Day 95

8.42am – Vesna is up and cooks porridge for everyone. Nadia is looking tired and annoyed this early in the morning. Tim confesses… he thinks he might be in love with Vesna (jokingly). Vesna tells him to stop toying with her emotions, and everyone at the kitchen table giggles. Tim asks why Vesna was looking at Greg when she said that. Vesna rejects what Tim is implying by saying “Greg is just an object”. There is a brief gasp of Jerry-Springer style “oooh”, and Greg says “I don’t want to be an object… I’m not an alpaca”. Tim goes along with the joke, telling Greg that everything will be ok. Vesna corrects what she said before: “you’re an object of my desire… is that better?”.

11.26am – Nadia is ready for a morning of sunbathing. She struts her stuff while walking out of the bedroom in a bikini. Tim shows how impressed he is, as do Vesna and Greg when Nadia comes outside. Nadia is wearing high boots with her bikini and Greg says she looks like Lara Croft. Vesna comments its been really really good with Nadia in the house. Tim jokes that he is Nadia’s favourite in the house. Vesna doesn’t quite catch what he said and demands to know what they were talking about. Tim is called to the diary room. Inside he finds a polaroid camera, film and an empty photo frames. BB tells them they are to be used to prepare a gift for Nadia. When Tim emerges he tries to hide the camera under his shirt but Vesna spots it and screams “what is it what is it! It’s a radio.. it’s a radio!”. Tim eventually reveals it’s a camera, Vesna and Nadia seem amused.


1.43pm – The housemates are taking photos in the bowling alley. Nadia is posing with bowling balls and Vesna’s green fluffy scarf. Later she poses in the showers with Nadia and Greg on either side. Nadia takes the opportunity to shake her body around. Next she poses in the bedroom with some fruit.. and the boys of course. Next it’s outside on the “beach”. Nadia is next to Vesna and a mini Australian flag eating Vegemite on toast. Next it’s in the pool with Tim and Greg jumping out of the water on either side of Nadia. Finally the eviction stairs, strippers pole and diary room. Vesna comments that Nadia really knows how to pose well for sexy photos. When they finish Big Brother annouces Nadia will be leaving the house in half an hour.

3.33pm – Tim puts on a serious face and tells Nadia he hopes he won’t offend her by what he’s about to say next: he wants to check her bag to see if she’s stealing anything. Vesna bursts out laughing at the joke. Greg and Tim go look through her bag and “find” a bunch of bananas. Vesna jokes “I can’t believe you Nadia!”. Everyone is full of laughs. Nadia says she has a problem with stealing things.

26 minutes later – Nadia is in the living room with her mini Australian flag to say final goodbyes. Tim gives Nadia her present – the framed photos taken earlier. Nadia says she will treasure it for a long, long time. She gives them all a hug and a kiss. The HMs wish her a good trip. Big Brother announces it’s time for Nadia to leave the Big Brother house. Another round of hugs and kisses. Vesna thanks Nadia for her support. Nadia tells them to “keep it going” as she leaves up the eviction stairs. There is an emptyness once she is left and the housemates don’t know what to do with themselves. They scatter into different directions.


5.51pm – It’s family discussion time, but Big Brother has given the housemates a letter: tonight the discussion topics have been set by relatives of the remaining housemates. Vesna’s best friend asks “coming from a strict ethnic background, was it a shock to be living with so many boys? Do you feel you understand the aussie male ego a bit better?”. Vesna says there is a lot of “mate” type of behavior, and she would like to be less of a mate – she still doesn’t understand the aussie male. Tim’s Dad asks “has it been as easy to fit in with your housemates as you’d thought?”. Tim answers no – it was rocky at the begining and he didn’t expect to clash with people so suddenly. He didn’t expect the confrontation with the other boys in the house. Vesna says he has kept very resiliant while in the house. Tim feels he has fit in with everyone, yet clashed with a select few. Vesna thinks Tim is very flexible like that. Greg’s friend asks “do you underestimate any housemates who have surprised you?”. The only thing Greg underestimated was the friendships he formed in the house: especially Tim. He didn’t think he’s have such a good friendship with Christie. Greg found Vesna interesting – he didn’t think she’d be able to cope… he thought she would walk out by now. Vesna agrees – she didn’t expect to come this far either. Being in the final three is a big thing for her. Greg re-reads the letter, and emphasises the part about seeing relatives again in less than a week. Vesna puts her hands over her face.

7.19pm – The housemates are watching Nadia’s goodbye message in the living room.

“Big Brother I really cannot stand this anymore, I cannot stand it any further I want to get out of here. I mean who are these people you have in the house? They haven’t even made an effort to get to know me. And I just pretend to be happy and smiling I cannot take this anymore Big Brother please get me out of here. I need to get out of here I cannot stand it anymore. I’m going to go and pack… get me out of here”.

Vesna and Tim have been gasping thoughout the message. Greg says that Nadia is only joking, but Vesna is not so sure. On the video screen Nadia leaves to go pack, then after a short silence, jumps back onto the screen:

“ooohkaaaay. Little old Nadia here. Guys… I love you all really, Tim you are kind you are funny. Very intelligent I like that very much. Greg my god I love your bread – there’s more than I like than just your bread but thats a different story there. You’re absolutely gorgeous and I’m glad I met you. Ves you are everything you could possible have in a person and if I may say so we are very similar: we have the drama we have the passion we have the highs and lows. You’re funny and you’re very interesting people. Thank you so much for embracing me in your house and taking me in. I had a great time. I love you all, and hopefully you will come and see me in the UK”


8.46pm – Housemates are in the bedroom getting ready for sleep. Vesna asks if they will have an exciting day tomorrow – and if Tim has a schedule. Tim is very systematic in getting his bed ready for him to sleep in it. Vesna commentates. Tim moans in relief at lying down. Greg comments they are almost out of toilet paper. They talk jobs today – Greg and Tim vote to swap chores so Vesna gets all the bad ones. They turn in and BB turns off the lights.

9.54pm – Vesna is crying. Greg asks her if she is ok. Vesna is quite upset and declines to sleep with Greg. He gets up and comes to see her anyway. Vesna says she is scared, so scared. “I thought I was going to be out of here a long time ago and I’ve come this hard its hard. I don’t know whether the whole thing is positive. Nothing ever comes my way I always have to work so bloody hard for it. I hope my family is happy, thats all I want”. Tim comes over to see Vesna too and Ves asks if he is scared too. He is unsure – they have been in the house so long they get used to it. Tim says she is worrying for the sake of it – everything will be ok. Vesna explains she got that from her mother. The experience will change her, and Greg adds “for the good”. Vesna seems to be ok now and tells them to go to bed because they have things to do tomorrow. She declines another offer to sleep with one of the boys. Before leaving the boys smother her with kisses on the head. Vesna cracks up laughing.

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