vesna says it took 3 months for her to get anything out of Greg. Nadia says its because she’s blonde. Vesna agrees and says she is blonde… and skinny. Nadia jokes they don’t want to see her when she takes her clothes off. Nadia says women are sometimes so self-critical it gets ridiculous because most guys don’t care. Vesna doesn’t think Greg is like that – she hasn’t met anyone who has been so big on physical qualities. She says he doesn’t see from the shoulders up only the shoulders down. Vesna feels her face has no relevancy for him. Greg is slightly annoyed and they will talk about it later.

Big Brother calls Nadia to the diary room, she swears. Tim walks Nadia to the diary room. Nadia says they will have a bikini session when she gets back. Vesna says she will go through Nadia’s bags, and Nadia laughs. After Nadia leaves Vesna says Nadia brings out a lot of things in the housemates, and it has brought out more to discuss with Greg. Vesna feels Greg only finds the most plain, boring, insecure girls attractive – ones that don’t have any balls or anything to say. When he meets girls who are loud he pulls back. Greg says its just intimidation. Vesna says she feels like he’s scared of her. Tim returns, and wonders whats going on. Vesna explains she is finding it hard to be accepted in this house with Greg’s standards. Greg thinks he is doing well to get along with Vesna. Tim tries to interject – he says Greg tries and whether Vesna has feelings for him or not, don’t get stuck into him just because of small things like this. There is only 1 week to go and they should enjoy it. Vesna repeats that Nadia has brought up many things Vesna would have otherwise kept to herself. Tim says Greg respects her and loves her. Vesna wants to hear it from Greg himself, not via Tim.

Nadia returns, and the housemates wonder if she got her luggage. Vesna can’t wait to go through Nadia’s belongings. Tim jokes that when Vesna says “your luggage”, she means “my luggage”.


12.40am – Housemates are in the spa, and Vesna begins to ask Nadia about her sexuality. She explains she is trying to not offend Nadia. She needs Tim to help her find the words for a second. Nadia says she isn’t comfortable with the word ‘sexuality’. Vesna asks “were you a woman at the time you came out of the womb”. Vesna says she is uncomfortable with that and they can now move on. Nadia asks if it had any relevance. Vesna says not in the way she thought or spoke about her. Vesna proceeds to dig herself into a hole about the issue. Nadia doesn’t find the conversation comfortable or necessary but says at least Vesna had the guts to ask. Tim jumps in and basically repeats what Vesna said just with bigger words and better grammar. He says “to me you are a person”. Nadia says it is hard to be catagorised. Vesna says there are tough things in life and Nadia has to deal with that. Nadia says she is a survivor. Tim goes to comfort Nadia by putting his hand on Nadia, but she doesn’t like that. Vesna hovers over Nadia, who now has tears in her eyes. Nadia asks at what point do you stop being catagorised and actually become a woman. She wants to just move on, but feels guitly for making it a big issue. The other HMs say its fine.

Tim says he would have approached the issue differently. Vesna agrees and says sorry, then jokes that the other boys didn’t stop her. Tim and Greg, to break the ice, say they will do a special show for Nadia. They do flips into the swimming pool. Vesna asks Nadia if she is angry with her. She says she’s not. Vesna wants to hug Nadia but she knows Nadia doesn’t like that. Tim and Greg are now having a competition – who can stay standing the longest on stools floating on the pool. Greg wins while Nadia watches from the spa and laughs.


2.16am – Vesna complains she can hear Tim breathing from so far away. Tim says she is annoying him and he wants to puke. There is a point where Vesna can just stop talking. Vesna says she will and stomps around the kitchen to get some cake. Tim yells “Vesna stop eating the cake”. Vesna rubs some cake into Tim’s face and runs into the bedroom laughing. Nadia checks whats going on and laughs. Tim gets some cake out of the fridge and rubs it all through Vesna’s hair. She screams and tries to wrestle Tim. Vesna asks Greg why didn’t he warn her. Greg said he tried to tell Tim to stop.

3.07am – Tim and Greg are in the bathroom. Tim says Vesna is an idiot – she was just trying to get him annoyed earlier in the kitchen. Sometimes she’s dramatic and funny but sometimes she’s just annoying – thats why he had to return with more cake. Greg agrees. Vesna meanwhile is in the bedroom putting on a blindfold to sleep. Greg starts complaining about Vesna’s accusation he only looks at body. He says “how dare she say that”. Greg says his ex girlfriend and Christie were nothing like what Vesna described he liked. Vesna walks into the bathroom in the middle of Greg’s sentence, but doesn’t catch on. She asks why they are yelling in the bathroom – she could hear it from the bedroom. Tim says he is annoyed with her and doesn’t want to talk to her – just wants to talk to Greg right now. Vesna storms out and Greg calls her a 10 year old. Vesna gets straight into bed with her blindfold.

Tim and Greg leave the bathroom shortly after and says he will be sleeping in the same bed as Nadia tonight. Tim asks if he is ok with that. Greg says yes. In the bedroom Greg gets into bed and asks Nadia if she has enough pillows. After lights go out Greg tells Nadia to enjoy her first night sleep in Australia. Nadia doesn’t really want to talk right now – she mumbles out a tired “mmhrm”.

Day 92

12.11pm – Tim and Greg are playing soccer in the backyard. Vesna is sunbathing and scared they will accidentally hit her with the ball. She whinges she doesn’t want to move or be hit by the ball. Tim puts extra bean bags around her to stop balls rolling onto her. But Vesna is not happy – balls can still hit her. Tim says it’s lowering the chances of a ball hitting her. Vesna says its so embarrasing she is being barrackaded. There are lots of beanbags and outdoor stools around her. The boys continue playing soccer once it is safe for Vesna. Tim tries to hit the ball near Vesna, Greg slips on it and then hits a ball onto the wall surrounding Vesna. She says she is now leaving, but Tim says they were doing it on puprose. Vesna goes inside while the boys keep playing soccer. Vesna joins Melanie in the sauna. She asks how Ves’ life is, and says she has prepared herself to leave tonight. She doesn’t know how she’d handle next week – the last week… the boys would be going crazy. Vesna says there would be a lot of pressure and nervous feelings… you’re down to the last three.

4.38pm – Big Brother annouces its time to feed the animals (an obvious post-production voiceover). All housemates help out, except Vesna who drags along. Greg runs around the yard with the alpaca. Tim gets to goat to jump up on his back. The goat does, and Tim balances it on his back. The second goat tries to get up too. Tim stands up and the goats jump up, wanting to be on top of his back. Tim bends down for the second goat to have a go.


8.04pm – It’s time to go… Melanie. She screams and jumps up and down. Gives Greg a hug first, then Vesna and Tim. They walk her to the eviction stairs as Melanie screams and says she is very excited. The HMs wish her good luck and to have fun. Melanie runs up the stairs fast. Vesna says “great I’m stuck here with you both”. She chuckles at sharing the house with two boys. The remaining three go outside to listen to the crowd. Vesna says “bloody final three eh?”. They share canned drinks, and toast to each other for next week. Vesna says “this is mental I’m still here”. She reminds them they will see everyone in just one weeks time. Tim says its another case of the “3 point curse”. Melanie was only nominated after Tim’s 3 point deduction .. and she was evicted. Vesna jokes “you’re so selfish Tim”. Tim says after 3 months it is getting tiring. The HMs are called to the lounge by Big Brother. Vesna calls “bye Mel seeya next week”.

9.01pm – Melanie’s video goodbye is played to the housemates:

Tim – I think that we have got along from the start I think you’re a nice guy, you’re geniune and you like to please and thats not a bad thing. I am very young nad you’ve taught me some valuable things I can take away. There were times when you did frustrate me and vice versa but in a way you’re just like me, very ambitious and determined.

Vesna – This past week has been really good for our friendship. We will go out on various occasions and plan our birthdays. Keep your head up and smile and keep going and keep going with your exercise. Eat healthy. Chocolate occasionally. Love you very much.

Greg – You are very much a contradiction. You have this business side that is determined and then you have this other side that is very boyish and you’re the 23 year old.. there’s chicks and more chicks. I don’t know if we have this shyness about us but I definately thought this week’s task brought us together. I wish that we could have got ot have a friendship quicker than we did. But it makes me look foward to the outside developing our friendship.

Have fun in the next week. Make sure Big Brother gives you a good deal (with toilet paper).

Vesna asks Greg what he was doing looking at her during the message. Vesna says she was looking for his expression and didn’t like him staring back. Vesna says he has been in the house for 3 months and she barely knows him. Vesna says they have to look after her this week – “its going to be a tough week”.


9.25pm – Housemates are in the lounge after the video message. Vesna questions her friendship with Greg. She senses he gets frustrated with… she stops to think of how she can say it without offending him… frustrated with himself that he doesn’t open up a lot. Greg knows its an issue but doesn’t need to be reminded every minute. Greg says its not a good feeling for people to say they didn’t get to know you. Greg doesn’t like Vesna making those sorts of comments and he feels he is giving all he can in the house. He doesn’t just speak and say things for the sake of it – like Vesna who doesn’t think before she talks. Greg says if you don’t have anything positive to say you don’t say anything at all. Vesna says they are two people who just pass – they have no connection at all, and she feels Greg hates her. He says he doesn’t, but he has said many times she annoys him by screaming and becoming snappy suddenly. He doesn’t like rudeness and sometimes she is very rude. To come in and deal with it is hard. Vesna says its just when she is in the kitchen. Greg says that it not a proper excuse, and she can’t deny this issue has been brought up many times before. Vesna says she isn’t going to spend her time in the house stressing over Greg not opening up in the house. Greg admits he might have problems detecting her sarcasm. The two sit silently for a moment.

10.09pm – The housemates come to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. Inside are their bags. Vesna also tells BB they have no toilet paper and they were hoping that BB could find it in his kind kind self to give them some toilet paper. BB reminds the housemates items such as toilet paper must be earnt. Tim proposes they will give the house and garden a massive clean – the other two agree. BB says cleaning is in their own interests.. what else would they propose? Vesna says something entertaining. Tim says they could put on a play. BB says good idea.


11.21pm – Vesna yells action to start the play. It is set in a hair salon owned by Vesna’s character “sparkles”. Tim’s character, a blokey guy, comes in for a haircut and is having some life problems. He just had traffic accident just now. He was turning right and this “bloody idiot” pulls out out of nowhere… a merc or some fancy car. He comments Sparkles is very gropable. The idiot in the merc also hit another car, a green one. Vesna gets violent with Tim’s hair, and he says its slightly painful. Greg laughs from the sidelines. Afterwards Sparkles charges Tim’s character $150.

Next is Greg’s character Giovanni. He is camp and has his pants pulled right down, tshirt pulled right up, flaunting a fluffy scarf. He says a car ran into his Merc! Giovanni got so angry he got out of his car and kicked a green car nearby. Giovanni’s haircut is finished and he leaves, paying $190 on his AMEX.

Next, a counstable comes in, played by Tim, who asks Sparkle if she has a green car. She does, and the counstable informs her it has been involved in a traffic accident. Sparkle screams out Vesna-style, and when the counstable asks Sparkle to come outside, she falls on the couch screaming in a Vesna tantrum. The play ends and the housemates bow for Big Brother.

The housemates go into the diary room and find toilet rolls with their names written on them. BB says the play will not earn them a Logie, but they will have toilet paper. Vesna says she feels like an idiot most of the time she’s in the house. The housemates go into the lounge room and all the houseamtes say the play was really good.

11.45pm – Vesna comes back to the diary room. She explains she had a feeling of “wow”. First it was getting into the house, then surviving all the evictions and now being in the final three. Its a huge acheivement for her. She is becoming confident that everything is ok. She is confident she will be one of the final 2. BB asks her how it makes her feel. She says it is dizzying. She is wondering if she could possibly stay in the house. BB reminds her that everyone must leave the house sooner or later.

Days 90 and 91

Day 90

9.37pm – The All Stars are leaving the FNL games. The housemates are immediately told to put their chains back on, and return to the house. Vesna screams “noo”. The HMs chain up in the doorway and walk back to the house. Inside they find pizza and potato chips. Melanie and Vesna scream in excitement. Melanie wants to eat straight away. She is excited about the salami on the pizza. Tim says they should get plates but the girls are already eating off the pizza boxes. Tim and Greg drag each other to the kitchen to get plates. Melanie says “Big Brother I love you”. Big Brother annouces they must remove their chains. Melanie screams in excitement and Greg claps onto the table. Big Brother says he didn’t finish. They can remove their chains… and swap partners.

10.35pm – Vesna is in the sauna chained to Tim. She asks if she looks sad. Tim says not all the time – but sometimes she looks angry. Tim says she takes the good with the good and should take a little of the bad. Vesna says she finds all the HMs that if something changes they put on a happy face even if they aren’t happy and she finds it hard to do that. Tim says people aren’t just trying to cope – there is a little of that but its just that they can hack it better than Vesna. Ves says she just wants her life back. Tim says its only a big problem when what she’s doing impacts on everyone else eg. when she becomes angry and abusive. He explains its a loop where people get angry with her which means she becomes even more angry.


12.41am – Greg and Melanie are in the kitchen. Mel is talking about how guys are not attracted to her. Greg says they are intimidated by good looking people. Meanwhile Vesna is talking to Tim, saying Mel is cosying up to Greg – or vice versa because Mel has blonde hair. She says Greg is trying to figure out how to pick her up. Melanie is asking Greg if he was interested in a girl what would he do. He says maybe a little eye contact. Vesna asks Tim if Greg needs a lot of guidance with women. Greg asks them what they are talking about. Vesna says nothing and Tim says get on with cleaning the dishes. Mel and Greg knock some dishes and Vesna screams out if they stacked them properly “Ms Model!”. She is being sarcastic and Tim joins in with the yelling.

2.23am – Greg and Mel are in the diary room together. Greg says all BB’s “friends” are gone now (the All Stars). Greg says they let the All Stars win because they need the money because they are so skinny. Mel agrees. The two agree they were shocked at seeing other people… they didn’t really concentrate on winning this week. Greg asks BB who he was rooting for. BB says he is always neutral.

2.35am – Housemates are going to bed. In an unsuspecting moment Greg hits Tim on the bum. Tim is making up his bed because he gets cold because he’s so thin. Vesna starts telling him to hurry up and laughs about it – a lot! It becomes a cackle. The lights go out. Greg wonders if the All Stars felt sorry for them for losing. Mel doesn’t think so. Vesna saw it is Wes, Paul and Jess’s eyes. Some of the All Stars smiled at Vesna a lot. Mel and Greg talk about how they loved the night.


Day 91

1.29pm – Vesna really wants to sunbake but she must walk around with Tim while he does the washing. She says there is no need for it but Tim says she should just be patient. Vesna continues whinging, saying Tim is “making my life hell”. She screams. Tim says she is letting her emotions get the beter of her. Meanwhile Greg and Melanie watch on and laugh at the two. Tim throws some water out of a bucket which tugs on Vesna’s arm. She screams saying “I can’t believe you did that!”. Melanie says she knew the two wouldn’t get along with each other. Vesna leans on an outside wall and lets out some grunts of frustration. Vesna screams that Tim is only rinsing one item at a time. She then turns around, sighs a few times and then counts down from 10, hoping Tim will be finished by the time he finishes. Melanie says she wouldn’t be able to hack his habits. Greg reminds her that Tim is only doing it on purpose.. and its hilarious. While pressing the clothes Vesna starts throwing her chains against the press screaming “I hate these chains I hate them I hate them I hate them”. Tim says its not helping her doing this. He has discussed this so many times he doesn’t feel guilty for bringing it up – she complains for no reason.

Vesna says she is no longer talking to Tim, but reminds him not to put her clothes next to his on the drying rack. She spends a few minutes saying “no”. And repositions her clothes saying she needs them dry because she might be evicted tomorrow where Tim doesn’t. Tim eggs her on saying “I really think you need to have some time to yourself”.

2.11pm – Housemates have been given a task to build a tower. The team with the tallest tower will win a takeaway dinner. Of course the teams are who is chained to who. The housemates run to grab their building materials – which unsurprisingly are mostly cans for a particular potato chip who are sponsoring Big Brother. With 2 minutes to go Mel and Greg are much further than Tim and Vesna, who are arguing on how to do this. When they finish Tim says Vesna is unbelievably hard to work with. Mel and Greg win the task – just in time because their tower collapses after the winners annoucement.


2.39pm – Housemates are in the bedroom. Big Brother announces their task this week was to remain linked. They did not stay linked for the required time. They have failed the task. The housemates all take off their chains and Greg hits his chain in frustration.

6.53pm – Vesna is in the kitchen preparing dinner. Tim complains that Melanie plugging her pubic hair in the living room was very disgusting while they were chained up. The two have a squabble over issues of personal hygeine. Melanie says just because Tim is 10 years older doesn’t mean he is more mature. Vesna says they should stop fighting because they have had enough of this. Vesna asks Melanie if she is bored – she is. Tim says picking a fight out of bordom is silly.

11.02pm – Tim and Greg are in the spa. Tim says he feels Melanie has really come out and being bombastic in these last few days. He thinks Melanie thinks she is more mature than she really is. Greg agrees. Tim explains there was no Mel.. then Mel.. then the “other Mel”, who has come out recently. He thinks he has given her training wheels to reveal her personality lately and now that the training wheels are off she is throwing them back at him. Greg says her being in the house for less time than them has a lot to do with it.

Day 89

3.25am – Vesna is up with Greg, she needs to go to the toilet. Quickly she gets fed up and takes the chain off. She says she will get sick if she doesn’t get her sleep. She doesn’t care what Big Brother says.

9.11am – Housemates are awake in their beds. Vesna tells Tim she took the chain off last night. Tim wonders whether they will continue with the task. Melanie is worried about the ramifications – she knows Big Brother gets angry easy. Greg doesn’t think he will be angry. Vesna wants to get up and make breakfast, scrambled eggs. Tim says he’s dissapointed with the task but he doesn’t want Vesna to hurt from the chains. Greg agrees. They all take their chains off at the same time and cheer. Vesna screams to Greg “now get out of my bed!”. Vesna goes into the kitchen to make breakfast. Big Brother announces “all housemates to the diary room”. Tim asks “do you think thats because we unclipped”. In the diary room they find the house rules on the diary room chair. BB tells them their task this week was to stay connected – they are not connected. Why? Vesna says she was having serious issues with being chained up. She was extremely stressed and she couldn’t tell anyone. Tim tries to speak for Vesna but Big Brother rudely interupts Tim saying “NO”. BB asks Vesna if she discussed this with her other housemates. Vesna says she couldn’t at that hour of the night. BB asks why she didn’t talk to BB about this. Vesna says she just couldn’t.

Big Brother bans Vesna from using the kitchen. She can’t be involved in the preparation of any food. She can’t gather in the kitchen. BB fines her $5000. The rest of the housemates are each fined $5000 – $20 000 altogether. BB tells them they can pack their bags and go if they do not want to follow the rules. No one is being held against their will. The task will continue as normal. The task is normal.


10.56pm – Tim and Greg are making underpants out of aluminium foil. Vesna is still looking depressed. She wonders when she can use the kitchen. Greg says maybe when the task is over. Vesna comments “fancy banning a woman from the kitchen”. Vesna goes to the diary room to double check the ban with Big Brother. She asks if she can give orders for the kitchen. BB says she cannot be involved in any way, and the ban is indefinate. Meanwhile Tim is explaining he is annoyed that Vesna doesn’t follow through with tasks. In the diary room Vesna explains she can’t understand how Big Brother can be understanding when he takes so much away from her. She starts crying. Big Brother says just because Vesna is angry at him, doesn’t mean they can’t work out a solution. He reminds her that her decision impact on the other housemates.

Later in the bathroom Tim is explaining that they were all fined because of Vesna’s actions. It’s not a walk in the park and they are all chained up. Tim says “the world is not revolving around you”. Vesna says everyone keeps giving her advice to see the positive side of things but she’s had enough and this is the way she deals with things. Vesna gets very upset with Tim and says its hard for her to watch her other housemates do these things and she’s trying to think about them but its hard for her to deal with the house. Eventually Vesna tells the other housemates to just ignore her.


2.13pm – Greg is mowing the lawn, much to the annoyance of Vesna. She complains he is mowing parts of the lawn that don’t even need mowing. She says he is doing it on purpose just to annoy her. Meanwhile Mel says to Tim that Vesna is really enjoying herself. They chuckle at Vesna’s complaints. Greg jokes “everyone is against Vesna”. Melanie says its so romantic they are mowing the lawn together. They don’t say much to each other but when they do its all swearing. Tim says maybe they are Mr and Mrs Get Stuffed. Meanwhile Vesna is telling Greg “don’t push me”. Greg is still wearing his aluminium underpants. When Greg finishes mowing Tim and Mel clap. Tim says the lawn looks so much better. The boys want to go to the diary room to show BB their aluminium underpants, leaving the girls chained up in the living room. The boys walk in with only their new underpants and announce “happy aluminium underpants day”. When asked by BB, Tim explains the underpants are to celebrate the Australian mining industry. The boys do some model poses to show off the underpants. The boys have a song too “horray, horray, its aluminium undie day”. They dance around the dairy room with aluminium foil.

3.50pm – Greg has a letter from BB. They must swap chains. Vesna is now with Mel and Greg with Tim. They must swap within 10 seconds. Vesna says now the boys have to cook and “please make dinner good”. The boys joke about making a sloppy dinner for the housemates. Vesna and Mel leave. Tim comments to Greg he could tell Vesna was driving mad. Greg was so releived they had to change. He counted how many times she complained yesterday – 89.


6.52pm – Boys are in the kitchen cooking. Vesna relays a message to Melanie to tell the boys to was the vegetables. Melanie calls out for the boys to wash the vegetables. Big Brother announces Vesna must not directly or indirectly help with cooking. The boys joke around in the kitchen about carrots and hot water. The girls aren’t impressed and Melanie gives a look to Vesna to say “oh god”. Tim starts his own cooking show and asks the BB cameras to zoom in on him. He talks about the vegetables. The girls laugh to themselves. Tim starts cooking the root of a vegetable, which is elastic and according to Vesna, poisonous. She yells out they can’t put that in the food. Melanie tells Tim they only add the bok choy at the end of the cooking. Big Brother annouces Vesna and Melanie must wash the outside windows now. They leave while the boys laugh. Greg says “sucked in” and comments he is enjoying cooking for once. Melanie and Vesna do a hasty job of the window, not impressed. Vesna glares at one of the outside cameras with disgust.

The girls have a lot of trouble washing the windows by the garden. Vesna is freaked out by the frogs and bugs in the bushes. She says she can’t do it. Tim decides the boys should go outside and ask them how they are doing. Outside Greg says dinner is almost ready but Vesna tells them they are busy. Melanie screams that a mosquito bit her. Vesna yells “dear Big Brother, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit”. Vesna lets out a long scream of annoyance.

Day 88

8.41am – Greg and Vesna are getting up to feed the animals. Vesna complains about the chain between her and Greg, and Big Brother. She complains the entire way outside. In the games yard Vesna tells the animals to shutup multiple times. A goat jumps on Vesna, pulling down her pants and she screams melodramatically. She is “attacked” by one of the larger goats. In the bedroom Tim is making the beds obsessively. Back outside Vesna is walking the aplaca and tells it “don’t gallop, you aren’t a horse, you’re an idiot”. Vesna and Greg start bickering as they circle the yard. She accusing him of making a scene, much to the astonishment of Greg. Melanie and Tim try to make the beds together, still chained together. The animals have been fed and walked and Vesna wants to pop some pimples on Greg’s face. He keeps pulling away and she says she will get them later… Greg says no. Vesna asks “Greg… what is with your attitude!?”. BB calls them back inside. Just as they go to leave a goat attempts to jump out of it’s pen and enter the house. The HMs run back inside.

10.16am – Around the table Vesna says this chain business is demoralising… degrading. The other housemates throw in some D words… demeaning… devilafying… Tim says delicous “oh sorry that’s not right”. Vesna has a theory Big Brother is trying to kill her. They start making arrangements for Vesna’s funeral. She suspects Greg will be standing very far away from her gravesite incase she touches him. Tim mentions group hug again… and Melanie says “can it.. it’s not going to happen. Tim suggests a group song, and starts singing Botany Bay. No one joins in… Vesna starts fuming.


10.23am – Vesna says “life does not exist in this house if I’m not allowed to touch the opposite sex”. Everyone looks uncomfortable. Vesna is annoyed Greg doesn’t display much physical contact (nonsexual) to her. Tim outlines that if he doesn’t want her to touch him she should respect that. Tim uses her and Melanie as an example… and sexual touching can become harassing. The conversation hits a stalemate.

12.04pm – Vesna is brushing her teeth and Greg asks why they don’t have fun together. Vesna blames the chain…. they can feel each other’s frustrations. Greg can see a humourous side to it but would like Vesna to see that too.. all she sees is the world against her. They move to the bedroom continuing the conversation. Vesna feels like an idiot and has never been chained up like this. “I’m going to be selfish and I hate being selfish”.


4.45pm – Vesna asks if the other housemates are happy continuing the task. She feels its a big damper on their time in the house – the winning result doesn’t seem worth it. The other housemates are keen on finishing, and think they will regret ditching it. At this point Vesna cannot hold back her anger and says she is going to have many outbreaks. Tim says she should try to deal with it because everyone else is. Melanie and Tim go into the bedroom and Melanie closes the door so she can have a rest from Vesna. Back in the kitchen Vesna explains she hates being this way, and starts crying. Melanie tells Tim she likes Ves but she’s not prepared to unclip just because Vesna can’t handle it. Tim can’t see why she’s not making any effort with the task – it’s all about respect.

7.05pm – The housemates are all on the couch. Melanie is annoyed where Tim has his arm – the chain is uncomfortable for her. Melanie stands up really fast and the chain becomes unattached from Tim’s arms. Vesna screams and they quickly put it back on Tim’s hand. Vesna and Greg don’t look impressed.Tim goes to the diary room and Melanie sitting on floor screams “I hate this task!”. In the diary room Tim explains to Big Brother the velcro ripped out, and wants to see if they have now failed. BB says the results will be read out later. BB tells him to “never lose hope”.


9.21pm – The housemates are bowling. Big Brother announces there will be a tournament. The winning team will win lots of chocolate. Melanie screams in excitement. Vesna is keen to win this one. Melanie and Tim begin by getting a strike (on her first shot). Vesna and Greg roll and get a gutterball. Melanie bowls and knocks down 8 pins. Another gutterball for Vesna. Tim and Melanie get another good result. Greg bowls and knocks down all but 1 pin. Melanie and Tim have won the tournament, and dance around together. In the diary room Mel and Tim find their chocolate. BB repeats that they must not share their prize with the other team. When they leave the diary room Greg says “well done!” but Vesna is jealous. She says she will steal some later. “I never win in this house… “. Greg says it was just a bit of fun. Tim and Melanie eat some of their chocolate and biscuits in the bedroom. She enjoys winning. Vesna explains she isn’t getting what she needs emotionally in this house and has no chocolate to comfort her.. she has nothing. When leaving the bedroom Tim and Melanie agree not to talk about the chocolate. Greg wants to go the diary room to ask a question. Vesna suggests he ask BB why he is such an ass.

In the diary room Greg asks: “is there anything I can trade in to give some chocolate to Vesna?”. Greg says it would make his life easier if she has some chocolate. Big Brother says no.

Day 87

10.23am – Melanie is up in the kitchen, and asks Vesna whats she’s doing – she’s going to get dressed. Meanwhile outside Tim is doing pench presses and Greg is spotting him. Tim is still thinking about his actions and explains to Greg he didn’t mean to bring everyone down yesterday. Greg says if there’s a problem its better if he talks to the group rather than Big Brother. Tim says no matter what you do it seems you are going to hurt some one. Greg agrees, and takes his turn at bench press. He does 12 reps of 15(whatever that is). Vesna is deciding what to wear in the bedroom. She tries to fit into a skirt, and comments where he fat used to sit. Melanie says not to worry her body will get back into shape. Vesna says none of her clothes fit her anymore. Outside Greg tells Tim he is up for getting to know people at some times but at other times he likes to be by himself. Tim said he’s probably being too hard on Greg – but Greg disagrees. Tim likes to explain everything but Greg has more of an ability to “suck it up” and keep it in. The two aren’t talking to each other directly, but rather talk at each other’s reflections in the outside windows.

Greg goes on to talk about his associates – blokes he knows and has a drink with but is not friends with. He doesn’t have that level of friendship with his mates and wants it – and being in the BB house with Tim has made him realise he doesn’t have those friendships (aw). Vesna is putting on earings and says at least they still fit her. Tim is explaining he believes Greg’s situation probably stems from his boarding school background. Greg totally agrees – and says there are habits you pick up in boarding school.


10.54pm – Housemates have a new task. Vesna reads it out. They are to be chained together. The partners are Tim and Melanie, and Vesna and Greg. Greg moans in annoyance. Housemates grab the chains out of a box, which link their wrists together. Greg and Vesna go into the bedroom together linked and Greg jokes that this will be exciting. He starts undressing his underpants and Vesna looks away. Greg laughs and puts on some pants without undies. Melanie is concerned the arm bracelets will start rubbing and hurt them. She hates this task. Tim says she will have to sleep with him now – and he snores. Melanie hates snoring. Melanie wants to brush her teeth so they go to the bathroom. Vesna and Greg are already there. Vesna is burshing while Greg pulls faces. Tim and Greg start play fighting each other, much to the annoyance of Vesna who screams “Greg, pay attention! Greg, Greg!”. Melanie and Tim leave.

12.21pm – Tim and Mel are outside on the beanbags sunbathing. Melanie explains she gets intimidated easily by personalities in the house which makes her shy away. In the house at the dining table Greg says maybe they should get to know each other. Vesna says Greg is so hard to get to know. Greg explains the other three like to talk so much but he doesn’t do that much talking. Vesna says she would have already guessed that. Greg tells Vesna to let him finish because he knows she interrupts people. Vesna looks annoyed. Greg explains he was very annoyed when Vesna told him to comfort Tim because “you don’t do anything to comfort people in this house”. Vesna finds that a lot of the time Greg will open up a lot more when its some one else’s problem and not his. Greg says for so many years he had to deal with his own problems – he had to learn to be independent and he generally comes out on top.


2.21pm – Housemates are having lunch outside. Vesna says this task is going to get very annoying – because if you want to be by yourself to cry you cant. Tim wants water, and Melanie tells him to go get it. However Vesna and Greg end up leaving to get water – but they go into the bedroom and wonder where people are going to sleep. Tim and Mel collect the plates and take them inside. In the bedroom Greg and Vesna are lying on a bed and Greg says they were put together because she’s been drooling over him for a while. Greg says he doesn’t find Vesna attractive. Vesna says that’s a first, and asks if he likes Mel. He does.

4.20pm – While Tim is in the diary room Mel must be chained to a pole outside the diary room doors. Greg and Vesna are on the lounge and Vesna asks again why Greg doesn’t find her attractive. He says she just doesn’t have that “bit of bang” that would make him want her. Vesna needs confirmation of sense from Mel. She says it makes sense – he’s attracted but there is no chemistry. Greg hasn’t had an impure thought about Vesna in the house. He had a lot of them about Christie. Vesna asks who else. Greg says Kate, Mel. Vesna says he’s attracted to body, and adds Michelle to the list. Vesna needs to go to the toilet so they go into the bedroom, and unclip. Greg must wait by the toilet. Inside the toilet Vesna starts crying. Greg can hear and asks if she is ok. He says what she’s looking into is… Vesna says she isn’t looking into what they were talking about just now. He asks if they want to go outside. She doesn’t. Greg keeps asking what is wrong but Vesna doesn’t want to talk about it – he says she has taken it the wrong way, but Vesna doesn’t think so. Greg says he’s not that shallow as Vesna described just now.


5.54pm – The housemates are in the bedroom. Vesna says Greg called her fat – sorta. Greg says she knows damn well he didn’t call her fat. Vesna explains she had weight issues for the last 20 years. Mel says she can’t carry issues for that long. Vesna says Mel can’t see that when she’s been skinny all her life. Melanie says you can lose weight but you cant take away broad shoulders. Vesna explains she was told she couldn’t be a model because she was too fat. Vesna is upset at the girls in magazines like Cosmo (and Ralph!) where the girls have their ribs showing.

8.05pm – Housemates are at the dinner table and Melanie says she really needs to go to the toilet. Tim is annoyed and jokes about the songs he has to sing to cover up the sound of urine going into a toilet. Outside the toilet he sings “farewell to … ” something. He adds in lyrics about not having to listen to Mel pee. Greg goes to the diary room and explains how great it feels being unchained for once. He says to BB in the diary room he didn’t think he had so much of a problem with females in the house – espcially with emotions and feelings. BB asks if Vesna is wearing the pants in this relationship. Greg says yes. Vesna starts screaming for Greg to hurry up. Mel and Tim return and Tim jokes Mel doesn’t think of other people – she is so selfish. The two start wrestling each other on the lounge. Vesna says she feels like a dog waiting outside a shop for it’s owner. In the diary room Greg says he might just stay in the diary room for 10 minutes but BB reminds him he can’t stay in there forever. When he emerges he jokes that he forgot Vesna was there.

10.16pm – Housemates are getting into bed and Vesna says she needs to be naked. Greg straight out says “no!”. She she doesn’t. Vesna stresses about Greg being a million miles away from her. He says he just needs his space. The lights go out and Greg asks Vesna how she falls asleep – does she roll over on him. Greg demonstrates a position he really hates – up close and personal in bed. Vesna asks if he would like her to sleep on the floor. She says that Hotdogs hugged her heaps. Greg said Christie hugged him heaps too. The two start wrestling and laughing in bed, pushing away at each other.

Day 86

Final nominations – Tim is called to the diary room to nominate. He nominates Vesna for 2 points. Meanwhile Vesna is saying she has a feeling all housemates will be up for nomination next week. She adds that its been great so far. Tim nominates Greg for 1 point. “I feel like our friendship is just coasting along”. Melanie comments to Vesna she was in there for a while. Big Brother is trying to grill Tim about his second nomination – since Tim saved Greg last week. Tim says he’s in a position where its become very hard. Big Brother tries to tip toe around Tim’s attack and says the nomination has been accepted. BB says nominations are over and the nominees will be announced later tonight. Tim comes back to the diary room. He says he’s distrurbed by nominations – “I just can’t stop thinking about it because I haven’t explained myself”. Meanwhile Melanie asks what the hell Tim is doing in the diary room. Vesna gets it right: he’s discussing how ridiculous nominations are at this point. Greg adds that BB has made it clear how hard nominations would be. Vesna says she didn’t think she would come this far anyway. In the diary room Tim say she only had one really good friend, who was Kate, who was evicted on Sunday. He took pleasure in her being there but suddenly she’s not around. He pauses… and then to sit there… “don’t you feel I feel like I’m betraying Greg by sitting here… I might be weak but it naws away at me and I don’t particularly enjoy it”.

Tim comes out of the diary room and Melanie claps. She asks if he got all of his anger out – he doesn’t know. Mel asks if Tim would like to talk about anything. Tim doesn’t want to analyse people anymore he just wants to be in here and have fun without watching everyone else with a keen eye. If people are behaving stupidly why does he have to point it out. Tim sits frustrated in the kitchen.


8.41pm – Logan Greg, Vesna and Tim, you are all nominated. Tim is called to the diary room to deduct points. Naturally he takes them off himself. The new nominees are Logan Greg, Vesna and Melanie. Tim looks annoyed.

Later Vesna has some time in the sauna while the others are in the spa. Tim explains he is really missing Kate. Greg says a lot of his day involved Kate. Tim says he thinks he’ll have to replace Kate with Greg. Tim explains their friendship isn’t going any further and they should talk to each other more – they have slackened off, especially in the last week. Tim explains he let Kate know he liked her and that she didn’t have those feelings back – but he did speak to her 2 or 3 weeks ago deeply. Melanie hops in the spa and asks if they would like her around while they discuss this. Tim comments that Melanie is a very attractive woman, and if she’s shy and people suddenly pay attention to you, you really break out. Melanie says its hard for an attractive girl to fit in with a group of a different age group. Tim explains he was getting annoyed she was not opening up. Melanie says its like all the attractiveness was taken out of the house and its just her. lol!


10.50pm – All four housemates are lying on beanbags in the lawn. Tim says its so different with so few people in the house. Vesna says its peaceful. Tim apologises to Vesna for the way he got when Kate left. Vesna says at the end of the day he can take it the way he wants, but they hate to see him that way. Tim wonders if it was embarrasing to be teary on Sunday night. Vesna says no – its the guy thing thats making him wonder. Greg says he’s going to bed now because he has farmhand tomorrow morning and a whole lot of exercise planned. Melanie gets up with him. Tim gets Greg to pull him up off the beanbag. Vesna says its her turn. He pulls her up. They go to walk inside and Vensa says to Greg “are you sleeping in my bed tonight? You should probably sleep in my bed tonight”. Greg says he should probably sleep in Tim’s bed tonight. Vesna says thats the second time she’s been rejected. Tim comes to the diary room and says its been a horrible, horrible day. Kate has left and then he had to go through this nomination process that is getting so difficult because there are so few people in the house and you are so close to them. You have to go through this paralysing process. He has an extra issue because he won FNL and has to deduct points from some one. BB asks if this was his worst day in the house. Tim says most certainly. Tim says thankyou to Big Brother and leaves for the bedroom.

Inside the housemates are mostly silent. Greg says goodnight to everyone. Vesna is looking annoyed and gives an annoyed goodnight to Greg. Vesna asks Tim what the possiblity of a huge spider coming into the house. Tim says its impossible because the biggest spider in QLD is the size of a dinnerplate and can’t get through the cracks in the door. Tim says this particular spider bites you and it paralyses you and you are alive while the spider eats your flesh. Tim says there is cameras on them so Big Brother would announce if there was a big spider eating Vesna. “This is Big Brother… housemates please stop the spider from eating Vesna because she is paralysed…. Tim… stop obessing about Kate”.

Day 85

11.39am – Tim and Greg are in the rewards room. Tim asks Greg about meeting girls on the outside. Greg says “yes Dad, I am”. He adds he is kinda looking foward to it – with all the chicks in the house you need to look outside the square. Tim says he’s starting to think about meeting girls – I’m a young man, you know, it’s been 3 months. The boys agree that meeting girls is great. The boys decide to leave the reward room, and discover the girls are in the sauna. Vesna says to Greg “you know we’ve been in here the whole time”. Greg jokes “what, 3 months?”. Vesna says Greg is so emotionally closed – which is why she touches him all the time, so he can feel more comfortable – and so she can have her own pleasures. Melanie says that sometimes it makes Vesna look like an idiot because she’s throwing herself at him. Vesna says its not true because she knows what she wants and it’s not Greg. Vesna decides to move outside – it is a very bright warm day today. Kate and Melanie are in the bedroom and Mel hopes Vesna wasn’t too offended by her comments. She wants to be truthful.

Vesna is now hanging out with the boys outside trying to spot kookaburras but spots a magpie instead. The boys start making bird calls and the birds respond, mostly. Vesna wonders if they are remote controlled birds. Tim leaves for the bathroom, inside he finds Kate. She says she is excited about tonight, gives him a hug and says she is going tonight. Tim says “please don’t say you are going tonight”. He gets the most out of her hug. Kate says she has done everything in the house, and she’s not here for the end result. She adds she is not that emotionally stable – she was annoyed with Tim and Greg teaming up with each other on Friday night live. Kate says the girls wanted to win for the rewards room and the boys wanted to win for the nomination power. Kate also says this is why she got annoyed at dinner last night when Vesna brought it up. Tim hears what Kate is saying. She says he would like to win – its like training for a football game you don’t actually get to play. There is nothing false about Tim, says Kate. Tim wonders why Kate is suddenly saying people want to win, when she has said nothing before. Kate believes Tim, Greg and Vesna all want to win the season. Tim says he just wants to be part of the adventure – at the end of the day he has no control.


4.03pm – The housemates have started a “war on Tim” in response to his war on filth. Melanie has been bugging Tim about it, so he starts wrestling and tickling her in the kitchen. They take the fight into the bedroom where Tim hits her with pillows. Melanie eventually escapes and tries to trap Tim in the bedroom by holding the door shut. Eventually he gets through and starts chasing her with a pillow. Meanwhile Vesna comes to the diary room. She wants to know will there be an eviction in “2 hours or 1 hours(sic)”. BB says Vesna should get ready now, but won’t say when exactly the eviction will be. Tim is now attacking both Melanie and Kate with pillows, and they are fighting back with cushions. There are cushions flying everywhere on the dancing stage. Greg watches from outside through the glass doors. Eventually Kate gives up. Meanwhile in the diary room BB asks how Vesna is today. She say she is ok, suspiciously, and asks why BB is asking. BB says he cares about her. Vesna asks BB if he knows she is wearing a tracksuit for tonight’s eviction. He says yes.

The pillow fight isn’t over yet. Now its Tim vs. Kate. He throws one of the footstools and Kate says “you know I have a fear of those”. Kate throws a pillow right in Tim’s face. She then goes and hugs him. Kate and Melanie declare they are the winner and give Tim one last hit with a pillow. They high-five. In the diary room BB asks Vesna if she is going to miss anything in the house. Vesna says she will miss the crazyness and the sunbaking.


8.09pm – It’s time to go… Kate. She screams and cheers while Melanie, Vesna and Greg pull shocked faces. Not Tim though, his look is more of shock horror. Kate gives the housemates big hugs before leaving up the stairs. She screams in excitement on her way out, and gives the security guard a kiss. Tim goes straight to the bedroom toilet, while Vesna wonders what just happened. Inside the toilet Tim starts crying. Vesna says to Melanie she survived eviction again. Melanie is really nervous. Vesna says she will go next week for sure. Mel, Vesna and Greg are outside wrapped in blankets, listening for the eviction crowd. Melanie says she ignored Kate a bit this week and feels slightly guilty. Vesna says you can’t really say some one is going. Tim finishes crying in the toilet, washes his eyes and goes outside to join the others. Melanie says to Vesna “at least you wore your tracksuit for a reason”. Greg says he will wear his speedos next eviction. Tim joins them now and the HMs give him a big group hug to cheer him up. Tim suggests they go have a drink for her. They sit down in the kitchen and toast to Kate, who will have a great night tonight. Tim is sombre and looks down the entire time. There is a silence and Vesna hugs Tim. Tim expresses his guilt at accidentally nominating Kate after saving Greg. Vesna says Kate won’t hold it against him at all – its just the way the game goes. Vesna says she will stand in for Kate – she won’t be as intelligent as Kate but she’ll use big words so it’ll feel like she’s Kate.


9.00pm – Tim is sitting with some of the other housemates, and starts crying again. Melanie can’t belive Kate is still gone. Tim doesn’t seem to want to talk about it right now. Vesna is lying with Greg on the couch – their arms are around each other! Vesna says Tim is crying again and maybe Greg should do something to cheer him up. Greg suggests having a walk around the yard with Tim. He gets up and invites Tim for a walk. Melanie joins Vesna on the couch. Vesna says Tim isn’t coping well at all. Outside Greg says Tim can’t take what he did on Monday to heart – just one night sleep and he’ll be ok. Tim says Kate made it so easy to be in the house, and after 3 months you get attached to people. Melanie is telling Vesna she really misses her mum. Melanie feels so young and can’t cope with these situations. Vesna says she has coped very well. While walking outside Tim is still stressing about his nomination dillemmah on Monday. Greg understands what Tim is saying.

10.06pm – It’s time for Kate’s farewell. She starts with Vesna. You are so intoxicating. The more you give of yourself the more I want, and the more I crave, from every single bad mood to dummy spit about BB ruining our lives and all of those things I have enjoyed. You are so strong and I knwo you have been through so much in yoru life. I know its hard for you to open up on some things, try and stop thinking about it so much and know that you will see them soon and everything will be better. (Vesna starts crying). I hope this hasn’t made you too heartfelt.

Greg – You absolutely crack me up. At times you surprise me, I think its because there is so much to you and I love the fact you can laugh at yourself and I feel you have let go a lot. I wish you all the best for the reaminder of your time in here.

Melanie – I don’t know where to start with you – I think we both know we don’t have to say a lot – we have an understanding. (Melanie starts crying). Sometimes we come off as the boring mature people but we know we aren’t.

Timmy – I think that you are an absolute star. You seriously blow my mind away. We have a close bond and we are great friends. I want to thank you because you have given me a lot of confidence and you have made me think about what I want in life. I wish you the best of luck.

I love the four of you and I can’t wait to see you all again.

The housemates agree Kate looked great on her video. Vesna says they should really make this week really good.

Tim is teary eyed.

Days 83 and 84

A special one hour episode of Big Brother tonight.

Day 83

9.09pm – Kate and Melanie are cheering, as Big Brother has given them a BBQ. They run to get supplies from the store room. In the reward room Tim says he’s glad they have something to eat out there. The girls are crowded around the store room fridge looking at all the food they have been given, cheering. Melanie asks if the girls know how to cook a barbie. Kate says she does. They take the food into the house and Melanie says she is so excited. They wonder if the boys will come out of the rewards room, but they seem to be enjoying their lazyboy chairs and beers. Vesna knocks on the door and asks what they are eating. Greg says they have some sausages and some other foods. The girls tell them they have a barbie so the boys agree to come out and eat with them – since there is enough food for all of them. Melanie sings to herself, and adds she has no idea how to cook a BBQ. Tim is excited about the lamb chops BB has provided.

Later, Kate is cooking on the BBQ and it seems to be going a little too hot – the chops are being flame grilled – EXCESSIVELY flame grilled. Vesna comments they are burning but Kate assures you they are fine. Mel says its ok to have medium-rare chops on the inside. They take the chops off the BBQ and they are very burnt. They move onto cooking the corn which is also burning. Melanie calls the boys to hurry up and come eat. They sit down to eat and Greg comments the meat is a little tender. They all agree the food has been cooked great. They are all enjoying their meal.


12.02am – Big Brother calls all housemates to the lounge room to watch their movie. They start laughing immediately and the laughter doesn’t stop as each character is introduced. First up is the American accent scene. They chuckle at the accents throughout the scene, especially when Tim says “seeya later Jen”. Scene two starts, with voice dubbing. Vesna can’t stop laughing at her miming as Marilyn Monroe, and the dramatic close ups of Kate. The final musical scene comes on, with Tim trying to drink while dancing. He drinks with Melanie and pours it on his head. He leaves with Mel’s character and runs into Vesna. She starts singing “happy birthday Mr. President”. The housemates can’t stop laughing at her. Greg is a little confused at Vesna’s random movie quotes in the movie. The movie ends with Vesna singing “now thats what I call a happy ending”. The credits have out-takes and behind the scenes footage. The housemates all clap at the end of the screening. Greg says it was awesome and Tim says it was halarious, and he wants to get the movie on DVD. Tim wants to see it again. Vesna wants to make a longer movie.

Big Brother announces the task this week was to make a movie. It wasn’t enough just to make the movie – they had to adhere to production guidelines, including number of lines of dialouge, equal contributions. Housemates have passed the task.

2.05am – The girls are in the bedroom discussing Tim. Melanie asks Kate why she’s not interested in Tim – she says she isn’t physically attracted to him. Vesna asks if he is too skinny. Kate doesn’t answer and Melanie says there is no shame in answering. Kate says she just doesnt’ like him in that way. She adds it would be hard to like some one in the house and see them day in-day out. Melanie thinks Tim is probably over it because he appreciates Kate enough to realise she isn’t reciprocating. Vesna says Tim still drops everything when Kate is around. Kate is silent.

Meanwhile Tim is asleep in the rewards room. Greg is watching a movie when the lights go out. The girls are wishing each other good night.


Day 84

11.11am – Tim is making the rewards room bed, even though he doesn’t have to. Kate is outside sunbathing and scared of being swooped by the magpies, which are collecting on the roof. She has a phobia of birds. Melanie says nothing will happen to her. Kate says there are so many places to build a nest – why are they doing it here. A magpie lands in the garden and Kate starts saying “oh oh”. She adds birds fly around you and peck at your ear lobes. Meanwhile Tim has started his war on filth.. again… by sweeping up in the bedroom. He starts talking to himself about the war. Vesna enters and says “bloody Tim.. I think it needs to be war on Tim”. Outside Greg is sweeping up and Kate reminds him its their 3 month anniversary in the house. Greg says well done for surviving it. In the bedroom Melanie says to Tim “bloody trooper”. Vesna says she will make an apple pie today, and wonders if BB will give them ice cream.

BB calls Tim to the diary room, and all other housemates to the lounge. Inside the diary room BB tells Tim he must chose who will be assigned chores today. Maximum of 2 chores to each housemate only. Back in the living room Kate is explaining her fear of the magpie nests being built just near the house. Tim emerges from the diary room and allocates chores as so:

Shopper/chef – Vesna (much to the delight of Kate)
Baker – Melanie
Kitchenhand – Tim
Farmhand – Greg
Housekeeper – Kate (she says she doesn’t mind, and will declare the war on filth over)
Garden – Greg

Melanie doesn’t know hot to bake bread, but the other housemates will teach her. Kate reminds them its the 3 month anniversary of being in the house.


Vesna and Melanie are in the kitchen peeling potatoes. Vesna expresses her concerns that she puts on a lot of weight so easily. It annoys her that other people eat crap and don’t put on any weight whatsoever. She says its not fair, and she’s sick of it. Outside Tim and Greg are doing weights… well Tim is and Greg is spotting. The animals are calling for food, so BB tells the housemates to feed the animals. The goats have jumped out of their pen (they have grown), and when the doors open Melanie asks how they got out. Tim has to stop the goats from entering the backyard. Tim tries to force them into the pen when Kate realises she can lead them in by getting them to follow the feeding bottles. Kate feeds the goats while Greg skips around the yard with the alpaca. Melanie says the alpaca has no friends but Kate says “what would he do.. spit on them?”. The housemates leave the games area and Greg hopes the goats won’t be out every day. As they leave the goats start jumping around again. The boys go back to doing weights.

4.42pm – Kate and Mel are in the sauna wondering who is ‘playing the game’. Kate says she thinks Tim is playing the game. He has been so entertaining, so hardworking etc. Melanie agrees but adds he is very guarded – he sits there and instead of answering a question he thinks of some big fat word to cover up what he is saying. She thinks he’s fantastic but sometimes he drives her insane. Kate says she used to be like that. Melanie says he knows everyone about her but she can’t get anything about him out of him. The boys are still doing weights outside. The girls move onto talking about Greg – Melanie knows nothing about him and doesn’t really have any friendship with him. Kate suggests he is attracted to her. Melanie doesn’t think so. Meanwhile Vesna is eating in the living room. Kate suggests to Melanie that Vesna is jealous of Melanie for being young and good looking.


5.24pm – Vesna has come to the diary room. BB tells her she has requested ice cream on various occasions. He says he would like to offer her a sweets pack tonight in return for completing a personal challenge. The challenge is to host a sucessful dinner party. HMs must be dressed, food must be satisfying and conversation must not stop. She must keep this mission a secret. In the bathroom Vesna tells Kate and Melanie she’s thinking of making a dinner party and asks them to dress up. Kate is confused but the two say “thankyou”. Vesna knocks on the reward room door and tells Tim about the dinner party idea. She will be supplying cruisers (2) and beer (1) and sparkling spring water. Tuna bake, garlic bread and salad. Tim says its lovely she’s inviting them to dinner. He say she will put it to Greg. The dinner will be in half an hour. Tim doesn’t seem to care that much.

6.29pm – Housemates are dressed up and eating dinner. Vesna ask what have the boys been doing in the rewards room. Tim jokes that Greg made a pass at him. Vesna must make conversation for an hour with no more than 5 seconds silence. She has 55 minutes to go. Vesna improvises a conversation about calling housemates to dinner. She talks off the top of her head and starts laughing at her attempts. Vesna suggests the situation of her leaving the house. She says Tim had these really good points – but she doesn’t remember what they were about. Greg asks if Vesna is going tomorrow.

Later she has 37 minutes to go. The housemates are VERY confused and wonder if Vesna is going to leave the house. Vesna says there are reasons for some things in life and goes off on a tangent that doesn’t make sense. Greg is looking the most confused out of all the housemates. Tim asks if Vesna is trying to tell them she’s an actor. Kate asks if she’s a mole. Tim asks if she’s a twin. Melanie asks if she is an alien. Kate wants to know whats going on. Tim asks if Vesna is a bloke.

18 minutes to go. Tim asks if there is a mental condition in Vesna’s family. She says yes. Tim says bipolar? Vesna wonders what its all about. Tim says Vesna is being very cryptic tonight. Melanie is feeling uneasy, she doesn’t like suspicious behavior. Greg goes to take his plate up to the kitchen and Vesna tells him to sit down again. Greg gets annoyed.

2 minutes to go. Vesna has gone to grab some more food. The remaining housemates decide to play a practical joke and all run outside away from Vesna. She turns around to find the dinner table is empty. She gasps. Outside the housemates hide by the spa and Vesna calls out for them to come back. Melanie asks the others if there is a mole in the house. Vesna is annoyed. The HMs come back into the house and Tim jokes “oh there you are Vesna!”. BB calls all housemates to the diary room. He explains Vesna’s personal challenge. She starts laughing. BB says she succeeded in the challenge and it is now over. The housemates don’t seem to be all that happy with getting ice cream. Later the HMs are eating the ice cream and Kate says she really likes it. They are actually having a proper conversation now! Greg says he’s never liked apple pie before but now he is liking it.


10.53pm – Tim comes to the diary room. He says the BB world has become his total reality. He doesnt’ think of being in there. It’s a hard thing to describe – he’s been there for three months and its really exciting for him. “I don’t remember all the excitement of before and I don’t understand where I am at and how it fits in with the real world. I’m here with 5 people they’re like my flatmates so its like being at home and its been so long since I’ve heard anything other than the HMs and BBs voices and I find it difficult to think about anything else like the eels or John Howard messing up the country, how my family is etc. It seems so far away and untouchable. Ive got nothing … I’ve got no bearings, I’m like a bush walking without a map or a compass. I would like to hear some news but I feel this is my world”.

In the bedroom Vesna asks if its getting competitive. Melanie says it is between the two boys. The girls agree its a boy thing. Vesna has never seen Greg like this – he is going crazy in a subtle way. Vesna says Tim is going crazy in his own way – with the war on filth. Back in the reward room the boys are having a race to see which lazyboy chair will recline fastest. In the main bedroom Kate says she doesn’t want to think of her fellow HMs doing certain things for the spotlight. She wants out and can’t handle it anymore. In the RR Tim asks Greg if he’s adapted to the BB experience. Greg could stay for another month. Tim feels like he’s been living there forever. In contrast Kate is explaining she is ready to leave the house – she is prepared not to go the whole way. Vesna asks what Kate thinks of her. Kate says Vesna played it up with Hotdogs. Melanie agrees she has changed since Hotdogs left. The two girls say Vesna was so emotionally up and down when Hotdogs was around. However Kate says there is nothing she wants to change in Vesna. Kate loves the facts she has moods and she played with Hotdogs – just at times it bothered her.

The boys are having another lazyboy race – this time the chairs are going up. Greg cheers on… it seems he won this round.

Day 82

9.47am – Housemate are up and having some breakfast in the kitchen. Vesna has cooked porridge for the housemates, but has varied the receipe. Kate says she doesn’t like it, much to the annoyance of Vesna who says she’s so hard to please. Vesna admits she used skim milk, which Kate hates. Michelle said she liked hers. Kate and Vesna get into a mini-argument, where Kate says Vesna watched her eat it even though it tasted like water. Kate says “thankyou for breakfast I would appreciate it in the future you wouldn’t fuck the milk”. Vesna says just to please Kate she will make two batches of breakfast in the future. The argument continues for a bit. Tim asks Kate whats she’s thinking – she doesn’t know. Vesna says she’s thinking she is fat. KAte says it just reenforces what her taste buds like.

12.47pm – Tim is inspecting the cleanliness of the house. He is starting a war on filth because he thinks the house is too dirty. He says there was the war on drugs, the war on terror and now there’s the war on filth. Kate asks him if he speaks filth. Tim said erradicating filth speech will be stage 7 in the campaign. Tim leaves the bathroom and starts sweeping around Vesna’s feet in the kitchen. She gets annoyed with him but he says he’s just trying to do his job (housekeeper). He says once they have cleaned the implements they have used will be cleaned, and so on. Vesna doesn’t seem to care and nods along to humour Tim. Melanie asks how the war on filth is going, and Kate says “Don’t ask him!”. Tim says the war on filth is something that cannot be won. No one seems to care, nor are they listening. Vesna is eating bread and mince meat. All the while Tim is sweeping and mopping. He wets Kate’s feet and she chucks a spaz, saying its disgusting and Tim knows she hates that. Meanwhile Tim goes into the toilet and starts singing a song about the war on filth.


2.34pm – Housemates are getting ready to shoot he final scene of their movie. Steve is being really sleazy for his character. BB announces there is another script change – the housemates must sing all of their lines for scene three. No exceptions. The housemates begin. Tim and Melanie are dancing as Greg announces actions. Tim and Melanie are dancing and singing to each other – they meet in a night club and decide to leave together. Kate chuckles with the microphone, saying the sound is really great. They move onto the next scene, which is outside. Vesna says “finally I get to sing”. BB annouces they only have 10 minutes left to shoot the movie. In the next scene Tim is in the alley with Melanie and Vesna, who starts singing they are the perfect couple. Randomly Vesna sings “I see dead people”, and “you’ll never take alive”. Greg says cut and adds Vesna was really good.

6.16pm – Housemates are dressed up to celebrate the finishing of the movie. They are having champagne outside, and comment its very cold. Kate is running late wondering where he lip gloss is. The housemates sit on the tables outside and crack open the champagne. Greg says congratulations on a job well done. They cheer to the movie.


6.55pm – Housemates are reading out script lines and talk turns to being in the Big Brother house. Kate asks if people knew what it would be like if they would have applied in the first place. Vesna says she doesn’t know. Melanie would have prepared more – she says the show has toughened her up very fast for a 19 year old. Tim says Melanie reminds him of an armidillo – she has a hard exterior and only comes out at certain times. Melanie says she thinks she has come very far for 19 – she is proud of herself. Tim listens on. She thinks she makes wise decisions. Vesna is bored now, and says there is no point if nothing else happens. Kate hasn’t cooked dinner because she assumed BB would provide something. She now goes inside to begin cooking, realising Big Brother isn’t going to cook. Greg says she should make a pie and he will help her. Kate laughs that they have no filling for a pie. Kate complains Big Brother was being mean because BB told them to get dressed up and didn’t even provide food. Kate says they are just standing there cooking dog meat for dogs. All the housemates scream in surprise. Vesna notes that Kate is cutting onions without crying. Vesna wonders why BB can’t just order them a pizza, and says he is an A-hole.

Vesna’s attention moves to finding her hat, which seems to have been lost in the bedroom. Greg gets down on his arms and legs to find the hat and Vesna climbs on top. Greg shuffles around, giving Vesna a ride. He stands up, giving Vesna a piggyback. He takes her into the kitchen, all the time Vesna giggling. He dumps her in Tim’s lap. Kate meanwhile, is looking very angry cooking dinner.


8.52pm – Greg is on the couch in the living room when Vesna comes over to bug him. She lays down on top of him. Melanie says Vesna likes emotional affection from males rather than females. Vesna starts squeezing pimples on Greg’s chest. He says he doesn’t want to be treated like a peice of meat. Melanie comments that its been a very dissapointing night. Vesna agrees. Melanie and Kate agree to go hang in bed. Meanwhile Vesna is still lying on top of Greg. Tim goes outside to collect towels that have been left in the yard. Greg has now pushed Vesna off Greg when Melanie calls Vesna to wash the dishes. She doesn’t want to. From the bedroom Kate says if Vesna doesn’t want to do the dishes then stuff her. Greg is now calling for Vesna to start on the dishes so she will leave him alone.

Day 81

10:36am: Kate and Vesna are sunbaking in the backyard. They are saying that this is the way an actor’s life should be – to wait for the script in comfort and then read out a few lines while producers stress over little details. Meanwhile, Tim and Mel get the equipment out of the diary room. Kate and Vesna say it’s really hard to do the soundchecks. The girls come inside and Mel shows them the Marilyn Monroe dress they have for Vesna. Everyone thinks it’ll be good. Greg tells them they have to be on set in a minute, so to be ready. BB has asked them today to record the sounds first, as it’s going to be dubbed over the top for this particular scene. Vesna does the soundchecks as the others read the lines. Greg, as director, says it’s good. BB announces it’s time for Lights, Camera and Action. Vesna races into the bathroom and fixes her Monroe hair up. She comes outside and asks if her makeup looks awful enough. Kate says no, it looks pretty. Mel says that Vesna hasn’t got any underwear on, and Vesna gets worried that they can see it. Mel yells out “Scene Two, Take Three”, as Tim works the camera. The housemates mime their way through the scenes today. Vesna stuffs up a line, and Ves tells Greg to wait a moment. Tim tells Kate that he wants her to look at the camera while delivering her lines a bit more. BB then shows us that he has used different housemates voices over the vision – ie Vesna’s is on screen, yet Kate is doing the voice, Tim voices Greg scenes and Mel voices Kate’s scenes.

4:11pm: Housemates in the pool or around the pool. Vesna doesn’t want her hair wet, and Greg tries to annoy her by jumping in the pooland pushing her round the pool on her ‘rock chair’. Tim gets in the pool and the boys both threaten to throw her off the seat. Vesna finally gets out, and jumps in the spa.Greg nudges Vesna, and Vesna gets annoyed “Don’t nudge me”. Tim wonders if the phase “What are you thinking” is taught to girls when they get their Rebella shot. Tim tells Kate that she always say it. Kate wonders if it’s bad. Tim says no man has ever asked him “What are you thinking.” Kate says she is just open and honest.

5:23pm: Mel goes for a run, but Vesna asks her to get her towel. Kate is saying that Tim thinks it’s harder for guys because they don’t have Dolly. Tim says guys don’t have the emotional support that women do. Vesna complains that she needs a towel as the others get out of the spa.

7:06pm: It’s a barbecue for dinner, but Kate is making a rice. Tim asks not to put too much spice in, but Kate says she has to, and Tim says “Well put a dump truck in there then!”. He moons Kate from outside when Kate tells her not to give her cheek. Vesna thinks Tim is getting to a frustrated point, wondering if it’s obsession. Kate says it isn’t, but it must suck for him.

7:31pm: Tim is working his magic at the barbecue. Greg and Vesna get the table set. Kate reads out the instructions for the weekly family dinner. This week BB wants housemates to put each other under the microscope. Greg says he’s happy to go first. Tim asks him about Christie. He says he saw it as a bit of fun, and he didn’t think it would get serious, but there were times he thought that it was getting serious. He says it was great to have someone in the house that you can do that with, saying it’s incredibly normal. He says he felt comfortable with her, and she helped him bring him out in that area. He says they were both upfront and honest and it’s never a closed book. Kate puts her hand up to go next. Vesna asks if she is the centre of attention in her group of friends. Kate says it depends which group of friends, saying that in her real friends there is never any attention on her, but at work, she is. Kate says she is a very confident person, but when it comes to what she looks like, she doesn’t want to be known as a person who is pretty. She says she never wants to get anywhere by way of looks, thus she puts a lot of her effort into performing well at work. Tim asks Kate if she see’s herself as a flirtatious person. She answers “yes, always have been.”

9:49pm: It’s Melanie’s turn. Vesna asks her if she is reserved in the way she acts and the things she says. Mel says that in the house it takes a long time until she trusts people. She says she has taken heaps of time to open up even a little bit, saying that it’s too her own disadvantage and no one elses. Mel thinks that having to put yourself on a platter is hard to do in the house, compared to Uni where no one asks questions, and even at work your in front of a camera and not asked questions either, saying that in here you have to open up and talk about yourself. Vesna mentions that she has been here for 4 weeks now. Mel says that you can’t walk away from anything in this house.

11:53pm: As Mel goes to bed, Greg and Vesna are talking women tips. Vesna says that all women love to be loved. She goes onto say to listen when she cries, when she speaks, when she is happy or sad and listen to what she wants. Ves says even though they’ve heard it 1000 times, they might not have taken it in. Kate tells Greg that he surpresses his emotions a lot. He says it’s not a bad thing though, saying he’s been good lately. Vesna agrees that he has improved. Vesna says that he should sleep with her tonight. Vesna decides to go to bed. Tim is cleaning the diary room and Kate and Greg join him in there as they talk to BB. Tim says today has been a learning experiece in the house, about how to treat woman. Tim says that Greg is catching on a bit slower than him, but thats only natural. Tim says he has tried to listen to Kate a bit more, but he finds her so boring he falls asleep. BB asks Kate what she has learnt about the boys today. Kate says she has learnt that they really don’t have the first clue about women. Greg says he is eagerly awaiting the girls to ask the guys a few questions about men, but adds that ‘the girls must have had perfect relationships.’ Kate lets out a cat call.

Day 80

7.21am – Melanie is up walking the alpacas, and Greg is giving her a hand with feeding them. Melanie has some trouble with the alpaca’s walking rope. She is scared to unhook it’s lead without the alpaca spitting at her. The two go back into the house once all the animals are fed. As they enter the bedroom BB turns on the lights and announces the hot water is now on. Vesna complains BB puts the lights on so bloody early. She says its like a concentration camp. Later the housemates have a morning shower. As soon as Vesna walks into the shower BB annouces the hot water is now off. Vesna screams at the top of her lungs “no!”. She then says a string of complaints, including that Big Brother is crazy. Meanwhile Tim is making the beds as part of his weekly chores. He is making an effort of doing it perfectly. Big Brother annouces it is time to write scene two of their movie for the weekly task. Kate, still in a towel, fetches the whiteboard from the diary room. Tim is finishing up with the beds now and just wants to get the last one done before they begin work on the movie. Kate gives him a hand. Meanwhile Vesna is telling Greg about how she hates Big Brother – he confuses her – he’s nice one minute and mean the next. Greg doesn’t seem to care.


9.53am – Big Brother has supplied a camera and costumes for the task. Greg annouces they have an hour to practice their lines. BB has also typed up the script to make it easier for the housemates. Vesna goes through the costumes and fabric supplied. She likes a lot of whats included. Tim is confused about one of the characters – Steve. Later Melanie is in her costume. BB annouces the housemates must perform lines in an American accent. Scene 1, Take 6 begins. Greg says “lights, camera, and action”. This scene involves Melanie and Kate talking about a woman outside. They over-act at every chance and lay on the thick American accents. Kate sneaks in the “I don’t give a damn”. Steve, played by Tim, sneaks the line “whats a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?”. Greg cuts the scene when everyone is finished. Tim says the girls were so good at memorising their lines – he also says they are good actors (hah!). Greg says it was very funny. Tim is excited at how well the script has come. They go outside and Scene 1, Take 11 takes place. Kate’s character is having a fight with Tim’s character, and he throws Kate’s character’s diary to one side. The scene ends. BB announces “thats a wrap”.


3.33pm – Tim and Kate are outside and she asks if he’s lost weight. Vesna says he is. Kate says he’s put on muscle but he’s so skinny now. Tim says he looked at himself side on in the mirror and realised he is so thin, like paper, compared to the other boys. Tim says you need to accept your body’s limitations. He says he is comfortable with his body – he knows what body fashion is, and it’s 15kg and 3 or so inches bigger than what he is. Kate doesn’t want to be a stick figure. Tim says body fashion changes with time. Kate says if they start putting between 12 and 14 sized women in magazines it could change the trend.

5.09pm – Tim is asking Kate about a possible early dinner. Vesna says they want to go to bed early tonight. Kate says she will get on it. Vesna says she’s afraid they won’t eat tonight, to Tim and Melanie in the bedroom. Vesna says when she cooks she doesn’t talk to anyone – right now Greg is distracting Kate. The two are laughing about Greg knocking his funny bone in his elbow. In the bedroom Melanie is afraid she is being pesimistic because she’s so tired and she has a lack of stimulation in the house. Nothing in the house resembles her life. Vesna tells Tim to tell Kate to hurry up with dinner and “stop pussyfooting around”. Tim leaves them and asks Kate if she wants some assistance. Melanie says if she has to stay another week she doesn’t know what she’d do – she thinks she’d go insane. She wouldn’t be able to survive 3 months in here – “no way!”. Vesna calls Kate into the bedroom. Kate says “how can I assist you?”. Vesna asks what they are having for dinner – tunabake. Vesna says Kate can go now that she knows whats for dinner. She has orange peel in her mouth and Kate comments Vesna’s smile is looking very beautiful: “please send me the number of your dentist”.


6.21pm – Melanie is jogging around the backyard, much to the surprise of Vesna. Vesna dips some bread into Kate’s cooking and eats it. Vesna exclaims “Mel is still running, and I farted”. Big Brother calls Vesna to the diary room. Vesna realises what she has done, gasps and says “I’m so sorry”. Kate says its alright, she says she will just make another one. In the diary room Vesna says “yes I know what I did”. She says she wasn’t thinking in tasting the tomato sauce. BB tells her to collect the sauce and bring it back to the diary room. Vesna says “do you have to do this?”. She goes and collects the sauce, and says she is so sorry “what is wrong with me? what the hell… what is he going to do with it, throw it in the bin isnt he?”.

10.39pm – Tim is sweeping up the kitchen. Kate is now outside doing laps. Greg is lying on a bed, acting sleepy. Vesna comments that Tim left the bin in the bedroom because he was distracted by Kate. Melanie says that relationship will never go anywhere. They want Kate to reciprocate her feelings. Greg says if they are the last two left they could lose themselves in the moment. Vesna says “just like you and I in the moment, Greg”. Greg says Vesna would have to fight Christie. Kate enters the bedroom from her run, and Tim follows. Later Tim is climing into bed. Vesna doesn’t understand how he can sleep with so many clothes on. Greg exclaims Tim is hogging all the sheets in their bed and they have a small fight about it. Tim leans over to talk to Kate and she says “get away”. Tim asks he if she wants a hug, she says yes so Tim leans over and hugs her in bed. There is silence while he hugs her. The hug lasts a good minute or so. Kate says “thankyou” as BB turns the bedroom lights off.